Apartment Manager tells tenant he cannot display the US Flag – IN his own home!


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Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and ABC10.

A Patriotic American in Santee, California (where else?) has been told that he cannot display his American Flag, INSIDE his own home.

A Santee man said he was told he could not display the American flag inside his apartment window, but management will not tell him why.

Steve Roberts is a proud to be an American. His father served in the military for more than 25 years.

“The American flag, it means to me freedom,” Roberts told 10News.

A year ago, Roberts bought an American flag and hung it across his front window, inside his apartment at The Oaks in Santee.

He was careful not to violate the terms of his lease.

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Roberts showed 10News a copy of his lease, which states, “No decorations, signs, or lettering may be exhibited or fixed outside of the resident’s apartment.” Robert’s flag is hanging inside of his apartment and can only be seen if he cracks open his blinds.

“I didn’t think I would have a problem. None of my neighbors have complained to me, and I asked the previous management for approval,” said Roberts.

It hadn’t been a problem until the new management company took over the complex where he lives. It looks like FDC Management has a problem with the display of the flag of the United States of America, as if they’re ashamed of our heritage – not to mention all the brave men and women who gave their life defending the Red, White and Blue.

Problems began in April when the management company for The Oaks changed hands.

“Apparently, the FDC management group doesn’t like me flying the American flag or displaying it. When I went to renew my lease in April, I was told by the lady in the leasing office that the district manager told them if I took down the flag they would renew my lease; until then I could only be month to month,” said Roberts.

The local ABC affiliate tried to get a statement from FDC, but they were too cowardly to open the door and give their side.

10News went to the leasing office to talk with management, but the door was locked and no one would answer. 10News then went to the onsite manager’s apartment, but again, no one would answer.10News learned that the management’s offices were closed on the day crews visited.

Here is FDC Management’s contact info, as always please be courteous when you call or write them.

FDC Management Inc

9249 Carlton Oaks DrSantee, CA 92071

(619) 448-5251


Whittle on Virtue and Self Regulation


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Kindly take a look at this video on Virtue and Self Regulation.

That’s the main point of our culture war.  If you tear away virtue, as the Cultural Marxists have so successfully done, society begins to crumble.  The family has suffered.  Children grow up without parents, or stable families.  Children have suffered, and have created successive generations of other suffering children.  Or, we simply kill the children if they are too inconvenient.  Violence and crime have increased.  Society celebrates death and destruction.  These are the products of cultural Marxism.

Now, we see, in the attacks on Christianity, the plans come to fruition.  To destroy society, the left needs to destroy virtue, and the liberty it goes along with it.  It must be ridiculed, smeared, and penalized whenever possible.  For, you see, a virtuous person has no need for the nanny state, and will resist it.  Also, since their obedience goes to God, and not the state, the leftist has little use or tolerance for a good man or woman.

H/T: The Rainey View


From the Front Lines of the Culture Wars: White Paper is Racist!


If you took every liberal, PC concept and compacted it until you created a supermassive black hole of ultimate failure, you still wouldn’t be able to touch what , Education Correspondent at the Telegraph, has compiled.  Behold some excerpts from the greatest compilation of moonbattery ever compiled…

Instead, teachers should censor the toy box and replace the pointy black hat with a pink one, while dressing fairies, generally resplendent in pale pastels, in darker shades.

Another staple of the classroom – white paper – has also been questioned by Anne O’Connor, an early years consultant who advises local authorities on equality and diversity.

Children should be provided with paper other than white to drawn on and paints and crayons should come in “the full range of flesh tones”, reflecting the diversity of the human race, according to the former teacher.

Perhaps we write on white paper because the words show up with greater contrast, and are therefore easier to read?  Nah, forget reality!

Finally, staff should be prepared to be economical with the truth when asked by pupils what their favourite colour is and, in the interests of good race relations, answer “black” or “brown”.

In other words, lie-the modus operandi of any good liberal.

