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ObamaCare Is Working So Well In New Jersey Almost No Doctors Are Willing To Accept It

Five years since it was shoved down our throats in the dark of night, and despite all the debacles encountered along the way, ObamaCare’s supporters continue to insist it’s “working.” Their definition of “working” must be different from mine. Because even if it might have succeeded in forcing people to buy health insurance, those people can’t find a doctor who’ll take it. The Affordable Care Act has provided a path for 420,500 low-income New Jersey residents to gain insurance through the Medicaid program, but a new study says the state ranks last in the nation in doctors willing to treat […]

Doctors Comparing Notes

  “In Israel medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s  testicles put them on another man and in 6 weeks he is  looking for work.”   The German doctor says:  “That’s nothing, In Germany we  take part of a brain put it in another man and in 4 weeks  he is looking for work.”      The Russian doctor says: “Gentlemen, we take half a heart  from a man put it in another’s chest and in 2 weeks he is  looking for work.”   The American doctor laughs: “You all are behind us.  Six years ago we took […]

Obama Pulls The Rug Out From Under NJ Doctors’ Medicaid Reimbursement Rates

  For two years, Barack Obama pretended to care about Medicaid’s low reimbursement rates. He gave doctors a much-needed pay increase, to keep pace with Medicare and private insurance plans. But at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, the party’s over. When federal lawmakers planned the massive expansion of Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act, they included a big enticement to physicians — a significant, but temporary, pay increase. Although the pay increase was not tied to Medicaid expansion, New Jersey accepted the deal. Some 300,000 additional state residents have enrolled in Medicaid in the last year. […]

9 Reasons to Fear Ebola

Hat/Tip to Nick Tate at Newsmax. Despite assurances to the otherwise, many health experts think it wise to treat the latest Ebola outbreak with the respect and yes, even fear that it warrants. The Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have moved to tamp down worries over Ebola even as the number of cases continues to accelerate. However, many doctors and researchers say there are ominous signs about what the future holds regarding the deadly virus. Here, according to health experts, are nine reasons to fear Ebola: 1. U.S. hospitals are unprepared. A new survey found […]

ObamaCare Damage: You Thought You Could Keep Your Doctor?

We warned people that if Obama was re-elected, that people would lose their plans and doctors.  Being a rocket scientist was not a requirement for making that prediction, but millions of low information voters drank the Kool Aid, and voted for Obama.  Since then, people have lost their plans, their jobs, their hours, and their doctors.  Here is the latest… On Wednesday, WKBN in Ohio reported that hundreds of patients in the state were losing their doctors thanks to Obamacare. Area medical facilities have been reporting that they have had to stop accepting insurance. “Hundreds of people in the Mahoney […]

ObamaCare Coverage vs. Walmart Coverage: Whose is Cheaper and Offers More Coverage?

Just as a hint, Walmart wins!  Well, yes, I gave it away; in a side by side comparison with far more expensive ObamaCare coverage, the Examiner found that the Walmart Coverage was a far better deal.  Here are some excerpts… Independent insurance agents affiliated with the National Association of Health Underwriters and health policy experts compared the two at the request of the Examiner. Walmart furnished employee benefit information to the Examiner. Neither Obamacare advocate Families USA nor the United Food and Commercial Workers, which backs anti-Walmart campaigns, responded to Examiner requests for comment. Walmart offers its employees two standard […]

Virginia Democratic Candidate Proposes the Enslavement of Doctors-Forcing Them to Accept Medicare and Medicaid Patients

If you ask someone that has worked in the medical profession, they would tell you that there is a reason that so many doctors do not accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. 1.  Poor re-reimbursement rates-essentially, you lose money with ever patient. 2.  Increased overhead in the form of more regulation. 3.  (Particularly with Medicaid) Very high no-show rate.  In other words, not only do you lose money with each appointment, but nearly 50% of those appointments are not kept at all, complicating the losses immensely. 4. (Particularly with Medicare) Medicare hired companies to investigate claims and “recover” false claims.  However, […]

ObamaCare Damage: Nearly Half of NY Doctors Saying ‘Nyet Comrade” to ObamaCare

How long before the “so great that you have to be forced to enroll” applies to doctors?  It seems that the doctors out there are not feeling the love for ObamaCare, which means eventually, they’ll have to be punished for it.  Here is the current situation, via Doug Ross… Ain’t central planning awesome? New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals. A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan. …Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians […]

ObamaCare Stupifies Your Doctor Visits

Under the abomination known as ObamaCare, patients are entitled to a “free” yearly physical exam.  However, as one doctor points out, there may be little that a doctor can do, other than follow the mandated format for that visit.  Here are some excerpts from Newsbusters… In a Saturday PJ Media column (“A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law”), Dr. Peter Weiss, relays several important and ugly realities of what life will be like under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare, which could easily have been reported any time during the past couple of years […]

We Have a Winner! The Useful Idiot of the Month for May 2012 is…

The Union bosses!  It seems that spending money like water for well over a year, sending in goons to intimidate businesses, beat up Tea Party members, getting fake doctor notes, indoctrinating children, and generally making a giant mess of the Wisconsin State capitol, definitely qualifies them for useful idiocy.  But, there is the icing on the cake…after all of that, the millions, the goons, the damage to the state capitol, they are still behind the polls mere days before their showdown with Governor Walker! Then, there is the additional irony that the DNC seemed rather hesitant to go all-in with their effort, so, not only did […]

A Tale of Two Stories: Electronic Medical Records Costs Jobs, Doctors Losing Money

For our latest rendition of A Tale of Two Stories, we need to look at what is happening in with ObamaCare.  One of it’s requirements is for providers to convert to a electronic medical record, or EMR.  While this, on the surface, would allow for some advantages, like making it easier to get records from distant providers in the event of a medical emergency.  However, with government involved, the law of unintended consequences always rears it’s ugly head.  Big Government has the details… Last week, layoffs were announced  at the University of Mississippi Medical Center due in part to the 80 million […]

Blog Focus: Top 10 Failures Of ObamaCare After One Year

Darcprynce over at The Daley Gator, has a great summary of ObamaCare Damage.  What a great way to celebrate ObamaCare’s first birthday. Top 10 Failures Of ObamaCare After One Year – Human Events President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010. In just the year since, the law known as ObamaCare has already severely crippled the nation’s economy and health care system. Despite Obama’s continued pride in his signature health care legislation, a new CNN poll shows that 58% of Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handling health care. The Republican […]

ObamaCare Damage: Doctors Moving Away From Medicare

During the “pitch” for ObamaCare, a repeated warning from Conservatives was the fact the people would not be able to keep their doctors, and that Medicare would be gutted.  They were, of course, accused of “fear mongering” and lying.  Low and behold, less that six months after ObamaCare passed, it seems that some Medicare members aren’t going to keep their own doctors-just as predicted.  Here is some coverage from Texas. Texas doctors are opting out of Medicare at alarming rates, frustrated by reimbursement cuts they say make participation in government-funded care of seniors unaffordable. Two years after a survey found […]

Doctors in Favor of ObamaCare? Not so Much

The administration would have us believe that the medical profession is solidly behind the President’s health care plan.  After all, they repeatedly have handed out white coats to supporters for photo ops.    Right after it passes, they’ll all get on their unicorns and lead the way to the progressive utopia, right? As usual, reality intervenes, and we start seeing more of the likely consequences of what will happen if ObamaCare passes.  For today, let’s take a look if there will be a doctor for you to see.  You see, large numbers of doctors will quit or retire if ObamaCare […]