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Clayton Lockett: Oklahoma Deeply Troubles Barack Obama – Barack Obama Deeply Troubles Oklahoma

Barack Obama, never missing an opportunity to defame the United States, went to a German reporter to say that judges in America are biased against blacks — Oklahoma troubles him deeply, he said, expressing sympathy for Clayton Lockett, the black piece of scum who shot a girl twice, still in her teens, and buried her alive. I believe We The People in any state, hope ‘his kind,’ (having nothing to do with the color of his skin) suffers, whether through a proper drip of poison or a drip gone wrong. He’s dead — took him 43 minutes to die. Should have […]

Earth Day 2014: The Secret Bloody History of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2014 Lenin’s Birthday. This is the first in a series of posts today regarding the wonderful leftist tradition of Earth Day 2013 Lenin’s Birthday. Last year, Soopermexican published an info-graphic that infuriated the left. If it infuriates the left, I certainly don’t want to be left out, so I obtained permission to publish it here. So, at the request of Soopermexican, share this far and wide. Keep stopping back for more Earth Day 2014 Lenin’s Birthday fun!

Celebrate Life

Barack Obama celebrates the deaths of about 57 million babies today.  He makes one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever read …  “Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”  thousands of people from across America are gathering in Washington D.C. in the bitter cold to participate in the March for Life. I got the idea to post these pictures from The Foundry. I asked permission to repost their article but sometimes with the “important sites”,  a humble blogger like myself can’t even get a response, you know, they’re way too busy doing important stuff to answer a […]

Andrew Cuomo: Christians, Gun Owners Have ‘No Place’ in NY

Apparently, according to Andrew Cuomo, NY citizenship require you to be a gay, baby killing,  gun grabber!  That’s how I read his recent statements.  Life News has more… As reported today: Governor Cuomo is issuing a warning to what he refers to as the more conservative arm of the Republican party – you’re not welcome in the state of New York. Moderate Republicans, or those most willing to capitulate to Cuomo’s own extreme agenda, still have the welcome mat rolled out. Here’s Cuomo during a Friday morning conversation on the Capitol Pressroom (H/t Times Union): You have a schism within […]

Planned Parenthood Board Member Calls Abortion “Blessing,” Celebrates “Decline” of Christianity

Valerie Tarico is a Planned Parenthood board member, and has been featured in several leftist publications.  Here are some lowlights regarding her work and beliefs, via Christian News… In a Huffington Post article last January, Tarico claimed that abortion is “a sacred gift.” She also encouraged people to “honor women who decide to terminate pregnancies” and “honor doctors who provide abortion services,” since they are “doing God’s work.” “An abortion when needed is a blessing,” Tarico posited. “It is a gift, a grace, a mercy, a cause for gratitude, a new lease on life. Being able to choose when and […]

Nelson Mandela Coverage

I’ve been extremely busy today, but I wanted to get some coverage regarding the death of Nelson Mandela.  The Other McCain is has extensive coverage.  Here are the links… ‘Unspeakable Atrocities’ 1987: Thatcher Responds to ‘Further Intensification of the Armed Struggle’ ‘They Started to Fight Over Her and I Knew She Was Going to Be Raped’ Thanks to The Other McCain for reporting the information that the other news sources refuse to tell us.

Sarah Palin Kills 10,000 in the Philippines

Another Sarah Palin atrocity!   The evil that is Sarah Palin has struck again, slamming a typhoon into the Philippines and killing an estimated 10,000, leaving millions homeless and property damage in the hundreds of millions. “I haven’t seen so much death and destruction since I went to that Who concert in Cincinnati!” declared a grief-stricken Vice President Biden. As the flood waters receded the U.S. military sprang into action with the Joint Chiefs of Staff announcing that a task force will be sent to the ravaged archipelago. “We’re going to be sending supplies” said the Chairman, General Martin Dempsey. […]

Ezekiel Emanuel Interviewed by Megyn Kelly Regarding ObamaCare: He’s a Jerk

We’ve covered Ezekiel Emanuel before, starting back in 2009.  In fact, we called him “EZKILL” Emanuel, for the following reasons… Strict youngest-first allocation directs scarce resources predominantly to infants. This approach seems incorrect. The death of a 20-year-old woman is intuitively worse than that of a 2-month-old girl, even though the baby has had less life. The 20-year-old has a much more developed personality than the infant, and has drawn upon the investment of others to begin as-yet-unfulfilled projects…. Adolescents have received substantial substantial education and parental care, investments that will be wasted without a complete life. Infants, by contrast, […]

Liberals Stating That Dissent it Sedition: Calls For the Arrest of Those That Disagree With Totalitarianism

Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, ChiComs, Chavez’s Venezuala, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few, all had something in common; punishing dissent. History is filled with regimes that made dissent a crime.  Prisons, concentration camps, gulags, and even psychiatric facilities were filled with people that simply disagreed with the ruling regime.  In fact, it still goes on today.  The reasoning is rather simple.  When the regime is based on socialism, it fails-and to cover up that failure, opponents must be blamed, and punished.  Then, when the opponents are jailed (or killed outright), the failure continues, and other people are then blamed for […]

Three Charged with Child Porn, Dead in Triple Murder Suicide Pact

Three individuals, having been charged with possession of child pornography in Tennessee, are dead in what is described as a “triple murder-suicide pact.”  CNN has more, via The Other McCain… So, these folks are discovered to have child porn on their computers. They were charged with the crime. They had no yet gone to trial when they wrote letters declaring their innocence, and ended their lives. Frankly, that doesn’t sound like the acts of innocent people.  As the law enforcement official at the end of the video pointed out, “criminality was their bond.”  That phrase brings to mind some folks […]

Is a Deadly Virus, MERS, Striking the Muslim Haj with a 60% Death Rate?

If these following report is accurate, not only are Islamic Pilgrims in danger, but also their friends, neighbors, and co-workers in their nations of origin.  Take a look at the following, via Front Page… If I were a Muslim pondering going into the suicide bomber business in the hopes of an afterlife full of virgins and fresh dates, this is the sort of thing that might make me reconsider a career in air conditioner repair instead. Saudi Arabia is the centre of an outbreak of the deadly new virus, named Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, that is similar to the […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Kansas Professor, David Guth, Wishes Death on Innocent Children

It seems that reciting lies about mass shootings for political points, and then, wishing  death on innocent children is all in a day’s work for journalism professor, David Guth.  A journalism professor at the University of Kansas (KU) turned to Twitter on Monday to suggest he would like to see the murder of children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members at the hands of a deranged gunman. A journalism professor has defended tweets he sent out which called for the death of NRA employees children. “#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” tweeted David Guth, who is […]

Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats (Brett Kimberlin and #FreeKate Edition)

I republish this post, with some edits, every year.  I think it’s wise to review leftist tactics, as well as honor those that have endured much in the cause of human freedom.  There are people our own country that put their safety and livelihoods on the line to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the concepts of freedom laid out by our own Founding Fathers. Given that people are placed in physical and legal jeopardy by convicted bombers, or by those that want to legalize sex between adults and minors, it’s wise to expose and discuss the […]

Racial Violence Update: Jeffrey Babbitt Dead at age 62, Alleged Killer Stated He’d ‘Punch the first white man’

I’ve covered the story of Jeffrey Babbitt, the man who was brutally attacked several days ago in Union square.  A subsequent update indicated that he was brain dead.  And yesterday came the sad news that he had passed away.  Martin, from What Would the Founders Think, has more… NYC Man Dies After Punched in Possible Bias Attack – ABC News. Authorities say a 62-year-old New York City man has died less than a week after he was assaulted by a man who threatened to “punch the first white man” he saw. Jeffrey Babbitt died Monday. Police say the attack happened […]

Rumors of War: Obama’s Ally in Syria, Al Qaeda, Promises to Kill Christians Once Obama Helps Them Win

OK, The Muslim Brotherhood kills Christians in Egypt, and Obama demanded that they be returned to power. The Syrian rebels Al Qaeda has been killing Christians since they began their rebellion.  Obama responded by sending them weapons. And, now, they promise to kill Christians anew once they win their revolution.  With Obama’s help, of course! Via Raymond Ibrahim: While U.S. leaders continue pushing for war against the Syrian government, today “Al-Qaeda-linked rebels,”reports AP, “launched an assault on a regime-held Christian mountain village in the densely populated west of Syria and new clashes erupted near the capital, Damascus, on Wednesday…  In […]

Racial Violence Update: Des Moines Man Beaten to Death by Three Blacks, Al Sharpton, MSM Silent

In another case of racial violence, three blacks are accused of beating a Des Moines man, Richard Daughenbaugh.  He was 40.  The Clash Daily has more… Three 18-year-old men have been charged with murder in the beating death of a Des Moines man last weekend. Yarvon Nathaniel Russell, 18, James Alon Shorter, 18, and Kent Anthony Tyler III, 18, all of Des Moines, were charged Friday with first-degree murder. Russell has been arrested and is being held in Polk County Jail on a $500,000 bond. Shorter was taken into custody by Des Moines police and a warrant has been issued […]

