Hillary: I Took My Private Emails Off The Server, But Can’t Turn The Server Over Because There Are Private Emails On It


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I removed my private emails, but you can’t have the server because there are private emails on it…

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection.

This is approaching the audacity and mendacity of “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” testimony that her hubby gave during his impeachment proceedings.

The problem with Hillary Clinton’s explanation for her use of a personal email server and account for government business goes beyond the demonstrable falsehoods and suspicious nature of setting up such an arrangement.

Hillary explained that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, and “chose not to keep” (i.e., deleted) the personal emails on the server.

Thus, according to Hillary, the server now only has work related emails.

But Hillary says that she will not turn over the server to a neutral person for review, because the server has her personal emails on it.

But she already said the personal emails are not on it anymore.

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Hillary’s explanation is self-contradictory.

Perhaps Hillary is worried that deleted personal emails could be recovered. That’s unlikely — Hillary’s technical advisers almost certainly used a safe delete (write-over) mechanism.  In any event, that can be controlled for by having a neutral person, perhaps a retired judge, supervise the review process. But Hillary would not agree to that when asked at the press conference.

So Hillary says there are no personal emails on the server but she will not turn it over because there are personal emails on it.

Uh huh.

Get the server.  There’s gold in them, thar platters!!






New Documents Obtained Prove Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton Lied About Benghazi


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"What difference does it make?"
“What difference does it make?”

Hat/Tip to Tom Fitton at Doug Ross @ Journal.

Looks like Hillary’s chickens just may be coming home to roost…

I’ve always believed that the Benghazi cover-up was about two presidential campaigns: Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign.

Why else would Hillary Clinton personally send out lies about Benghazi within hours, and then keep on pushing these lies until the truth could no longer be ignored. The truth about an attack by an al Qaeda group that killed our ambassador and three other brave Americans in the days before Obama’s reelection would not only have put Obama at risk of losing, but also would have potentially dashed the hopes of his successor-in-waiting, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The desperation by Obama, Clinton, and their political teams must have been potent. It was so potent that they – rather than admitting to the Islamist conflagration they caused in Libya by ousting and killing Gadhafi – preferred to ignore pleas for increased security from Ambassador Stevens; to abandon him and his colleagues to rampaging terrorists; refuse to follow up with force against those who attacked us; and to lie to the American people about the nature of the attack.

Rather than admit that it was a planned attack by a terrorist group in league with al Qaeda, the Obama/Clinton machine knowingly put out the lie that the killings were the result of a spontaneous demonstration in response to an obscure Internet video supposedly offensive to radical Islamists. The message: don’t blame us – blame those who offend Islamists (conservatives, Republicans, etc.). Indeed, rather than sending our military to eliminate the enemy in Libya, the Obama administration arrested the poor sap who made the offending video.

As they say on late night infomercials, “But wait! It gets better!”

Strong stuff you might think. But the most recent documents forced out of the State Department will make you think I’m being too kind to the Benghazi betrayers controlling the Executive Branch.

On February 11, 2015, JW struck smoking-gun gold in another cache of documents we forced out of the State Department. The documents show that top aides for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including her then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills, knew from the outset that the Benghazi mission compound was under attack by armed assailants tied to a terrorist group. The documents we’ve extracted from the Obama administration only through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State ((No. 1:14-cv-01511).

Unsurprisingly, the documents make no reference to a spontaneous demonstration or Internet video, except in an official statement issued by Hillary Clinton.

The JW lawsuit that uncovered this material focused on Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi scandal:

Any and all records concerning, regarding, or related to notes, updates, or reports created in response to the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S, Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. This request includes but is not limited to, notes, taken by then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton or employees of the Office of the Secretary of State during the attack and its immediate aftermath.

Mrs. Clinton had said she took notes on Benghazi for her recent book but suggested no one could see them. She isn’t above the law. Congress is asleep, the media is a cheerleader, so hence, our lawsuit.

We haven’t yet gotten Hillary’s notes, but the chain of internal emails we did get are extraordinary and track the events surrounding the terrorist attack in real time.

In chronological order:

On September 11, 2012, at 4:07 PM, Maria Sand (who was then a Special Assistant to Mrs. Clinton) forwarded an email from the State Department’s Operations Center entitled “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi is Under Attack (SBU) [Sensitive But Unclassified]” to Cheryl Mills (then-Chief of Staff), Jacob Sullivan (then-Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy), Joseph McManus (then-Hillary Clinton’s Executive Assistant), and a list of other Special Assistants in the Secretary’s office:

The Regional Security Officer reports the diplomatic mission is under attack. Tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well. Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four COM [Chief of Mission] personnel are in the compound safe haven. The 17th of February militia is providing security support.

This email was sent about 30 minutes after the terrorist attack began!

On September 11, 2012, 4:38 PM, State Department Foreign Service Officer Lawrence Randolph forwarded Mills, Sullivan and McManus an email from Scott Bultrowicz, who was the former director of the Diplomatic Security Service (ousted following review of the attack), with the subject line, “Attack on Benghazi 09112012?:

DSCC received a phone call from [REDACTED] in Benghazi, Libya initially stating that 15 armed individuals were attacking the compound and trying to gain entrance. The Ambassador is present in Benghazi and currently is barricaded within the compound. There are no injuries at this time and it is unknown what the intent of the attackers is. At approximately 1600 DSCC received word from Benghazi that individuals had entered the compound. At 1614 RSO advised the Libyans had set fire to various buildings in the area, possibly the building that houses the Ambassador [REDACTED] is responding and taking fire.

