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Election 2012: What Went Wrong?

So President Barack Obama won Election 2012. What went wrong? Some people will go small and point towards factors such as the Chris Christie and Colin Powell’s backstabbing, a chance hurricane, a weak third debate from Romney, Romney’s unforced Jeep mistake, or the power of the ground game. But I think the what went wrong is something much bigger than this. In my post Has America Passed the Point of No Return (ie, 50.1%+ Dependency on Government)? I quotes an article by John Hinderaker over at Powerline blog calledWhy Is This Election Close?: …On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a […]

Passive Romney Misses Chance to Seize Victory in Third Debate? My Notes and Observations

Approaching this third and final Presidential Debate in 2012, I am led to believe that the challenger Mitt Romney needs to score a victory in this debate and appear to voters as more competent and Presidential and a better Commander-in-Chief than President Obama. The media is in the bag on this one and will score a tie or even an Obama loss as an ‘Obama win’, and President Obama has the advantage of being able to tout over and over that ‘he killed bin Laden’, so Romney faces some formidable challenges. The President has access to information and can use […]

An Exclusive Look at Obama’s Debate Notepad

  Those who watched last night’s debate between President Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney may have noticed both candidates frequently writing notes on a slip of paper.  You may have wondered, “What are they writing?” After the debate was over I was lucky enough to slip past security (apparently more security was requested but turned down) and take Obama’s debate notepad. Now many may be saying that I have no right to publish it.  But like the Pentagon Papers, this notepad  is simply too important to not see the light of day.  I now present President Obama’s debate notepad […]

And Then There Was One …Debate That Is. What Will Obama’s Strategy Be?

The Romney campaign team are rightfully feeling good about their chances of winning now that the first two presidential debate and the VP debate are behind them.  The polls are very favorable. So, going into next Monday’s debate on foreign affairs, Romney would appear to be in the driver’s seat. All indications are that only a very serious misstep could stop Romney from a  victory on November 6, only three weeks away. Being a foreign affairs debate, and considering the fiasco of the events leading up to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya (inadequate security) and the […]

Is the President Suggesting That Planned Parenthood is Breaking the Law?

Apparently, President Barak Obama has suggested the Planned Parenthood, when not following it’s mission to exterminate the black race, is breaking the law by providing mammograms-a service for which they are not licensed.  CNS News has more… ( – During Tuesday’s second presidential debate, President Barack Obama said that women “rely” on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, but, according to the Food and Drug Administration, no Planned Parenthood facility in the United States is licensed to do mammograms. During Tuesday night’s debate against his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, Obama said, “When Gov. Romney says that we should eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, there […]

Did the mainstream media’s bias contribute towards President Obama’s terrible debate performance?

Oh fudge… We all know the mainstream media is in the tank for President Obama; but did their bias and unwillingness to ask the tough questions throughout his Presidency contribute towards the President’s terrible debate performance? Looking at the debate from a slightly different angle I believe it did.  In an effort to shield President Obama from the impact his terrible economic policies has had on America the mainstream media has not only done themselves and the American people a great disservice, but they may have unknowingly sabotaged the President’s debate performance last night. By not holding the President’s feet […]

Romney Demolishes Obama in Debate 1: Reality Wins over Myth

This debate has the potential to be the game-changer that Romney needs. Trailing by over 3% in the polls based on the RealClearPolitics average and needing something more than a tie or marginal win that would likely only narrow the polls, Romney delivered a game-changing performance and changed the narrative of this election in the first debate. President Obama has attempted to make this election into some sort of class warfare or blame Bush election- but Governor Romney was successful in this debate into making this election into a decision on whether or not to continue Obama’s policies or change […]

NOW Allowed out From Under Bus to Chime in on Fake Birth Control Debate: Why They Have no Credibility Whatsoever

As we continue to be drug along by the birth control distraction from actual economic issues debate, the National Organization of Women, AKA, the Tammies, have been permitted to re-emerge from under the bus the contribute to the debate massive distraction effort.  The President of that organization recently started speaking out spewing propaganda.  CNS News has more… Roman Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have failed to keep women from using birth control and now want the “police power of the state” to stop women from doing so, National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill said Thursday at a gathering of feminist […]

How Liberals Argue

I caught this on YouTube last night, and thought I’d share it here. Uncanny, isn’t it?