According to the guides, very young children may begin to express negative and discriminatory views about skin colour and appearance that nursery staff must help them “unlearn”.

OK.  Forget about the racial component here.  It’s a sideshow anyway.  Notice the concentration on “unlearn?”  That is the primary motivation of government daycare-to get children to “unlearn” any tradtional concept, such as freedom (unless that involves killing a baby), God (of the Christian variety), self reliance, individual liberty, and so forth.  It’s really all about control, and raising a generation of compliant useful idiots.

The advice is based on an “anti-bias” approach to education which developed in the United States as part of multiculturalism.

It challenges prejudices such as racism, sexism and ageism through the whole curriculum and teaches children about tolerance and respect and to critically analyse what they are taught and think.

That’s a laugh.  Critical thinking must involve the direct observation of reality.  Given the leftist mindset, we know all too well that reality is to be ignored if possible, and attacked as unreal if necessary.  In it’s full flower, liberalism is nothing more than embracing unreality.  In other words, critical, or thinking, have nothing to do with this whatsoever.

I would encourage you to read the full post.  It is chock full of liberal failure-all pointed at young children.

H/T:  Soylent Green


Culture Wars: It's Anti-Christian Graduation Time


One of the first culture war posts I did at the the original Conservative Hideout was about a two high school classes that defied the ACLU by doing a prayer at their graduation ceremonies.

Here’s a somewhat “stale” story, but I thinks it’s worth visiting.  It was originally covered by World net Daily here.

Members of the graduating class of 2009 at Florida’s Pace High School have expressed their objections to ACLU restrictions on statements of religious faith at their school by rising up en masse at their ceremony and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

The incident happened just days ago, but has been virtually ignored by media outlets throughout the region, according to officials with Liberty Counsel, a legal team representing Principal Frank Lay and teacher Michelle Winkler in their battle with the ACLU, which had complained that faculty and teachers were talking about their beliefs.

Nearly 400 graduating seniors at Pace, a Santa Rosa County school, stood up at their graduation, according to Mathew Staver, president of Liberty Counsel.

Parents, family and friends joined in the recitation, and applauded the students when they were finished, Staver told WND.

“Many of the students also painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement of faith,” the organization reported.

Again, I applaud these kids and parents for taking steps to fight against the ACLU for attempting to ban their Constitutional rights!

As preparations were being made for the 2009 graduation, the ACLU demanded the school censor students from offering prayers or saying anything religious. As a result, two student leaders traditionally allowed by the school to address their graduation were banned from doing so.

Staver said class members, furious with the ACLU for hijacking their free speech rights, assembled the plan on their own. As soon as Lay asked everyone to be seated for the ceremony, the graduating seniors remained standing and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

I found those to be exciting developments back then, and I smiled again as I was cutting and pasting them here.  However, it would seem that the ACLU doesn’t take kindly to this defiance of their power, and have “turned it up a notch.”  For more on that development, here is an exerpt from one of the newer additions to the blogroll, All American Blogger.

It seems that when the idea of a prayer was floated, a member of the student body, Damon Fowler, went to the ACLU and cried complained about it. The ACLU then approached the school and squashed the plan.

The school opted for a moment of silence. The student who was to lead the moment of silence opted for a prayer.

A bold move that should be applauded.

Instead, the ACLU wants an apology and the girl punished:

The debate began after a Bastrop High student contacted the ACLU about prayer at school functions. The organization threatened to take legal action on the student’s behalf.. School officials then said that instead of a prayer, there would be a moment of silence at the graduation ceremony.

However, the student that was to lead the moment of silence defied both school officials and the ACLU, and instead led the gathered crowd in prayer.

Youtube videos of the event show the crowd cheering wildly upon realizing that the student would go ahead with the prayer.

In addition to an apology to the student, the ACLU is asking for the school to consider disciplining the student who led the prayer, and to take measures “to ensure that graduation exercises are not exploited to present religious messages.” (emphasis mine)

Here is the video of the event.

