Glenn Beck on Agenda 21


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Glenn Beck has some rather well made, and very creepy, commercials on Agenda 21.  Take a look for your self…

There are a number of links on the site regarding Agenda 21, I’ll be posting a compilation later.  Let’s just say that you ought to know what Agenda 21 is, and how it will one day affect you.


Stupid is as Stupid Does:Three Stories


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With all that is going on in America and in the world that has impact our lives and the futures of our children, it is not surprising that a lot of news passes under the radar, sort of speak. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is a conspiracy within the MSM to keep some news under the radar because they don’t want the world to know just how outrageously stupid Americans can be at times.

We have come to expect people in government to do stupid things. In fact that is the norm and it is not just an American phenomena. Two of today’s stories have to do with government. But, we generally tend to think that the people in charge of major corporations would likely be very smart people. The first story today will prove that this theory doesn’t always hold up.

China Dupes General Motors Again

From a recent American Thinker article we learn

It’s  déjà vu all over again!  GM again caves to Chinese pressure.  In  September it was the electric car.  In April it was the  Cadillac.

Allow me to explain what is going on. To do business in China, like many socialist countries, a foreign company like General Motors must have a cinese partner. In this case, the Chinese partner is a company that goes by the accrmym of SAIC. But, not only does GM have to take on a Chinese partner, they are required by the Chinese government to share all of their technology with the partner. And, what does SAIC do with that shared technology? Well, they go off and build a wholly owned factory of their own and produce a clone to compete directly with General Motors.

Can somebody explain to me how this is good business for General Motors? I ask that question because here is what is going to happen. In exchange for some short-term profits (maybe), GM is going to give up its technology and eventually they are going to lose their market share to SAIC’s other company and SAIC will probably end up the proud 100% owner of the factory that GM built with its capital. I have to wonder if GM’s US partner, the US Government, has had a hand in these decisions. Whatever, it looks pretty stupid to me.

Abuse of Government Freebies

Here is a government freeby program that I had no idea it existed. Bid you know that the FCC  (I tried without success to find out when this program started) has a program called Lifeline for low-income folks to have phone service? Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observation has this story. The FCC Lifeline program was originally to provide low-income people with landline phone service in case there were emergencies that needed to be reported. Later on the program was extended to provide free cell phones and even free smart phones. Here is a quote from Arkansas’ Republican Congressman Tim Griffin

“People are not only getting [one free cell phone], they’re getting multiples. There are reports of people getting 10, 20, 30 — just routinely getting more than one, selling them, storing them up, whatever,” Griffin said

This freeby program is costing taxpayer about $1 billion per year.  You see, although government people are stupid , poor people are not so stupid. These phones come with 100 minutes or more of free use. So, what happens? A poor person goes to a participating store and they get their free smart phone. Then they go to another and another participating store and get more phones. They use up their free minutes and sell the phones and start the process al over again. So, Mr. McQuain has a question for you

…Ever wonder what that line on your bill that says “universal service fund” was all about?  Well, this is what it’s about.  Your government giving away cell phones with no apparent accountability and you paying for them.

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Yup! We always pay for government stupidity, don’t we?

A Nanny Never Sleeps

I swear these people stay up nights divining problems that government must solve by creating another law. This low flying news also comes to us thanks to Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observations.  The Nanny in question is a  Kathy Webb, a state Representative from Arkansas. She thinks frying hamburgers is dangerous to the environment.

Webb has submitted Interim Study Proposal 2011-201, an act “to declare an emergency” over the alleged crisis. Frying hamburgers is now The People’s Business of the Highest Order.

Webb’s bill claims food grease presents an emergency risk of sewer overflows that threatens the environment. “It is in the public interest to establish a Fat, Oil, and Grease Advisory Committee to study the recommended measures to better ensure that the collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of fat, oil, and grease are done in a manner that is protective of the environment,” reads the bill.

And, there is more

According to the bill, the state will appoint a 14 (!) member committee “with adequate staff and facilities” to study the frying-pan-grease emergency and recommend legislation, enforcement, and other emergency government action to fight food grease. Even after such action, the committee and its “adequate staff and facilities” will perpetually exist, convene, and soak up taxpayer resources.

Bruce has a response that is much better than anything I could come up with

Because that’s what government does.  It appoints “Grease Czars”, enthrones them in perpetuity “with adequate staff and facilities” and then wastes taxpayer money trying to enforce unenforceable laws passed by morons.

Yeah, stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is a commodity that we never seem to run short of.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


Environmentalists See Genghis Khan as Hero Because of the Millions he Killed?