Nearly seven hours later, at 12:04 am, on September 12, Randolph sends an email with the subject line “FW: Update 3: Benghazi Shelter Location Also Under Attack” to Mills, Sullivan, and McManus that has several updates about the Benghazi attack:

I just called Ops and they said the DS command center is reporting that the compound is under attack again. I am about to reach out to the DS Command Center.

This email also contains a chain of other, earlier email updates:

September 11, 2012 11:57 PM email: “(SBU) DS Command reports the current shelter location for COM personnel in Benghazi is under mortar fire. There are reports of injuries to COM staff.”

September 11, 2012 6:06 PM (Subject: “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack (SBU): “(SBU) Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and call for an attack on Embassy Tripoli”

September 11, 2012, 4:54 PM: “Embassy Tripoli reports the firing at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi has stopped and the compound has been cleared. A response team is on site to locate COM personnel.”

The DOS emails reveal the first official confirmation of the death of Ambassador Stevens. On September 12, 2012, 3:22 AM, Senior Watch Officer Andrew Veprek forwarded an email to numerous State Department officials, which was later forwarded to Cheryl Mills and Joseph McManus, with the subject line “Death of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi”:

Embassy Tripoli confirms the death of Ambassador John C. (Chris) Stevens in Benghazi. His body has been recovered and is at the airport in Benghazi.

Two hours later, Joseph McManus forwards the news about Ambassador Stevens’ death to officials in the State Department Legislative Affairs office with instructions not to “forward to anyone at this point.”

Despite her three top staff members being informed that a terrorist group had claimed credit for the attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, issued an official statement, also produced to Judicial Watch, claiming the assault may have been in “a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.”

Cheryl Mills asks that the State Department stop answering press inquiries at 12:11 am on September 12, despite the ongoing questions about “Chris’ whereabouts.” In an email to State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland, Jacob Kennedy, and Phillipe Reines (then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications and Senior Communications Advisor), Mills writes:

Can we stop answering emails for the night Toria b/c now the first one [Hillary Clinton’s “inflammatory material posted on the Internet” statement] is hanging out there.

Earlier in the chain of emails, Nuland told Mills, Sullivan, and Patrick Kennedy (Under Secretary of State for Management) that she “ignored” a question about Ambassador Steven’s status and whereabouts from a CBS News reporter.

Think about this: Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s top aide, would rather go to bed and let hang out there the lie that Hillary Clinton put out about the attack than tell reporters the truth about the attack, which by that time had escalated to include mortar fire.

Another top State Department official is eager to promote a statement from Rabbi David Saperstein, then-Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, a liberal group. The September 2012 statement condemns “the video that apparently spurred these incidents. It was clearly crafted to provoke, offend, and to evoke outrage.” Michael Posner, then-Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, forwarded the statement on September 12, 2012, to Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, and Jacob Sherman with the note:

This is an excellent statement – our goal should be to get the Conference of Presidents, the ADL etc. to follow suit and use similar language.

(President Obama nominated the left-wing Rabbi Saperstein to be Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom in July 2014. The U.S. Senate confirmed him in December 2014. Posner, by the way, is another far left activist installed at State by Obama.)

Also included in the documents are foreign press reports establishing the cause of Ambassador Chris Steven’s deathas being from asphyxiation. According to the reports, doctors attending Stevens said he could have been saved had he arrived at the hospital earlier.

The Obama administration has blacked out reactions from White House and top State Department officials to news stories published on September 14, 2012. One of the stories quoted a visitor who criticized the lack of security at the Benghazi Special Mission Compound and another headlined, “America ‘was warned of attack and did nothing.’” What was the reaction of key Obama officials to this truth-telling about the media. They don’t want you to know. If it were helpful, it would have been released to us!

Other emails list well over 20 invited participants in a “SVTC” (secure video teleconference). The invited participants for the September 14, 2012, early morning call include senior White House, CIA, and State Department political appointees. Details about that call, which likely documents the cover-up operation on Benghazi, haven’t been produced to Judicial Watch.

These emails leave no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers knew the truth about the Benghazi attack from almost the moment it happened. And it is inescapable that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly lied when she planted the false story about “inflammatory material being posted on the Internet.”

The contempt for the public’s right to know is evidenced not only in these documents, but also in the fact that we had to file a lawsuit in federal court to obtain them. The Obama gang’s cover-up continues to unravel, despite its unlawful secrecy and continued slow-rolling of information.

Congress, if it ever decides to do its job, cannot act soon enough to put Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and every other official in these emails under oath.

Islamic terrorists connected to al Qaeda attacked the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi on the evening of September 11, 2012. U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were both killed. Just a few hours later, a second terrorist strike targeted a different compound about one mile away. Two CIA contractors, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were killed and 10 others were injured in the second attack.

The families of those four men deserve truth and accountability. So do those who suffered injuries and others haunted by the attacks.

So as Congress is set to acquiesce in Obama’s deadly nullification of our nation’s immigration laws…

So as the mainstream media spends all of its time covering presidential wanna-be’s with all the depth of entertainment media coverage of the Oscars…

So as “Rome burns,” your Judicial Watch will, alone it seems, continue with the hard work of conducting government oversight in a city otherwise bereft of it. The Benghazi Four deserve no less.

We expect more Benghazi documents over the next few months, so stayed tuned for more disclosures.

About Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. Through its educational endeavors, Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people. Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations, and public outreach. Visit: www.judicialwatch.org





Benghazi Security Team Forcefully Disagrees With New House Intel Report: We WERE Told To “Stand Down”


 photo benghazisecurityteamsaystheyWEREtoldtostanddown_zps83f251ed.jpg

Hat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers.

