Lame Ducks And Sour Grapes


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Never Heard Of It

“Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday she didn’t know who ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber is, after several tapes surfaced showing him gloating about how the law was written to take advantage of the stupidity of the American voter. Problem is, Gruber’s analysis of the law was cited extensively by her office back in 2009. Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, tried to downplay Gruber’s role during a press conference on Thursday. She claimed she doesn’t know who he is, and that he didn’t help write the law. ‘Let’s put him aside,’ she said.” – Fox News

“Ye have taken my silver and my gold, and have carried into your temples my goodly and pleasant things.” – Joel 3:5

‘Thou shalt not get found out’ is not one of God’s commandments… – Leonard Bacon

We’re a contentious bunch here in the U.S.A.  Always have been.  You could look it up.  Whether it’s Patriots vs King’s Men, North vs South, or Democrats vs Real Americans, 50 percent of us don’t much like the other 50 percent 100 percent of the time. But the six years of resolute arrogance, steely ineptitude, serial prevarication, and socialist buffoonery to which Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Jackass Axis has subjected the nation has those numbers changing faster than Clark Kent in a phone booth:

After the midterm elections that saw the Democratic Party suffer significant losses in Congress, a record-low 36% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of the party … (Gallup)


A new Gallup poll released Tuesday showed that the majority of Americans trust the incoming Republican Congress over President Obama to set the nation on the right track. 53 percent of respondents indicated they preferred Republicans in Congress to lead the direction of the United States, while only 36 percent preferred Obama. (Washington Free Beacon)


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[…] Gradually it is sinking in to Official Washington that the 2014 election could very well do to Democrats what the 1930 election did to Republicans: make them irrelevant for at least a generation. (Don Surber)


Treating the 10 Commandments like the 10 Suggestions hasn’t done Obama and the Dems much good.  The People are finally on to them.  Heck, even Barry’s media harlots are beginning to echo the words of Sheldon Cooper: What if something happens? I’d never forgive myself if I wasn’t at his bedside to say ‘I told you so.’

But the Democrats themselves have learned nothing from their election day drubbing. Dirty Harry, a.k.a. Senator Reid, the new minority leader, has drafted the faux Indian princess Red Lizzie Warren into a faux leadership role, i.e. “strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee — a specially created position”(Politico), from which she can instruct the Faithful on the economic benefits of becoming more like Communist China. Obama2Barack Obama isdoubling down on every abhorrent Marxist idea he’s ever had.  And the demented Ms. Pelosi is babbling incoherently in a corner of the Rayburn Building where the sun never shines:

Was this the worst election for House Democrats since 1928? Or was it merely their worst since 1946? Either way, the results do not reflect well on the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi — a conclusion that seems to have escaped Nancy Pelosi.

“I do not believe what happened the other night is a wave…”  She preferred to describe what happened in the House elections as “an ebb tide.”  If Democrats lose three of the five undecided races, they will have ebbed all the way back to the day Herbert Hoover won the presidency. (Nancy Pelosi, partisan warrior in denial)

No wonder anything that’s bad for this bunch of addle-pated lefties is by definition good for America.

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America: She Loves Him Not


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She Loves Him Not

“With votes still being counted in more than a dozen congressional districts, Democrats were on track to shed 13 to 16 seats, an outcome that would leave the party with as few as 185 of the chamber’s 435 seats. The last time Democrats had such a small House delegation, Herbert Hoover was president, Charlie Chaplin was making movies, and Alka Seltzer was just hitting the shelves.” Politico

“Shellacked and thumped by an angry electorate, President Obama declared to every American who voted in Tuesday’s elections—and to those who’ve checked out of the political process—”I hear you.”  And then he ignored them.”Ron Fournier

“Anyone who says we don’t have to rethink things should be fired.” Steve Elmendorf, Democrat strategist

The wise in heart will receive commands, but a prating fool will fall. — Proverbs 10:8

4th and 804Anyone who expects Barack Obama to work with the Republicans who just sacked him has snorted one too many lines of fairy dust.  When has the head of a People’s Republic ever actually listened to the People?  America, of course, is not a full-blown Marxist dictatorship except in the minds of its president, the left-wing media, and much of the Democrat Party, but that never stopped them before.  And if past performance is indicative of future action, it won’t stop them now, despite the smoking wreckage that 6 years of Obamunist rule has produced for the Jackasses that followed him:

