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How You Can Help Obama Start WW III!

Do you want to help our supreme leader Obama create the mother of all distractions from our domestic woes?  Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, even if you end up making most of the world look like Detroit?  Well, we have the answer for you!  Watch the video to learn more… Won’t you donate today?  With all of the misery caused by ObamaCare, and with all the people dropping out of the job market, President Obama needs a massive distraction.   So, start WW III, and if a Republican wins the White House in 2016, you […]

Tomorrow, September 11, 2013, is ‘Don’t Blog About Obama Day!’

Bob Belvedere, proprietor at The Camp of the Saints, has a great suggestion, with a rationale provided by Robert Stacey McCain… This morning, Stacy McCain published the following remarks: You’re not supposed to say that The Syrian Crisis has been manufactured for domestic political purposes. The underlying situation is legitimately serious enough — a two-year civil war in which the dictatorship has allegedly used sarin nerve gas against civilians. The problem is that this administration is so dishonest and cynical, so committed to campaigning and so inept at governing, that whatever they do, our natural suspicion is that they’re playing […]

Making Use of Distraction is the MO of the Left

Big time criminals often use the “modus operandi” (MO) of creating a disturbance in one part of a city to attract the police, while they are carrying out a crime in another part of the city. Because politicians, especially Democrats, are not much different from criminals, they also use distraction as their MO. And, what greater distraction could they wish for than a hotly contested Presidential election.  While everyone is  focused on the election, they are busy with their criminal acts. The first item on my hit parade may noy be truly criminal but it should be. Look at this […]

May Economic Numbers Discouraging: Will Team Obama Create Another Social Issue to Distract From it?

Once again, the monthly economic numbers represent a disappointment.  The Blaze has more… U.S. employers created only 69,000 jobs in May, the fewest in a year, and the unemployment rate ticked up. The dismal jobs data will fan fears that the economy is sputtering. It could also damage President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects. And it could lead the Federal Reserve to take further steps to help the economy. The Labor Department also said Friday that the economy created far fewer jobs in the previous two months than first thought. It revised those figures down to show 49,000 fewer jobs created. […]

Media Bias: MSNBC Talking Head Does Not Take Kindly to the Narrative Being Questioned

When the POTUS is pumping out distractions, the job of the dutiful MSM is to keep these stories alive, even if they have to make fools of themselves to do so.  For the latest example, The Other McCain posted the following… Well, here is the CH 2.0 Translation… There is a narrative to promote, and it will be promoted. No matter how much reality has to be ignored. The latest economic figures are not so good, so they have to keep on talking about what Mitt Romney did almost 50 years ago.  Ironically, they couldn’t find the time to figure out […]

So Why a “War on Women,” and Now Gay Marriage?

Why have the Democrats and their media lapdogs made contraception, Sandra Fluke, gay marriage, and other inconsequential issues front page news?  So you wont look at or discuss this… Uh-oh.  Once they run the wheels off of the gay marriage story, what will they have to come up with next? Considering that the employment numbers look pretty weak, and have therefore not been reported, I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see more and more social issues to distract from the economic fail. H/T: Sister Toldja

Obama Supports Gay Marriage: Yet Another Topic to Distract From You-Know-What

OK then, Obama supports gay marriage.  That brings a few questions to mind… 1.  Did anyone really think that he was ever  opposed to gay marriage? 2.  Did anyone actually believe him when he said he was opposed to it? 3.  Does it matter a rat’s anus that he’s now not lying about it? HINT:  The answer to all three is “no.” However, there is a purpose to the announcement, and it has nothing to do with gay folks.  It does, however, have everything to do with having something to occupy the MSM and the public debate.  Because, if they […]

Did Anyone Catch Obama Using Hilary Rosen to Play Good Cop-Bad Cop with Ann Romney?

Well, I get home from work and grocery shopping to see that we had an interesting story unfold.  Hilary Rosen, a Dem operative, slammed Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, for being a stay-at home mom.  Legal Insurrection has the video… So then, we have a Democratic operative, belittling the wife of the likely GOP candidate.  On the surface, one might just think that this was a typical Alinskyite smear, and it was.  However, there is another layer to it, but we’ll get to it in a bit.  As for the next move, Ann Romney fired back, and destroyed Rosen… Then, we see that […]

Apparently Some Polls and More Important Than Others: Harry Reid Thinks 80% of Americans “Meaningless”

We’ve been looking at the selective outrage of the regressives as of late, as well as their (sadly successful) attempts to distract the national conversation away from Obama’s failures.  However, their selectivity also extends to polls. If you recall back to 2009, during the debate around HR 3200, CBS published the results of a poll, suggesting that 70% of Americans wanted a public opition.  Needless to say, the MSM, lefty sites, and the regressive as a whole sang the virtues of this poll to the heavens themselves (or perhaps they were looking to the opposite direction of heaven).  Then, once people looked at the […]

NOW Allowed out From Under Bus to Chime in on Fake Birth Control Debate: Why They Have no Credibility Whatsoever

As we continue to be drug along by the birth control distraction from actual economic issues debate, the National Organization of Women, AKA, the Tammies, have been permitted to re-emerge from under the bus the contribute to the debate massive distraction effort.  The President of that organization recently started speaking out spewing propaganda.  CNS News has more… Roman Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have failed to keep women from using birth control and now want the “police power of the state” to stop women from doing so, National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill said Thursday at a gathering of feminist […]

Why are the Republicans Allowing the Democrats and MSM Control the Debate?

Why are we talking about contraception?  Why are the talking heads of the MSM (taking notes from Spooky Dude, via Media Matters), being PERMITTED to define what is discussed? Here is the point:  Obama is a loser on the economy.  He has broken every promise, failed at every proposal, and has, in fact, made things worse.  The economy is THE issue of this election, and everything else is secondary.  Yes we can illustrate that the government, in their effort to get religious organizations to fund abortion (because the pill is just a side issue), is an affront to the First […]

Democratic Strategy for 2012 Revealed? MSM Concentrating on Social Issues, Avoiding Economy

I picked up on this in the CNN debate, and the saw a story from Catholibertarian that shows a possible campaign strategy for 2012.  In both examples, it seemed as if an inordinate amount of time was spent on the social issues; abortion and gay marriage, when compared with the most pressing issue of the day-the economy.  It would be my estimation that more people are concerned with the following: 1.  They don’t have a job. 2.  They fear losing the job they have. 4.  They can’t afford gas for their cars. 5.  Inflation is causing prices to rise across […]