Despite what the White House spin machine says, these brave men who were actually there, on the ground in Benghazi that fateful night contend that they WERE told to stand down.

Via PJ Media:

Saturday on C-SPAN’s Book TV, CIA Benghazi annex security team members Kris Paronto and Mark Geist answered questions about a report released Friday by the House Intelligence Committee on the 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in 2012. The two former CIA contractors pushed back forcefully against parts of the the committee’s conclusions about the night that Ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed in Benghazi.

The report by the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Republican Rep. Mike Rogers, concluded that “the CIA ensured sufficient security for CIA facilities in Benghazi” and that “appropriate U.S. personnel made reasonable tactical decisions that night.” The committee “found no evidence that there was either a stand down order or a denial of available air support.” The report, according to the House Intelligence Committee, is meant to serve as the “definitive House statement on the Intelligence Community’s activities before, during, and after the tragic events that caused the deaths of four brave Americans” so that the American public can separate “facts from the swirl of rumors and unsubstantiated allegations.”

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, co-author of the book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, reacted to the report on Twitter Friday night and Saturday morning, prior to the C-SPAN interview:



Read the full story here.





DOJ Tried To Suppress CBS’ Sharyl Attkinsson’s Story On Holder’s Lies About Fast And Furious


Sharyl Attkisson Stonewalled bookHat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers.

Sharyl Attkisson covers this in her book, “Stonewalled: My Fight For the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama’s Washington,” and the lengths this administration goes to in order to suppress the truth.

Via Breitbart:

After CBS News aired a damaging report which suggested Attorney General Eric Holder had lied to Congress, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) press director worked overtime to suppress reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s story and called her CBS superiors to complain.

Attkisson published a blockbuster story on October 3, 2011, based on documents which demonstrated that AG Holder was briefed on the Fast and Furious gun-walking case starting in the summer of 2010.

Those documents directly contradicted Holder’s claim that he first heard about Fast and Furious a few weeks before his congressional testimony in May 2011. Below is the video of Attkisson’s story as it aired:

Read the full story here.



Democrats Complicit in Cover Up of IRS Scandal

Constitutional Attorney, Conservative Radio Host and All Around Great Guy, Mark Levin

Hat/Tip to Breitbart.

Mark Levin: Democrat Response to House IRS Email Inquiry a ‘Cover-up,’ ‘Criminal Corruption’

Mark makes no bones about what he thinks Democrats are up to.

On his Monday radio show, conservative talk show Mark Levin reacted to how congressional Democrats in a House Oversight Hearing had conducted themselves earlier over the committee’s inquiry into missing emails related to an investigation of former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner.

Levin said it was clear to him the response from congressional Democrats was orchestrated in advance in tandem with the highest level of the Obama White House to obstruct the inquiry into the Internal Revenue Service missing emails congressional hearing.

From what Levin says, and I agree with him, the Democratic Party went ‘all-in’ with Obama in two national elections, so now that all of this corrupt chickens are coming home to roost, they are in full CYA mode.

“So let me be very blunt about it – the Democratic Party now is conducting itself as the mob,” Levin said. “The Democratic Party is in a full-scale cover-up on this scandal – even more than Benghazi, on the IRS scandal. The Democratic Party is in full cover-up mode, whether it’s the in-Justice Department and that fraud Eric Holder, whether it’s the Internal Revenue Service and the frauds running that operation, whether it’s the frauds in and around the White House, whether it’s the frauds in Congress – that’s right.”

Corrupt is as corrupt does. ‘Smidgen,’ my ass.

That’s right, I said it!

“This is no damn joke,” he added. “You have a political party that is corrupt to the core, corrupt to the core. I get furious with the Republican Party’s incompetence. This party, the Democrat Party is corrupt to the core and is involved in a criminal corruption. That’s right, I said it. Missing emails, destroyed hard drives, they won’t bring in the FBI, citizens intimidated, citizens threatened, the attorney general sitting on his ass doing nothing, the president of the United States sending signals – ‘there’s not a smidgeon of anything wrong here.’ The word gets out – the Democrats out in full-obstruction cover-up mode.”

To listen to what Mark says about this on his radio show, click here.


‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Tommy Vietor talks Benghazi with Bret Baier


Yes, he really did say that.

I guess that he is just better able to move on from the fact that four Americans were killed. No biggie, just get over it, already.

Sorry, and I don’t usually make attacks on people when I post or write articles here at CH2.0, but I have to call a spade a spade and this guy is an idiot. He is a small minded, careless, unfeeling punk who wouldn’t know what valor or honor or bravery was if it bit him on his smarmy ass.

First he tweets about it before he goes on TV with Brett Baier:

tommy vietor twitter avatarTommy Vietor @TVietor08

Guessing @BretBaier invited me to come on @SpecialReport to talk #Benghazi as a #TBT thing since it happened in 2012 but tune in!

5:15 PM – 1 May 2014

The TBT thing refers to ThrowBack Thursday, which is a Twitter thing and this joker just thinks we ought to leave it alone.


See for yourselves:


Well it is certainly obvious that President Obama has picked the best and the brightest to serve in his administration.

okay – sarcasm /off


ABC News’ Karl Clashes With Jay Carney Over Benghazi


It’s a joyful site to see when the MSM finally, FINALLY begins asking the Obama administration the tough questions.


