Some Brief Thoughts on the UAW, or Organized Labor as a Whole


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union thug

As you recall, the UAW recently lost a landmark vote at a VW Plan in Tennessee.  The defeat was even more devastating with the fact that VW fully endorsed the union.  Not only did they not resist in any way, they rubber stamped it.  As usual, like most leftist entities, when they fail, they blame someone else.  Because, as well all know, it’s only democracy when  the leftists win.

But, let’s take a look at the legacy of the UAW.  Here is an image that sums it up nicely…

uaw vs DetroitThe causal relationship  is obvious.  It reminds me of something I recall from the early 90’s.  Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel was dealing with a strike, when the President of the union was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that he didn’t care if they permanently closed the company, as long as they didn’t budge on their demands.  In other words, they would permanently shut down the company, who employed (at that time) over 5000 workers, just to make sure that they didn’t bend on their demands.  Unions do that a lot, as the empty steel and coal towns in the rust belt would attest.  But, the union bosses got theirs, and the democratic politicians that supported them got paid, so it was all seen as good.  And, Detroit is a similar example.  The workers got screwed when the jobs went away, but the UAW’s HQ looks awful nice, and I bet the president of that union is compensated nicely.  As for the tens of thousands of people that lost their jobs, well, that’s a small price to pay in order to protect the union boss.


Volkswagen Workers Reject Union ‘Protection’


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union thug

In what may have been a “make it or break it” union scenario, workers at the Volkswagen Plant in Tennessee rejected union representation “protection.”    American Power has more…

The United Auto Workers union suffered a crushing defeat Friday, falling short in an election in which it seemed to have a clear path to organizing workers at Volkswagen AG VOW3.XE +1.10%  ‘s plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The setback is a bitter defeat because the union had the cooperation of Volkswagen management and the aid of Germany’s powerful IG Metall union, yet it failed to win a majority among the plants 1,550 hourly workers.

Volkswagen workers rejected the union by a vote of 712 to 626. The defeat raises questions about the future of a union that for years has suffered from declining membership and influence, and almost certainly leaves its president, Bob King, who had vowed to organize at least one foreign auto maker by the time he retires in June, with a tarnished legacy.

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“If the union can’t win [in Chattanooga], it can’t win anywhere,” said Steve Silvia, a economics and trade professor at American University who has studied labor unions.

The UAW said that “outside interference” affected the outcome of the vote. “Unfortunately, politically motivated third parties threatened the economic future of this facility and the opportunity for workers to create a successful operating model that that would grow jobs in Tennessee,” Gary Casteel, the union official in charge of the VW campaign, said in a statement.

Here is some video…

If you recall, when the unions are beating people up, it’s “This is what democracy looks like.”  And, ironically, “democracy” means preventing a vote.  When actual democracy happens, and the unions lose, it is always someone else’s fault.

I love the quote from the video, “we don’t quit.”  What does that mean?  It means that even when the workers reject them, the union comes back again, with bigger lies, more threats, and more intimidation.  When workers vote “no,” the union will retaliate, until they win.  And, if they have to bust some heads to “convince” workers to vote for the unions, so be it.


Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Ignorance Is The Tool Of Those Who Would Rule Over Us


Something has been bothering me since Boehner and McConnell and the Republicans caved-in to raising the debt level….again. America and most of the rest of the developed world, for that matter, has been building a mountain of debt that will bury us all one day in the not to distant future. We conservative/libertarians are the only ones who seem to be worried about the debt. The people we elect to our federal government see themselves as some kind of Robin Hood. They steal money from those that earned it and give it to people who did not earn it. The Robin Hood programs established by Congress have come to be called “entitlements”. Walter Williams wrote about the “entitlements” that some Americas have to what other Americans produced.

Merriam-Webster defines entitlement as “the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something.” For example, I am entitled to walk into the house that I own. I am entitled to drive the car that I own. The challenging question is whether I am also entitled to what you or some other American owns.

Let’s look at a few of these entitlements. More than 40 percent of federal spending is for entitlements for the elderly in the forms of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing and other assistance programs. The Office of Management and Budget calculates that total entitlement spending comes to about 62 percent of federal spending. Military spending totals 19 percent of federal spending. By the way, putting those two figures into historical perspective demonstrates the success we’ve had becoming a handout nation. In 1962, military expenditures were almost 50 percent of the federal budget, and entitlement spending was a mere 31 percent. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that entitlement spending will consume all federal tax revenue by 2048. _ (Bold added)

But, Dr. Williams points out that entitlements are not the only form of legalized theft by our government:

Entitlement spending is not the only form of legalized theft. The Department of Agriculture gives billions of dollars to farmers. The departments of Energy and Commerce give billions of dollars and subsidized loans to corporations. In fact, every Cabinet-level department in Washington is in charge of handing out at least one kind of subsidy or special privilege. Most federal non-defense “discretionary spending” by Congress is for handouts.

