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“My Cancellation’ Site Shows How ObamaCare has Hurt People

The site is named, My Cancellation, and it is an open forum for people to submit their cancellation stories, letters, and pics.  Here is a sampling… The Democrats may lie about it, but there is no escaping it-not only are people losing their plans, what they are offered under ObamaCare is far more expensive. Just to recap… 1.  “If you like your plan you can keep it.”  LIE! 2.  Premiums are going to come down by $2500 a year.  LIE! And, as always, if you voted for Obama, you voted for this.  You were warned, but you chose to listen […]

#ObamaCare Damage: 100,000 to Lose Insurance in NY; 800,000 on NJ Impacted

I bet there are a bunch of Obama voters out there wondering what happened with #ObamaCare.  They’re getting cancellation notices for the plans that Obama told them they could keep.  Not only that, most are being told that they can get another plan, with a higher deductible, and a far higher premium.  Of course, they could have read here, for years, about what was going to happen, but they watched the MSM instead.  So, now they are going to pay for their vote.  Jammie Wearing Fool has more… You voted for him, so now you must be punished. If you […]

ObamaCare Damage: Skyrocketing Health Care Costs Confound NC Businessman

Yesterday, we reviewed how President Obama lied early and often about how ObamaCare was going to decrease premiums.  We went over that many people have had their premiums double, or even triple.  And now, we have the plight of a NC businessman who is struggling between a rock and a hard place in order to do right by his employees and customers… Did you catch the lie at the very end of the video?  That runs counter to the CBS News report from earlier that indicates that the system needs a complete overhaul to function.  In the end, ObamaCare is […]

Obama Supporters Hit with ObamaCare Sticker Shock: Irony Ensues

When of my sarcastic comments at the end of my Obam,aCare Damage posts is simple.. If you voted for Obama, you voted for this.  You were warned.  Elections have consequences.  Today, we have example from an Obama supporter that actually reacted to my admonition.  Motor City Times has more… Everyone saw this coming, except for Obama supporters such as Tom Waschura: “I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,” Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare. “I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I […]

Change The Definition of Cancer To Reduce ObamaCare Costs?

So, rather than defund or even delay the worse than useless Uaffordable Affordable Health Care Act, Obama and the Democrats have decided to allow a partial shut down of the government. Big deal! It’s one way to reduce deficit spending. Not everybody is happy about the shut down. Most notably are some government employees who take exception to being called UNESSENTIAL. By way of Flopping Aces, quoting from the Washington Post, we learn: So, here we are. Because  President Obama and the Democrats do not want to admit that ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster, they prefer to shut down the government […]

Donna Brazile Runs Into ObamaCare Reality: Denies it

I really love it when a liberal runs face first into reality, and has no clue that their policies created that reality.  The latest victim of this cognitive dissonance is Donna Brazile, the current DNC vice- Chair.  Nice Deb has info on Ms. Brazile’s recent brush with reality… Now, how could she had known that her premiums were going to go up?  Could she have been warned?  Well, friends, those types of warnings are a speciality here at the CH2.0. Elections have Consequences: Health Insurance Premiums to Hit $20,000? ObamaCare Damage: Health Insurance Premiums to Double? Maybe They Should Have […]

Gasoline Costs $900 More a Year Under Obama

I guess people voted for higher gas prices, because gasoline costs $900 more a year since Obama took office.  Breitbart has the graphical evidence… Remember, elections have consequences.

What Recovery? Part II: Systemic High Unemployment?

Here is a post from Jim at Asylum Watch discussing High Unemployment-Matt In Part I of this series, we examined money velocity (the number of times the money supply circulates in the economy over a year), which is directly related to economic growth, GDP, and found that it has been declining since 1999. The velocity of money is currently slower than it was in the Great Depression. We noted that the stock market has recovered nicely and corporate and banking profits are up and Wall Street investors are doing well. This suggest that the money supply is circulating at a higher […]

Happy New Year, Here are Your New Taxes!

Curtis Dubay at Heritage has an article on all of our new taxes, courtesy of the Obama administration.  New Year’s Day was tough for taxpayers. Thirteen tax increases kicked in. The deal that Congress and President Obama struck that finally—but only partially—avoided the fiscal cliff resulted in seven tax increases. Those hikes combined with six tax increases from Obamacare that also began on New Year’s Day. 13 Tax Increases That Started January 1, 2013 Tax increases the fiscal cliff deal allowed: 1. Payroll tax: increase in the Social Security portion of the payroll tax from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent […]

ObamaCare Damage: Health Insurance Premiums to Double?

