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James T. Kirk Fired From Job as Desktop Support Technician

You are a computer! James Tiberius Kirk, former captain in the United Federation of Planets has been fired from his civilian job as a desktop support technician. “It’s true” said his supervisor.  “The guy, well, let’s just say his skill set was minimal.” After leaving Star Fleet to avoid a court martial for sexual harassment Kirk found his way back back to his hometown of Riverside Iowa to look for work. “Riverside ain’t a big city.  As you can imagine we didn’t have many opportunities” said an agent at a local employment agency. But we don’t have many former Star […]

Michigan Union Violence Update: Thugs use Racial Slurs While Destroying Local Business

When you leave the left to their own devices, they’ll most often show you their true thoughts and intentions.  This could not be more true recently in Michigan, where it was seen that union thugs displayed the violence and intelligence that has given them their “thug” designation   Of course, racism has deep roots in both the Democratic party, as well as unions, so it isn’t a surprise that racial slurs flew when a black businessman dared provide a service to Americans for Prosperity. Stacey McCain has the background… Lee Stranahan returned my phone call today. He was in Lansing, Michigan, to cover […]