ABC News reporter Jon Karl tangled with White House press secretary Jay Carney Wednesday over a newly released White House email chain covering “talking points” given then-Ambassador Susan Rice after the deadly 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

Republicans charged Tuesday that a White House official’s email advice to Rice to link the attack to an anti-Muslim video confirms the connection was fabricated to help President Barack Obama’s re-election.

At the heart of Wednesday’s 8-minute skirmish between Karl and Carney was Rice’s appearance on five Sunday shows after the attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi – and where her information came from.

Carney was part of the email chain, the Daily Caller reports.

“You knew full well that these Sunday show appearances were going to be dominated by the attack on Benghazi, as they were,” Karl fumed after Carney insisted Rice’s talking points were geared toward addressing region-wide protests as well as the Benghazi attack.

Then, Karl pursued the source of Rice’s talking points for the Sunday news shows.

“Ambassador Rice went on those shows, and she said that the attack in Benghazi was rooted in protests over an Internet video.

“We now know that that was not true, that, in fact, the CIA Director, [Michael] Morell, just — former Director Morell just testified last month that quote, ‘when she talked about the video, my reaction was, that’s not something the analysts have attributed this attack to.’

“It did not come from the CIA. You stood there at the podium time after time and said that she was referring to talking points created by the CIA. Now we see a document that comes from the White House, not from the CIA, attributing the protests to the video, and we have the former director of the CIA saying that that was not something that his analysts had attributed it to.”

Carney fired back, saying: “I would point you to what Mike Morell has said repeatedly in testimony about the creation of the talking points,” at which point Karl broke in, noting:

“Well, now we have new talking points, and you didn’t release them….”

The two went round and round after this, with neither side giving an inch. Eventually Carney, with the wind out of his sails, took questions from other WH Correspondents.

Watch the whole exchange, it is priceless.



Charges Files Against South Fayette High School (PA) Student That Documented Bullying



Imagine, if you will, that you are a kid, and that you are being bullied mercilessly in school.  Now, imagine that you went to the trouble to record evidence of the bullying, so you could take it to the school’s principal.  Because, surely the school will protect you once the evidence comes to light, right?

Then imagine that you face criminal charges for exposing it.

That’s exactly what happened to a special education student from, South Fayette High School, located in McDonald PA.   Here are some details as to what happened…

A South Fayette High School sophomore claims to have been bullied all year at his new school located in McDonald, Pennsylvania. In February, the student made an audio recording of one bullying incident during his special education math class. Instead of questioning the students whose voices were recorded, school administrators threatened to charge him with felony wiretapping before eventually agreeing to reduce the charge to disorderly conduct. On Wednesday, March 19, the student, whose name we have agreed to not include in this story, was found guilty of disorderly conduct by District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet.

The student and his mother, Shea Love, testified before the magistrate that the boy has been repeatedly shoved and tripped at school, and that a fellow student had even attempted to burn him with a cigarette lighter. The defendant is, according to school records, a well-behaved student with no history of disciplinary action. He was, however, previously diagnosed with a comprehension delay disorder, which is a slower processing speed for information than is normal, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. He says the bullying treatment is especially harsh and academically disruptive during his special education math class, in which students with behavioral problems are also placed. On February 11, after doing research on several anti-bullying websites, he used his school approved personal iPad to make a seven-minute audio recording of his classroom experience. He played the recording at home for his mother. Outraged, Love, a former Air Force Morse code operator, transcribed the audio before calling school administrators.

Love says that upon fielding her complaint, Principal Scott Milburn called South Fayette Township police Lieutenant Robert Kurta to the school to interrogate her son in the presence of Associate Principal Aaron Skrbin and Dean of Students Joseph Silhanek. The defendant testified before Judge McGraw-Desmet that he was forced to play the audio for the group and then delete it. Love says by the time she arrived at the school, her son was surrounded by school officials and the police officer and was visibly distraught. She says

Principal Milburn advised her that her son was “facing felony wiretapping charges” because he made a recording in a place with an expectation of privacy, and that Officer Kurta agreed.

So in my humble opinion, these are the messages that this school is sending…

1.  Better make sure the evidence gets deleted before we look bad.

2.  Oh, and kid, STFU, get back to class, and take it!

3.  Oh, and bullies, keep up the good work, we’ve got you back.

4.  Let’s make sure no other kids get the bright idea of recording any potentially embarrassing events  in school.

Sarcasm aside, this school punished a bullied kid for  coming forward to report, with actual evidence, that he was being bullied.  And, does a public school being PUBLIC and all, have an expectation of privacy (outside of locker rooms or restrooms)?  Or, is that just to make sure that “what happens in school stays in school?”  Of course, the public school, being an agent of liberalism, has to punish dissent, because any evidence that the system isn’t working has to be covered up, and those that have it are to be punished.

Everything here is perfectly fine.  Nothing to see here.  Just move along…and STFU! After all, the fine folks at South Fayette High School said so!


Democrats in PA Caught Accepting Bribes to Oppose Voter ID; Democrat AG Closes Investigation


What if elected officials were caught on tape accepting bribes in exchange to vote against legislation?  What if these officials accepted cash or money orders?  What is there was over 400 HOURS of damning recordings of these bribes?  Well, if you’re in PA, and the offenders are democrats, you have nothing to fear-line your pockets with ease.  You see, Diane Kane, the democratic AG, will simply end the investigation, and you can accept all the bribes you like! PJ Media has more…

Despite this evidence, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has not charged any officials. Kane is a Democrat.

