Obama: A Joke In His Own Time?


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Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) did not call Obama a joke in his own time. However, he did build a solid case for that claim in this P J Media article. I am a long-time fan of Victor Davis Hanson even though I don’t always agree with him. This is one of those times. It’s not that I disagree that Obama has become joke of his own making. VDH’s case on that point is irrefutable. Where I differ with Hanson this time is his claim that Obama has done no permanent damage to our country, in his very first sentence:

Critics of the president are convinced that Barack Obama will do lasting damage to the U.S. I doubt it.

In my opinion, every president in my life time  has done damage to our country. Even my favorite president, Ronald Reagan, managed to increase the size and cost of the federal government on his watch. (Reagan did apologize for that in his farewell address.) And, Barrack Hussein Obama is by far the worst of the bunch, as far as I can see.  Here is my short list of the lasting damage I attribute to President Obama:

  • VDH is convinced that sooner or later ObamaCare will be repealed. I don’t believe that. At most, it may be amended. ObamaCare will have lasting negative effects on health care in America and it will have lasting negative effects on our economy and jobs market.
  • Obama’s other signature legislation, Dodd-Franks and its Consumer Protection Bureau, will do far more harm than good in the years to come.
  • Obama’s $800 billion stimulus spending ended up stimulating nothing; but it did become part of our baseline budget and so our nation’s spending will always be $800 billion more per year than it would be otherwise.
  • Obama’s open borders policy will have last economic and social consequences.
  • Obama has been the most divisive president in  American since Lincoln. I believe he has done serious damage to race relations in American and the wounds will take years to heal.
  • In the arena of foreign affairs, Obama has been an absolute disaster. We could talk about his reset with Russia and his apology tour to Cairo. But, i my opinion, his interference in the affairs of Egypt, Libya, and now Syria have set in motion events which will affect stability in the Middle East and North Africa for decades to come.

I could add many more examples of the long-term negative effects Obama’s presidency will have on America. I’m sure you could, too.

Do read the Victor Davis Hanson article. You will enjoy how he demonstrates that the words and phrases Obama has repeated so many times in every speech no matter where or the occasion have become albatrosses around his neck. But, to say that the Obama presidency will have done no lasting damage to our country is something I cannot agree with, no matter how much I respect the man who said it. Obama has become a joke _ a bad joke, and the joke is on us,

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch


Did Union Thugs Destroy a Church?


union thug

Apparently, even God isn’t above the reach of union thugs.  Here’s the background.  Quakers (not the Oatmeal folks, the actual religion) needed a new “meeting house” (their place of worship=church).  However, they decided to go with non-union labor.  That’s when things, shall we say, got interesting.  Philly .com,  via Weasel Zippers has more…

As agonizing as the process was, the result is a trim little design, faced in traditional Wissahickon schist, that will visibly reflect the ideals Quakers hold dear, from respect for the environment to plain old good neighborliness. And yet, in one crucial way, the $5.8 million project now under construction is also a frank acknowledgment of real-world conditions: To afford Philadelphia’s first new Quaker meetinghouse in 80 years, the Chestnut Hill Friends felt their only option was to employ a nonunion contractor.

And now they are paying the price.

Four days before Christmas, the Friends’ world was rocked by the sort of violence they have devoted their lives to stamping out.

Vandals with an acetylene torch crept onto the project’s muddy construction site in the middle of the night. Working out of view in the meetinghouse’s freshly cemented basement, they sliced off dozens of bolts securing the bare steel columns and set fire to the building crane, causing $500,000 in damage.

Police detectives deemed the attack arson because of a series of confrontational visits from union officials days before the incident. They say the torch could only have been operated by a trained professional, and believe it was almost certainly the work of disgruntled union members. The city has assigned extra investigators to the case and is working with federal forensic experts to track down the vandals, said Michael Resnick, the city’s public safety commissioner.

If this turns out to be true, it would be yet another example of the terror tactics used by unions.  If someone steps outside of the union influence, they must be punished.  And, it doesn’t appear that they even respect God.  It must be good to be a union boss.  Great pay, lots of perks, millions of workers that are forced to pay tribute to you, and you even get to attack God.

