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IRS Announces it Needs Help Destroying Evidence

Oh, my mistake! When I said that the IRS needs help destroying evidence, I meant 3200 hard drives! Amazing how something like that could slip out.

Planned Parenthood Video Shows Teens how to Hide Physical Abuse

Planned Parenthood should be a maker of camouflage, as they do such a good job covering up things.  I mean, they did such a good job covering up prostitution and statutory rape, it  only makes sense that they would help cover up physical abuse as well.  And so they have.  here is the video evidence, via Life News… As the evidence indicates the video is fake, at least in terms of the injuries to the woman, however, Life News Points out that the video is presented rather differently by Planned Parenthood. The video is from a legitimate organization in the […]

Planned Parenthood Quick Hits

There are several dimensions of the Planned Parenthood story that I think should be considered.  So, I’ll take it apart piece by piece, and see where it leads. First up, there is the fact that multiple locations seemed to cooperate with the child prostitution “sting.” Big Government has the coverage… Live Action Films has released three more videos as part of their on-going undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood. The three videos are from three different clinics in Virginia and, according to Live Action, they are unedited and complete. In a written statement, Live Action founder Lila Rose said: Today, we […]