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Electoral College

Dems Push for a National Popular Vote – Reader Post

TCL over at The Conservative Lady (which is an awesome site), has news that George Soros and the Democrats are once again pushing for a change in our national elections.   Graphic via:  Evil Klown – Exposing Idiocy This is an old cartoon. I guess it should now say “…the most Facebook friends”.   I’ve posted on this subject in 2011, and now it’s coming back into the forefront.  The New American and Dick Morris are reporting that the Democrats have a plan to “transform” our county’s voting system, and not in a good way.  The plan is for the […]

Forget The Constitution. Let’s Elect Our Presidents By Popular Vote: A View of National Popular Vote

Every four years we have an election in the United States to decide who will be our president. And, every presidential election the question arises as to why we use the indirect electoral vote method for choosing our presidents instead of a direct popular vote method. This is especially true when an election is close as the case in the Bush – Gore election of 2000. To my knowledge, every democracy that isn’t a parliamentary system, elects their presidents by popular vote. The United States is the exception. In the United States, the voters in each of the fifty states, […]

Blog Focus: Negating the Electoral College and the Trolls that Love it

Over the years, there has been some talk from the “progressives” about doing way with the Electoral College.  I remember folks in the Clinton Administration talking about it in the 90’s.  It came back again in 2000.  Lately, there are a number of states that have been passing laws to do just that.  I first heard about this at Kristen’s Mishmash.  Here is a quote from her original article on Bypassing the Electoral College… A bill is working its way through the Massachusetts state legislature that would bypass the electoral college and give all electoral votes to the candidate who […]