Outspoken Critic Of Obama’s Iran Policy To Face Federal Corruption Charges


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bob menendez
Senator Bob Menendez will be indicted by the Department of Justice on federal corruption charges.

Bob Menendez, an outspoken critic of Obama’s Iran policy, will face federal corruption charges

I’m sure the timing of this announcement is purely coincidental.

According to an exclusive report published first by CNN, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez will be indicted by the Department of Justice on federal corruption charges.

The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts.

People briefed on the case say Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on prosecutors’ request to proceed with charges, CNN has learned exclusively. An announcement could come within weeks. Prosecutors are under pressure in part because of the statute of limitation on some of the allegations.

The government’s case centers on Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist who the senator has called a friend and political supporter. Melgen and his family have been generous donors to the senator and various committees the senator is associated with.

I am no fan of Bob Menendez. But this thing stinks. He’s been vocal and persuasive in his opposition to Dear Leader’s policies on Cuba and Iran. And this “investigation” has been percolating for six years.

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So why now?

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent senator?”, cried President Valerie Jarrett. And lo, Eric Holder unleashed the hounds.

I got a buck that says if Bob pipes down and acts like a good boy the whole thing will go away. That’s how the Obama White House operates. They punish their enemies, and they reward their friends.

Bob Menendez didn’t get with their program. So now he’s gonna get an orange jumpsuit.





Slinging In The Rain


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Slinging In The Rain

“Obama, with his presidency crumbling, is like a petulant child who wants to pick up his marbles and leave.” (The Presidency is Breaking Obama Even As Obama Has Broken the Nation)

“With multiple crises spiraling out of control around the world, stories about the Obama presidency are taking on the air of postmortems. What went wrong, who’s to blame, what next — even The New York Times is starting to recognize that Dear Leader is a global flop.” (The media is turning on President Obama)

“Barack Obama has played almost 200 rounds of golf, no matter what crisis is ongoing. During this vacation, he played golf during a Ukrainian civil war, a conflict in Gaza, the beheading of innocent Christians by the terror group ISIS, and a five-day riot in Ferguson, Missouri.” (Obama Vacations, Golf’s, While American’s Riot and Die Abroad)

Why would anyone dislike Barack Obama? Could it be because of what he’s done in the White House? As you get a refresher on the national nightmare that has been Barack Obama’s presidency, keep in mind that the biggest difficulty in compiling it was limiting it to just 50 examples of corruption, dishonesty, and incompetence. (50 Things Barack Obama Has Done Wrong)

“Don’t bother me with this sh*t. Update Susan or take it to Denis. You know the drill.” Barack Obama

Though he still has a few friends in low places, Obama’s apologists are disappearing faster than Christians in Iraq.  When a Lefty is dissed by MSNBC, the New York Times and the French, he’s in trouble.  Obama, however, blithely plays through, duffer one day, dancing fool the next, treating the business of the nation as an inconvenience as he speeds off to the links or the bicycle path or the next fundraiser.

“Obama loves speaking but appears to loathe governing. Speaking is glamorous. Governing is boring and tedious. He constantly tells everybody else to ‘get to work’ while he is AWOL.” Eric Golub

After six plus years in high office, Obama’s qualifications for the job remain exactly what they were on Day One: a dogged adherence to sophomoric leftist ideology, a gift for teleprompted gab, and a semi-dusky complexion.  The preening narcissist who once promised to slow the rise of the oceans is flailing in the waters of his own incompetence, unable or unwilling to learn from his mistakes.  And he’s taking the rest of us down with him.


Original Post:  Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


Change, Intervention, and Dependency


The concept of the government “solving” all the problems of the world has crept into our society over time. With every new program, every new entitlement, the public has  gradually become accustomed to the government solving the ills of the world. And what of fact that the government seemed to make all of these problems worse? Well, that’s neglected. After all, the government is taking care of it-I don’t have to worry about it, right?

Starting with the “progressive” movement in the late 19th century and accelerating greatly since the great depression, the government has vastly increased it’s meddling in human affairs.  Ignoring the Constitutional limits on its power, the government has expanded its powers and influence to impact everyone’s life, many times, with negative results.  This begs the question; does it really work?

While going over every government intervention would require writing a book, it might be prudent to to take an in-depth look at one: public education.

Since 1970, per pupil cost of public education, according to investors.com

Far from being an engine of wealth creation, the education system is bleeding the economy to death. The U.S. spends 2.3 times as much per pupil in real, inflation-adjusted dollars as it spent in 1970, but the return on this ballooning investment has been less than nothing.

And what is that return?  First, let’s take a look at some results of public education over time.  Here is the graduation rates in the Us, by state, in 1990.

Next, here are the same figures for 2006

So, all this extra money, and graduation rates continue to drop?

Next, let’s take a look at how much different states spend on education.  The next image is from the census bureau.