For Obama, there have been two convincing presidential victories; for the Democratic Party, electoral ruin at every other level. On Tuesday (assuming the most likely final outcome), the largest Democratic Senate losses since 1980. The ranks of moderate Democrats — including Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan and (probably) Mary Landrieu — decimated. During Obama’s presidency, the loss of nearly 70 House seats, producing the largest Republican majority since 1931. The near-extinction of the Democratic Party in the South, including in Arkansas and Tennessee, which provided the party’s national ticket in 1992 and 1996. Full Republican control of 29 state legislatures, the highest total since the 1920s, and Republican governors in 32 states, including Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland. Obama’s particular form of political magic has worked only for Obama himself. (Obama’s harmful ‘gifts’ to the nation and the Democrats)

On Friday, the Grand Poobah and his minions will leave the Fuehrer bunker to meet with GOP leaders and their apprehensive food tasters in the White House Old Family Dining Room.  Despite the fact that Obama Land is now in ruins, crow will likely not be on the menu.

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Election Day: Two Ruthless Politicians From American History


 photo us-elections-20122_zps4878ff4d.jpg

With the gridlocked Congress’ approval rating consistently staying in the single digits more than the wind chill at Lambeau Field, it’s only natural for people to look back lovingly at years gone by when politicians supposedly knew how to get things done. Usually these screeds of nostalgia focus more on days when bipartisanship was popular. You know, the days when hard drinking men in smoky backrooms scratched each other’s backs and reached across the aisle and employed various other vaguely sexual metaphors to pass some legislation.

But there’s another way to view the bygone era of politicians doing more than looking to score the next sound byte on a 24 hour news program. Think of it as the darkest timeline. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either the pessimist’s or the pragmatist’s view of American history. It goes like this: politicians never figured out how to work together; some just figured out how to do whatever they wanted, consequences be damned.

Of course, the best politicians know how to glad-hand at the appropriate times and how to deal some blows with the iron fist when that’s called for, too. Some were especially adept at the iron fist. Here are two of them from American history.

Abe Lincoln, Tough GuyLincoln

Who better than old honest Abe to stand as a symbol of American unity and reconciliation? The guy who said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” has to be an enduring symbol of Americans knowing how to put their differences behind them, right?

Well, when it came to preserving the Union, the old railsplitter stopped at nothing to accomplish his goals. No, he didn’t just call in a few favors and lean on some old friends for some help: the man decided to pretend a part of the United States Constitution didn’t really count anymore.

This wasn’t like how everybody kind of just conveniently ignores those weird rules about shellfish in Leviticus, either. This was a core principle of American jurisprudence. Lincoln suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus, meaning that people under arrest no longer had to be charged with a specific crime. This stunning disregard of Constitutional rights allowed the US Army to arrest anybody who so much as breathed the word, “secession.” Usually, when the Constitution is threatened, the Supreme Court rides to the rescue, but Lincoln treated Chief Justice Taney’s ruling like life advice from an eccentric aunt: he listened to it and then completely disregarded it.

It still isn’t clear if Lincoln really had to trample all over the Constitution to win the war, but he did win it. Yes, it’s more likely John Wilkes Booth was a crazy white supremacist in love with an idea of the south that never existed, rather than a constitutional law scholar, but maybe there’s a reason he shouted “Sic Semper Tyrannous” – “thus always to tyrants” – when he shot Lincoln.


Everybody who studied American history from Hollywood movies knows nothing of note happened in the United States after the Civil War until World War II. You know the story. One minute it’s all top hats and horses and the next it’s cars and planes and Pearl Harbor, with the war that launched a thousand first-person shooters somewhere in between.

But you might remember some stuff about a few dusty-looking, starving farmers in there, too. It’s the 1930’s, the Great Depression is in full force, and FDR thinks he has just the solution. No, it’s not converting every factory in the country into a war machine production center, kick-starting the economy with industrial jobs for everybody and crippling all foreign competition in the process. That comes later. Right now, he’s set on his host of social programs known as the New Deal.

Remember when Lincoln encountered some pretty beleaguered opposition when he applied whiteout to a few lines in the Constitution? Well, by the 1930’s, in a time when the country wasn’t threatening to break into two, people had a little more respect for the Supreme Court. Meaning: Presidents just didn’t say “Nah” when their actions were labeled unconstitutional. Unfortunately for FDR, they were striking down his New Deal programs left and right.