What is disturbing is that Dr. Williams goes on to say:

Despite the fact that today’s increasing levels of federal government spending are unsustainable, there is little evidence that Americans have the willingness to do anything about it.

Poor Richards’ News reports that federal unfunded liabilities now total $1.1 million PER TAXPAYER in the United States. Let that sink in for a moment.

But, what provoked me to take most of last week off from blogging was something John Stossel wrote at Human Events recently.

Yet when Congress and President Obama agreed on a deal last week to raise the debt ceiling and resume government spending, people reacted as if a disaster was averted — instead of reacting as if a disaster had resumed.

He is absolutely right, isn’t he? I found myself reading and rereading Stossel’s words. I thought about all the politicians of both stripes and all of the ABC, CBS, and MSNBC talking heads celebrating that the country was going back to government as usual: spend…spend…spend! And then I thought of the Federal Reserve and their going on five years of “Quantitative Easing” where they buy $85 billion per month of mortgaged backed loans and Treasury bonds with money they create out of thin air. And, most of America is celebrating? There is something seriously wrong with this picture. That one sentence of John Stossel’s exposes a level of ignorance that is hard to comprehend. But, Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform does show an uncommon understanding of the ignorance level in America in his recent article: Culture Of Ignorance _ Part One. (Hat Tip to Monty Pelerin’s World) In The Culture Of Ignorance. Quinn holds nothing back as he describes with disgust the rampant ignorance in our country.

The kabuki theater that passes for governance in Washington D.C. reveals the profound level of ignorance shrouding this Empire of Debt in its prolonged death throes. Ignorance of facts; ignorance of math; ignorance of history; ignorance of reality; and ignorance of how ignorant we’ve become as a nation, have set us up for an epic fall. It’s almost as if we relish wallowing in our ignorance like a fat lazy sow in a mud hole. The lords of the manor are able to retain their power, control and huge ill-gotten riches because the government educated serfs are too ignorant to recognize the self-evident contradictions in the propaganda they are inundated with by state controlled media on a daily basis.


The levels of ignorance are multi-dimensional and diverse, crossing all educational, income, and professional ranks. The stench of ignorance has settled like Chinese toxic smog over our country, as various constituents have chosen comforting ignorance over disconcerting knowledge. The highly educated members, who constitute the ruling class in this country, purposefully ignore facts and truth because the retention and enhancement of their wealth and power are dependent upon them not understanding what they clearly have the knowledge to understand. The underclass wallow in their ignorance as their life choices, absence of concern for marriage or parenting, lack of interest in educating themselves, and hiding behind the cross of victimhood and blaming others for their own failings. Everyone is born ignorant and the path to awareness and knowledge is found in reading books. Rich and poor alike are free to read and educate themselves. The government, union teachers, and a village are not necessary to attain knowledge. It requires hard work and  {not} clinging to your willful ignorance to remain stupid.

Here is just a taste of what Quinn’s opinion is of today’s youth:

The youth of the country consume themselves in techno-narcissistic triviality, barely looking up from their iGadgets long enough to make eye contact with other human beings. The toxic combination of government delivered public education, dumbed down socially engineered curriculum, taught by uninspired intellectually average union controlled teachers, to distracted, unmotivated, latchkey kids, has produced a generation of young people ignorant about history, basic mathematical concepts, and the ability or interest to read and write. They have been taught to feel rather than think critically….

The Baby Boomers and Generation X do not escape Quinn’s wrath either:

The ignorance of youth can be chalked up to inexperience, lack of wisdom, and immaturity. There is no excuse for the epic level of ignorance displayed by older generations over the last thirty years. Boomers and Generation X have charted the course of this ship of state for decades. Ship of fools is a more fitting description, as they have stimulated the entitlement mentality that has overwhelmed the fiscal resources of the country. Our welfare/warfare empire, built upon a Himalayan mountain of debt, enabled by a central bank owned by Wall Street, and perpetuated by swarms of corrupt bought off spineless politicians, is the ultimate testament to the seemingly limitless level of ignorance engulfing our civilization. The entitlement mindset permeates our culture from the richest to the poorest. Mega-corporations use their undue influence (bribes disguised as campaign contributions) to elect pliable candidates to office, hire lobbyists to write the laws and tax regulations governing their industries, and collude with the bankers and other titans of industry to harvest maximum profits from the increasingly barren fields of a formerly thriving land of milk and honey. By unleashing a torrent of unbridled greed, ransacking the countryside, and burning down the villages, the ruling class has planted the seeds of their own destruction.