Then from the same report

Utah spent the least per student ($5,257), followed by Arizona ($6,261), Idaho ($6,283), Mississippi ($6,575) and Oklahoma ($6,613). All 10 of the states with the lowest spending per student were in the West or South.

So, what are the results of this huge disparity?

Recent studies reinforce the disconnect between spending and achievement. For example, the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) “Report Card on American Education, a State-by-State Analysis 1976– 2000” concluded that “it is clear after studying the data and results that the policies of the past have failed to meet the educational needs of our country’s children. If we continue to spend more money on the existing educational system in an attempt to buy our way to better student achievement, we will condemn another generation of students to mediocrity.” The ALEC study showed no correlation between conventional measures of educational inputs (such as expenditures per pupil and teacher salaries) and educational outputs (such as scores on standardized tests). Simply stated, increased funding does not translate into improved achievement.

An analysis of per-pupil expenditures on a state-by-state basis is illuminating. For example, in the 1998–99 school year, Utah spent $3,807 per pupil whereas Maryland spent $7,059. There is little evidence to suggest that equalizing resources between the two states would equalize achievement. In the 1998 NAEP, 31 percent of eighth graders in both Utah and Maryland scored at proficient or better in reading, despite the large discrepancy in per-pupil expenditures. Also, based on several standardized tests, the ALEC report rated Iowa (ranked 32d in per-pupil expenditures) as having the top-performing public elementary and secondary schools in the nation, followed by Minnesota (14th in spending) and Wisconsin (9th). At the bottom of the achievement ratings were Mississippi (50th in spending), the District of Columbia (5th), and Louisiana (39th).

Expenditures per student have increased over time, and the distribution of the expenditures has been according to popular emphasis: The level of teacher education has increased, teacher experience has increased, and student-teacher ratios have fallen. But the desired outcome—student achievement—has remained flat.

So two of the sacred cows of education do not stand up to scrutiny.  Namely, class size and expenditures.  Both are mantras of the left, yet neither have any statistical relevance to graduation rate.  In simple terms, they have NO IMPACT AT ALL!  This however, does not dissuade the left from raising them as issues at any time educational funding is discussed.

This is just one example.  There are so many more.  For example, the government has run social (in)security into the ground. It’s a ponzi scheme anyway-one that makes Mr. Madoff look like a rank amateur.

They created the fraud and waste infested Medicare and Medicaid programs.  They’ve had 40 years to stop the (now, hundreds of) billions of dollars in yearly fraud and waste, with no meaningful results.

They were negligent over obvious warnings and caused the great recession with the CRA and by ignoring all of the warning signs that Fannie and Freddie were about to implode.  Instead, at the time, they attacked those releasing the warnings. They now deny their involvement, and instead blame the administration that released multiple warnings over the course of several years.  Ironically, the very warnings they ignored.

Even the Post Office is failing!  Not a good track record, yet the American people continue to accept these programs, and many ask for more.  Based on their record, they’re going to do a great job with health care, right?

As previously stated, as all of these programs are enacted, the people become comfortable with the concept of the government addressing social problems and issues, no matter how badly government performs.  But, there is a second, perhaps more damaging aspect to this; that government assistance creates dependency that allows for influence.  To illustrate this, let’s go back to the education example.  The public school districts obtain most of their funding either locally, or at the state level (note that this varies greatly by state).  However, the federal assistance they receive, as well as the federal funds the states receive, if removed, would cause a “crisis” in the schools.  They have become dependent on these funds to provide the services that they have established.  Any threat to that funding therefore creates a reaction from the benefiting organization.

It is helpful to remember that the first priority of any bureaucracy is self-maintenance.  The stated purpose or task of a bureaucracy is secondary, and is only done to the extent that the primary goal is met.  When the primary goal is threatened, there is an immediate reaction.  Even surviving at a diminished scale is not acceptable.  Protests will be organized, politicians will be lobbied, children & seniors will be exploited, and rent-a-mob will be paid, all in order to maintain the status quo (and influence/power!), even if that status quo is dysfunctional, or even destructive.

In this situation, government is in the position to issue mandates to states, communities, and organizations in order to receive government funding.  Government can use its checkbook as a means to push their agenda on the recipient organization.  If the government is leftist, the mandates will be to the left-if the government is to the right, the converse holds true.  Since the recipient organization is now dependent on the government money to maintain itself and it’s power, it has little choice but to go along with the scheme of the day.

Many organizations, in turn, lobby the government to help craft these mandates, or simply support them with some well-timed contributions and/or PR campaigns.  They then have the opportunity to use their influence over government to push their agenda.  When so many politicians and organizations are left leaning, is it a surprise that they manipulate us into following some leftist scheme that create more problems, or exacerbates existing ones?  The lobbying organizations use their influence over the government to manipulate the government into exerting influence over still others to push an agenda.