No wonder union bosses think so highly of themselves.


More Occupy Violence: Seattle Vandalized


Their numbers are low, but their damage total is large.  That seems to be the proper way to encapsulate the Occupy Movement.  By most reports, their May Day Activities were rather small, but possessing a destructive potential beyond their numbers.  Here is what happened in Seattle…

Of course, this really didn’t happen, because Occupy is peaceful.  And, if it did happen, it was someone else’s fault!


May Day Destruction Falls Short of Prediction, Seems Occupods Incapable of Mass Destruction They Promised


Yeah, they smashed some windows, and assaulted photographers, and probably spread some vermin, but the May Day antics appear to have not even lived up to last year’s destruction.  However, it appears to have not been for the lack of trying.  Here are some reports from around the country.

Occupy San Franfreako Get’s a Head Start:  Destruction Ensures

Because it’s always someone else’s fault…

Yes, these folks were with Occupy, but occupy is “peaceful.”  So, when the violence occurs, it’s always someone else.  Get it?

Local Business Owner “not the “F**king Man,” Fails to Realize That he’s Just Been Thrown Under the Bus

Er, sir.  It doesn’t matter if you are corporate, or large.  You make a profit, and in the eyes of the occupods, enslave your workers.  So, you will be targeted.  Welcome to the revolution!

Apparently, the Occupods Don’t Want People Taking Pictures of Their “Activism…

Remember that a hallmark of any totalitarian regime is the complete control of information…

Occupy Wall Street protesters attacked some photographers covering the May Day protests today in New York, trying to damage or seize their cameras. There are no reported injuries but one photographer was hit in the face, another got in a “tug-of-war” with a protester over her camera, and another had her camera smashed into her face by a protesters, according to those at the scene.

“The black bloc crowd has been making grabs for cameras,” C.S. Muncy, a freelance photographer on assignment for the Village Voice, told BuzzFeed. The “black bloc” is a group of protesters all dressed in black, wearing masks.

“I had a couple people make grabs for my gear,” Muncy said. “They just didn’t want their pictures taken.”

“One girl walks up to one of the photogs and nailed him right in the face,” Muncy said. “He popped her right back.” Muncy said the photographer was Lucas Jackson of Reuters.

And, once again, Occupy proves itself to be exactly what it is.  However, it is important to remember that these people are not occupods.  It’s always someone else’s fault, right?

Occupy Cleveland Cancels After their Spokesman, Among Others, Caught in Bomb Plot

Come one now, they were only trying to blow up a bridge!

Update on Mr. E’s Blogger post: FBI Arrests 5 for Plot to Blow Up Ohio Bridge

BREAKING:  cancels May Day event, say 5 bomb suspects were associated BUT NOT REPRESENTATIVE of group | bit.ly/JDj3Hb

Associated but not representative of the group?

Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you:

The Occupy Cleveland group confirmed it had an event called “May Day” scheduled for May 1 at the GE Lighting building in East Cleveland, but it said none of these suspects “were in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland.”

One of those arrested, Brandon Baxter, was the Occupied Cleveland spokesperson

Brandon Baxter, one of the alleged plotters known to his associates as “Skabby,” served as a spokesman for Occupy Cleveland, telling the Cleveland Plain Dealer in early March that he felt “the powers that be, whoever they might be—on all levels of government and those who hold corporate power—are not listening, because not enough people are actually taking a stance.”

Posts on Occupy Cleveland’s Facebook page indicate that Baxter was involved in helping the organization organize and advertise events as recently as February 2012. Baxter and two of the other alleged co-conspirators — Joshua Stafford and Anthony Hayne — list Occupy Cleveland as their “Employer” on Facebook, where the three list one another as friends..

And, of course, they bombers are not occupods, even when they are the spokesman for Occupy.  It’d always someone else’s fault!

That’s just the beginning, kids.  There is a ton more.  I’ll get more up as I can compile it.

