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Some Brief Thoughts on the UAW, or Organized Labor as a Whole

As you recall, the UAW recently lost a landmark vote at a VW Plan in Tennessee.  The defeat was even more devastating with the fact that VW fully endorsed the union.  Not only did they not resist in any way, they rubber stamped it.  As usual, like most leftist entities, when they fail, they blame someone else.  Because, as well all know, it’s only democracy when  the leftists win. But, let’s take a look at the legacy of the UAW.  Here is an image that sums it up nicely… The causal relationship  is obvious.  It reminds me of something I […]

Volkswagen Workers Reject Union ‘Protection’

In what may have been a “make it or break it” union scenario, workers at the Volkswagen Plant in Tennessee rejected union representation “protection.”    American Power has more… The United Auto Workers union suffered a crushing defeat Friday, falling short in an election in which it seemed to have a clear path to organizing workers at Volkswagen AG VOW3.XE +1.10%  ‘s plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. The setback is a bitter defeat because the union had the cooperation of Volkswagen management and the aid of Germany’s powerful IG Metall union, yet it failed to win a majority among the plants […]

Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Ignorance Is The Tool Of Those Who Would Rule Over Us

Something has been bothering me since Boehner and McConnell and the Republicans caved-in to raising the debt level….again. America and most of the rest of the developed world, for that matter, has been building a mountain of debt that will bury us all one day in the not to distant future. We conservative/libertarians are the only ones who seem to be worried about the debt. The people we elect to our federal government see themselves as some kind of Robin Hood. They steal money from those that earned it and give it to people who did not earn it. The […]

‘This is what democracy looks like,’ Kenosha Education Association Decertifies

If you ever wondered why unions force people to join, here is an example of what happens when people are allowed to vote in order to leave.  An exclusive by Mark Belling: I have learned the third largest teachers union in the state, the Kenosha Education Association, has been decertified. Only 37 percent of the teachers in the Kenosha Unified School District voted to reauthorize the union in a recent vote…Under Act 10, public employee unions must be recertified every year by an affirmative vote of at least 50 percent of the employees.  Read it all at the Conservative badger. […]

Our Republic Has Become A Corrupt Democracy. Can It Be Saved?

Charles Hugh Smith is the author of several books as well as the Of Two Minds blog. If you are not familiar with his writings, I highly recommend that you make “Of  Two Minds” one of your regular pit stops. In his latest post, he talks about America being three-and-a half society made up as follows: The entrenched financial elites at the top the “half class”) The highly paid who pay most of the taxes (the “First Class”)  The working poor who pay Social Security payroll taxes and sales taxes (the “second class”) Those dependent on the State who pay no taxes […]

Types of Government Explained

For those of you new to this, or for those that want a quick lesson to show friends or family members. The video explains the types of government, and where we seem to be going…  

Unions Attempt to Embrace Democracy, by Preventing Vote

If you recall, the unions love the chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  But they seem to not understand what democracy is, as they seem to try very hard to stop actual votes from being taken.  We saw that in Wisconsin, and now, in Michigan.  The Blaze has more… Police used pepper spray Thursday to subdue protesters trying to rush the Michigan state Senate after Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republican leaders announced they would press for quick approval of right-to-work legislation limiting union powers. “When several of the individuals rushed the troopers, they used chemical munitions to disperse […]

Forget The Constitution. Let’s Elect Our Presidents By Popular Vote: A View of National Popular Vote

Every four years we have an election in the United States to decide who will be our president. And, every presidential election the question arises as to why we use the indirect electoral vote method for choosing our presidents instead of a direct popular vote method. This is especially true when an election is close as the case in the Bush – Gore election of 2000. To my knowledge, every democracy that isn’t a parliamentary system, elects their presidents by popular vote. The United States is the exception. In the United States, the voters in each of the fifty states, […]

Occupy Update: Occupod Bashes Steve Jobs

Occupy is still at it, and the occupod in the video below seems to be ignorant of how Steve Jobs impacted our lives.  Take a look at the video below… Anyone with a brain will realize the impact that Steve Jobs had an enormous impact on our daily lives.  We use a mouse with computers, we have nice little GUI’s (Graphical User Interface) for our computers.  We used to type computer commands manually, but Jobs made it all “point and click.”  We had cell phones, but Jobs made them better.  In fact, the competition that arose in response to Jobs made all […]

Occupy Update: Occupy Group Protests in Favor of Child Sex Trafficking!