To illustrate, let’s again go to the educational arena.  With the government having an increased role in society, other groups benefit from the intervention, prompting them to lobby, donate, and otherwise influence the government’s activities.  For example, increased spending and decreased student to teacher ratios benefit the NEA.  The NEA supports and lobbies for the increased spending and benefits from all of the additional teachers that are hired as a result.  More teachers lead to more union dues, which lead to more money with which to influence the government, which leads to more teacher and union dues…you get the point.  In the end, powerful groups gain more power by influencing the government’s actions, as well as assuring their own funding stream.  Since many of these organizations, and particularly the NEA are leftist, the mandates that the government decrees are increasingly socialist in nature.  Here is evidence of the political nature of the NEA.  It is a long video, so the part of interest is at 16:00.

The results for public education are seen every day.  Violence, pregnancy, poor test scores, and increasing drop out rates have all continued, or even increased, with the advent of increased funding.  It actually appears that the social engineering aspect of education is the goal. With the teacher acting as facilitator, the children are guided, mislead, and manipulated to a pre-determined ideological mindset.  Again this is all set from Washington, with the left and the lobbyists manipulating each other, and, in the end, you and I.

Additionally, government and its supporters seek to eliminate all functional or ideological competition.  Taking the lead of most totalitarian regimes in the last century, they seek to eliminate threats to their eminence and power.  Other ideas are poisonous to their plans, so they are banned.  For example, home-schooled children do not meet their leftist ideological goals, and perform at a higher academic level.  Rather than take what works from this system, the left seeks to ban it.  Again, if high scores and knowledge were a concern, they might study the matter.  However, the goal is indoctrination, so home schooling must be ridiculed, restricted, and then banned.    They have not let this goal drop from their list of priorities, and they are using their influence with the state and federal governments in a schemes to gradually restrict, then ban, home schooling.  They can use their influence to write government legislation or regulations to their liking, while the other entities are subjected to the whims of the leftist government, as well as their well-fed supporters.  After all, government assistance comes with strings attached!

So, where does this leave us?  Caught in the middle of lobbyists, government, interest groups, thugs, goons, and mobs.  Each group uses it’s influence over government  to enrich and empower itself.  in turn government uses it’s “endless” checkbook to fund schools ( and other entities), and makes demands in exchange for the funding.  In the end, we all lose.

The solution to this mess is simple; return the federal government to its Constitutional role.  When the government does little, as it should, there is no motivation to influence it.  If the government has no influence over education, why would the NEA pay off some congressmen or senators?  If the federal government stayed out of health care, why would the insurance companies, big pharma, the unions, and any of a number of  leftist groups attempt to influence it?  If the government didn’t try to control and thereby ruin our energy supply, why would big oil try to influence it?  In the end, it is the size of government that creates the problem.  A large and powerful central government invites corruption and creates dependency-cutting it down to size solves both problems.  Power does corrupt, and the more power the government attaches to itself, the more corrupt it becomes.  It matters little if the administration is Democratic or Republican, the size of government, and it’s accompanying corruption, makes victims of us all.

Note:  this is a re-posting of an earlier article.


There Was A Crooked Man…



“I make absolutely no apologies…” – Barack Obama, Democrat

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.” – English Nursery Rhyme

“Impeachment is a political solution to a criminal problem…” – Ben Shapiro


According to a recent study, rats are capable of feeling regret about their own actions. This sets them apart from Democrats, who never seem to feel sorry about much of anything.

 John Kerry, the Norman Bates of the diplomatic corps, for example, has likened concerns about Barack Obama’s release of five jihadi killers back into gen-pop to an Italian sausage, while his predecessor tours the talk-show circuit, shilling her new book and inventing ever more excuses for her Benghazi dereliction, including a creative attempt to blame the late Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own murder.

The White House, like a broken washer, is stuck on an interminable spin cycle while its dirty laundry piles up faster than the bedsheets in a three-dollar brothel.   As the Yankee sage Yogi Berra might say, Barack Obama spends 90% of his time devising ways to ruin the country and the other 50% looking for someone else to blame it on.


Ben Shapiro accurately observes,

[…] in many cases, Obama’s exercise of authoritarian power is criminal. His executive branch is responsible for violations of the Arms Export Control Act in shipping weapons to Syria, the Espionage Act in Libya, and IRS law with regard to the targeting of conservative groups. His executive branch is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Benghazi and in the Fast and Furious scandal, and bribery in its allocation of waivers in Obamacare and tax dollars in its stimulus spending. His administration is guilty of obstruction of justice and witness tampering … when it comes to presidential lawbreaking, the sitting president could literally strangle someone to death on national television and meet with no consequences.

Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, a Democrat, once boasted that “The only way I can lose is if I’m found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”  In Obama’s transformed America, neither circumstance seems to matter anymore.


More Trey Gowdy … good stuff!