Throughout the history of the world, there have been many religions and movements that have been based around the fact that the world was once perfect before people spoiled it. Followers of these religions believe that mankind is evil and the source of corruption in society, and that society would be better if corrupted man were killed or removed from society. This hatred for people leads these groups and religions to push for policies that limit people and attack what it means to be person

These haters of people attack the right to life by pushing for abortion and a casual relationship with capital punishment, they attack the right to live in freedom by taking choices and decisions away from people and giving this power to the elites who believe that they have removed their own corruption and evilness through various rites or beliefs, and they attempt to destroy the right of people to keep and earn property by taking their wealth from those they view as evil and keeping it for themselves.

This hatred of what it means to be a person- the rights to life, liberty, and private property rights- for many years has been battled by Greek philosophy, Christianity, natural rights theories, and the United States of America. But in recent years, environmentalists discovered a unique way to attack people and push for hatred of of living on others- they will make the very breath of living man evil and preach that the only way cure the perfect world from the evil of man is to stop the production of carbon dioxide.

If the production of carbon dioxide is wrong and evil and hurts the environment, then it should naturally follow that mankind, which breathes out carbon dioxide with every breath, is also wrong and hurting the environment. And therefore to restoreMother Earth to her perfect state before man, these haters of people created models that attempt to show the effect of carbon dioxide on the global atmosphere and through these models push policies that limit people- that push for one-child or no-child policies in developing nations, that limit the production of food and resources so that many starve and die, that limit expansion of industry and energy production so that we all may be poorer, and to attempt to seize property and cause its more inefficient distribution so that life is lessened.

These models are proven wrong over and over, and other processes that better explain the natural functions of the globe are ignored and suppressed, because these people desire in their hearts someone who will kill many millions of people and make the world a better place by doing so. These environmentalists- the real ones who work on the inner circle, not the people who are just innocent pawns in their game- desire someone like Genghis Khan, who is considered by some to be history’s greenest conqueror.

Genghis Khan, you see, did what environmentalists and haters of life want- he killed many people and in doing so reduced global emissions of carbon dioxide and left great areas of land so depopulated that they reverted once again to nature:

Genghis Khan’s Mongol invasion in the 13th and 14th centuries was so vast that it may have been the first instance in history of a single culture causing man-made climate change, according to new research out of theCarnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology, reports

Unlike modern day climate change, however, the Mongol invasion cooled the planet, effectively scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

So how did Genghis Khan, one of history’s cruelest conquerors, earn such a glowing environmental report card? The reality may be a bit difficult for today’s environmentalists to stomach, but Khan did it the same way he built his empire — with a high body count.

Over the course of the century and a half run of the Mongol Empire, about 22 percent of the world’s total land area had been conquered and an estimated 40 million people were slaughtered by the horse-driven, bow-wielding hordes. Depopulation over such a large swathe of land meant that countless numbers of cultivated fields eventually returned to forests.

In other words, one effect of Genghis Khan’s unrelenting invasion was widespread reforestation, and the re-growth of those forests meant that more carbon could be absorbed from the atmosphere.

According to the research, other events that were ‘good for the environment’ and that ‘scrubbed the world’ of the breath of man were “the Black Death in Europe, the fall of China’s Ming Dynasty and the conquest of the Americas.” Environmentalists and those who support their anti-people policies- higher taxes on energy production, restrictive rules on development of land, removing land from development, diverting resources from productive industries into unproductive industries, centralizing power under elites, pushing for less children to be born, causing thousands to starve or die of environmental causes with their war on food production and industry in third world nations, etc- desire these sorts of events and want to cause more of them. It is in the death and destruction of man that they find success for their causes.

Though Genghis Khan’s legacy as one of the world’s cruelest conquerors isn’t likely to change because of the unintended “green” consequences of his invasions, Pongratz hopes that her research can lead to land-use changes that someday might alter how future historians rate our environmental impact.

“Based on the knowledge we have gained from the past, we are now in a position to make land-use decisions that will diminish our impact on climate and the carbon cycle. We cannot ignore the knowledge we have gained,” she said.

We cannot ignore the stated goals of these environmentalists and those who support them like Barack Obama and Al Gore- ‘land-use’ policies that include the death of mankind, except for the elites who have been saved through their enlightenment and the sacrifices they make on the alter of their green god.

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher


A First Hand Report from Minot, North Dakota


As many of you are probably aware, Minot North Dakota has been devastated by flooding, displacing approximately 12,000 families.  What you may not know is that CH 2.0 contributor (and owner of the Sentry Journal), John Carey, is a resident of Minot.   Additionally, there are some accusations that the government allowed this flooding to occur to improve conditions for native species-man not among them.

To get the latest reports from Minot, as well as some disturbing reports of government malfeasance, John has graciously agreed to an interview.

Matt: John, what is the current situation in Minot?