Site News: Political Scraps Gets a Makeover

For those of you that have been following our plots and and endeavors at the CH 2.0, you know that there has been a forum here for a long time.  In fact, the forum came before the blog.  A few weeks ago, John, Don, and I hatched a plot called “Political Scraps.”  The concept is simple: have a place for everyone to debate with one important caveat-we would follow President Obama’s  call for “Civil Discourse.”  That, of course, would force all involved to stick with the facts, and that would make things rather interesting. While that plan seemed to be sound, the forum itself was […]

January 26, 2012: Republican Debate Live Feed UPDATED Now With 75% More Analysis!

It’s yet another debate!  This time, it’s on CNN, and they aren’t a nice as NBC, so the live feed cannot be embedded.  However, we do have the link, and the comment section is available for highlights, or lowlights, as the case may be. CNN Live Feed. Considering the way that Romney and Gingrich have been attacking each other, it out to be interesting to see if there are some more fiery exchanges tonight.  It might be fun to watch. UPDATE:  As it turns out, it was fun.   Here is the CH 2.0 Analysis… Mitt Romney:  It seemed to […]

January 23, 2012 Republican Debate: Live Feed UPDATE: Missed the Debate? Watch it Here! Also, some Analysis

Here is the live feed for the GOP debate in Florida… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   It ought to be interesting. UPDATE:  The link will remain up, so people that missed the debate can watch for themselves. I thought that Romney came out far more aggressively tonight, and had his sights set on Newt Gingrich.  However, I have to agree with the MSM talking heads in that Gingrich seemed to brush aside Romney’s attacks.  Romney did seem, at least to me, to come off as a bit more childish, and needlessly so. […]

January 16, 2012 9:00 PM EST GOP Debate Live Feed

Well folks, it’s time for yet another GOP debate.  Will we see or hear anything different, or even interesting?  While I doubt it, it’s still worth watching, just in case.  So here is the link to the live feed… FOX News Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section.

Site News: Political Scraps

Some of you might remember that when I started the Conservative Hideout (almost three years ago), that it was a forum.  The blog came later, as I wanted something to do until the forum took off (that and some prodding from Snarky Basterd).  Little did I know at the time that the blog would become my main pursuit.  So, the forum sat, mainly unused and forlorn.  Then, a few weeks ago, John, from the Sentry Journal, had an idea.  What if there were a place for actual debate to occur? Where leftists and Conservatives could actually discuss issues openly.  Now […]

GOP Debate: Live Stream

We, some are gone, and fewer remain.  The GOP debate will be taking place  tonight at 9:00PM.  For those of you wanting to watch on-line, here are the links for the live stream. WMUR Yahoo! News It should be interesting to see if Rick Santorum has a strong showing.  He needs one to show that his performance in Iowa wasn’t a one-time deal.  He also needs to strike a contrast with Romney,  and try to sell voters on there being a difference.   Come to think of it, all the candidates need a strong showing,  With Romney in the lead, […]

Keeping the Ignorant Feeling Informed

“There’s nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view that I hold dear” – Daniel Dennett A good friend of mine, one whom I never enjoy being on the opposite end of an argument with, explained to me that in order to properly argue for a belief that you hold true, you should not only want to present good arguments, but deny bad arguments.  It seems simple enough, but in practice we consistently fail – especially in politics. Politics has become a cesspool for talking points and half truth rhetoric.  Few actually know the principles or intricacies behind the topic they are […]

Live Feed Link for Tonight’s GOP Debate

It’s time for another Republican debate.  Gingrich is starting slow, Paul is rising in Iowa, and Romney is still a RINO.  The Debate begins at 9:00 PM EST.   Hit the link below to see what happens… Fox News Feel free to drop your comments and analysis below.

Would you Like Some Bias with your Bias? Krugman wants MSM to be Even More Biased


When the regressives are desperate, they seem to drop most, of not all pretenses.  Case in point, Paul Krugman of the NY Slimes had some interesting comments earlier in the week.  Newsbusters has the details… Liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Friday denounced the “centrist cop-out” of balance. Krugman specifically singled out the Associated Press for not exclusively blaming the ongoing debt ceiling impasse on the Republican Party. Complaining about too much fairness, the author derided his journalistic colleagues, “But making nebulous calls for centrism, like writing news reports that always place equal blame on both parties, is […]