So what’s a guy to do? Adjust his social programs so they conform to the standards of the founding document of our nation? I mean, he could try… or he could try appointing an additional six justices to the court who saw things his way.

That’s exactly what he proposed to do. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn’t go over too well. Even John Garner, FDR’s own vice president, didn’t even bother to pretend he thought it was an okay plan: the guy acted like a four year old listening to a lecture on the virtues of vegetables and the importance of sitting still and held his nose and gave the thumbs down as the plan was read aloud to Congress.

So FDR didn’t go through with his plan, but it was perhaps even bolder than Lincoln’s. If it worked, he wouldn’t even have had to pretend to listen to the Supreme Court’s opinion on anything, because he knew what his watered down version would say. Plus, after he threatened his move, the Supreme Court suddenly started finding parts of the New Deal constitutional. FDR knew how to get things done.

It’s election day in America. Maybe you’re planning on swinging by your polling place after work. Maybe you’ve already been. Either way, I hope that you really know the people you’re voting for – at least, as well as you possibly can. If history has taught us one thing, it’s that ruthlessness frequently masquerades as good intentions. Other times, we find that the document we love to cling to so uncompromisingly – the Constitution – is more a guideline than a holy stone tablet. Compromise has always been incredibly important to this nation’s development: a lesson I hope we all heed when we head to the polls today.


Quarantining Obama


Obama Plays
“White House officials are preemptively spinning a midterm defeat, and they’re using their own fantasies to do it. They’re starting to blame candidates for not supporting President Obama enough.” Josh Kraushaar

“In a land as philosophically and politically divided as our country is, any time 64 percent agree on anything it’s time to take notice. Sixty-four percent of people polled by Politico say America is ‘out of control.’ Given the ever-growing list of crises piling up on us, it’s a wonder that 64 percent isn’t higher.” Steve Tefft

“We are witnessing the total collapse of a bad idea. Obamaism, a quasi-socialist commitment to a more powerful government at home and an abdication of American leadership around the world, is being exposed as a historic calamity. It is fueling domestic fear and global disorder and may well lead to a world war.” – Michael Goodwin

“Obama’s learning curve has been steep. And he’s still climbing it. By my calculations, Barack Obama should be adequately qualified for his current job around 2072.” Jonah Goldberg

After nearly seven long years of incompetence, malfeasance, and outright treachery, it appears that Americans are ready at last to put Barack Obama into quarantine.  In fact, the man and his policies are so toxic that his friends are afraid to go near him.  Obama’s only demonstrable talent has been in transforming whatever he touches into a steaming pile of manure which he then claims was left behind by George Bush. His supporters — at least the ones still willing to be identified in public — have dwindled to a precious few paid White House flacks, Babs Streisand, and the editorial board of the New York Times. Hell, even his insignificant other has been catching her z’s in a separate bedroom.  But, as inconceivably horrible an administrator as Obama has been, no lone neo-Muslim Marxist metrosexual, no matter how glib, no matter how subversive, could have inflicted this amount of damage on a once stable Constitutional Republic without plenty of help.  As the late Yankee manager Casey Stengel once pointed out, “I couldn’t done it without my players.”

For all his narcissism, [Obama] didn’t make this mess alone. He was aided and abetted by every Democrat in Congress. They marched in lockstep with his cockamamie policies, from ObamaCare to open borders. They protected corrupt leaders in numerous federal agencies, from the IRS to the General Services Administration. They stymied efforts to find the truth about Benghazi and the Fast and Furious gunrunning debacle. They ceded their constitutional obligations and allowed Obama to crash the system of checks and balances. The vast majority stood silent while he gutted the military and abandoned our allies, including Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and courted Iran, the most menacing nation on earth. With painfully few exceptions, Democrats put their loyalty to him above their duty to America.  And now they must be punished. All of them. (Obama always pointing the finger of blame at someone else)

The maleficent cabal of socialists, communists, racial agitators, shameless opportunists, and larcenists who gather under the freak flag of the modern Democratic Party needs to be run out of town on a rail before they break anything else. Even the most intransigent of liberals should review what the Jackasses have done since 2009, and take the Old Perfessor’s advice to heart:

“You gotta learn that if you don’t get it by midnight, chances are you ain’t gonna get it, and if you do, it ain’t worth it.”‘

Election Day





CNN Poll: 70% Of Voters Are Angry At Direction The Country Is Headed…


Petraeus And Crocker Testify Before Senate On State Of Iraq War

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and CNN.