Just remember, no matter how many occupods are caught, the violence NEVER comes from occupy.  And, they haven’t jumped the shark, it’s a shiny unicorn.


May Day 2012: The Beginning


If you have been a regular reader here, you know that we have been covering leftist violence for several years, and May Day has always been a lowlight.  A communist celebration of intimidation, thuggery, and vandalism.  Here are some examples from 2010…

And, just like OWS, there is vandalism and destruction at most every protest, but it is always someone else’s fault.

The Blaze also has some more current examples…

We’ve all seen violence behavior from the left wing.  That is nothing new, and we’ll continue to see it.  What we have to understand is the why of it.  They know that the vast majority of Americans will not accept a Communist state.   They know that as long as millions of people can take care of themselves, they will not gain control of the nation.  They also know that they cannot win a rational debate.  So, they resort to violence and destruction to force their views on others.  Like an older version of a temper tantrum, they will escalate their efforts until the larger society is worn down to the point of surrender.  They are not about freedom, democracy, or justice.  They are about hate, control, domination, and death.  History teaches us this-with numerous examples.

So, we know that there is violence planned for tomorrow.  It has been openly discussed.  The only difference between this year and prior ones is that there is more focus, and more useful idiots to engage in the efforts.  Consequently, I will be monitoring my usual sources over the next two days to see what violence did come off.  Of course, it will be someone else’s fault.


More Evidence that OWS is a Microcosm of Their Future Socialist State


Redistribution is one of the key foundational concepts of socialism.  People having differing talents & work habits is inherently unfair, so government has to steal from others, and give to others.  Naturally, we have history to teach us that this thinking eventually fails, but reality is an elusive concept to our left, so additional examination is needed.

The latest example comes from OWS, who have been taking over forclosed homes, and kinda-sorta giving them to others.  Let’s see how that has worked out for them.  Hot Air has the details…

The proposal originally attracted the support of Wise Ahadzi, owner of a property in East New York who had been unable to make his mortgage payments and moved his family to a lower rent apartment while he sought to sort things out with the bank. Occupiers proposed that they would fix up the place for Mr. Ahadzi in exchange for taking part, and he agreed. They busted in and soon installed the family of Alfredo Carrasquillo, a homeless man. So popular was the move that a Democratic member of the city council came to pose for a photo op with the new tenant.

So, how did that work out for Wise Ahadzi? The pictures speak for themselves.

Last week,Wise Ahadzi opened the door to the house he still owns, 702 Vermont Street in East New York.

Inside is a war zone. The walls are torn down, the plumbing is ripped out and the carpeting has been plucked from the floor. It’s like walking through a ribcage.

Garbage, open food containers and Ahadzi’s possessions are tossed haphazardly around the house.

“This is where my kitchen was,” Ahadzi says. There is no sink, no refrigerator and no counter space. Instead there are dirty dishes piled high waiting for a dip in three large buckets of putrid water that serve as the dishwashing system.

The house is now in such a condition that the owner sees it as being fit for nothing other than being condemned. Even if he could get the mortgage situation straightened out, he couldn’t move his family back in. The property is destroyed.

So, we see what redistribution (theft) accomplishes.  Let’s look at it this way.  Liberalism and “social justice” in practice has ruined this home.  When you think of it, liberalism did the same thing to a city (Detroit), and an entire state (California).  And, if our leftist friends had their way, they would make the entire country look like Detroit.


Occupods Trash Home in Seattle, Threatens News Crew


Imagine if you will, that you own a house that is under renovation.  It was purchased by your deceased wife, who wanted it renovated to make a nice home for a local family.  Now imagine that this happened….

This, my friends, is yet another example of what the occupods are.  They displayed it openly, in actions and words.  I think the video speaks for itself.


Occupy Portland: Occupod Arrested for Molotov Cocktails


Is the Molotov cocktail now the official drink of the Occupods?  It would appear to be true.  Consider this, from KOIN Local 6…

In the latest development in the Occupy Portland occupation, a man living at the encampment was arrested for the second time in less than a week, this time on arson charges inconnection with a Molotov cocktail thrown at Portland’s World Trade Center late Tuesday night.

