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The New World “disOrder” Is On The Horizon: The Orchestrated Decline of America

America’s world dominance since the break up of the Soviet Union is coming to an end. Pundits will write millions of words debating the “how” and the “why” of America’s fall from grace. To borrow a phrase from our current esteemed leader,  America has been  punching above its weight class, for many years. Our government has spent more than it has taken in for over three decades. Things took a decided turn for the worse during the G. W. Bush administration. The Clinton administration had the benefit of the inflating bubble and the inflating housing bubble and, as a […]

Taking America Back One Bit At A Time: Part 5, Looking Beyond December 2012

Earlier posts in this series can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, ans Part 4. Looking Beyond December 2012 In Part 4, The Taking of America continued, we arrived at the current point in time, December 2012. The movement to convert America into a socialist state has, after 100 years, nearly completed their mission. Barak Obama was elected in 2008 after the financial crisis. In four years his administration added $5 trillion to our national debt, which now stands at over $16 trillion and growing. In 2009, President Obama asked for and got an $800 billion stimulus […]