If you ask Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, the answer is yes.  Townhall has more… Yesterday on CNBC, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said that health insurance premiums could as much as double if Obamacare comes into full effect: To provide all Americans with health insurance, premiums will have to rise to pay for it, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Wednesday. “If we’re going to insure all Americans, which is a worthy and appropriate cause, then somebody has to pay for it,” Bertolini said of the expected premium increases under Obamacare. Bertolini said that insurance premiums could double […]

Welfare is Highest Single Budget in Item in 2011: 1.03 Trillion Dollars!

Liberals often harp on Military spending, and wish to cut it, citing it’s percentage of the government.  However, under President Obama, Welfare spending alone has gone over 1.03 trillion dollars.  And yes, that is trillions with a “t.” The Lonely Conservative has more… Welfare spending – that’s President Obama’s economic plan. Last year the federal government spent over $1 trillion on welfare programs. It’s the one thing Obama has been good at – getting people on the dole and hoping they vote for more. The government spent approximately $1.03 trillion on 83 means-tested federal welfare programs in fiscal year 2011 alone — […]

College Students Hammered by ObamaCare-Just in Time for the Election

Yesterday, I asked the question, which is worse, being Obama’s enemy, or his friend?  That line resonates a bit more today, given that college students, who overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008, are being repaid for that support-in higher insurance rates thanks to ObamaCare.  The Lonely Conservative has more… College students who purchase their health insurance policies through their colleges may be in for a shock when they get the bill. Colleges all over the country are raising premiums drastically to cover the costs associated with Obamacare. In North Carolina, where Democrats are hoping young voters will help them win the […]

ObamaCare’s Latest Casualty: Catholic University Drops Health Coverage Due to ObamaCare

Remember when we were all told that under ObamaCare, if you liked your plan, you could keep it?  As we predicted then, a ton of people are going to lose their plan.  And, just as we predicted, it is predictable and intentional.  For the latest example, The Blaze has coverage of Fransciscan University in Stuebenville Ohio… Franciscan University, a Catholic institution in Steubensville, Ohio, is claiming that Obamacare has forced the school to end its student heath insurance program. The massive health care overhaul, the university says, has led to cost increases that no longer make offering the program a […]

ObamaCare Damage Roundup: It Costs Almost Twice as Much as Promised, and Millions Might Lose Their Plans

Are Conservatives and Libertarians prophetic?  Or do they just have a good grasp of the obvious?  While I’d like to think that we’re able to see the future, the reality is that we can integrate information from a variety of sources, and make reasonable predictions about future events.  Consider ObamaCare-when we were told that Congress had to pass it “so we can see what is in it.”  While the contents were supposedly a mystery, promises were made, like it being revenue neutral, costing approximately $900,000,000,000 over the first ten years.  However, Conservatives pointed out that there were many accounting tricks done to meet that number, and […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Death Threats Against Koch Brothers OK!

As we have chronicled with the “Great Moments in Civil Discourse” posts, regressives have a glaring double standard in which the the most innocent and inane comments made by Conservatives are filled with racism and “hate.”  On the other hand, regressives are apparently cleared to call for violent revolution, engage in thug tactics against men, women, and children, and make death threats.  For the latest example, we need to take a look at some interesting emails received by Koch industries, via Powerline. On Thursday, Charles Koch authorized employees of Koch Industries to reveal the contents of “hundreds of e-mails that the Kochs and employees have received […]

Latest EPA Rules to Cost 1.4 Million Jobs and a 12% Increase in Utility Bills

global warming hoax

The good thing about having a record is being able to run on it, and I have a track record of posts on my blog that make Obama pretty jealous. In November of 2008 I pointed to an interview that Obama gave where he said that as part of his ‘green energy’ policies he intended to use the power of the federal government to bankrupt all coal producers in the United States. As I quite accurately wrote: Obama is telling anyone that uses any energy at all that he intends to drive up the price of it. Combine this with his […]

Green Energy Is Burning Up Your Green $$$

Obama’s insane energy policy is burning a hole through the American’s family budget. At the same time, our government is burning through our tax dollars while putting our future generations deeper and deeper in debt. How are Americans reacting to this insanity? That I can tell, there is almost no reaction from Main Street America. The reason, I think, is obvious.  The average American is being battered about like a ball in a pin ball machine by the multitude of negative impacts their government’s policies are having on them. It is almost impossible for anyone to focus on one bad policy long enough […]

Government Action Causes Preemie Birth Preventive Drug to Go from $10 to $1500- Further Evidence that Evil Insurance Companies Must be Nationalized?

From the Associated Press: The price of preventing preterm labor is about to go through the roof. A drug for high-risk pregnant women has cost about $10 to $20 per injection. Next week, the price shoots up to $1,500 a dose, meaning the total cost during a pregnancy could be as much as $30,000. That’s because the drug, a form of progesterone given as a weekly shot, has been made cheaply for years, mixed in special pharmacies that custom-compound treatments that are not federally approved. But recently, KV Pharmaceutical of suburban St.Louis won government approval to exclusively sell the drug, […]