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Thanks President Obama: Castro Regime Already Back To Arresting Dissidents…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Don’t tell me, this is Obama ‘leading from behind’ again… Via Miami Herald: Cuban authorities arrested dissidents, independent journalists and a well-known artist Tuesday in an apparent attempt to block a rally in Havana’s revolutionary square organized by a new movement that calls itself #YoTambienExijo (I also demand). Among those detained were journalist Reinaldo Escobar, editor of the online 14ymedio publication and husband of prominent blogger Yoani Sánchez; Eliecer Ávila, an activist; and Antonio Rodiles, who directs a human rights group called Estado de Sats. Sánchez, who founded 14ymedio, reported the arrests on Twitter. Sánchez said she […]

My Thoughts on Jesse Myerson; Useful Idiot Extraoridinaire

Jesse Myerson is a writer for Rolling Stone.  And, in accordance with what seems to be an obscene level of naivete, he took the his keyboard and wrote glowing tribute to Communism.  Included in his love letter to the gulag, was a complete ignorance of the actual history of communism, including the tens of millions of deaths perpetrated by communist regimes.  And, when confronted with his lack of facts, or even a grasp of the obvious, he doubled down on the stupid in a second article, published at Salon.  Robert Stacy McCain took notice, and has completely destroyed Jesse Myerson, […]

The 44th President: Number Of The Least

“You can’t give social engineers decades of time, and trillions of dollars in resources, without seeing some results.” – John Hayward In defense of the 39th President of the United States, not many thought he was a communist.  An incompetent, anti-semitic, bumbling old control freak, yes.  But never a Red.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about number #44. Despite his numeric association with Reggie Jackson, the 44th President is surely no Mr. October.  May Day is more to his style, that herald of spring celebrated by both naked pagans and “progressive” subversives.  Poor narcissistic Barry.  That’s a day he […]

All Your Children Are Belong to us: The Sequel

Last April, I covered Melissa Harris-Perry’s comment that “All your children are belong to us,” and by “us,” I meant the state.  That stupidity, like all liberal stupidity, was repeated recently.  The Trifecta gang covered the state’s claim on our children… Here is the reaction, and quotes I used in the post on Harris-Perry’s claim on children. Now, this whole concept of children belonging to the “community,” read, the state, is not new at all. Here are some historical references… When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us […]

Venezuela: Communist Dictator Blames Others for Failure of Communism

As I have noted many time, leftists, whether they  call themselves communists or not, share the blame game with their fellow travelers.  When the Soviet Union’s beautiful collective farms failed to produce; causing the Soviet Union to go from being a food exporter to starving millions, someone had to be blamed.  Rather than admit that their bastions of equality and social justice were a steaming pile of rancid failure, they created scapegoats.  “Conspirators” with the “imperialist capitalists,” usually some poor slobs that the political commissars didn’t like, were rounded up, or “disappeared.”  It didn’t really solve the problem, but at […]

Karl Pierson, Liberal School Shooter, Once Wore USSR Shirt, Targeted Librarian?

We have an update on the story of Karl Pierson, the socialist high school student who committed the school shooting last week, before taking his own life.apparently,Karl Pierson was upset with the librarian, who is also the debate coach, for kicking him off the the debate team. The Other McCain has more. Because he got kicked off the debate team: Tracy Murphy worked as the librarian at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado but it was his role as the adult adviser for the speech and debate team that led to him being the target of gunman Karl Pierson’s rage. […]

Mandela Dead, And …

“In my country we go to prison first and then become President.” – Nelson Mandela “In my country, it’s just the opposite.” — Bob Mack Nelson Mandela is dead.  Too bad, I suppose.  For a communist terrorist, he seemed like a fairly decent guy.  And, since one should not speak ill of the dearly (or otherwise) departed, I’ll let old Nellie speak for himself: “I made a mistake by being ejected from the presidency. Next time, I will choose a Cabinet which will allow me to be life President.” “By ancestry, I was born to rule.” “I should tie myself […]

de Blasio Announces Five-Year Plan for New York City

My new economic plan will collectivize the city! Bill de Blasio, the mayor-elect of New York City has announced a five-year economic plan to revitalize the city. “My New Economic Policy is what this city needs to move forward” declared de Blasio. Naturally this will entail change and change will always be painful to the entrenched capitalist interests.  The first part of the plan will a necessary decree on property. Under this decree stores in New York City will be collectivized.  Store proprietorship will be abolished forthwith without any compensation to the capitalists. de Blasio then gave the details of […]

5th Grade Math Worksheets Published by Scholastic Corporation Push Communist Views?

The following was spotted over at the blog The Bold Pursuit: …No, this isn’t a rightwing nutjob nightmare – it’s reality… This worksheet is sold by Scholastic Corporation to teach 5th graders math. Scholastic Corporation is one of the worlds largest book publishing companies and is a major supplier of educational materials for schools, and is deeply involved with the nationalization of education effort called the Common Core Standards. In this worksheet we can clearly see students practicing something called the Distributive Property, which makes numbers easier to work with by separating or breaking equations into parts (I think- I’m not […]

CH 2.0 Labor Day Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like?


Through out the Wisconsin union protests, and at others all over the country, we were bombarded with the chant, “this is what democracy looks like!”  As I have repeatedly pointed out here at the CH 2.0, the regressive grasp on “democracy” is rather tenuous at best.  To capture that, I made a video.  Here it is… Yes, I recycled some footage from an earlier video, but it fits. Enjoy, and have a great extended weekend!

This is what Leftist Education Looks Like

This broke last week, but I thought it worth another look.  As most of you know, Arizona passed a law that banned curricula that are racist,  separatist, and courses that promoted the overthrow of the Unites States.  The advocates of this, of course, did not take kindly to this.  So, they sent the kiddos out to stop the local board from talking about it… Students Protest Ethnic Studies Curriculum Change: Well, this hasn’t stopped concerned citizens from sharing their concerns.  Check out the next video that shows what is in the curriculum that these kids are defending… So, this […]

Oliver Stone Makes Propaganda for Hugo Chavez: No one goes to see it

This is apparently what happens when you take over the media, and then give people a choice. As we have discussed, communist dictator Hugo Chavez has systematically shut down, harassed, or jailed any outlet in their media that has the temerity to disagree with the Venezuelan tyrant.  Now, with all other media voices silenced, all the Venezuelan people get to hear is Hugo, 24-7.  Can’t get away from the propaganda if it’s on every station and in every paper. Now, in one circumstance, the people had a choice.  Notorious moonbat, Oliver Stone, decided to make a gushing propaganda piece to […]