I would encourage you to go to the YouTube comment section for this video to see all of the “tolerant and diverse” comments there.

I do have some questions, how can a school punish a graduate?  And how do you take measures to keep this from happening, gag the entire class?  The fact is this, the ACLU cannot stop people from praying.  They can make threats, but what are they really going to do, sue hundreds of people?  And how far will that go?

This far, according to this from the Mind Numbed Robot.

Don’t you think with Obama’s economy, those new job seekers are going to need all the help they can get? Aren’t there more important issues for a federal judge to be concerned with?

Apparently not.

Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery’s order against the Medina Valley Independent School District also forbids students from using specific religious words including “prayer” and “amen.”

Here is a video about that situation.

And, here is some more from FOX…

Should a student violate the order, school district officials could find themselves in legal trouble. Judge Biery ordered that his ruling be “enforced by incarceration or other sanctions for contempt of Court if not obeyed by District official (sic) and their agents.” (emphasis mine)

Jail?  For praying?  Luckily, this was overturned…

A federal appeals panel ruled Friday that a judge here was wrong to bar public prayers from today’s graduation ceremony at Medina Valley High School.

All week, the furor over the issue had attracted activists and political players who criticized the decision and supported valedictorian Angela Hildenbrand, who wants to pray during her commencement speech.

So, when folks start to defy the state and it’s stance against God, the state ups the ante.  The question is, how far will this go?  If there are kids and parents jailed for these actions, I will cover it.


ABC Covers Incest Professor: Was it Incest-Incest?


When I covered Columbia University professor, and Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferer, David Epstein being accused of incest, I jokingly asked when someone would say that this wasn’t incest-incest. Echoing the ladies from The View suggesting that Roman’s Polanski’s rape of a 13-year-old girl wasn’t “rape-rape,” I thought it might be a nice turn of phrase. At the time, I thought my comment was only a joke, and that would be that.

I was so very wrong.

I was surprised yesterday when I saw that ABC News had covered the story, and had a conversation with PDS sufferer’s lawyer, Matthew Galluzzo…

Epstein’s lawyer, Matthew Galluzzo, said that charges against his client were still “only allegations” that have not been proven.

“Academically, we are obviously all morally opposed to incest and rightfully so,” he told ABCNews.com. “At the same time, there is an argument to be made in the Swiss case to let go what goes on privately in bedrooms.”

“It’s OK for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home,” he said. “How is this so different? We have to figure out why some behavior is tolerated and some is not.”

But he questioned why, if the alleged incest was consensual, why Epstein’s daughter had been treated by prosecutors as “somehow a victim here, when she can be best described as an accomplice.”

Incest is still socially and legally taboo in the United States, but attitudes may be changing in other parts of the world, at least when it involves adults and not minors.

Switzerland has proposed decriminalizing consensual sexual relationships between first-degree relatives, like siblings and also between parents and their adult children. Any coercive sex or incest with a minor would still be illegal.

Isn’t this what the social Conservatives been warning about for all of these years; that as we tolerate more and more “varieties” of sexual behavior, that those would be used to justify accepting even more? Galluzzo makes that argument directly!  Not only is the head of the camel in the tent, he’s humping your leg!

Where are we as a civilization if we are now ready to accept incest?

Note: The Other McCain’s coverage of the incest prof got mention, of a sort, on Limbaugh


Former Citizen from Soviet Bloc Schools Liberals


I caught this on the Warroom website. Kindly give it a listen.


For me, this is reminiscent to some of the factors in my life that allowed me to overcome my indoctrination.  As a child, the fairness doctrine was in force, so the MSM could cheer-lead for the left, but the right was not well represented in the media.    However, there were always interesting callers to local radio talk shows.  Elderly men and women with thick accents would call and give warnings about things they saw in this country that reminded them of their former homelands.  Whether it was Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or the former Soviet Bloc, their warnings against big government were always something that stuck out for me.

We should heed them.