You’ve got to take a few minutes (well, almost 15 … a “few” is between 3 and 7) and watch this video. Trey Gowdy is absolutely awesome … Oh, watch at least 8 or 9 minutes of it … he will demonstrate to you the contempt team Obama has for our veterans.



More Americans Dying Because Of Obama’s Incompetence


I find it amusing how liberals cannot accept the fact that Obama is hands down the worst president in American history. (I use the term “president” for the sake of argument because he’s a well-known fraud, but what the heck) This guy has had nothing but scandal after scandal. Naturally, all phony scandals. You know, not a word of truth in any of them even though a lot of those “phony” scandals contain body bags with dead Americans in them. The latest one being manifested is a whole bunch of U.S. military veterans who couldn’t get the care needed in a timely manner by various V.A. hospitals died waiting. There were problems going back to the G.W. Bush’s presidency, however we’ve learned that Obama was briefed about it 6 years ago and did nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. One fact that should have Barack by the cods is a letter sent to him a year ago by House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller in which said:

Dear Mr. President: I am writing to bring to your attention an alarming pattern of serious and significant patient care issues at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the country. Recent events at the Atlanta, Georgia, VAMC provide a perfect illustration of the management failures, deceptions, and lack of accountability permeating VA’s healthcare system…I believe your direct involvement and leadership is required.


Now team Obama is lying again and use the “He didn’t know about it. He just found out on the news” line.

No, American military veterans are nothing to Mr. Obama. Regardless of his usual line of crap and the stupid dung that proceeds out of his mouth, his actions or should I say inactions demonstrate the real care he has. He would rather race bait and play golf than even act like a president. I mean we all know the guy is a fraud, but heck man, at least fake it! This guy isn’t just incompetent, he’s a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Cartoon by Bob Gorrell

obama mad cartoon


Pat Quinn: Latest in a long line of crooked Illinois Governors

otto kerner
Otto Kerner, Jr

In 1968, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner, Jr (D) was caught accepting bribes from a race track owner and subsequently spent three years in prison, being released because of terminal cancer. Fearing impeachment, he resigned before he went to prison.


dan walker 002

If you were in Illinois in the ’70s, then chances are you saw commercials for Dan Walker (D) in his bid for governor. He was walking across Illinois, talking with folks and generally bad mouthing the Daley political machine which had endorsed Lt. Gov. Paul Simon. He defeated Simon in the primary and went on to win the general election. He was out of office by ’76. In the late ’80s, he served time in prison for Savings and Loan malpractice. He broke no actual laws, but violated regulations by “borrowing from a borrower.” His prison time had nothing to do with his tenure as Illinois governor.



george ryanIn 2002, George Ryan (R) was indicted on racketeering and fraud charges amid a illegal drivers license scandal in which unqualified, and sometimes persons also here in the US illegally obtained truck drivers licenses. He was sentenced to six and a half years in prison in 2006 and served all but one day of that term. His scandal stemmed not from his tenure as governor, but a decade earlier as Secretary of State of the State of Illinois.

rod blagojevich



Recently, in 2008 Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) was arrested on federal charges of fraud and corruption. He conspired to not only extort campaign contributions for political favors, but was on record trying to “sell” Barack Obama’s US Senate seat that was vacated when became President-Elect. Blago was sentenced to 14 years in prison and is presently serving time in the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood in Littleton, Colorado.



pat quinnNow,  we have Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn (D). In the early part of his career Quinn, a product of the Chicago political machine fancied himself a kind of “Ralph Nader” type reformer and cAntoin "Tony" Rezkoonsumer advocate. Quinn is steeped in the cesspool that is Illinois politics. He was patronage chief for the above mentioned Illinois Governor Dan Walker. US Senator Dick Durbin (D) accused Quinn of being a “ghost-payroller” during his association with Walker.

Quinn’s former chief-of-staff, Jack Lavin has close ties to Tony Rezko, who is in prison due to his dealings with Rod Blagojevich, and of course we all know how Rezko and President Obama are entwined.

Governor Pat Quinn, a Chicago Democrat, has been mostly on the fringes of Illinois politics since the early 1970s. For most of that time he was a minor-league version of Ralph Nader, part consumer advocate, part self-appointed government reformer. Although Nader never held public office, Quinn was state treasurer for a term in the 1990s, and of course twice he was Rod Blagojevich’s running mate. Quinn succeeded Blago after the hair-brained pol was removed from office five years ago by the state Senate.

Last week was arguably Quinn’s worst as governor. An autumn 2010 anti-violence program, the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, was unveiled by Quinn as he faced a tough battle to win a full term as governor, is now being investigated by federal authorities and the Cook County State’s Attorney Office. The $54.5 million program has been exposed by the local media as a massive political slush fund to drive up the African American vote in Chicago and its inner suburbs so Quinn could win his election, which he did, barely. The Chicago Sun-Times revealed that the felon husband of Dorothy Brown, another Chicago Democrat, was paid nearly $150,000 in salary and benefits to oversee $2.1 million in NRI grants.