John: The current situation in Minot is that the Mouse River has crested at
1561.72 feet and is now on a slow decline.  The last reading about an hour ago was 1,561.48.  This crest broke the 1881 record of 1558.52.  Currently there are roughly 12,000 families displaced and 4,200 homes affected by the flood. About 258 people required some type of community shelter.  The ND National Guard along with private contractors and city workers are monitoring the secondary levee system to ensure it holds.  Telephone land line service in the city is hit and miss.  We still have power and are currently under a boil water order because there is a chance some of our water may be contaminated.  The spirit of Minot residents is high.  Our community has really come together to face this challenge.

Matt: It sounds like the community has really come together.  Out of 12000 displaced families, only 258 needed some sort of assistance?  That seems to be a very small percentage.  What have the others done?

John: The others were absorbed by the community; friends and families opened their doors for the folks.  Some people had campers and set off on their own but for the most part the majority found refuge with people in the city.  It was an all hands on deck mindset to help people evacuate the flood zones, sandbag their homes, and find them a place to stay.  No FEMA trailers required in Minot.  The people of this city are simply amazing.  Their actions in this time of crisis is an example to be emulated.
Matt: That is truly inspiring.  It seems that people can take care of themselves.  That is the good news, but there seems to be a dark side to this situation.  We have heard that this flooding was allowed to happen in order to meet some environmental agenda.  Could you tell us about that?

John: I’m not sure if it has to do with an environmental agenda but I do know that if you talk to some of the old timers around here they have their own opinion on it.  I was talking to an individual in a local store the other day and he informed me that because Lake Darling Dam is part the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge which owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service there is a minimum water level requirement that must be maintained in the lake to preserve the habitat for wildlife.  The Army Corps of Engineers are charged with managing the water levels however they are restricted from releasing water below a certain level because of these requirements.  This appears to be
common knowledge with many of the life long residents.  I haven’t had the time to do the research on this subject but what I do know is that snow packs in Canada this year were at record levels.  There were many questions why more water wasn’t released from the Lake Darling Dam in March and April to make room for this inevitable run off.  One major weather event in Canada could create a situation where the Lake Darling Dam would be overwhelmed.  And this is exactly what happened; a severe rain event  near the Rafferty Dam in Saskatchewan caused the reservoir to fill and forced a massive release of water.
The Lake Darling Dam was overwhelmed because it did not have the room to take on so much water so it had release large volumes of water. This was the main source of the water that flooded Minot.  The question remains; why weren’t the water levels lowered significantly in March and April if we already knew their was going to be a higher than normal run off in the spring?  I plan to do more research on this.  Something doesn’t smell right.

Matt: John, here is an excerpt from the American thinker Article that prompted me to contact you.  I’d like your reaction…

Things turned absurd from there.  An idea to restore the nation’s rivers to a natural (pre-dam) state swept through the environmental movement and their allies.  Adherents enlisted the aid of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), asking for an updated “Biological Opinion” from the FWS that would make ecosystem restoration an “authorized purpose” of the dam system.  The Clinton administration threw its support behind the change, officially shifting the priorities of the Missouri River dam system from flood control, facilitation of commercial traffic, and recreation to habitat restoration, wetlands preservation, and culturally sensitive and sustainable biodiversity.

Congress created a committee to advise the Corps on how best to balance these competing priorities.  The Missouri River Recovery and Implementation Committee has seventy members.  Only four represent interests other than environmentalism.  The recommendations of the committee, as one might expect, have been somewhat less than evenhanded.

The Corps began to utilize the dam system to mimic the previous flow cycles of the original river, holding back large amounts of water upstream during the winter and early spring in order to release them rapidly as a “spring pulse.”  The water flows would then be restricted to facilitate a summer drawdown of stream levels.  This new policy was highly disruptive to barge traffic and caused frequent localized flooding, but a multi-year drought masked the full impact of the dangerous risks the Corps was taking.

This year, despite more than double the usual amount of mountain and high plains snowpack (and the ever-present risk of strong spring storms), the true believers in the Corps have persisted in following the revised MWCM, recklessly endangering millions of residents downstream.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt agrees, calling the management plan “flawed” and “poorly thought out.”  Sen. Blunt characterized the current flooding as “entirely preventable” and told reporters that he intends to force changes to the plan.

Perhaps tellingly, not everyone feels the same apprehension toward the imminent disaster.

Greg Pavelka, a wildlife biologist with the Corps of Engineers in Yankton, SD, told the Seattle Timesthat this event will leave the river in a “much more natural state than it has seen in decades,” describing the epic flooding as a “prolonged headache for small towns and farmers along its path, but a boon for endangered species.”  He went on to say, “The former function of the river is being restored in this one-year event. In the short term, it could be detrimental, but in the long term it could be very beneficial.”

It certainly seems to me that this was the environmental agenda that they were following.  What  do you think?