The “Hope and Change” that Barack Obama rode into Washington DC on seems to have evaporated, leaving him to face a fully GOP controlled Congress for the last two years of his tenure as President.

Poll after poll is showing that all Americans are getting fed up with Obama’s globalization tendencies and his socialization schemes.

Not a poll Democrats want to see with the November elections right around the corner…

Via CNN:

Washington (CNN) — Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats one week before the midterm elections, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows.

Democrats are battling to try and save the Senate majority, while hoping to prevent more losses in the House, which the GOP controls by a 234 to 201 margin.

In the Senate, Republicans need a net gain of six seats, and several state polls in the past month of contested races show that Democrats are in danger of losing control of the majority, and thus Congress. Currently, Democrats control the Senate by a 55-45 margin with two of those seats held by independents that align themselves politically with Democrats.

Read the full story here.




Allen West Comes Forward With Evidence of Voter Fraud


vote twice

What voter fraud?

For another, in what looks to become a series of stories here at CH 2.0, we turn to former Representative from Florida, Colonel Allen West. The Conservative Tribune reports that voter fraud is more widespread than the left or the MSM would want us to believe.

 allen west guardian of the republicNo matter how hard you try to convince them, liberals are convinced that voter fraud is just some bogey man created in the minds of racist conservatives to justify implementing voter ID laws that disenfranchise black people.

Of course, these people are out of touch with reality, as voter fraud is very real and it happens in every election. A recent study found that voter fraud could impact over 1,000,000 votes, which is more than enough to affect the outcome of a presidential election. We’ve also documented cases of illegal aliens voting in Ohio and Florida, which are both key swing states.

One only has to wonder how different the outcome of the 2012 election might have been but for the rampant voter fraud.

Colonel West has gone public with evidence of voter fraud in Florida.

He shared a story from Gregg Prentice on how 3,000 voters were caught illegally using the address of a UPS store as their legal residence, and elections supervisors did nothing about it, even though they are legally mandated to do so.

From Colonel West’s website:

If there is one thing I learned in the 2012 election cycle, it was about voter fraud. My conservative warrior associate, Katherine Engelbrecht, and her organization, True the Vote, took up the mantle against the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, who admitted to sending “questionable” results to the Florida Secretary of State. It was somewhat disheartening that the Florida Secretary of State and Attorney General sat back, watched the news reports, and did nothing.

With that background, I’d like to share a story written by Gregg Prentice: “Voter Fraud? If they’re not catching the easy stuff, what else are they missing?”

Prentice asks, are some of Florida’s Supervisors of Elections skirting the law? Supervisors are tasked with maintaining an accurate voter roll. One of the requirements of the Supervisors is to ensure voters provide a legal residence address. Yet a December 2013 analysis shows more than 3,000 voter registrations statewide listing their residence address at a UPS store, potentially illegally.

[Quote from the Prentice story]: “Florida Law is clear and, with minor exception, requires that voter registrations listing other than an address of legal residence should not be accepted, because they are “ineligible” (F.S. 98.045 (1)(h)). In fact, it’s actually a felony to willfully submit any false voter registration information (F.S.104.011(2)). Accordingly, if these “ineligible” registrations are found to exist, Florida statutes also provide for their prompt correction or removal (F.S. 98.075(6) & (7)).”

florida voter registration

So there you go. It’s a felony for this to have happened, but how can it be that a citizen watchdog had to uncover this Florida voter fraud while the people paid with our taxpayer dollars have not a clue? Is it not a mandated responsibility of the Florida State Supervisors of Elections to maintain these voter address rolls? I’d say so.

A review of the state-mandated voter registration list reveals that of the 3,000 UPS store registrations:

– 1,200 match addresses already known as commercial that were ignored
– 500 match addresses erroneously marked as residential
– 1,100 have no match at all.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so it looks like voter fraud IS occurring, and in numbers big enough to make a difference.

Conservative Tribune story.

Colonel Allen West’s story on his website.

Gregg Prentice story on Dr. Rich Swier’s website.


