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elections have consequences

ObamaCare Damage: Wegman’s SuperMarket Eliminates Insurance for Part Time Staff Due to ObamaCare

If you voted for ObamaCare, you voted for part time workers at Wegman’s to to lose their insurance. Elections have consequences.  You were warned, but chose this anyway. Happy now?

ObamaCare to Cost Delta Airlines $100,000,000 IN ONE YEAR!

We’ve covered a lot of ObamaCare Damage in the last couple years.  Hundreds of thousands of workers have had their hours cut.  Many have lost their plans.  Almost 75% of all jobs created so far in 2013 are part time jobs.  And as a far as we can see, that’s only the beginning.  For the latest, here is a letter from Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines expects Obamacare will directly and indirectly cost it $100 million in 2014. As you can see, ObamaCare is going to present a significant threat to Delta, and it’s workers. Delta has the usual options at […]

ObamaCare Damage: UPS to Drop 15,000 Spouse From Coveage Due to ObamaCare

Remember this pledge from our President??? “…you can keep your plan…” Well, once again, reality shows Obama to be a poor liar.  There have already been tenms of thousands of people, if not more, to lose their insurance because of ObamaCare.  Recently, UPS announced that 15,000 spouses will be dropped from their plan.  The reason?  ObamaCare.  United Parcel Service Inc. plans to remove thousands of spouses from its medical plan because they are eligible for coverage elsewhere. The Atlanta-based logistics company points to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as a big reason for the decision, reports Kaiser Health News. […]

ObamaCare Damage: Ohio Rates to Rise 88%!

It’s ObamaCare Damage time yet again!  You were warned.  We told you that if people re-elected Obama, that people would be paying more for their health insurance.  Frankly, it was not due to any special insights or skills, unless you consider grasp of the obvious to be superhuman.  So, armed with nothing more than math and common sense, we were able to predict the increases in health insurance premiums.  Doug Ross has the latest example… It’s another success story for central planning! Avik Roy explains: …on Thursday, the Ohio Department of Insurance announced that, based on the rates submitted by […]

Elections Have Consequences: “Startling Rate Increases” Due to ObamaCare

We’ve been writing about the damage that ObamaCare will do for two years now.  For the latest, “startling rate increases” are being promised. Here are the details from  Cato at Liberty, via Doug Ross (no relation) The invaluable Robert Laszweski: The Affordable Care Act: Ten Months to Launch “Obamacare”––Get Ready for Some Startling Rate Increases […] I conducted an informal survey of a number of insurers…None of the people I talked to are academics or work for a think tank. None of them are in the spin business inside the Beltway. Every one of them has the responsibility for coming […]

ObamaCare Stupifies Your Doctor Visits

Under the abomination known as ObamaCare, patients are entitled to a “free” yearly physical exam.  However, as one doctor points out, there may be little that a doctor can do, other than follow the mandated format for that visit.  Here are some excerpts from Newsbusters… In a Saturday PJ Media column (“A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law”), Dr. Peter Weiss, relays several important and ugly realities of what life will be like under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare, which could easily have been reported any time during the past couple of years […]

Just in Case You Don’t Know Why ObamaCare Kills Jobs…

I’ve seen quite a bit of shock lately, as liberals see how ObamaCare is actually functioning in practice.  With it’s key components kicking in in just a short period of time, employees are cutting hours, and laying off workers.  While Conservative bloggers and other outlets have been discussing this for over a year, most of the public are now seeing the results, after it is too late.  For a good wrap-up of what is happening, kindly consider this, from Chicks on the Right… In case you weren’t already painfully aware, here’s the skinny on why unemployment will skyrocket in the […]

More ObamaCare Layoffs: Medical Providers Now Bracing for Impact

The ObamaCare Layoffs continue to pile up.  In this edition, we see some medical providers that are taking action to stay in business-by laying off workers.  Michelle  Malkin has the details… The ramping up (or down, depending on how you look at it) for full implementation of Obamacare continues: In the largest staff reduction in its nearly 100-year history, Orlando Health is cutting up to 400 jobs starting immediately, hospital system officials announced Monday. The move is part of a broader effort to position the hospital system for the health-care overhaul, CEO Sherrie Sitarik said. The elimination of jobs will occur […]

Layoff Update: Over 75,000 Lose Their Jobs Since Obama’s Election Day Victory

Categorize this under “elections have consequences.”  There is news on the layoff front. In the few days since President Obama won his surprising, fraud filled victory, over 75,000 people lost their jobs.  Breitbart has more… The Department of Labor has announced that new jobless claims rose by a staggering 78,000 in the first week after the election, reaching a seasonally-adjusted total of 439,000. Over the past year, and in the weeks leading up to the election, jobless claims were said to be declining, dipping as low as 339,000, with the media proclaiming that they had reached the “lowest level in more […]

Old Inglorious

The ’60?s have returned — the 1860?s, that is — as almost a million disaffected citizens in all 50 states have decided that, when it comes to Barack Obama’s America, they’d be better off out than in: White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation But, as Texas Fred aptly points out, “Freedom is NOT won with a petition!” If venting helps, by all means vent; after all, they can’t kill everybody.  Oops! It seems they can. Obama’s federales have stockpiled enough ammo to plant 4 hollow points center mass into every man, woman, and child in the country. Elections have consequences. See also: Anti-secession […]

Elections Have Consequences: Layoff Roundup

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Audio From Quinn and Rose: Wait, I Didn’t Vote For That! …Uh, Yes You Did

Once of my favorite radio talkers, Jim Quinn of Quinn and Rose in the Morning, has an great monologue.  Give it a listen… Of course, the lefties will blame it on someone else, but go figure. Oh, and just a reminder, elections have consequences. H/T:  The Daley Gator  

Elections Have Consequences: Let the Layoffs Begin!

In the run up to the election we had covered how many companies had planned layoffs due to Obama’s policies, as well as those that planned layoffs in the event that Obama was re-elected.  And, just as predicted, it has begun.  Here are a set of links and excerpts… Small Businessman Lays off Workers to Avoid ObamaCare Taxes… The HuffPo has the story… The man identified himself as Stu, without giving a last name, and said he owns a small aviation services company. He told C-SPAN’s Washington Journal that he“simply can’t afford” to run his business if he has to comply […]