There is much more in Culture Of Ignorance that is worth reading. This post is getting long, but there is a little more of Quinn’s words I want to share with you and then I’ll wrap this up.

When you consider the facts in a rational manner, without vitriolic denials, bitter accusations, acrimonious blame, and rejection of the entire premise, you come to the conclusion that we’ve passed the point of no return. Decades of bad choices, bad leadership, bad men in important positions, bad education, bad governance, and bad citizenship have led to bad times. But very few people, across all socio-economic classes, have any interest in understanding the facts or making the tough choices required to save future generations from a life of squalor. We willfully choose to ignore the facts.

“Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.” – Aldous Huxley

Our degraded and ignorant society is incapable of comprehending their dire circumstances or acting for the common good of the country. We are a nation on the take. Greed really is good. Everyone needs to play the game. From the top floor corporate CEO suite to the decaying urban wastelands, we have chosen comforting ignorance to uncomfortable knowledge. Our warped form of democracy enriches the few at the top, while dispensing enough subsistence payments to the lower classes to keep them from revolting, while enslaving the middle class in debt and convincing them it’s really wealth. Mencken understood the pathetic impulses of the American populace decades before we reached our point of no return.

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Jim Quinn is planning a Part Two of The Culture Of Ignorance, in which he will discuss the roles of technology and family breakdown and other factors that contribute to the “culture of ignorance”. He tells his readers that if they are looking for a happy ending, they need to look elsewhere. I can not help but agree with Mr. Quinn’s assessment.  Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is the tool used by powerful people to manipulate the world in their favor. We are talking about America in this post but ignorance knows no borders. Ignorance is an infliction of mankind throughout the world. The fiat debt driven monetary system foisted on the world during the Nixon administration has about run its course. It will not end well for those who are not at the very top of the food chain. In the socialist “paradise” where I live, we have a refrain that is heard more and more as we march down the road to becoming the next Zimbabwe:

¡Salvese Quien Pueda!

There are two translations. One is: Every Man for Himself!  The other translation isThose That Can, Save Yourselves!

It is time, dear friends, to decide which of those two scenarios you and your loved ones will be in, when the time comes.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch


‘This is what democracy looks like,’ Kenosha Education Association Decertifies


union thug

If you ever wondered why unions force people to join, here is an example of what happens when people are allowed to vote in order to leave. 

An exclusive by Mark Belling:

I have learned the third largest teachers union in the state, the Kenosha Education Association, has been decertified. Only 37 percent of the teachers in the Kenosha Unified School District voted to reauthorize the union in a recent vote…Under Act 10, public employee unions must be recertified every year by an affirmative vote of at least 50 percent of the employees. 

Read it all at the Conservative badger.

“Act 10? is, of course, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial public-sector union reform law. Some people have argued that this particular requirement — for an annual recertification vote — is somehow out of line. But how many workplaces are there in America where unions were certified decades ago and have coasted on pure inertia — where practically (or even literally) no one working today actually voted for the union that represents them?

So, if there is an election, most workers choose to leave the union.  It’s no wonder that the unions fought this tooth and nail.  If people get to vote in order to leave, the unions are going to loose even bigger.

Mind you, the unions and their communist bretheren were marching around chanting,”this is what democracy looks like.”  Remember?


Our Republic Has Become A Corrupt Democracy. Can It Be Saved?


Charles Hugh Smith is the author of several books as well as the Of Two Minds blog. If you are not familiar with his writings, I highly recommend that you make “Of  Two Minds” one of your regular pit stops. In his latest post, he talks about America being three-and-a half society made up as follows:

  • The entrenched financial elites at the top the “half class”)
  • The highly paid who pay most of the taxes (the “First Class”)
  •  The working poor who pay Social Security payroll taxes and sales taxes (the “second class”)
  • Those dependent on the State who pay no taxes (the “Third Class”)

Smith has the following to say about the ramifications of this three-and-a half class society:

This class structure has political ramifications. In effect, those paying most of the tax are in a pressure cooker: the lid is sealed by the entrenched incumbents on top, and the fire beneath is the Central State’s insatiable need for more tax revenues to support its entrenched incumbents and growing army of dependents.


These classes are coalescing into a Tyranny of the Majority, where the entrenched incumbents in State fiefdoms and state-funded cartels are joined by state dependents in demanding higher taxes on the 25% who pay 90% of the Federal income taxes.


In other words, the overworked are powerless to change the system they serve. The overworked often have big mortgages to pay, kids in college, huge medical bills and a high-cost lifestyle that is a legacy of better times, a lifestyle they try to maintain even as their net income after taxes and healthcare insurance declines year after year.

The involuntarily idle are equally powerless, of course, but they tend to think the status quo is rewarding the overworked. The overworked, meanwhile, look with envy on the involuntarily idle who manage to live pretty well on government programs and transfers.