This comes amid an announcement that Mayor Sam Adams and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese will hold a news conference regarding Occupy Portland Thursday at 10 a.m. at City Hall. Earlier this week, Adams described the safety conditions at the encampment as “not sustainable” in an open letter to the Occupy Portland movement.

David Joseph Hodson, 29, is charged with one count each of arson in the first degree, manufacturing a destructive device, possession of a destructive device and criminal mischief in the second degree, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reports.

Hodson was previously arrested Sunday, Nov. 6 on multiple charges in connection with three rubbish fires sparked that night on Southwest Taylor Street between 3rd and 5th avenues, according to Portland Fire and Rescue (PF&R).

Did you notice the signs that the Occupods were using to block the camera, calling for “revolution,” and what not?

Mayor Sam Adams has now given the Occupods until 12:01 Sunday morning to vacate the park. Here is more on that development from Oregon Live.

Mayor Sam Adams this morning gave the Occupy Portland encampment an eviction notice of 12:01 a.m Sunday.

At a press conference at City Hall, Adams, standing with Chief Mike Reese and City Commissioner Nick Fish, cited the rise in crime around the encampments in ordering demonstrators out of the squares.

He said Terry Schrunk Plaza, a federal park, will be cleared as well.

“Crime, especially reported assaults, has increased in the area,” he said. “Occupy has had a considerable time to share its movement’s message with the public but has lost control of the camps it has created.”

The occupy movement has developed, and might now be imploding, just as predicted.  While we’ll have to see how this develops, but we might be seeing the end of the Occupy movement.  Then again, we might be seeing the beginning if another phase of that movement, when they thug element overpowers and discards the original hippie element.  At any rate, it will be interesting to watch how it all unfolds.


A Tale of Two Coverages: Leftist Sites Omit Occupy Oakland Vandalism and Property Destruction UPDATE: More Destruction, and Here There be Trolls


Well, the hard left, in the form of the Occupods, continue to expose themselves.  And, as it unfolds, we see the MSM, as well as the left blogs and sites, continue to cover for them.  A great example is in the coverage of the Occupy Oakland General Strike.  Here is an excerpt from Fire Dog Lake..

UPDATE: Here’s an eyewitness report from the protest, which has morphed into a march up Broadway. They’re chanting “Shout it out, without a doubt, banks took trillions to kick folks out.”

UPDATE II: Mike Konczal has pictures of Men’s Wearhouse and the Grand Lake Theater, both closed today in solidarity with the strike.

UPDATE III: Occupy Oakland claims on Twitter that a wildcat strike has knocked out the Port of Oakland already. Also, they say that 5,000 people are marching in downtown Oakland. Other reports are smaller.

UPDATE IV: Some pics from the morning general assembly and march:

UPDATE V: Some more from today:

• Activists shut down a local Citibank.

• Around 360 teachers didn’t show up for work in Oakland today. That’s about 18% of the total workforce.

• A report from the LA Times.

OK, then, sounds all nice and peaceful, right?

Here is some coverage from The Atlantic

Occupy Oakland has called for a city-wide strike and rally on Wednesday to protest income inequality, and several businesses, including Men’s Wearhouse and the Grand Lake movie theater,have closed their doors in support. Oakland Tribune reporter Matt O’Brien tweeted the above photo of the shuttered men’s clothing store.

The store’s decision will likely meet with approval from the corporate HQ: George Zimmer, founder and chairman of Men’s Wearhouse, has repeatedly donated to Democratic candidates in multiple election cycles, including progressives like 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean and Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.).

Note to Self: NEVER spend a dime at the Men’s Wearhouse.

Now, let’s see what really happened, courtesy of Michelle Malkin…

Various sympathizers and observers are tweeting live. Mother Jones reports that the Oakland Whole Foods store — after being falsely accused of threatening to punish workers who walked out on the job today — has been vandalized.

