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Christian Baker States Willingness to go to Jail Rather Than Bake Care for Gay Weddings, Plus How This Might be Avoided

Back in June, I covered the story of Jack Phillips, a Christian Baker being sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex wedding.  Mr. Phillips was recently ordered by a judge to service same-sex weddings, or face punishing fines, or possible imprisonment. The now well-known case, that’s what I believe to be a to radical aspect of the gay-rights movement. It seems, that all over the country, Christian owned businesses are being targeted by case in an effort to silence them or force them to close. Here’s some more on Mr. Phillips’s case by Life Site News. DENVER, […]

Pastor Prays for PA AG Kathleen Kane, Get’s Arrested: With Bonus Right of Conscience Analysis

Imagine this:  A pastor went to Harrisburg to pray for the Pennsylvania  AG, Kathleen Kane.  For his trouble, he is arrested.  A Pennsylvania pastor was arrested while praying for State Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who supports same-sex marriage. Pastor Bill Devlin, co-chair of Right to Worship, was arrested in Harrisburg Friday, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. “This is the first of many arrests,” Devlin told The Inquirer in a phone interview after his arrest. “We’re going to have many pastors out here.” On Thursday Kane said she could not ethically defend Pennsylvania against a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the state’s […]

Nurses Fight to Not Take Lives, Win Suit to not Participate in Abortion

The story is nearly two years old, but increasingly relevant in the age of ObamaCare.  Imagine that you are a nurse, and your employer mandates that you take part in abortions, and kill babies.  And, if you refuse to kill babies, you will be fired.  And, they persist, even though state and federal law protect you from being forced to kill babies. Laws are not, Christians are going to be facing more and persecution such as this.   And frankly, look for the laws protecting conscience to be repealed.  Whenever God and the secular world meet, the secular world, and it’s boss, is going to try and punish anyone who is […]