Kane’s excuse for her inaction? Racism: some of the legislators caught on tape accepting bribes were black Democrats from Philadelphia. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

In a statement to The Inquirer on Friday, Kane called the investigation poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism, saying it had targeted African Americans.

Those who favored the sting believe Kane killed a solid investigation, led by experienced prosecutor Frank G. Fina, that had ensnared several public officials and had the potential to capture more. They said they were outraged at Kane’s allegation that race had played a role in the case.

Before Kane ended the investigation, sources familiar with the inquiry said, prosecutors amassed 400 hours of audio and videotape that documented at least four city Democrats taking payments in cash or money orders, and in one case a $2,000 Tiffany bracelet.

Fine — a Pennsylvania Democrat won’t do anything about other corrupt Pennsylvania Democrats. But what about Eric Holder? After all, Holder has shown a tough-as-nails willingness to go after elected officials who accept gifts in exchange for official actions.

Well, there you have it. If you’re into graft, move to PA and get yourself elected.  Then, freely accept  bribes, and your fellow democrats will call it “raaaaacism,” and sweep it under the table.

And who knows, even if you’re caught in a sting, you can still keep the money!

H/T: The Daley Gator


Racial Violence Update: The Attempted Beating Cover up in Schenectady, NY


It seems that now, there is pressure on local media to not discuss racial violence.  That might explain why I haven’t been seeing as many reports.  But, here is the latest, from Schenectady, NY.

But that is what happened: The beat down. And the denial.

It took a while for the story to come out, but in June, an unidentified 46-year-old man and his two daughters were watching White House Down when a large group of black people in the theater started making a lot of noise.

The Times-Union picked up the story, minus the racial details, about the movie-goers who:

ran up and down the aisle yelling and banging a plastic garbage can near the entrance to the theater.

As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, one of the young men accosted the victim from behind, punching him in the head, District Attorney William Sanderson said. A second male did the same thing, he said.

After the second punch, the man stood and blocked the third punch before the whole group attacked him, the prosecutor said.

They knocked the man to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked him and dragged him on his knees, Sanderson said.

When one of the victim’s 15-year-old twin daughters tried to help her father, she also was hit. One of the assailants ran off with her cellphone.

It’s unclear how long the assault lasted, but no one inside the theater tried to help the victim, Sanderson said.

The victim suffered a concussion, a broken nose and an eye injury that is causing vision problems, said the Times-Union.  “The concussion has caused him headaches, memory loss, and difficulty in his day-to-day work,” said Sanderson.

Eight black people were arrested and charged with assault after the victim’s daughter identified several of the alleged assailants as people who also attended her high school.

If you look at the rest of the article, you see that it took months for the news of this attack to come out.  It seems that local business leaders were upset with the local media for reporting this, as it might prevent more people from patronizing their establishments.

We’ve been relying on local media to get these stories out so we could relay them to you.  However, it might be a pattern that even local media outlets are being pressured to not report the news.  I plan on staying on these stories, because the truth is too important to ignore.


Racial Violence: 71 Year-Old Attacked in Connecticut Park for “being in this park where black children play”


It’s Wednesday, and like every day, it’s time for a Racial Violence incident.  And, since it appears to occur daily, we have an abundance of stories to cover.  The latest comes from Connecticut, where an elderly man was not aware that the local park was labeled, “no whiles allowed.”

Imagine that, a convicted felon carrying a gun in Connecticut, even with all those stringent new gun laws. It’s almost as if criminals don’t obey the laws or something.

Police arrested a 35-year-old New Haven man on gun charges among others after an allegedly unprovoked attack on a 71-year-old man.

Jorge DelaPaz was arrested on charges of assault in the third degree of an elderly person, carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a permit, criminal posession of a pistol and interfering with police.

Police say on Sunday, Aug. 25, the elder New Haven man was eating a hamburger in the Goffe Street Park following a Toni Harp mayoral campaign-sponsored event that afternoon when he was approached by the 35-year-old. Police say DelaPaz told the elder white male that he shouldn’t be “in his park where young black kids are playing”. When the man refused an order from DelaPaz to pick up a football, DelaPaz punched the man multiple times in the face, knocking him to the ground. Police say several witnesses supported the victim’s account of the unprovoked attack.

Hey, but at least he wasn’t carrying a gun. That would have been illegal.  Oh wait!

No Jackson,  Sharpton, or anyone else in the racism industry are taking up this cause.  This elderly gentleman did his politically correct duty, and was beaten.  Had he defended himself, he would have been labeled a racist who hunted down that poor, innocent man.

And, of course, this does not fit the narrative, so it won’t be seen in anything outside of the local media.

It’s another day in America, when racial violence, and those that cover it up, are daily institutions.


Planned Parenthood Caught Aiding Child Rape Again, and how This Applies to #FreeKate


I’ve been covering the rather cavalier attitude that regressive take towards child sexual abuse for a while now.  Of course, the case of Kaitlyn Hunt is only one of the latest.  But, it does show that the political and cultural left has an openly stated objective in mind…

They want to make it legal for adults to have sex with children.     

With the Hunt case, the supporters were out in full force until several facts came to light.

1.  The Hunt family lied about the ages of both alleged abuser and victim.

2.  The Arrest Affidavit indicated that Kaitlyn Hunt knew that she was possibly  committing a crime as she was continuing her allegedly illegal sexual relationship.

3.  Gay rights groups found that heterosexuals were accused, tried, and convicted for the same exact thing.  Needless to say, they pulled their support.