One person on scene writes: “Straight into window breaking and street furniture smashing at whole foods. #generalstrike #occupyoaklandwindow breaking and street furniture smashing at whole foods.”

Whole Foods is defending itself online. To no avail.

A big mob dressed in black is roaming around the streets. They’ve sprayed graffiti on the walls of businesses.

Wells Fargo windows have also been reportedly smashed.

Chase Bank vandalized.

Maybe the city enablers will use federal stimulus money to clean it up.

Overheard on livestream: Occupier sneers: “They can afford new windows.”

It seems that the lefties aren’t telling the whole story.  That’s alright though, we will.

Is it any wonder leftists want to control internet content-in order to make inconvenient truths go away?

And, should these businesses sue the Occupod Organizers for the damage caused?  If there are any legal experts out there, kindly chime in on that one.

UPDATE: We have some troll comments, which I let through, for your amusement.

Also, we have some more pics and footage…

Isn’t that a nice peaceful protest?  Just like the Tea Parties, right?

Here are some pictures…

And your kids are still in public school why?

Well, at least there  aren’t Communists there, right?

I wonder what the trolls have to say about that?

Update H/T: Big Government, and Big Government
Update II: Our Troll is persistent, so why not give him more evidence to deny?


I have more, and more are being released all the time, but trolls are trolls.  As Bezmonev teaches, “access to true information does not matter any more.”  Out troll is proving that to be true.

To show the pattern of vandalism and destruction at leftist protests, here is a video that I did back in 2009…

I can’t see how this is any different.

Image H/T: Michelle Malkin


Occupy Wall Street Quick Hits: Many Still Don't Know Why They Are There, Some Being Paid, Local Businesses Annoyed, and One Defecates on Police Car


Well, as the Occupy Wall Street Protests continue, the evidence of their useful idiocy continues to grow.  Over the last several days, more and more stories emerge that point to what we have been saying all along-that this is a protest filled with foolish characters.  Here are some points made by several stories and videos…

The protestors say that they are “just like us,” and are represent 99% of people that aren’t “rich.”

Now, most of “us” must be white, because, as Michelle Malkin points out, that crowd is awfully white-kinda like MSNBC’s lineup.

One thing you won’t hear the MSM harp on the way they harped about the Tea Party: The overwhelmingly pale face of the “99 percent” movement. Just like their ideological elders in the liberal media, they are a lot more skilled at carping over lack of proportional representation among conservative institutions and the GOP than they are at demonstrating it in their own ranks.

Because I never pass up the opportunity to turn the tables on the sanctimonious bean-counters (see background links below), I commented on progressives of pallor in Matthew Boyle’s latest piece. Excerpt:

Though a few representatives of minority groups have appeared among the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in New York City, photos and videos of the left-wing mini-throngs indicate they suffer from a serious lack of diversity. And the protesters themselves told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that they are conscious of the issue, if not the inconsistency it demonstrates. A 40-photo Washington Post slideshow showing hundreds of angry protesters in New York and other cities includes no more than 15 clearly identifiable minority protesters, and just six African-Americans. The rest of the protesters shown are white, and most are male. In 26 photos from San Francisco and Chicago gatherings posted on OccupyTogether.org, only one person from a minority group is clearly visible, and it’s unclear whether he is a protester or a bystander. Minority groups are similarly underrepresented in photos and videos posted on OccupyWallSt.org, the self-described “unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street.”

…The protesters have taken to calling themselves the “99 percent” in the country, labeling the capitalists they wish to remove from power the other “1 percent.” Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin told TheDC that the Occupy Wall Street protesters’ self-description as the “99 percent” in America is ironic because the crowds are mostly white.

But don’t fret my friends!  To address their lack of “tolerance” and “diversity,” protestors in one city followed the MO of the “evil” capitlaists that they are protesting-by importing cheat latino labor!

Then, we have to assume that most of us have no clue as to why we do what we do.  

Then, for those of us that went to Tea Party events, who can forget filling places with trash, and taking a dump on police cars?


And, we are also well known for alienating and causing damage to local residents and small businesses, right?