There is much more worth your time to read in this article and there are links to other informative posts by Smith that are equally worth your time. The bottom line is that our “democratic republic” is so thoroughly corrupted by the  financial and political elites that I don’t believe it can ever be set right through the election process.  Just think of the thousands and thousands  of laws and regulations that would have to be undone. And yet, the Status Quo is not sustainable. The twenty percent that carry the largest share of the cost burden of our over sized government will some day reach the point when they can no longer carry the load. In a post last November, Smith wrote about our corrupt society:

If the citizenry cannot replace a dysfunctional government and/or limit the power of the financial Aristocracy at the ballot box, the nation is a democracy in name only.

In other words, if the citizenry cannot dislodge a parasitic, predatory financial Aristocracy via elections, then “democracy” is merely a public-relations facade, a simulacra designed to create the illusion that the citizenry “have a voice” when in fact they are debt-serfs in a neofeudal State.


In other words, the Financial Aristocracy asserts its interests over the 99% and then buys the complicity of the bottom 60% with largesse paid for by the top 19% of earners.


In this facsimile democracy, citizenship has devolved to advocacy for a larger share of Federal government swag. The U.S. Status Quo rules via the second-order corruption of financial Aristocracy and Tyranny of the Majority

This morning I received an email from a good friend who alerted me to the fact that Mark Levin, who apparently agrees that America will not be saved at the ballot box, is coming out with a new book in August titled The liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic. You can read an introduction to the book here. Levin, relying on Article 5 of the Constitution is calling for a convention of conservative states (Not a Constitutional Convention) but to amend the constitution. Article 5 includes language that says if 2/3 of the states (34) agree on amending the constitution, Congress must send the proposed amendments to all state for ratification. It requires 3/4 of the states (38) to ratify the amendments before they become part of the law of the land.

obviously, Mr. Levin wants to sell books so he does not tell us what his “Liberty Amendments” are.  But, whatever they are, getting 34 states to agree on what they should be and 38 states to ratify them is going to be a herculean task. I wish him well!

I think the Titanic has to be sinking before people will begin to think about saving themselves.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch


Unions Attempt to Embrace Democracy, by Preventing Vote


If you recall, the unions love the chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  But they seem to not understand what democracy is, as they seem to try very hard to stop actual votes from being taken.  We saw that in Wisconsin, and now, in Michigan.  The Blaze has more…

Police used pepper spray Thursday to subdue protesters trying to rush the Michigan state Senate after Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republican leaders announced they would press for quick approval of right-to-work legislation limiting union powers.

“When several of the individuals rushed the troopers, they used chemical munitions to disperse the crowd,” said Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk. “It would be a lot worse if someone gets hurt and I failed to act.”

It seems that the thugs didn’t want a vote to tale place.

Notice the chant “Right to Work has got to go.” Now, I thought the leftists we all about choice? Or, is that all about being to choose what they want you to choose.

And if you disagree?

So, to summarize, lets make some observations about labor unions, and the left as a whole.

1.  Democracy is what they are all about, unless the vote goes against them.

2.  Choice is great, as long as you choose what they like.


Forget The Constitution. Let’s Elect Our Presidents By Popular Vote: A View of National Popular Vote


Every four years we have an election in the United States to decide who will be our president. And, every presidential election the question arises as to why we use the indirect electoral vote method for choosing our presidents instead of a direct popular vote method. This is especially true when an election is close as the case in the Bush – Gore election of 2000. To my knowledge, every democracy that isn’t a parliamentary system, elects their presidents by popular vote. The United States is the exception.

In the United States, the voters in each of the fifty states, when voting for their presidential candidate of choice, are actually voting for electors who will then go to what we call the Electoral College and cast the the electoral votes of their state according to their states laws. Each state has electoral votes equal to the sum of their number of representatives in congress and the number of Senators (each state has two Senators). Some states allocate their electoral votes in proportion to the way their citizens vote and for other states the winner in their state gets all the states electoral votes. In some states the electors are legally bound to vote as their state laws dictate and in others they are not. Today, it takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

Our electoral system may seem a bit strange, but our Founders always had a reason for everything they did. Among other reasons, our electoral system was designed so that the big states couldn’t ru rough-shod over the smaller states.

Over the years groups have formed tp promote an amendment to the constitution to provide for electing our presidents by popular vote. But, there is an organization called National Popular Vote (NPV) that is working behind the scenes to achieve the popular vote system without changing the constitution. Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook did an excellent piece on this the other day. Folks, you really need to read this article.

What the NPV is doing is working within states to get them to pass legislation that would make it law that the state’s electoral votes would always be cast for the candidate who won the popular vote nationally. (You can find the NPV Home page here.)