But, there are still supporters.  The ACLU of Florida, for example…

CONTACT: ACLU of Florida Media Office, (786) 363 – 2737 media@aclufl.org

The following is a statement from the ACLU of Florida on the case of Kaitlyn Hunt, a Sebastian, Florida high school student who  faces felony charges for having a relationship with a female schoolmate.

The ACLU of Florida condemns the prosecution of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt. The facts as we understand them suggest that the state is prosecuting Kaitlyn for engaging in behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common. Such behavior occurs every day in tens of thousands of high schools across the country, yet those other students are not facing felony convictions (and, in Florida, the lifetime consequences of a felony conviction) and potential lifelong branding as sex offenders. This is a life sentence for behavior by teenagers that is all too common, whether they are male or female, gay or straight. High-school relationships may be fleeting, but felony convictions are not.

While effective laws are certainly needed to protect Florida’s children from sexual predators, one cannot seriously maintain that Kaitlyn’s behavior was predatory. Application of this law to Kaitlyn’s conduct is another example of the troubling trend in Florida and across the country of criminalizing teenagers. The school-to-prison pipeline is filled with students whose behavior is better addressed by school officials and parents, not by a criminal justice system that turns ordinary teenagers into convicted felons who are prevented from meaningfully contributing to society because of their unjust convictions. Even if Kaitlyn is able to avoid sex-offender registration, a felony conviction will harm her for the rest of her life, catastrophically damaging her employment prospects and even her right to participate in her community as a citizen and vote.

Her promising future could be ruined merely because she engaged in behavior that countless other students in every school operating under the state attorney’s jurisdiction also engage in. This prosecution does nothing to protect Florida’s young people but instead causes a great deal of harm.

Note: The ACLU of Florida is not providing legal assistance in this case. For more information about the ongoing legal case, contact the law office of A. Julia Graves.

Now, you’ve heard from the ACLU, and, a quick check of their press releases show that they have not issued another release on this topic.  I highlighted a section regarding the following…

The facts as we understand them suggest that the state is prosecuting Kaitlyn for engaging in behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common. Such behavior occurs every day in tens of thousands of high schools across the country…

Is the ACLU stating that we have an epidemic of sexual abuse that is so rampant and expansive, that we should just leave it alone?

They might be saying just that, because it is mirrored by another recent case of Planned Parenthood being stung…

The caller asked if her age would be a problem. The Planned Parenthood receptionist responded, “In Mexico, there’s no limit on when you can have sexual reproduction rights.”

The caller told the receptionist the age of her boyfriend and indicated he was “worried” that he would be reported.

Caller: Well, I’m concerned because I’m 14…but my boyfriend is the one who is going to be bringing me and he is worried because he’s 21.

Planned Parenthood: You need to come to your appointment and [unintelligible] that with the doctor.”

Caller: Will he get in trouble?

Planned Parenthood: That’s what you and the doctor would have to discuss. It just depends on what – the state law that we have to report. They probably won’t. This is something we see often. You’re certainly not the first one.

I added the emphasis there as well.  It seems that either the regressives think that sex with children is OK, and we ought to ignore the “unjust” laws against it, or that it’s happening all the time, and we might as well go with the flow (and collect the revenue from all of the coerced  abortions).

However, I think that this is something more-a part of the Cultural Merxist destruction of traditional morality. 

In 1919, Georg Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary.  He immediately set plans in motion to de-Christianize Hungary.  Reasoning that if Christian sexual ethics could be undermined among children, then both the hated patriarchal family and the Church would be dealt a crippling blow. Lukacs launched a radical sex education program in the schools.  Sex lectures were organized and literature handed out which graphically instructed youth in free love (promiscuity) and sexual intercourse while simultaneously encouraging them to deride and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority.  All of this was accompanied by a reign of cultural terror perpetrated against parents, priests, and dissenters.

Hungary’s youth, having been fed a steady diet of values-neutral (atheism) and radical sex education while simultaneously encouraged to rebel against all authority, easily turned into delinquents ranging from bullies and petty thieves to sex predators, murderers, and sociopaths.

Gramsci’s prescription and Lukacs’ plans were the precursor to what Cultural Marxism in the guise of SIECUS, GSLEN, and the ACLU–acting as judicially-powered enforcers–later brought into American schools.

Making it legal for adults to have sex with children is another nail in the coffin of traditional culture.  The more depraved people become, the more disorder there is.  The more disorder there is, the more government you need.  And, of course, to have more government, the government itself must be given more and more power.  Western Culture, to the contrary, with its focus on morality, self restraint, independence, work and especially Christianity all interfere with that.  It’s kinda hard to control a people that manage themselves, so if the culture is the stumbling block, it has to go.

So, it’s obvious, at least to me, that #FreeKate, and any other attempts to change age of consent laws are just the latest in a long line of attempts to destroy Western Culture and exploit the disorder that results.  They’ll attack it, like #FreeKate. Or just ignore it, like Planned Parenthood.  Or, they’ll minimize it, like the ACLU and if kids have to be ruined in order to make it all work, so be it.


#FreeKate Update: Family and Supporters Threaten Truth Tellers, Attempt Others From Using Pictures of Alleged Perpetrator


Yeah, it’s a long title.  With the family and of Kaitlyn Hunt and their #FreeKate supporters being repeatedly exposed as serial liars  (Yes, them making Kaitlyn’s birth certificate public would prove their claims, yet they aren’t doing it), they are getting short on answers, and long on stupid.    Since their claims are demonstrably false, they are resorting to all manners of nonsense to win their case in the court of public opinion.  Here is some more from The Other McCain…

Screenshot from 2013-05-28 22:59:11

So, in other words. if you discuss a crime, and especially the actual evidence of the crime, you should be reported to the FBI?

