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East Coast

Frankenstorm Update: October 27, 2012, 3:00 PM EST

Here is the latest on the projected Frankenstorm impacts.  Both are from Accuweather… More as it comes.  If you live on the east coast, make some simple preparations.  It doesn’t take much.  If you don’t and you lose power, you might regret it!

Frankenstorm: Northeast Braces for Monster Storm

At the time of this writing, tens of millions of Americans are bracing for an potentially powerful combination of a winter storm with hurricane Sandy, labeled “Frankenstorm.” Here are some excerpts and video… From Jesse Ferrell of Accuweather… I said on my WeatherMatrix Facebook Page last night: “The weather hasn’t ‘scared’ me for a long time, but what I’m seeing tonight on the forecast models, and the seriousness with which I’m seeing famous meteorologists discuss next week’s historic storm, has gotten me a little worried. If you live in any STATE on the East Coast, it’s time to think about preparing for […]

Early Afternoon Hurricane Irene Update: 8-27-11


Here is the latest on Hurricane Irene… The forecast that Irene will remain at Hurricane strength while it goes up to New England. This obviously increases the risk for wind damage. If you in this storm’s path, take cover and don’t do anything foolish.

Hurricane Irene Update: 8-26-11


Hurricane Irene continues of it’s course to strike the East Coast of the United States.  Here is the latest from the Weather Channel… Here is the time frames for Irene’s impacts… More later. In the meantime, make whatever preparations you need to make, and stay safe!

Hurricane Irene Update: 8-25-11


Hurricane Irene is still on it’s way, and it still appears to be on track to hit the East Coast of the United States this weekend.  Here is the latest video… Again, if you are in the path of this storm, the time to take precautions is now. Stay safe!

Earthquake Strikes East Coast: Left Uncertain as to who to Blame


Since there was relatively little damage from the east coast earthquake today, I thought I’d have at least a bit of fun with it.  For more serious coverage, I would refer you to the Lonely Conservative. As for me, I was on a break from the day job, sitting at the doughnut shop, enjoying my freshly purchased coffee liquid life in a cup, when the tremor hit. The bench shook, and some things creaked and groaned, and that was about it.  No damage, no injuries, and I didn’t even spill any coffee.  So, here is the official Conservative Hideout Reaction… […]

Hurricane Irene Update: 8-23-11


Well, storm tracks show Irene going a bit farther east, but it still appears that the eastern seaboard is going to get hit.  Of particular concern is the northeast, where there has already been a great deal of rain.  Here is some more info from FOX…   Watch the latest video at

Latest on Hurricane Irene 8-22-11


It’s Monday, and  Irene seems to be following the same path that was predicted yesterday-right for the eastern seaboard of the US.  Here is Henry Margusity’s latest map… Here is the latest Fox News  video… Watch the latest video at

Will Irene Sock The US Later This Week?


I’m an Accuweather fan, and particularly of Henry Margusity.  It’s frankly cool that some meteorologists share the actual weather model data as it comes in. The latest weather news is about tropical storm Irene.  The projected course at this time takes Irene past the east coast of Florida, where it will likely shoot right up the I-95 corridor.  While it doesn’t appear that Irene will be a terribly strong Hurricane, if it goes as projected, it will dump a ton of rain on areas where the ground is already saturated, raising the flood potential  considerably. Here is Henry’s latest map […]