Quinn faces another scandal. A long time patronage-hiring foe, Michael Shakman, asked the federal government in a court motion to investigate hiring decisions at the Illinois Department of Transportation. He claims that Quinn is loading up IDOT with political hires.

Really the only difference between Governor Pat Quinn and the four Illinois governors listed above?

The law just hasn’t caught up to him, yet.

Read the full story here.


Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points


Since October 18, 2012 Judicial Watch has been trying to obtain Benghazi State Department related documents. The lame Congressional hearings of which team Obama has been stonewalling and delaying are in the minds of simple liberals, “evidence” of nothing happened that Obama and company have been covering up. To a liberal, Obama and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice can outright lie and blame a Youtube video one day and then the next fess-up, admitting the attack at Benghazi was a planned terror attack and it’s no problem. It’s no problem to a liberal that Obama and company lie to them and use them as little “meat puppets.” Anyway, moving along here, Judicial Watch finally obtained some documents and voila, team Obama is exposed as orchestrating a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

Via: Judicial Watch

Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-related State Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

The documents were released Friday as result of a June 21, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)) to gain access to documents about the controversial talking points used by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for a series of appearances on television Sunday news programs on September 16, 2012. Judicial Watch had been seeking these documents since October 18, 2012.

The Rhodes email was sent on sent on Friday, September 14, 2012, at 8:09 p.m. with the subject line: “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET.” The documents show that the “prep” was for Amb. Rice’s Sunday news show appearances to discuss the Benghazi attack.

The document lists as a “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in and Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”


Folks, I look forward to the day Obama and his band of corrupt perverts are carted off to jail where they belong. I look forward to the day that Mr. and Mr. … er … Mrs. Obama’s vacationing days on the backs of the American taxpayers is over. That will be a day of rejoicing. Amen!

obama cuffs


Bundy Ranch: BLM Has Authority to Auction Public Lands – Harry Reid Has Power To Be First In Line


Speculations about the reasons for the BLM raid on Cliven Bundy’s ranch and property has gone in about every direction but one. Tortoises, solar plants, mining and disdain for an old rancher who was the last man standing after his neighbors had been bought out, were on our check list, but what if Bundy’s property, and that very near it, maybe even overlooking it, is in the way of upscale scenic housing developments?

Undeveloped BLM grazing land near Bunkerville, April 2014 (Photo Credit Canada Free Press)
Undeveloped BLM grazing land near Bunkerville, April 2014 (Photo Credit Canada Free Press)
Developed former BLM land near Bunkerville, May 2013. (Photo credit Canada Free Press)
Developed former BLM land near Bunkerville, May 2013. (Photo credit Canada Free Press)

Read the full story at CanadaFreePress.com

Steve Miller is a former land developer, and later a member of City of Las Vegas and Clark County land boards.”

I learned that the Director of the BLM has the authority to schedule auctions of public land. That’s how the land surrounding Las Vegas was bought cheap and developed. Too often, the choice of what land to auction, when, and the minimum acceptable bid has political overtones. If Neil Kornze decides to auction the land and water rights along the Virgin River or on Gold Butte overlooking the Bundy Ranch, I personally believe that investors close to the Reids will be first to know, and first in line to bid and purchase way under market value.

In 2013, following a five year recession, business in Mesquite, Nevada, five miles north of Bunkerville and 80 miles north of Las Vegas, began a miraculous recovery. Millions of dollars began to be invested in the area, and tired resort properties were lavishly refurbished. Retirement communities such as Sun City Mesquite sprung back to life and realtors began to again find buyers for expensive riverside or golf course frontage homes.

However, unbeknownst to the public, several miles down the Virgin River from the City of Mesquite, a lone hold out Mormon rancher named Cliven Bundy was about to throw a wrench in the works and bring anticipated development in the Riverside Road and Gold Butte area to a sudden stop because his cattle were “trespassing” on some of the most desirable real estate in Clark County.  He was to act alone because all his fellow ranchers had sold their spreads earlier.

Enter United States Senator Harry Reid.

Read Steve Miller’s full story at CanadaFreePress.com





I believe the pause in action concerning the Bundy family and the Feds in Nevada could be a calm before the real storm happens. Anyone familiar with the strong armed tactics of those of team Obama know they ain’t going away. They are simply gearing up, lawyering up and figuring out how to overrun the Bundy family and rip them off for their cattle and land. Now that Harry Reid and the Feds have been caught and embarrassed, they’re not going to just go away. This only gives them more reason to squash the Bundys.


Via: WND
Warning follows threat from Harry Reid that grazing dispute ‘not over’

The executive director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association says his sources inside the federal government warn that Washington’s weekend retreat in a dispute over grazing land in Nevada was only a move to distract attention and diffuse tensions, because a raid on the family’s ranch still is planned.