Do these people work for the Obama Administration??Screenshot from 2013-05-28 22:58:30

Also. pictures of the perpetrator are copyright protected?   Frankly, other than it being an asinine attempt to conceal an alleged child molester, I have no problem with that.  Here are two images that cannot be copyrighted.  They are public domain…

Kaitlyn hunt mug shot 1 Kaitlyn-Hunt-mug shot 2

There you have it!  You can’t copyright a mug shot can you?  That, and since these are the only images that we can legally use (if you follow the logic of the family), we ought to use them extensively.

Oh, and did I mention that the point here is that liberals want to make it legal to have sex with children?


#FreeKate Update: Parents of Child Victim of “Accuse the Accusers,” Lies of Kaitlyn Hunt Supporters


This ought to be a “Great Moments in Civil Discourse,” post.

Unfortunately, when a family told an adult to stay away from their teenaged daughter, and the adult did not stop.  in fact, their child acted out and ran off to be with the perpetrator, they felt they had no choice to but to call the police.  That is when they ran afoul of the cultural left, who apparently wants to make it legal to have sex with children.

And since they have angered the pedophilia left, they are receiving the typical Alinsky-derived treatment.

You’ll have to go to the link to see the video, as it cannot be embedded.

So, this is classic accuse the accuser.  If the parent’s claims are true, they are being threatened for defending their daughter from an adult who was sexually exploiting her.  However, liberals are attacking them because…

They want to make it legal to have sex with children.

There have been many lies, as the Other McCain points out…

There’s something pathetic about the reaction of people who’ve bought into a clever lie, once the truth starts coming out. Something they had been told was good and true and right is revealed to be bad and false and wrong, and their emotional investment in the appealing deception causes those who were innocently deceived to lash out at the truth-tellers.

Creating a myth of innocence for a criminal — the arrest affidavit makes clear that Kaitlyn Hunt admitted breaking the law — requires many elements, including deception, as in Steve Hunt’s Change.org petition that misstates the ages of both girls:

My daughter Kaitlyn . . . is not guilty of anything other than a high school romance, but is being prosecuted . . . because she has a girlfriend who is 15. . . .
The two girls began dating while Kaitlyn was 17 but her girlfriend’s parents blamed Kailtyn for their daughter’s homosexuality. They waited until after Kaitlyn turned 18 and went to the police to have charges brought against her.

Let’s call this what it is: A deliberate lie.


Kaitlyn Hunt Redacted Affidavit Redacted by Sergio Nahuel Candido

So there you have it. The truth. There was a sexual relationship, and the ages clearly show that Katilyn Hunt was 18, and that her victim was 14. And, the #FreeKate folks are clearly lying.

Of course, if they wanted, Kaitlyn’s family could make her birth certificate public, and prove us “hateful, homophobic people” wrong. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  After all, it’s far easier to attack her accusers, and portray anyone who does tell the truth as haters.

Also, there are some parallels to another story we covered a while back…

Planned Parenthood Worker Caught Giving Advise to Fake “Pimp”

Investigators went to abortion mills all over the country, either posing as under-aged children that had been impregnated by adults, or as adults looking to pimp under-aged girls, and to use the providers to “get rid of” any unfortunate consequences.  And, in most cases, not only did the abortion mill staff not report the incidents, but they offered assistance in covering up the child abuse!

Where are the similarities?  The Planned Parenthood folks had no real problem with adults having sex with children, and they offered to help cover it up.

Then, earlier this month, we covered that in response to abortion related outrages, including reporting child sexual abuse, Colorado Democrats sought to make the problem go away, by letting abortion providers off the hook if under-aged children are forced into abortions.

So then Planned Parenthood has no problems with adults having sex with children.  And, it obvious that family and supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt have no problem with adults having sex with children.

Is this context, is there anyone of the political or cultural left that oppose adults having sex with children?


Alleged OWS Activitst, Aaron Greene, Caught With Bomb Making Materials: Media Bias and Denials Ensue


One thing that can be counted upon is that OWS participants will be caught in bomb plots.  Then, the second thing that can be guaranteed is that OWS will deny it, and the MSM will help cover it up.  Also, you can guarantee that the MSM will blame Conservatives for any adverse event that occurs, even in the absence of all evidence.  The Blaze has information on the arrest…

Aaron Greene, 31, and his nine-months pregnant girlfriend, Morgan Gliedman, 27, were apparently found to have these elements in addition to bomb-making instructions, a stack of papers with a cover sheet entitled, “The Terrorist Encyclopedia,” and other weapons according to sources speaking with The New York Post.

Some of Greene’s associates have purportedly called his views “extreme.” Police made the discoveries and subsequent arrests when they went to the couple’s home over the weekend to look for Gliedman who is wanted for purported credit-card theft. The Post has more about the bizarre alleged findings:

A detective discovered a plastic container with seven grams of a white chemical powder called HMTD, which is so powerful, cops evacuated several nearby buildings.

Police also found a flare launcher, which is a commercial replica of a grenade launcher; a modified 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun; ammo; and nine high-capacity rifle magazines, the sources said.

Cops also allegedly uncovered papers about creating homemade booby traps, improvised submachine guns, and various handwritten notebooks containing chemical formulas.

Then, Newsbusters has information regarding the media coverage…


ABC News, the same network which falsely linked the Tea Party to a mass killing in Colorado, on Wednesday ignored an alleged connection between Occupy Wall Street and a wealthy New York City couple apparently planning a terrorist spree. Instead, a Good Morning America journalist referred to the investigation as a “preppy terror case.”

