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Elizabeth Warren

Election 2012: Communist Party Thrilled That Obama Won

But at least he’s not a Communist, right?  Apparently, the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) thinks rather highly of the POTUS.  Not only did they endorse Obama, they are quite happy that he won.  Here is more, from The People’s World, one of the sites of the CPUSA… Though many of the state margins were narrow President Obama ran the table winning every swing or battleground state with the possible exception of Florida where votes are still being counted as of 5:30 this morning. President Obama also won the popular vote by 2 million votes.  The President won 303 electoral votes […]

Elizabeth Warren Rally, No One Shows Up

We’ve been talking about the enthusiasm problem that the Democrats are facing.  While Romney/Ryan events turn away thousands, Democratic events are smaller, and shrinking by the day.  The latest example comes from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren held a rally, and no one seemed to show up. But, this isn’t simply a story about the growing enthusiasm.  No, it’s also about the media bias that hides the enthusiasm gap.  Legal Insurrection has the  pic and video.  First up, the media coverage of the event… Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty and five former mayors of the city gathered in front […]

The Warren Report: Fauxcahontas Walks The Trail Of Jeers

For Elizabeth Warren — Harvard Law School progressive, self-proclaimed Cherokee maid, and Oklahoma house flipper — the path to Chappaquiddick Teddy’s old Senate seat has turned into a Trail of Jeers.  Even her Tribe has disowned her, despite the compelling evidence she has presented in support of her claim of membership: …Warren was listed in the early 1990s as a minority professor at Harvard University, but the only proof Warren has of her claim of 1/32nd Cherokee blood is family stories about high cheek bones … To liberal kemosabes like Bernie Quigley, however, Fauxcahontas isn’t Right, so she can’t be […]

Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: May 2012

Well folks, it’s time to vote for the Useful Idiot of the Month for May 2012.  It started with May Day, and the promise of mayhem from OWS.  It ended with the Brett Kimberlin story,  In between were nuggets if pure useful idiocy.  Here are the nominations, as chosen by the CH 2.0 readership… 1.  Brett Kimberlin, by Harrison at Capitol Commentary 2.  Joe Biden, by The Conservative Lady 3.  Chris Hayes, by the noble and mighty King Shamus 4.  Elizabeth Warren, by Bunkerville 5.  Meghan McCain, by our own CH 2.0 Contributor John Carey of the Sentry Journal And […]

Your Character Matters, Not Mine

After reading this week’s Michael Tomasky piece in The Daily Beast titled “The Media’s Foolish Elizabeth Warren Witch Hunt”, I couldn’t help but take note in the hypocrisy he has displayed.  By now, everyone knows about Elizabeth Warren’s embarrassing claims of Chrokee relations and, to Tomasky’s credit, few consider it as a real issue.  Michael has gone so far as to tell us that we shouldn’t care; mostly because …nobody cares. Mr. Tomasky goes on to compare the “witch hunt” to that of  during the Lewinsky scandal.  The comparison is simple again – nobody should have cared because nobody cared.  […]

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