And there probably would be violence involved, said Richard Mack, the former sheriff of Graham County, Ariz.

“I don’t think it would be possible” to launch a raid without violence, he told WND Monday. “I don’t think the Bundys would lie down and be taken.”

He cited the vow by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., that the confrontation was far from over, despite the weekend’s retreat by armed gunmen working for federal agencies.

Reid on Monday told KRNV-TV in Reno: “It’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”


Mack, a longtime sheriff, told WND that Reid’s statements are beyond the pale.

“That kind of stupidity, where he puts federal regulations and policies of bureaucrats ahead of a family in his state that has done no wrong or committed a crime,” Mack said.

He charged that it is Reid who is destroying his own state’s ranching industry as well as the U.S. Constitution. The sheriff chided the senator for making statements about abiding by laws.

“Isn’t that amazing? The biggest crook in Washington,” Mack said.


Original Post:  Cry and Howl


The Stand-off is over: BLM Retreats!


Well there is some good news. LadyRaven brought to my attention that the standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and the Bundy family is over. I went to the Drudge Report and sure enough there is a link to an ABC story though personally I doubt the headline because I think the Feds are simply regrouping and/or will come up with a new approach … time will tell.

Via: ABC News

Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins ‘Range War’ With Feds

A Nevada cattle rancher appears to have won his week-long battle with the federal government over a controversial cattle roundup that had led to the arrest of several protesters.

Cliven Bundy went head to head with the Bureau of Land Management over the removal of hundreds of his cattle from federal land, where the government said they were grazing illegally.

Bundy claims his herd of roughly 900 cattle have grazed on the land along the riverbed near Bunkerville, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, since 1870 and threatened a “range war” against the BLM on the Bundy Ranch website after one of his sons was arrested while protesting the removal of the cattle.

“I have no contract with the United States government,” Bundy said. “I was paying grazing fees for management and that’s what BLM was supposed to be, land managers and they were managing my ranch out of business, so I refused to pay.”

The federal government had countered that Bundy “owes the American people in excess of $1 million ” in unpaid grazing fees and “refuses to abide by the law of land, despite many opportunities over the last 20 years to do so.”

However, today the BLM said it would not enforce a court order to remove the cattle and was pulling out of the area.

“Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” BLM Director Neil Kornze said.


I just can’t help but think that Harry Reid being exposed for the weasel he is had something to do with it.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Is God With America?


America today …

Same-sex marriage is just as acceptable as traditional marriage

A military comprised of homos … and if the commanders don’t like it … resign


Perversion of our children in public schools

A fraud for a president

A congress consisting of corrupt, compromised people

Black on white violence is ignored by the press

Doctor assisted suicide

Trayon Martin is a hero

Hillary Clinton is the most admired person

Bill Clinton thinks we’ll be visited by aliens … that’s cool.

The Congress is mad that the CIA might have spied on them

The Congress thinks they need a raise for a job well done

Abortion is women’s health

Christians are evil for saying “Jesus loves you”

Muslims are good saying “Convert to Islam or die”

A criminal shoots some people … gun owners are punished

Inside trader is illegal … unless you’re a politician

If a boy in school thinks he could be a girl … it’s okay to use the girls restroom

Unemployment payments are good for the economy

Tax-payers are forced to pay for abortions

Paying people not to work encourages people to find jobs

The government can provide everything one needs in life

Athletes are roll models

Middle school girls can get abortions without their parents permission … but not an aspirin.

Praying before a sports event is a violation of the separation of church and state

It’s better to euthanize a new-born child rather than have it possibly be raised by poor people.

55+ million unborn children murdered in the womb in cause for celebration

Condom use is promoted in elementary schools as well as the joys of sex

Promiscuity is normal behavior

Retaining ones virginity until marriage is dumb

The president of America weakens the military while the leaders of Russia, China and our enemies strengthen theirs.

Christian values have been replaced by Hollywood’s values …

So, is God with us?

Words from the past …

We should be weeping for this once blessed nation …

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Anti-Gun Democrat State Senator, Leland Yee, Accused of Weapons Trafficking: MSM Silent


What happens when a democrat, who is a gun grabber, get’s arrested for weapons trafficking? Well, many things happen, but MSM coverage is not one of them.  American Glob has more…

You see, Leland Yee is a pro gun control Democrat who has been accused of bribery, fraud, corruption and trying to sell guns and rocket launchers to enemies of the United States.

For obvious reasons, the media has absolutely no interest in this story.

Glenn Reynolds explains why…

CNN, home (also until last week) of Piers Morgan, whom Yee had praised for his anti-gun activism, didn’t report the story at all. When prodded by viewers, the network snarked that it doesn’t do state senators. Which is odd, because searching the name of my own state senator, Stacey Campfield, turns up a page of results, involving criticisms of him for saying something “extreme”. Meanwhile, CNN found time to bash Wisconsin state senator and supporter of Gov. Scott Walker, Randy Hopper over marital problems.