The New York Post on Monday reported that Morgan Gliedman and her boyfriend, Aaron Greene, have been arrested after a vast number of guns, bombs and the “Terrorist Encyclopedia” were found in their home. According to the Post, the two are “the privileged daughter of a prominent city doctor, and…a Harvard grad and Occupy Wall Street activist.” Yet, GMA reporter John Muller simply described, “She is from a prominent family on New York’s ritzy upper east side. He is a Harvard graduate.

Later in the segment, Muller insisted, “So far, potential targets or a motive have not been determined. And police say the couple have no known links to any terrorist organizations.”

Yet, over on CBS this Morning, reporter Seth Doane actually mentioned the connection: “The New York Post reported Greene was a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement but the group has denied this.”

Doane then featured a clip of intelligence expert Michell Silber talking about Occupiers:

MITCHELL SILBER (K2 Intelligence Executive Managing Director): The assumption is that the vast majority of the people there were peaceful protesters but there was a more radical fringe element to the group and there was a concern at some point they might turn to violence if they weren’t accomplished their political aims.

OK then, CBS commits a random act of journalism, and reveals that there is some apparent connection with OWS, but there will be no further investigation of that, will there be?


Intelligence Community Critical of Obama Administration Actions in Libya


As times wears on, we are finding out more and more about the Obama administration’s incompetence in Libya.  The failures, the lies, the avoidance, more lies-it’s all part of how this story is unfolding.  And, if the MSM was doing it’s job, rather than being a regressive propaganda machine.  It would be front page news.  Doug Ross (no relation) has the latest on the failure and resulting cover-up…

I wonder if releasing a movie that depicts the president double-tapping Bin Laden will help?


Intelligence officials angered by Obama administration cover up of intelligence on Iranian, al Qaeda surge in Egypt and Libya

Weeks before the presidential election, President Barack Obama’s administration faces mounting opposition from within the ranks of U.S. intelligence agencies over what career officers say is a “cover up” of intelligence information about terrorism in North Africa.

Intelligence held back from senior officials and the public includes numerous classified reports revealing clear Iranian support for jihadists throughout the tumultuous North Africa and Middle East region, as well as notably widespread al Qaeda penetration into Egypt and Libya in the months before the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

…Intelligence officials pointed to the statement issued Sept. 28 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) that raised additional concern about the administration’s apparent mishandling of intelligence… Officials say the ODNI’s false information was either knowingly disseminated or was directed to be put out by senior policy officials for political reasons, since the statement was contradicted by numerous intelligence reports at the time of the attack indicating it was al Qaeda-related terrorism

There is a lot more over at Doug Ross’s (no relation) place, so hit the link and check it out.


DOJ Used Media Matters as a Propaganda Arm: Anyone Surprised?


We all know what Media Matters is.  It’s a Soros funded smear machine meant to spread regressive propaganda, as well as attack anyone that opposed the regressive agenda.  Then, we the Daily Caller obtained emails between Media Matters personell and DOJ, is wasn’t at all surprised. Here is an excerpt from the DC…

Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. (RELATED: TheDC’s complete coverage of Media Matters)

Emails sent in September and November 2010 show Schmaler working with Media Matters staffer Jeremy Holden on attacking news coverage of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal.

Holden attacked former DOJ Civil Rights Division attorneys J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky on Sept. 20, 2010 for what he called an attempt “to reignite the phony New Black Panther Party scandal.”

Before Holden posted his article at 7:52 p.m., Schmaler sent him several emails with information helping him attack both former DOJ oficials.

“Here’s one Wolf letter,” read the subject of one email Schmaler sent Holden that contained no text. The email was likely a reference to Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, a member of Congress who led the Republican charge on the New Black Panther Party scandal involving alleged voter intimidation at a November 2008 polling place in Philadelphia.

Get over to the DC to read the rest.  It’s very clear from what was uncovered that Media Matters was doing the bidding of the DOJ, in attacking it’s critics.  Why not the MSM?  Well, their job was to not cover these stories at all.  To smear the accusers would have meant that would have had to cover the stories in enough depth for the average citizen to know that they even existed.  That wasn’t desirable to the administration.  However, everyone in the blogosphere already knew about them, so they needed Media Matters to tow the line and attack the accusers.  Call it the propaganda version of “defense in depth.”


Story Update: It’s Confirmed-Would be Cleveland Bomber an Occupod


Last week, we covered the story surrounding the attempt to obtain explosives in order to blow up a bridge  in Cleveland.  Of course, it was associated with Occupy Cleveland.  And, like always, the local occupods steadfastly denied that they had anything to do with it, and it was “someone else’s fault.” Well, it seems that their narrative, as always, has fallen flat.  Breitbart has the details.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

One of the five self-described anarchists arrested last week for attempting to blow up a local bridge signed the lease for a West Side warehouse where about a dozen members of the Occupy Cleveland group live.In a one-hour recording of a Friday evening general assembly meeting of the group posted on its website http://occupycleveland.com/live-stream/, occupy leaders expressed concern about Anthony Hayne’s name being on the lease, which strengthens his link to the group.

“We have a person facing terrorism charges on the lease of our warehouse,” said one of the leaders. “If this gets into the media, it would be a disaster.”

Too late. It got to the media but don’t worry — NBC probably won’t breathe a word of it.

The article speaks the truth, the MSM won’t touch it with a ten foot pole, unless they find a way to cover up for President Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s favorite terror group.