We knew the occupods were politically naive.  We knew they liked to rape lots of people, and encouraged them to not report it.  But, even I never thought they were in favor of the sexual exploitation of children.  Apparently, at least one #occupy group is.  Breitbart has more, with video… A group called HEAT Watch held a conference for law enforcement and social workers at the Oakland Convention Center last Wednesday. HEAT stands for Human Exploitation and Trafficking, and as you can see by looking at their website, they are primarily focused on preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children: The conference […]

The Wisconsin Recall: A Postmortem

In the 24 hours since the momentous recall election in Wisconsin there have been many pundits who have given their opinion on the election results.  And in the spirit of fair and unbiased urineanalysis I now offer my postmortem on the election. First an explanatory note.  The survey I took is not scientific.  If anyone questions my methodology I will mail them my dirty underwear.  Democracy may be dead, but my dirty underwear is definitely alive. Once it was confirmed that Governor Walker had survived the recall I immediately got on my phone and spent all day Wednesday talking to very annoyed […]

Leftist Claims “Democracy Died Tonight,” Because They Lost a Democratic Vote

As we all know, our lefty opponents love to chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  Of course, what that really means is preventing votes by fleeing, beating up opponents, vandalizing property, intimidating businesses, and the like.  Then, any vote that they actually lose is NOT democracy.   Take a listen to the following, via Brietbart… So, this guy is quoting some of the new talking points. Let’s assume that his $30,000,000 figure is correct for pro-Walker spending. Then, let’s take a look at the fact that the unions have thrown $60,000,000 into Wisconsin-a rather convenient omission, if you ask me. […]

Arab Spring Update: Female Genital Mutilation and Necrophilia Edition

Remember the Arab Spring, that great populist uprising that would bring peace and social justice to the middle east?  And, let’s also keep in mind that radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were absolutely positively never going to take over, right?  Well, here are two stories that exemplify the “justice” and “freedom” that the Arab Spring is bringing to the newly liberated lands… Females to Lose Rights and Gain Genital Mutilation? It seems that some of the new MP’s in Egypt want to “advance” their culture… According to the Egyptian website Youm 7, Azza al-Jarf, a female Member of Parliament representing the […]

Some Thoughts on the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests


I’ve been following the moonbat fest in New York, as well as in other locations, though I haven’t written about them until now.  It really started as a non-story, though the MSM and the union bosses seem to be building them up.  So, here are some of my thoughts about them. I get the impression that they’ve been coached to be very careful about what they say to the media. Let’s look at some general statements, and the CH 2.0 translation. “Greed”= Communism “A more equitable system”=Communism “Democracy”=Communism “Evil Corporations”=Communism Am I overgeneralizing?  Perhaps, but from what I have seen […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Union Thug Threatens TV News Crew

union thug

It has crossed my mind that union thugs would eventually get a tad bit conscious of cameras.  After all, they have been exposed engaging in their special brand of “democracy” so many times, that too many people are figuring out what the thugs are all about. We saw some of that in Wisconsin, where goons tried to cover cameras, and attack those using them.  Here is the latest example, from those hostage taking Longshoreman in Washington state… WARNING:  EXTREMELY FOUL LANGUAGE AHEAD!  Is this what “democracy” looks like?  Why yes, yes it is.  In fact, the only way that it would […]

Despotism vs. Democracy


This video was originally the last regular post at the original CH.  I thought it might be a good idea to post it here… What do you think?

CH 2.0 Labor Day Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like?


Through out the Wisconsin union protests, and at others all over the country, we were bombarded with the chant, “this is what democracy looks like!”  As I have repeatedly pointed out here at the CH 2.0, the regressive grasp on “democracy” is rather tenuous at best.  To capture that, I made a video.  Here it is… Yes, I recycled some footage from an earlier video, but it fits. Enjoy, and have a great extended weekend!

This is What "Democracy" Looks Like? Progressives Attempting to Stop a Vote on "Amazon Tax"


If you recall, Califailure passed a tax on on-line sales, causing Amazon to cancel their successful Affiliate Program in that state.  We also know that the regressive mantra in the past year has been, “This is what democracy looks like.” Of course, in Wisconsin, “democracy” meant preventing actual votes from being taken.  You know, democracy!  In a “democracy,” votes are only to be taken when the outcome suits the regressives.  If they will not, well…I guess “democracy” cannot be permitted. Now, back to the Amazon Tax.  Amazon is refusing to collect taxes for Califailure, and is campaigning to have a […]