But there’s a difference. They’re Republicans. When Republicans do things that embarrass their party, the national media are happy to take note, even if they’re mere state senators. But when Democrats like Yee get busted for actual felonies, and pretty dramatic ones at that, the press suddenly isn’t interested.

And once again, the MSM fails, most intentionally, to report truths that cast democrats in a bad light.   Rest assured, however,  that if Yee had a “R” after his name, it would be on every broadcast.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil …


When reading the various news articles I can’t help but notice how bizarre everything has become. Bizarre probably isn’t a completely accurate descriptive word … it’s more like perverse. Yet “perverse” is quite acceptable and embraced by many, those of the more liberal persuasion honor that perverse trend in American society. Those of a more conservative persuasion are now looked upon as the enemy of progressive ideas. I noticed an article yesterday which was highlighting how Christians are not victims even though their values are and have been attacked relentlessly by those embracing perversion. I read in the piece that people are seeing that marriage equality strengthens the institution of marriage.”

Same sex marriage “strengthens the institution of marriage” … What a bizarre take on what the institution of marriage is supposed to be about.  Regardless of what the writer of that article thinks or says marriage in the true sense of the word, is between men and women … not man to man or woman to woman.

Yet we are inundated with perverseness which not only is acceptable to society but when those who don’t embrace perversion voice objection they are subject to ridicule.  Now it’s not just the idea of not accepting a perverse life-style, it’s the idea of being forced into enabling and supporting it is where the objection should be heard. If gay folks want to marry, go ahead but it simply isn’t right to force someone to partake in the wedding of two guys. a mental visual of their “wedding night” or “honey moon” is nothing short of abominable and would get this blogger wretching.

The writer of the piece mentioned  the changing understanding about homosexuality. This is interesting. The only thing changing is the tolerance for perversion conservatives and Christians have been forced to accept either through threats of fines and penalties by judges.

The thing the writer seems to point out is that Christians and conservatives are finding out that being a minority isn’t comfortable, but it isn’t suffering as victims either. And then he offers some comparisons … homos are in danger of being fired or assaulted just for being gay … Christians are forced by a judge to cater to same-sex married couples either through photography or making a wedding cake.

Being  a victim doesn’t always have to be physically damaging. Forcing people to go against the conscious is equally disturbing and damaging. When homos demand that Christians provide a service to something they view as disgusting and vile, isn’t that demand victimizing? Regardless of the methodology in bullying someone it all boils down to persecuting those who are weaker.

Another interesting statement from the article is,  The sky has not fallen, nor have church roofs caved in, just because gay marriage is legal in 17 states, plus the District of Columbia. Life goes on pretty much as normal …

There are a very many people who firmly believe that just because something hasn’t happened yet because of perversion or immoral behavior nothing will. That attitude or train of thought is a very dangerous one. I believe there is a saying that goes something like this:  Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

To sum up the idea that perverse and disgusting behavior is being accepted in society now and that even a majority of people are tolerant of that behavior I wouldn’t get too comfortable, as I recall some very strong wording …  Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.

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Jesus isn’t in the Constitution … neither is the right to abortion


I have to laugh at this …

Via: American Thinker

The president will arrive on Tuesday night with a 900-strong entourage, including 45 vehicles and three cargo planes. Advance security teams orchestrating every last detail have combed Brussels already, checking the sewers and the major hospitals, while American military helicopters were last week given the green light for overflights. The city hosts at least four EU summits a year, with each of these gatherings costing €500,000 in extra police, military and transport expenses. “But this time round, you can multiply that figure by 20,” said Brussels mayor, Yvan Mayeur.

In the mean time Michelle and family are in China naturally at the expense of the American taxpayer expense. Just the hotel bill exceeds $8,000 a night. And Mrs. Obama is making speeches revealing how hard she had it growing up.  Poor girl, but she’s making up for it now!

And she is making an impression …

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I thank God we’re in the home-stretch of having to support these freaks. I can feel the relief right now knowing Barack and Michelle, mom, kids, dogs … well the dogs can stay … are on their way out of the White House. They’ve disgraced the office of the presidency in every way imaginable. I read somewhere that the office of the presidency deserves the respect of all citizens. My reply is … not when the occupant of the office doesn’t respect it or his oath of office or the U.S. Constitution. Some suggest because they once wore a uniform they are offended that people would attack the “high offices of this beloved country”.  What offends me is how people once wore a uniform but honor and dignity weren’t part of the outfit. Wearing a military uniform at some point in the past or even now doesn’t make one patriotic or posses a love for America. There are many wearing uniforms today who know Obama is a fraud … but the honor that’s supposed to accompany that uniform isn’t there, thus Obama is free fundamentally change the United States.  The long and short description of people such as those is hypocrites. We could even include traitors. These are the very same people who will attempt to quote Bible scriptures to support idiocy … and then turn around and suggest Jesus Christ was a homosexual. I read once where some liberal blog site claimed America never was a Christian nation because the words “Jesus” and “Christian” are not in the Constitution.  Okay that’s cool, but why is abortion a Constitutional right when it’s not in there? I see the right to life in there and the right to keep and bear arms. Liberals have taken the right to life away from the most innocent, and the right to keep and bear arms without infringement they hate just as much as innocent life.