John: It does appear there is more to the story of just how we reached this
point in Minot just below the surface.  When you start to e peel back  the layers, more questions start crop up.  I know back in February when it was determined that this year’s spring run off would be much higher than normal the Fish and Wildlife Service turned over water management responsibility to the Army Corps of Engineers.  The key words are ” water management”.  Water management can mean a number of things. It can mean finding a balance between the levels of water needed to be maintained to preserve a natural environment for wildlife. However one of the main responsibilities of the Corps is to manage the water to prevent of minimize flooding.  If their hands were tied by some sort agreement or regulation that prevented the effective management of the water levels at Lake Darling then we need to definitely investigate.  I mean we’re talking about the lives of 12,000 people and millions of dollars in damage.  It absolutely
sickens me to think that there is a possibility that this all could have been prevented.  At what point do we as a people say enough is enough?

Matt: Sadly, there is a stench to this situation, especially since there are some environmental types that are rejoicing over this.  What are some of the townspeople saying about these claims?

John: For the most part only a few people are asking the tough questions about how this could have happened.  I mean it was only a few months ago when the Corps announce we were good to go.  Most are still in shock about this terrible event and want to get back to some sort of normalcy in their lives.  Today FEMA announce 4,100 homes were inundated with water.  Out of that 4,100 about 800 homes fall in the category of a total loss and will need to be demolished.  It pains me a great deal to think of the loss; a loss that may have been preventable.  I’m making this issue my number one priority.  We need as a community to get to the bottom of this.  The way I see it is either this was gross water mismanagement by the Army Corps of Engineers or their hands were tied by environmental policies to the point where they could no longer effectively manage the water levels.

Matt: Any closing remarks on this topic John?

John: There were numerous unselfish acts during this entire ordeal.  The
community came together and found reserves of charity.  This was about
people helping people to save a house, a school, a church, and so on.
And in the end this is what it’s all about.  The way I see it, Minot
succeeded where others have failed during a crisis.  We will meet this
challenge, overcome it, and prevail.  Minot is stronger for it.

Matt: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  I know you have to be incredibly busy.  Good luck, and everyone in Minot will be in our prayers.

I think the most important part of this story is how people came together to help one another.  I found that to be truly inspiring.  FEMA has little to do there, and the people will clean up and rebuild.  And hopefully, the exposure of these polices will cause them to be reversed, preventing a repeat of this disaster every time the environmentalists want to revert back to nature.


Japan’s Struggle Against Giant Monsters Thwarted by Environmental Movement


When a local businessman left his home Monday morning to commute to work he was in for a surprise.  Sitting on top of his car was a giant Lepidoptera named “Mothra.”

“I had to wait a half hour for her to leave, and when she did she left a giant pile of excrement all over my lawn” said the businessman.  “You try telling your boss you’re going to be late because a giant butterfly crapped all over your lawn.”

But his troubles did not end there.  He was fined by Japans’ version of the Environmental Protection Agency for disposing of Mothra’s waste.

Said a spokesman for Japan’s EPA, “Giant prehistoric monster excrement is a proven nutrient which will help our drought-ridden farms.  I’m a government employee and I think I know a thing or two about waste.”

The businessman’s anger is not unique as Japan has adopted an official “hands-off” policy to its influx of illegal giant prehistoric monster immigration.

Despite the fact that Mothra has caused hundreds of millions worth of damage due to her abilities to spray opponents with a stream of silk (which in fact shut down major expressways) and her tendency to cause gale force winds with her wings that sometimes tear apart entire buildings (which led to the housing meltdown), the Japanese Government has officially welcomed the newcomers.

“This is our chance to build an immigration policy based on the Japanese tradition of openness.”

Second only to Mothra in terms of damage caused is Godzilla.

Since he first appeared in Tokyo Bay, Godzilla has caused much damage to the infrastructure of Tokyo, including downed power lines and subway cars torn in two.

A group calling itself “Citizens United in Support of Godzilla” has stated on their web site that any damage is not Godzilla’s fault but the government:

Godzilla is a peace-loving prehistoric creature.  I’m sure he has a perfectly rational explanation for the damage.  I think the government should think twice before putting up power lines that can so easily be knocked down by giant monsters.  We feel confident that if these were wind farms not power lines Godzilla would have left them alone.

Godzilla himself, appearing on Larry King, has stated that the downed power lines were an accident.

I was looking for a bathroom.  Come on.  I’m six million years old.  I got prostate problems.  The power lines were in my way.

As for the subway cars that were torn in two, Godzilla said that “I thought they were stool softeners.”

Despite growing opposition to the giant monsters, the Japanese Government and its environmental wing show no sign of ending their support for the monsters.

“I don’t care what the people think.  I don’t work for them” said Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.  “Mothra can relieve himself  on my lawn anytime.”

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