ObamaCare: The Best Thing For The Conservative Movement Since Ronald Reagan


ObamaCare may accomplish what Republicans and Tea Party members could not. It may reverse the Road to Socialism that this country has been on for the better part of a century. (Source: Monty Pelerin’s World)

With all due respect for one of my favorite pundits, Pelerin my be a tad optimistic to think the failure of ObamaCare could reverse this country’s journey down the Road to Socialism. But, I do agree that Obama’s legacy is going to take a serious hit as more and more young adults become aware of how badly they are being screwed by ObamaCare. Unfortunately, most won’t learn for a while yet because of the ObamaCare web site disaster. (Fox News reports that one expert estimates that as many as 5,000,000 lines of code may have to be rewritten.) They will learn sooner or later that ObamaCare will force to pay more for health insurance that has a higher deductible. Then they will recall what that crazy guy, Ted Cruz, was trying to warn them about. They are going to learn that those free lunch programs they voted for have to be paid for by someone and this time it is them that will have to pay. They have consistently supported President Obama’s wealth redistribution policies. But, they are not going to be so happy when they realize that ObamaCare redistributes wealth from the working poor and middle class to those who can not afford health insurance. They are going to realize that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi designed ObamaCare to do just that. They are going to learn what we conservatives have always known: socialism is great for those who don’t have to pay for it.

Although I do not agree that ObamaCare alone will cause America to reverse the course it is on, I do agree with the case that  Pelerin makes that Obama and the Democrats are going to pay a price for their ObamaCare disaster:

The Democrats may have backed themselves into a corner from which there is no escape. They have taken an existential position on ObamaCare; they are all in and must fight for their Frankenstein monster no matter what.

ObamaCare represents President Obama’s signature program, arguably his only real success. For about a century universal healthcare has been the dream of every Socialist. Like all Socialist dreams, it looks better in the dream than when the lights go on. Now it is here with more than its share of warts and defects. The old warning about being careful what you wish for seems especially appropriate.

As the details of ObamaCare become known, it is likely that their blind commitment to this dysfunctional program will torpedo whatever advantage they might have gained from the shutdown. They are stuck defending what will increasingly be seen as indefensible.

Generally speaking, the American electorate suffers from having very short memories. However, the personal monthly cost increases of ObamaCare will serve as a constant reminder and we should see the tangible results in the 2014 mid-term elections. At least that is the straw at which I am currently grasping.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Asylum Watch


Democratic Party Government Shut Down Autopsy: Lies, Deception, and Did I Mention Lies?


As it had been breaking over the last 48 hours, we learned that the government shut down was planned for months in advance. In addition, we have some insights into who was working on it, and the motivation for it…

Jarret is called “the night stalker” by some White House staffers because she is the only aide who regularly goes upstairs to the White House residence and “hangs” with the entire Obama family.

It was Jarrett who advised Obama that voters would mostly blame Republicans if the federal government ground to a halt, providing a golden opportunity to swing back control of the House to Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections, according to Klein.

A Democratic House would give Obama an opportunity to pass immigration and other legislation blocked by the current Republican majority.

“It was during one of those nightly sessions that Jarrett devised the no-negotiating strategy that Obama has employed in his fight with the GOP over the government shutdown,” Klein said, citing sources within the administration.

“Valerie came up with the concept late at night, after the kids and grandma and were gone.”

“She convinced the president that a government shutdown and default offered a great opportunity to demonize the Republicans and help the Democrats win back a majority in the House of Representatives in 2014 .  

Valerie also came with the idea of using the words `hostage’, and `ransom,’ and `terrorists’ against the Republicans,’” Klein said.

We also knew what the democrats had planned as their next move…starving low information voters.

The memo leaked, which was issued on October 11th, has the USDA recommending that they begin withholding benefits from citizens beginning in November. Obama USDA fear mongering - threatens to withhold SNAP Benefits For November

We all know the panic that was caused by the EBT failures the previous weekend.  What was going to happen if Obama cut off the gravy, and then blamed the GOP?  We’d have to consider the fact that since so many of these people were (un)educated by the public schools, have been dependent of government handouts for a very long time, that they would eat whatever Obama told them, no matter the enormity of the lie.

There would have been widespread rioting, which the MSM would blame on the GOP, even though Obama was demonstrably behind it.

These are the people with which we are dealing.  Have I mentioned the word, “evil” regarding them lately?


How Republicans Can Win: Some Thoughts


Via Powerlineblog comes this excerpt from David Horowitz’s pamphlet “Go For the Heart: How Republicans Can Win”, which gives some good advice to those who would advance the protection of life, liberty, and property because out of the two parties only the Republican Party right now contains a sizable portion of people that are fighting for these values. From the pamphlet:

…After voters re-elected an administration that added five trillion dollars to the nation’s debt, left 23 million Americans unemployed, surrendered Iraq to America’s enemy Iran, and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of the largest country in the Middle East, the one lesson Republicans should agree on is that elections are driven by emotions, not reason. Moreover, when it comes to mobilizing emotions, Democrats beat Republicans hands down.