Yes, it’s going to take some work to undo all the damage team Obama has done to America. I think maybe the 2014 elections could be a start. I believe the Democrats are going to get spanked pretty hard and hopefully a lot of the establishment Republicans will be forced out of office as well. Americans are tired of being led by a fraud whose turned this nation into a cesspool of perversion and the embarrassment he’s brought on America.

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Obama’s Destroy America Campaign Is Succeeding


When Obama isn’t “gaying” our military he’s purging high-ranking commanders who don’t agree with his destroy America campaign. This phony “president” produced a $3.9 TRILLION “budget” for next year, raising taxes, allotting billions for shovel-ready jobs while instituting massive spending cuts to the military. His drivel, “The  budget is not just about numbers, it’s about our values and it’s about  our future,” is as meaningful as his promises … all empty. First, his “values” aren’t America’s values and the future he’s blathering about is very bleak for this nation. His “values” are perversion,  keeping poor people poor, racism and anti-Semitism. He’s a phony and can’t even act like a strong “president” because it’s not in him. He has surrounded himself with a multitude of America-hating traitors exactly like him.

My good friend, The Mad Jewess mentioned an article at the American Thinker which points out a few of those …   Muslims in the Obama White Houseincluding Arif Alikhan (Deputy Executive Director for Policy in DHS), Mohamed Elibiary (Homeland Security Advisory Council), Rashad Hussain (Special Envoy to the deeply anti-Semitic Organization of the Islamic Conference), Imam Mohamed Magid  (Obama’s Sharia Law advisor, on loan from the Islamic Society of North America, with its Brotherhood ties) and Eboo Patel (on the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships). A Muslim who takes his religion seriously must put loyalty to Dar al-Islam above allegiance to an infidel state.  (read more)

Let’s see … what else … Okay, back to the cuts in our military. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, which is an oxymoron in itself, has proposed to scale back our military capability to pre-WWII levels. (thus the “oxymoron” … or perhaps just “moron”) Hagel says in essence,  the cuts will reflect what he’s doing to the Department of Defense. I think Mr. Hagel should be in charge of Obama’s wardrobe or something that would be harmless to the United States; but then again that wouldn’t fit into Obama’s agenda.

Gen. Ray Odierno, Army chief of staff, said,  that an army of 420,000 would be too small for a world that has such an uncertain national security landscape. The minimum size, he said, would be about 450,000.  He said shrinking to 420,000 would make a big difference in the capabilities of the force. 

“I’m on the record saying, as a minimum, I think our end strength needs to be around 450,000; 330,000 in the active, 335,000 in the Guard, and about 195,000 in the U.S. Army Reserve. And then we would be able to do it – at higher risk, but we should be able to do it.”  (emphasis mine)  (HERE)

And that’s just mentioning the cuts to the U.S. Army … not cuts to the other armed services, though I think the Marines will lose around 8,000 personnel.  Obama’s idea of America’s military might is having our women fight on the front lines with homosexual men backing them up.

While Obama guts our military, Russia, China and every other America hating nation is beefing theirs up.  Obama makes empty threats to Mr. Putin and Putin knows Obama is weak because his actions prove it. Obama is a liar. His lies are out for every one to see, except the ones the media manages to cover up.

Anyway, I’m sick of writing this piece. I suppose it’s just a rant. Allen West has a piece worth reading … if you feel like crying.

Obama vs. Putin:


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Chilling: Obama Threatened Several Governors This Week


Sara Noble over at the Independent Sentinel posted the following. I think it’s worth sharing with all three of my readers …

Chilling: President Obama Threatened Several Governors This Week

February 26, 2014



                                                                                      Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry presented a chilling summary of Obama’s meeting with a group of governors at the White House on Monday.

Perry says Obama made it clear that he doesn’t trust governors to make decisions about their respective states on a variety of issues.

Perry said, “I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. When you have governors, and we all compete against each other – we are the laboratories of innovation – and for the President of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say, ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’…that is really troubling.”

It’s really not surprising because he is after all, the Imperial President.

Obama threatened any Governor who spoke out against the out-of-control government spending according to Perry: ”As a matter of fact, I heard him (Obama) say in that meeting, ‘If I hear any of you pushing back, making statements about Washington spends too much money, you’ll hear from me.’ If I’m a Democrat governor, if I’m a Republican governor, I’m highly offended by that.”


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