Obama Attempts to Protect Progressive Narrative: Launches "Attack Watch" UPDATED


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Well then, talk about shades of the ObamaCare “snitch line!”  The Obamaites  have now launched “Attack Watch,”  a site for loyal useful idiots to turn in their friends, neighbors, and family members for “counter-revolutionary activities,”  like believing in individual  freedom, and other crazy notions.  Apparently, there is far too much truth going on out there, and something must be done about it, ammitrite?  At any rate, I did report myself.  We’ll see if there is a sudden influx of paid trolls.  That might just be fun!

On a serious note, informing on your neighbors…where have we heard that before?  Where did that happen, and what  was the result?  Well, other than with the original ObamaCare snitch line, we saw that extensively in dictatorships, especially ones in which millions of their citizens suddenly disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.  It’s really not a great model to be following, but that’s how our regressives roll.

I would encourage our Conservative and Libertarian friends to report themselves to “Attack Watch.”  Because, you see, we are all guilty of terrible crimes…

1.  Exposing the failure of the porkulus, and the fraud therein.

2.  Exposing ObamaCare’s Cloward-Piven status, and then showing how our predictions have come to pass.

3.  By supporting Conservative candidates that won big in 2010.

4.  By exposing the regressives in the MSM, and their lies.  And, come to think about it, gloating over their falling ratings.

6.  Where would GunRunner be as a story, if we had not helped expose it?

7.  Climategate, and every other hole in AGW the Big Lie, that are big enough to drive a truck through.

8.  Voter Fraud, and the Acorn nuts that did it.

9.  Czars, czars, everywhere a czar.

10.  How about how regressive policies cause the housing crisis.

11.  Why businesses refuse to hire.

12.  Unions and Communists living together.

13.  Why are our gas prices so high?  Could it be government policies?  It’s more likely than you think.

14  Where is ACORN?

15.  Union thuggery on display.

16.  Covering the reality of the Tea Party Movement, not just the MSM narrative.

17.  Pornoscanners, and molestation by the TSA.

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18.  Planned Parenthood’s racism and failure to report child abuse.

19.  Exposing attempts at media control.

20.  Weiner’s weiner!

21.  Civil Discourse, and how the regressives are apparently immune to it.

22.  Public education failure.

23. Detroit, and why it is a steaming pile of failure.

24.  Individual freedom.

25.  The Constitution

26.  The Founders

27.  Illegal immigration, and the Americans that die as a result.

28.  How Obama cannot complete a sentence without a teleprompter.

29.  ObamaCare waivers, and why such a huge percentage go to Nancy Pelosi’s district?

30.  Plotting to vote out Obama and as many Dem members of Congress as humanly possible in 2012.

If you have written, spoken about, or thought about any of these, you are guilty of these crimes.  It is, therefore, your patriotic duty to turn yourself in to “Attack Watch.”  After all, reality cannot be allowed to interfere with the regressive narrative!

For your information, here is a video about “Attack Truth Watch,” via Michelle Malkin.

Who knows, maybe Snarky Basterd and I will have neighboring cells at gitmo?

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