Worse, Republicans appear unable to learn from their losses. Year after year, Democrats accuse Republicans of the same imaginary crimes – waging wars on women, not caring about minorities, and inflicting pain on working Americans to benefit the wealthy. And year after year, Republicans have no effective responses to neutralize these attacks. Or to take the battle to the enemy’s camp….

…“Caring” is not one among many issues in an election. It is the central one. Since most policy issues are complicated, voters want to know above everything else just whom they can trust to sort out the complexities and represent them. Before voters cast their ballots for policies or values they want a candidate or party that cares about them.

How crucial is this concern? In the 2012 election, 70% of Asian Americans cast their ballots for Obama, even though Asians share Republican values, are family oriented, entrepreneurial, and traditional. Asian Americans voted for Obama because they were persuaded that he cared for minorities – for them, and Romney didn’t…

…(Republicans) avoid finger pointing – naming an adversary and holding him accountable. Elections are adversarial. They are about defeating opponents.

Elections are necessarily about “us” and “them.” Democrats are as adept at framing “them,” as Republicans are not. Democrats know how to incite envy and resentment, distrust and fear, and to direct these volatile emotions towards their Republican opponents. Meanwhile, Republicans are busy complaining about the style of the Democrats’ argument….

…An exit poll conducted by CNN asked, “What is the most important candidate quality to your vote?” Among the four choices were, “Strong Leader,” “Shares Your Values,” “Has A Vision for the Future,” and “Cares about People.” Romney won the first three by more than 54%. But he lost “Cares About People” by 81-18%. That says it all….

…(Republicans) are defensive, and they are whiny, and also complicated. Of course elections are divisive – that is their nature. One side gets to win and the other side loses. But even more troublesome is the fact that responses like (those that the Republicans give) require additional information and lengthy explanations to make sense. Appeals to reason are buried in the raucous noise that is electoral politics. Sorting out the truth would be a daunting task, even if voters were left alone to make up their minds…

The pamphlet goes on to discuss more lessons from the last election and ways that Republicans can win them- if they want to. I agree with a lot of these sentiments. After the first Presidential debate in which Romney stormed back into the race, I wrote after that “Governor Romney was successful in this debate into making this election into a decision on whether or not to continue Obama’s policies or change them” and “Romney appeared to be in the debate and attacking his policies and theories of government”, which resulted in a big win for Romney. But in the third debate, which sealed his eventual loss, I wrote after that “I don’t think Romney did what he needed to do in this debate to win the election- Obama was aggressive, critical, petty, and had a lot of good lines- and won the debate” and “Romney asked a question about Pakistan, answered the question with a lot of solid policies and well-thought out ideas- but no attacks on Obama though.” After the first debate I thought Romney had a chance to win it- after the last debate I wrote that he missed the chance- and the reason why is that he didn’t understand how to win elections.

Next election, I think we need to seriously think about nominating a winner for office- someone who has battled to win tough and bitter and rough primary and general elections for a range of offices. Someone who doesn’t pull punches, who rips his opponent when given an opening, and who realizes that this isn’t all just fun and games but is really important stuff. I don’t care about the prestige of the office, or caring about who is offended or pissed off- I want someone who cares passionately about not destroying our nation’s prosperity, future, liberty, freedoms, and life through bad policies. The policies are bad- and the people who advance them need to know this and aggressively and soundly know it.

So a rough campaigner next time who wins elections, instead of a solid and sensible choice who successful manages operations. Scott Walker? Chris Christie? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Bobby Jindhal? All of these people need to show me over the next four years that they can fight- and win.

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher

How Republicans Can Win: Some Thoughts


Americans Wake with Lower Pay Checks: Obama to Blame



Elections have consequences kids, and one of them is apparently a lower pay check.  For all of Obama’s promises to never raise taxes on the middle class, something went wrong.  What went wrong, you ask?  Well, people believed Obama, that’s what went wrong! Wyblog has more…

Apparently a lot of people were complaining about their paychecks being unexpectedly smaller.