Stacey Tzortzatos of Panini and Company Cafe secures the key to the bathroom, which had been a favorite of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street.

Karen McMann, who lives across the street from the stock exchange and was out with her young daughters, said the protesters should recognize that New York’s financial district is also a residential one.
Ms. Tzortzatos’s tolerance for the newcomers finally vanished when the sink was broken and fell to the floor. She installed a $200 lock on the bathroom to thwart nonpaying customers, angering the protesters.

“I’m looked at as the enemy of the people,” she said.

Residents, too, say they are losing patience.

Mothers have grown weary of navigating strollers through the maze of barricades that have sprouted along the streets. Toddlers have been roused from sleep just after bedtime by chanting and pounding drums.

Heather Amato, 35, a psychologist who lives near the protest area, said she felt disturbed by some of the conduct of the protesters. She said she had to shield her toddler from the sight of women at the park dancing topless. “It’s been three weeks now,” Ms. Amato said. “Enough is enough.”

I think that this shows us, more and more, that this is typical leftist activity.  They shown up with nebulous demands.  Actually, they state only the desire to destroy capitalism-nothing to build, only to destroy.  Then, they actually do destroy property, and get angry with the people that are upset with the destruction.  It is as if they see it as their “right” to take and destroy, and then not be held accountable for it.  But, then again, isn’t that the hallmark of the left?


London Burns: Causes and Implications


As most are aware, London has been wracked by massive rioting.  While it does not appear to be particularly political in motivation, I would suggest that it does show how far Western Culture has fallen.  For additional coverage, here is an excerpt, and pictures, from the Daily Mail.

Scenes of mob rule became more terrifying by the minute as widespread arson and anarchy was added to the orgy of looting.

By midnight flashpoints had multiplied around London, with Clapham, Hackney, Dalston, Peckham, Woolwich and Lewisham added to the list which already included Enfield, Walthamstow and Tottenham.

Police were unable to prevent the attacks because all the riot officers on the streets were caught up in running battles with gangs who pelted them with lumps of wood, chairs and bottles.

The mob set fire to several buildings and three police cars. Witnesses reported seeing children aged as young as seven involved. They smashed the windows of stores, grabbing what they could before riot police arrived.

Other thugs fought each other over a bag of diamonds which had fallen on to the street after it had been looted from a jewellers.

A police officer could be seen lying on the ground after being struck on his shield by a missile.

Other officers created a cordon around him while he was treated by colleagues.

At one point child rioters tried to hijack a bus so they could drive it at police. As shop protective grilles were ripped up and a security camera smashed, two teenage girls giggled to each other, saying: ‘We’re gonna get gold!’

There were also reports that white people were being targeted for robbery by gangs roaming the streets.

The last image is of a photographer being attacked by a mob.

Again, while the riots appear to have originated over the death of a suspected “mobster” at the hands of the police, these riots have taken on a life of their own.  The stories of children being involved should be particularly  chilling, as it show the decline of a once great nation.

There have been riots before-there will be again.  But, what strikes me about these is the vast, widespread nature of them.  It would almost seem as if the culture has broken down, and I would submit that this is the desired result.  For decades, our Cultural Marxists have been causing and accelerating the breakdown of our cultural values.  The ideas of personal responsibility, self discipline, and work, have all been undermined, and indeed ridiculed.  Also for decades, generations of citizens have been paid not to work, and many have developed a massive sense of entitlement in the process.  Essentially, much of the “glue” that holds the society together has been destroyed.  So, when there is a breakdown in order, should we be surprised when such events occur?

In terms of the desired result, it has long been said that the goal of Cultural Marxism was to destroy the dominant culture.  The resulting chaos and disorder would then be used to justify ever increasing levels of government control and power.  In fact, I believe that their hope is that the people would demand it.  And, of course, we all know what happens to people that trade freedom for security.

Are we  seeing the breakdown that the Cultural Marxists have longed for?  I believe we might.  Will it happen here?  It already did during Katrina, and it will again.  The question is, what do we do about it?