The Saga of Sarah Alcid, Your Intellectual Better & Committed Useful Idiot

It certainly is true what is what is said about R.S. McCain-he attracts a higher grade of troll.  And over the last couple days, he attracted one Sarah Alcid, a queer feminist Marxist who took offense offense at R.S. McCain’s coverage of the DC slut walk.  It isn’t every day that a “Queer Feminist” with a diploma from Bryn Mawr (undergraduate tuition $42,870 a year) decides she needs my attention, but I’m so grateful for Miss Alcid’s encouragement to expand on what I said this morning: “Professor Aptheker is exactly right: If you want to be a true feminist, you […]

From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: August 28, 2015. Please Fill out our Death Form

Please detail the cause of your death. August 28, 2015. Dear Citizen: It has come to our attention that you have recently died.  As you are no doubt aware any and all deaths now come under the purview of the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare.”  As a result of this we must ensure that your claim of death was reasonable and falls within established guidelines.  We understand that being dead can be stressful and we appreciate you taking time out of your dead schedule to answer the following questions.  Please answer them truthfully and to the best […]

Strict Gun Laws in Action: 7 Shot Dead, 41 Injured in Gun Free Chicago

Wait a second, you mean that in gun free Chicago, seven people were shot dead, and another 41 injured?   How could that be?  They have gun control, don’t you know?  Perhaps Weasel Zippers can explain this mysterious incident… Via Washington Times: Chicago saw its bloodiest weekend this year as gun violence throughout the city left seven dead and 41 injured, including boys younger than 19. One victim was 16-year-old Kevin Rivera, who was shot to death, as he walked near his home, by a bicycle-riding gunman, United Press International reported. Another was a 15-year-old who was shot and killed by […]

Texas Abortion Doctor Douglas Karpen: Allegedly Twists Heads off Live Babies

Late last week, we saw the video featuring three witnesses that claimed that a then unnamed abortion doctor made Kermit Gosnell look like a boyscout.  Among the claims were that the doctor twisted the heads off of live babies.  Not only that, but killing live babies outside the womb was a near daily occurrence.  Now, we know the name of the Doctor.  According to Jill Stenek, name of the doctor is Douglas Karpen.  Here is the video of the accusations made by three former employees of the doctor. Here is an excerpt from Jill Stanek… Operation Rescue and Life Dynamics […]

Useful Idiots Pushing Earth Day Just the Outer Circle of Death: A Conversation with my Daughter and an Angry Mob of Teachers

When I asked my daughter today what she learned in school today she said Daddy, today we learned about how people are cutting down all the rain forests to make stuff. And that driving our cars is causing the ice caps to melt and all the polar bears to die. And that it is only going to get worse until we start doing things different. Notice she didn’t talk to me about how she learned math, reading, or history- and she didn’t mention learning a new sports game, learning about values or morals, or learning how to write computer code. […]

Chlamydia Clobbering Cute Koalas?

Apparently, the Koala bear is endangered.  But, rest easy animal rights folks, it isn’t at the hands of man, but due to a STD, specifically, Chlamydia!  Viral Read has more… Apparently, Koalas are in serious danger of Chlamydia outbreaks. According to BBC: In people, chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease. A different strain infects koalas, but it too can be spread sexually, and it’s causing a devastating epidemic. In some parts of Australia, koala infection rates are as high as 90%…. It seems that Koalas are suffering due to a lack of restraint.  Perhaps they’ve been exposed to liberalism […]

He is Risen

Matthew 28:1-7 (New American Standard) Jesus Is Risen! 1 Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave. 2 And behold, a severe earthquake had occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it. 3 And his appearance was  like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow. 4 The guards shook for fear of him and became like dead men.  5 The angel said to the women, “Do […]

Grease Fire Kills Olivia Newton-John

  Ms. Olivia Newton-John pictured here before her untimely death Tragedy struck the tight-night world of show business today as legendary singer Olivia Newton-John was killed in a grease fire at her residence in Florida. Reports indicate that Ms. Newton-John was cooking a meal for husband, John Easterling when the fire broke out. Instead of placing a cover on the pan and smothering the fire she apparently threw flour on it, mistakenly believing that she was throwing baking soda.  It was then that Ms. Newton-John was caught in the grease fire and began to burn.  Her husband after unsuccessfully attempting […]

Venezuelan Dictator for Life, Hugo Chavez, Dies UPDATE: Jimmy Carter Honors Dictator

Venezuelan dictator for life, Hugo Chavez, has died, apparently of cancer.  The BBC has more… Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on Tuesday evening, flanked by political and military leaders. Earlier, he said the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader had a new, severe respiratory infection and had entered “his most difficult hours”. In Tuesday evening’s emotional address, a tearful Mr Maduro said Mr Chavez had died at 16:25 (17:55 GMT) “after battling a tough illness for nearly two years”. And, following the time tested liberal pattern, the death of “dear leader” was someone else’s fault. He spoke of a plot against Venezuela, saying […]