Here’s the explanation from ADP:

The reduced 4.2% rate for employee Social Security taxes that was in effect for 2011 and 2012 has expired. The employee Social Security tax rate will return to 6.2% for 2013 wages up to the taxable wage limit of $113,700. Consequently, employees’ net pay under the taxable wage limit will decrease accordingly. The maximum Social Security tax that an employee would pay will be $7,049.40 for 2013.

And as it turns out, workers making $30,000 will take a bigger hit on their pay than those earning $500,000!

Middle-class workers will take a bigger hit to their income proportionately than those earning between $200,000 and $500,000 under the new fiscal cliff deal, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

Earners in the latter group will pay an average 1.3 percent more – or an additional $2,711 – in taxes this year, while workers making between $30,000 and $200,000 will see their paychecks shrink by as much as 1.7 percent – or up to $1,784 – the D.C.-based think tank reported.

Overall, nearly 80 percent of households will pay more money to the federal government as a result of the fiscal cliff deal.

But, you say, Obama said he’s never raise taxes.  You failed to recognize that Obama is a liar.  You voted for him?  well, that means that you failed to recognize all of the lies that he said in the first four years.  Perhaps you rely on one of the alphabet networks for your information?  Sucks to be you, because they lie for Obama.

There are people out there that think that people are finally going to “get it.”  I’m afraid to announce that most people are not going to “get it.”  Instead, they are going to blame anything or anyone other than Obama.  The Democrats, and their useful idiot media will spin and lie, and most of the sheeple will bleat compliantly.  As I’ve been indicating, we are living in a “post reality” world.  It doesn’t matter what actually happens, or why it happened.  It only matters how it fits the narrative.


Eric Holder Speaks to NAACP Against Voter ID: Media had to Show Picture ID to Enter


In our modern society, picture ID is needed for quite a few things, like driving, for instance.  However, when it interferes with voter fraud (which clearly does not happennot ever), it’s the most racist thing ever!  However, labor unions must have an exception from this…

Apparently, it’s OK when the unions do it.  But what if the NAACP did it themselves?  GateWay Pundit has the answer…

Via the Joe Pags Show :

*******MEDIA ADVISORY*******


WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver remarks at the NAACP National Convention during the plenary session on TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. EDT/11:00 a.m. CDT.

WHO: Attorney General Eric Holder

WHAT: Remarks at the NAACP National Convention

12:00 p.m. EDT/
11:00 a.m. CDT

WHERE: George R. Brown Convention Center
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So, unions can check ID, and the NAACP can check ID, but preventing voter fraud is a big no-no!

NOTE:  I know the top post image is a fake.  I think it’s funny.  If you don’t like it, get over yourself.


Obama Campaign Cries About Being Outspent When Unions Have Spent Billions Since 2005


Yes friends, that’s billions with a “b.”  I regularly receive emails from the Obama propaganda squad (the official one, not MSNBC).  And, for my own amusement, I read them.  The latest theme is that they are going to be outspent by Romney.  However, ironically, it wasn’t unfair or tragic when Obama outspend McCain in 2008.

At any rate, it appears that the evil rich are easily outstripped in spending by those perennial democrat allies, the union goons.  Doug Ross (no relation), has the details…

The executive summary: political spending by labor unions blows away private contributions by the rich, the poor, and everyone in between:

Organized labor spends about four times as much on politics and lobbying as generally thought

…The new figures come from a little-known set of annual reports to the Labor Department in which local unions, their national parents and labor federations have been required to detail their spending on politics and lobbying since 2005…

…The result is that labor could be a stronger counterweight than commonly realized to “super PACs” that today raise millions from wealthy donors…

…The hours spent by union employees working on political matters were equivalent in 2010 to a shadow army much larger than President Barack Obama’s current re-election staff, data analyzed by the Journal show…

Here is an image that I collected for the next Facebook Friends Pics post.  It follows a rather similar theme, but only counts federal campaigns and lobbying…

Yep, it’s those evil corporation buying elections!


Unions Contributions Expected to Exceed 450 Million Dollars in the Coming Election


And, it’s really an opportunity.  But, before I explain that tidbit, let’s get some details on the spending, from the Politico…

Top labor leaders say they expect to spend more than ever on both state and federal contests this year. And if recent elections are any indicator, unions could drop more than $450 million, which they reportedly doled out in the 2008 election.

The union playbook: safeguard Democratic governors’ seats, flip state legislatures and hamstring anti-union ballot initiatives.

Kindly give the article a read, as it appears to be factual.

So, what are we to take from this?