Would American voters be so stupid as to go along with such an idea? Why, for example, would the voters of a state like California, which always votes overwhelmingly for the Democratic presidential cnadidate, ever agree to give all of their electoral votes (55) to the Republican candidate just because he won the national popular vote by say less than 100,00 votes? Californians would never agree to that, would they? My friends, never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. From Maggie’s article we learn:

States which have passed legislation: California (55), Washington (12), Illinois (20), Maryland (10), New Jersey (14), Massachusetts (11), Vermont (3), Hawaii (4) and the District of Columbia (3). [Washington DC is not a state, it is a federal district, but does have 3 Electoral votes] = 132 votes already designated as Winner Take All (National Popular Vote)

Bills have been introduced: Idaho (4), Wyoming (3), Texas (38), Florida (29), Georgia (16), South Carolina (9), Tennessee (11), Indiana (11), and Ohio (18).

Legislation has passed both Houses: Colorado (9) and Rhode Island (4).

Legislation has passed in one House: Oregon (7), Nevada (9) , New Mexico (5), Arkansas (6), Michigan (16), North Carolina (15), New York (29), Maine (4), Michigan (16) and Delaware (3).

Legislation has passed 1 Committee: Montana (3), Oklahoma (7), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (6), Alabama (9), Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Kentucky (8), West Virginia (5) and Alaska (3).

Hearings have been held: Utah (6), Arizona (11), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Nebraska (5), Kansas (6), Missouri (10), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20) and New Hampshire (4).

Legislation is underway at some stage in every state.

So, how smart are the American voters? NPV says they are getting close to the half way point of have enough states pass their plan to account for 270 electoral votes. In theory that could be achieved with less than a third of the states going along with their plan. According to Maggie’s article, there is a lot of bipartisan support for the NPV plan. Unless there is a massive movement to reject the NPV movement, I predict that in a few years our president will be elected by popular vote and that will be a sad day indeed. That would end the last vestiges of states rights. In 1913 the american voters were stupid enough to pass the 17th Amendment to our constitution taking away the states right to appoint Senators. I’m sure it was an easy sell. It just sounded right that citizens should be able to elect their Senators. The American voter in 1913 did not know their history and why it was important for the states to be able to appoint Senators to look after the rights of their states. Here is a rhetorical question for you. Do you think Americans today know their history any better than Americans did in 1913?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


Occupy Update: Occupod Bashes Steve Jobs


Occupy is still at it, and the occupod in the video below seems to be ignorant of how Steve Jobs impacted our lives.  Take a look at the video below…

Anyone with a brain will realize the impact that Steve Jobs had an enormous impact on our daily lives.  We use a mouse with computers, we have nice little GUI’s (Graphical User Interface) for our computers.  We used to type computer commands manually, but Jobs made it all “point and click.”  We had cell phones, but Jobs made them better.  In fact, the competition that arose in response to Jobs made all of these things cheaper and better.  To counter, Jobs made his products better, and the process continues to this day.  Without people having ideas, and the freedom to turn those ideas into reality, we wouldn’t have these products…at all…EVER.

This is level of ignorance with which we are dealing folks, and reality has no impact on them whatsoever.

H/T:  All American Blogger


Occupy Update: Occupy Group Protests in Favor of Child Sex Trafficking!


We knew the occupods were politically naive.  We knew they liked to rape lots of people, and encouraged them to not report it.  But, even I never thought they were in favor of the sexual exploitation of children.  Apparently, at least one #occupy group is.  Breitbart has more, with video…

A group called HEAT Watch held a conference for law enforcement and social workers at the Oakland Convention Center last Wednesday. HEAT stands for Human Exploitation and Trafficking, and as you can see by looking at their website, they are primarily focused on preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children:

The conference is designed to provide those professionals who intersect with children put into the commercial sex trade with the opportunity to identify the complex problems and strategic solutions for responding to CSEC victims, investigations and cases.

So then, these folks work to save kids from being forced into prostitution.  That would seem to be a laudable goal.  However, some occupods took offence…

This was cause for outrage amongst some Oakland Occupiers, who decided to protest the conference under the name Occupy Patriarchy. Zombie at PJ Media went to the protestand points out this explanation for the decision to rally against a group dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse:

The H.EAT. conference is a conference of pigs and their nonprofit lackeys to increase the harassment, imprisonment, marginalization and criminalization of sex workers. Fronting as a conference against “child trafficking,” this conference brings pigs and nonprofits together to develop policing strategies that line their pockets while leaving sex workers exploited and disempowered. Pigs and nonprofits hide behind lies about “safety” and “protection” while they profit off the incarceration and “reformation” of sex workers. These pigs and nonprofits neurotically plug their ears to the fact they themselves are exactly the reason sex work can exist. Sex work, like all forms of work, can only exist within a society based on hierarchical economic systems like capitalism, which are protected by the police and patronizing reformist organizations that keep exploited people from revolting. The pigs are the enemies of sex workers, and of all workers.