1.  The unions are stretched pretty thin this year.  They spent millions in 2010 to protect their regressive allies in office, and took a drubbing at the polls.  Last year, they spent millions in Wisconsin and Ohio, trying to undo laws, and prompting recall elections.  They have to be stretched quite a bit with the constant funding for attacks on Conservatives.

2.  As I pointed out in February, unions are losing funds due to right to work, and laws that make union dues voluntary…

  For more, kindly take a look at this excerpt from Big Government…

Over the past year, several states – including WisconsinTennessee and Idaho – have passed legislation freeing teachers from the shackles of compulsory union membership.

Now that membership has become voluntary, a growing number of teachers are choosing to quit the union, which is causing hard times for the nation’s largest teachers union.

A new report finds the National Education Association has revised its membership numbers downward – from 3.2 million to just over 3 million.

According to Mike Antonucci of the Education Intelligence Agency website, the hemorrhaging of members is contributing to the NEA’s $17 million deficit, which may force union leaders to lay off employees and cut aid to state affiliates.

So, they are already stressed by their previous spending, and are even laying off their own workers.

So then, what if it wasn’t several states, but ten, or fifteen, or even twenty?  What if they lost 20-30% of their memberships, because they rank and file could CHOOSE whether or not they wanted to be in a union, or pay dues?  What could the unions do then? There is where the opportunity lies.  But instead, the Stupid Party seems to do the following; they go one at a time, or a few at time, and the others (who might contemplate acting) sit back, wringing their hands nervously, awaiting what will happen with the few that try.  Then, the unions are able to focus their maximum force (funds, ads, goons, and the like) on the few.  Then, the others either try piecemeal (and get equally mauled), or are scared off entirely.  This is what Rommel exploited in North Africa, when he famously told a captured British officer…

“What difference does it make if you have two tanks to my one, when you spread them out and let me smash them in detail?”

As I described in my January post,  What can Conservatives Learn From Erwin Rommel?  We would benefit from hitting the opposition with overwhelming force, from multiple directions.  Maybe we can’t be Rommel, but we certainly can be Montgomery, who was a master at the war of attrition.

All it takes is some vision,with a comprehensive, and coordinated plan.  States would not have to do the exact same thing, but do what is right, given their own situation.  Some might make dues voluntary.  Others might pass a Right to Work law.  Still others might reform pensions and health care contributions.  No matter the exact reform, they need to happen as close together as possible.  Even if not every initiative or vote is won, enough will be taken to free more and more workers from the union trap, and at the same time, weaken the union bosses.

Can anyone else see this?  If some small blogger can see this, why can’t anyone in the Stupid Party?


The MSM is not Biased; The MSM is not Biased


Just keep saying it long enough, and the MSM really won’t be biased…right?

I don’t think so.

Isn’t it great when all the talking heads come out saying almost the exact same thing as the POTUS?   Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters has this video…

It’s just a coincidence?  Yeah, and I have some magic beans to sell you.

As for the claim itself, it reminded me of the recent “let’s reform Jimmy Carter’s image by saying he was productive.” effort.  Sadly, for this Congress, no amount of lying will repair their image.  Let’s take a quick look at their “accomplishments:”

The Porkulus: Spend nearly a trillion dollars on turtle tunnels, among other things, and watch unemployment go up!

Majorities: Have unbeatable majorities in both houses, and spend most of a year working on ObamaCare.  In the meantime, you don’t pass other major initiatives, like Cap and Trade and Card Check.

ObamaCare: Speaking of ObamaCare, you pass a 2000+ page law, get surprised by what is in it, and then watch in horror as everything that Conservatives (and especially Sarah Palin) said about it come to pass.

Tea Parties: When there a popular movement forms against you.  Insult them, because that always works. Come to think of it, call them racists too.  That helps!

Electoral Bloodbath: The people go to the polls in November, and vote you out in record numbers.  When faced with this, the acceptable course of action is to try to get as much of your agenda passed with what little time you have left.  It also apparently helps to insult the voters, and have a lot parties to celebrate your ‘accomplishments.”

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  This Congress was a train wreck.  No only did they fail to get many of their major initiatives passed, the ones they did have already failed to perform as advertised, or they have been ineffective at meeting their objectives.

In the end, this is another nail in the coffin that is the MSM’s credibility, as if they had any left.  Defending this turkey is like being a character witness for Charles Manson.  No matter how many times you say it, no one is going to believe you.

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