Let’s shut this fucker down!!!!!

Um yes, because being a sex slave is most empowering, right?  So then, like any good would be communist overlords, when confronted with people they disagree with, they tried to stop the meeting…

Because, as we all know, OWS loves “democracy.”  And what says “democracy” more than refusing to let others meet and speak?


The Wisconsin Recall: A Postmortem


In the 24 hours since the momentous recall election in Wisconsin there have been many pundits who have given their opinion on the election results.  And in the spirit of fair and unbiased urineanalysis I now offer my postmortem on the election.

First an explanatory note.  The survey I took is not scientific.  If anyone questions my methodology I will mail them my dirty underwear.  Democracy may be dead, but my dirty underwear is definitely alive.

Once it was confirmed that Governor Walker had survived the recall I immediately got on my phone and spent all day Wednesday talking to very annoyed strangers my contacts in Wisconsin.

The first question I asked was, “Given the results, do you agree that Democracy is dead?”

  • Fifty five percent replied “Don’t be ridiculous.“  Forty percent answered “We are Democrats.  We don’t believe in Democracy.”   Four percent asked me if I was the same Manhattan Infidel they had to get a restraining order against.  (The answer to that if you are curious is no.  For 66 percent of the four percent that is.)  And finally one percent said they did not vote, had no interest in the recall election and that they had just crashed on this planet and were afraid they’d never see the Klingon Homeworld again.

My second question was more pointed:  “Stop lying to my you worthless piece of crap.  Democracy is dead isn’t it!”

  • Forty one percent replied “I think you need to calm down.  Democracy worked perfectly in the recall.”  Thirty eight percent told me that “I’m hyperventilating man.  You are so right dude.  Democracy is so dead.  I can’t live in a country like this where the will of the people is thwarted.  I’m going back to my parent’s basement to think things through.”  13 percent asked me if I was “absolutely certain” that I wasn’t the Manhattan Infidel who called their underage daughter to ask her if she likes older men and if she “is into it?”   Seven percent told me “No I don’t want to buy a penis pump”  and one percent said “Today is a good day to die.  I miss the Klingon Homeworld.”

My third question asked the citizens of Wisconsin if they are Nazis for “thwarting the obvious will of the people you scum sucking opponents of Democracy!”

  • Forty percent hung up on me but not before calling me unkind names.  (I would expect such hate-filled behavior from vicious scum-sucking opponents of Democracy!)  Thirty nine percent started crying and said “I hate Wisconsin.  This is a stupid red state.  Democracy is so dead! I’d like to talk more but my parents say I have to get off the phone.”  Fifteen percent told me that if I didn’t leave their daughter alone I’d be in for “a world of hurt.” Five percent were curious about penis pumps and one percent called me a “Regulan bloodworm.”

I ended my phone interviews by reminding the stupid red state Wisconsinites that “I am in the media and I say Democracy is dead. And I’m smart!”

  • Thirty seven percent laughed and called me a “pretentious, elitist a–hole.” Thirty five percent agreed that Democracy as we know it is “so f—ing dead dude” and they’d talk more but they had to take the garbage out before their mom gets angry.  20 percent asked me if I was the guy they saw on TV who was arrested for stalking Olivia Wilde.  (One day she will realize that I am the man for her.) Seven percent asked me if I was Ed Schultz and one percent wanted to know where they could find that “delicious human delicacy known as prune juice.

And there you have it readers.  In the best traditions of objective American journalism I give you an impartial survey of the Wisconsin recall.

Democracy is dead!

Original Post:  Manhattan Infidel


Leftist Claims “Democracy Died Tonight,” Because They Lost a Democratic Vote


As we all know, our lefty opponents love to chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  Of course, what that really means is preventing votes by fleeing, beating up opponents, vandalizing property, intimidating businesses, and the like.  Then, any vote that they actually lose is NOT democracy.   Take a listen to the following, via Brietbart…

So, this guy is quoting some of the new talking points. Let’s assume that his $30,000,000 figure is correct for pro-Walker spending. Then, let’s take a look at the fact that the unions have thrown $60,000,000 into Wisconsin-a rather convenient omission, if you ask me.

So, let’s review the liberal definition of “democracy.”

1. “democracy” means only they can win. Any other result? It’s someone else’s fault.

2. Only they represent the “people,” and “democracy” means that if the people disagree, then they people should be beaten into submission, and forced into compliance.

3. Everyone should be unionized, whether they want it or not, because “democracy” equals force.

4. “democracy” means that votes that they will lose should not occur.

5. “democracy” means that everyone should vote, including the dead-repeatedly.

6. “democracy” means that people should be intimidated into voting the “correct” way, or coerced into supporting the “correct” causes.

And, if you agree with this post, you are an evil person who should be visited by some union thugs to make your mind right. Because, my friends, that is what “democracy” looks like!


Arab Spring Update: Female Genital Mutilation and Necrophilia Edition


Remember the Arab Spring, that great populist uprising that would bring peace and social justice to the middle east?  And, let’s also keep in mind that radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were absolutely positively never going to take over, right?  Well, here are two stories that exemplify the “justice” and “freedom” that the Arab Spring is bringing to the newly liberated lands…

Females to Lose Rights and Gain Genital Mutilation?

It seems that some of the new MP’s in Egypt want to “advance” their culture…

According to the Egyptian website Youm 7, Azza al-Jarf, a female Member of Parliament representing the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice Party,” is trying to abolish several laws currently enjoyed by Egyptian women—including preventing them from divorcing or even separating from their husbands, because “the man has the authority and stewardship” (see Koran 4:34); mandating that fathers must circumcise their daughters; and trying to get the Egyptian educational system to ban the teaching of the English language—on the grounds that it is an “infidel” tongue—while separating boys and girls in classrooms and forcing girls to wear the hijab.

And the feminazis say?


And, in the sad event that an Egyptian man’s wife dies, he might have at least six hours to say goodbye in grand fashion…

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours after their death.

The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament.

It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women’s rights of getting education and employment.

Um, I think no further commentary is necessary.

OK, some people are going to say, “totally gross, but why discuss it?”   For me, the answer is simple.  These laws are being proposed in a democratic manner, by democratically elected politicians.  In a state where democracy rules, the majority can do whatever they want to the minority.  Democracy is, but it’s very nature, the 51% raping the other 49%.

On the contrary, we live in a Republic, where our Constitution is designed to protect the right of the individual against the majority.  In protecting the individual FROM government, our Constitution  shields us from the tyranny of the majority.  While we are (supposedly) protected by our Constitution, the Egyptian people have no such protections, so they are subject to the whims of the ballot box.

I also think it’s instructive to look at what our own President has to say on this topic.  First, let’s hear about what he thinks of our Constitution…

Then, lets hear what he has to say about democracy…

So, should we fear “democracy?”  I believe we should.


Some Thoughts on the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests


I’ve been following the moonbat fest in New York, as well as in other locations, though I haven’t written about them until now.  It really started as a non-story, though the MSM and the union bosses seem to be building them up.  So, here are some of my thoughts about them.

I get the impression that they’ve been coached to be very careful about what they say to the media. Let’s look at some general statements, and the CH 2.0 translation.

“Greed”= Communism

“A more equitable system”=Communism


“Evil Corporations”=Communism

Am I overgeneralizing?  Perhaps, but from what I have seen and read, these are mostly young, terribly misinformed, and horrifically misguided people.  They either know what they want, and are choosing not to say it openly, or they are the most useful of the useful idiots.  That, and no one is going to take them seriously, other than other misguided and misinformed, useful idiots.  I wonder if they realize that most of them will be killed if they actually get the “more equitable democracy” that they desire?  Obviously not.

They are setting the stage to justify violence by engaging in typical leftist tactics.  They are blocking traffic, trespassing, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  Then, when the police come to arrest them, they make it as difficult as possible. As soon as the police do a thing, they cry brutality.  Then, they can use this as a justification to gain more followers, as well as for the eventual violence.

Will violence occur?  I’m not sure.  However, I have spotted some anarchists in their midst (not that it’s that hard).  As we all know, anarchists are well known for their violence.  Also, big labor is now supporting them, and they are very well known for violence.  So, all the parts are in place.  All they need is the match to light the fire.  As I pointed out previously, there seems to be buildup for violence.  The only question is if it reaches critical mass.

There have been a lot of pundits being very dismissive of these protests.  They mention the lack of showers, that some of them have no clue as to why they are there, and that they seem very disorganized.  All of these are at least partially true.  However, we cannot judge them as we judge ourselves, as they are not at all like us.  Most of the readers here are adults, who have families, careers, and a desire not to lose what we have worked so hard to earn. Also, we have a vested interest in human freedom.  We actually believe in the promise of our Republic, and that if it falls, it might be centuries before humanity recovers.  In the end, they aren’t going to understand the need to maintain freedom, and would unwittingly, and gladly give away our freedom to achieve their rather amorphous ends.

Sadly, the protesters have apparently fallen into the trap of believing in the all-powerful state.  To achieve the more “equitable” system that they desire, an immensely powerful government will be needed to confiscate from others to redistribute to others.  There is no other way to accomplish this level of theft.

Also, the protesters do not state what they would do with the individuals that they rob or strip of their freedom.  People will not be willing to give up what they have built or created.  What will be done with them?  Others will not submit to an all-powerful nanny state.  What will the new “order” do with the new “refuseniks?”  What will this new “system” do with people that speak out against the system, or point out the inevitable failures of that state? Any government, given that level of power, will become abusive. History tells us what will happen.  There will be death on a scale that this nation has never seen.

I have seen some suggestions out there as far as infiltrating these protests.  I think that is a fine idea. However, it should not be done in the same way that leftists did when they infiltrated the Tea Party.  Their efforts were false flag-sending in activists to say racist and other outrageous things, so Think Regress could make videos of them.  We don’t need to say outrageous or strange things.  They are doing that all by themselves.  We have no need to help, nor do we need to stoop to their level.  The reason that I suggest infiltration at all is that they are, in my opinion, being very careful with their message.  However, someone wearing a hidden camera or a microphone would be able to get into private conversations with protestors, and record more candid thoughts.  That, my friends, might be a great way to get to the core of these protests.

Well folks, those are my thoughts on the issue.  As always comments are always welcome.


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Union Thug Threatens TV News Crew


It has crossed my mind that union thugs would eventually get a tad bit conscious of cameras.  After all, they have been exposed engaging in their special brand of “democracy” so many times, that too many people are figuring out what the thugs are all about. We saw some of that in Wisconsin, where goons tried to cover cameras, and attack those using them.  Here is the latest example, from those hostage taking Longshoreman in Washington state…


Is this what “democracy” looks like?  Why yes, yes it is.  In fact, the only way that it would have been more “democratic” is if the goon had smashed the camera, and assaulted the crew, because, as you all know, that is what “democracy” looks like!

I wonder if the regressives will condemn this as hateful?  Yeah, I know, that’s a laugh.

Seriously though, as the unions, and other regressive entities realize that their own activities are damaging to their movements, they will be on the alert for cameras.  They do not want the world seeing what they do-they only want the sanitized version that their PR people and union bosses release.   Violence, intimidation, death threats, and the like makes the leftist narrative ring a bit hollow.  However, they aren’t going to stop it, they just don’t want the rest of the world to know about it.

I have also suggested that if you are going to a protest, you should have a camera.  For one, everything has to be documented, and for two, they are going to hesitate to go after on person with a camera is 15 other cameras are on them.  I bought a cheap digital cam for about $30 to take to any potential problems in my area.  That way, if it get’s trashed, it’s no major loss.  In daylight it takes pretty good video, and if that goes, my cell phone is a back up.


CH 2.0 Labor Day Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like?


Through out the Wisconsin union protests, and at others all over the country, we were bombarded with the chant, “this is what democracy looks like!”  As I have repeatedly pointed out here at the CH 2.0, the regressive grasp on “democracy” is rather tenuous at best.  To capture that, I made a video.  Here it is…

Yes, I recycled some footage from an earlier video, but it fits.

Enjoy, and have a great extended weekend!


This is What "Democracy" Looks Like? Progressives Attempting to Stop a Vote on "Amazon Tax"


If you recall, Califailure passed a tax on on-line sales, causing Amazon to cancel their successful Affiliate Program in that state.  We also know that the regressive mantra in the past year has been, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Of course, in Wisconsin, “democracy” meant preventing actual votes from being taken.  You know, democracy!  In a “democracy,” votes are only to be taken when the outcome suits the regressives.  If they will not, well…I guess “democracy” cannot be permitted.

Now, back to the Amazon Tax.  Amazon is refusing to collect taxes for Califailure, and is campaigning to have a referendum in order to repeal the tax.  You know, democracy!  However, according to Democratic State Legislators in Califailure, this is NOT what “democracy” looks like…

A group of California legislators plans to push a new online sales tax bill in a move to thwart tax opponent

Lawmakers today used a “gut-and-amend” procedure that takes an existing bill and substitutes an online sales tax measure. The bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today.

In late June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring Amazon and other online retailers to begin collecting sales tax on California transactions. The bill passed on a regular, majority vote. Amazon has refused to collect the tax and launched a referendum to have it overturned.

But Larry Levin, a spokesman for Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Oakland, said the new legislation would be different. It would pass on a two-thirds supermajority and would carry an “urgency” clause. That means it can’t be subject to ballot referendum, Levin said.

So, once again, “democracy” suddenly takes a back seat when the vote will likely go against the regressives.   Always remember, that for the regressives, “democracy” is a one-way street-leading to their benefits, their wealth, and their power.  All of that comes at your expense, of course.

H/T:  Big Government