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Hamas Regarding Jews and the Holocaust: “They Had it Coming”

It’s a paraphrase, but once you see the actual comments, you’ll see what I mean.  A Hamas official was quoted as follows, via Weasel Zippers… How is it our fault? What did we have to do with your burning of the Jews? Were the Jews burned for no fault of their own? Their conspiracies and treachery are what led to their being burned. They conspired against all people – even against those who were benevolent toward them. They stabbed in the back even those who were good to them. They command no good and forbid no evil. Germany knows this […]

The Reality of European Antisemitism

The truth is that anti-Semitism in Europe never went away, just went underground.  It has surfaced with vengeance.  Europe is not safe for any Jew to live in or visit. The NYTimes reported that Jews in Europe are reporting an increase in antisemitism. BRUSSELS — Fear of rising anti-Semitism in Europe has prompted nearly a third of European Jews to consider emigration because they do not feel safe in their home country, according to a detailed survey of Jewish perceptions released Friday by a European Union agency that monitors discrimination and other violations of basic rights. The survey, by the […]

Socialism And Communism Are Contrary To Christianity

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is a friend of Ed Morrissey who gives a response refuting the popular myth that the Church’s “social justice” mission is compatible with Socialism and Communism. Rev. Marcel Guarnizo counters the belief that the ideas of socialist revolution and Communism have a place at the table with Christianity.  Many, even in the Catholic Church, believe that Christianity shares some ideals with the socialist revolution.  It seems to them that Socialism, Communism, and Christianity all help the poor. Father Guarnizo outlines and exposes the errors of Communism.  Father Marcel Guarnizo writes: “The difference between the two was captured well by a joke […]

Election 2012: America Votes for Free Stuff

President Obama has been reelected. Yes.  You heard correctly.  President Obama has been reelected. Four years of recession. Four years of scandal. Allies insulted. Enemies bowed to. Ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets. Debt increased by five billion. Obamacare set to take effect. All this. And America still reelected a small, petty, vicious man who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington. I for one welcome my new overlords in the mainstream media. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Death Panels. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Muslim world.  First amendment?  It insults Allah! […]

2012 Turning Into Battle Between Successful American and Bankrupt European models?

Some of you probably don’t enjoy the ‘Obama everyday’ approach that some blogs have adopted, and I have also struggled with this, but the truth of the matter is that this Presidential campaign is increasingly becoming a story between two opposing forces and a good storyteller (me) should always focus on the main characters in that battle. The battle lines have been drawn up. On one side is President Barack Obama, who has taken the lead in the new-look Democratic Party and is being followed by assorted people like Senator Stabenow and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi. He has declared war on […]

Is It Too Late? Is It EnevitableThat The Debt Will Crush The World Economy?

It has been a while since I have done a post on the economy and the debt bubble that has engulfed the United States and Europe and most of the world. In part this because the subject is so depressing. It is difficult for me, as I read more and more about the debt crisis, to see any way that the US or the world, for that matter, can work its way out from under the crushing weight of the debt they have incurred. In the United States, we tend to focus on our $16 trillion national debt, which is […]

Um, Help me With the Math: How Can Sandra Fluke Afford to Travel About Europe, but Can’t Manage $9 Birth Control?

I must humbly ask my readers for help, as I am in quandary of sorts.  If you recall, concerned 23 year-old Law Student 30 year-old feminazi activist Sandra Fluke was struggling, along with her fellow students, to pay for $9 a month birth control pills.  It was a terrible thing, you know,  having to pay for one’s own birth control pills.  It was in that great moment that we learned Catholic institutions had to pay for her sex life. But, here’s my confusion; while I know that $9 a month might be really hard for a struggling feminazi to manage, is traveling Europe […]

Gridlock: It's not a Flaw, It's a Feature


The pundits often complain of gridlock, and how government cannot get anything “done” for the people.  While we would certainly argue that what is often done does little more than make matters worse, but that isn’t exactly today’s topic matter.  What we are really talking about is the fact that our Founders planned for, and sought to prevent rapid, sweeping changes to government and society.  The American Prospect, a regressive publication, t has a rather interesting article on the subject, and unintentionally makes many points for us… Washington has ground to a halt, paralyzed by a political division deeper than […]

Double Dumb Is Leading To Double Dip


The markets, although a tad late in my opinion, are signaling that they have no faith that Europe or the United States are going to be able to get their economies growing again  any time soon. The bad news doesn’t let up. Here are just a couple of headlines to demonstrate my point: Stock futures signal another day of losses. Report: Bank of America cutting at least 3,500 jobs Does anyone doubt that the markets are right not to have any faith in our leaders to get the economy going again? Have you seen any evidence coming from either the […]

Has The Time To Pay The Piper Arrived?


It is sure beginning to look that way, isn’t it? that seems to be the message the markets are sending. This is not the article I intended to post today. In fact, I had already written one that was related to this article in The Telegraph. It is an excellent article of insight into the European mess relative to the US mess. The author points out that there is a fundamental difference between Europe and the US that has its roots in our unique history and which is exemplified by the Tea Parties and our Tea Party representatives in the Congress […]


On this date in 1944, Allied forced mad their landings in Normandy.  It is still, and probably always will be, the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted.  While the Third Reich had less than a year left, there was much bloody and brutal fighting left to go.  To properly commemorate the sacrifice and efforts of the rapidly departing, “greatest generation,” here is some comments from Ronald Reagan. If any veterans are reading this, thank you for your service.  

Europe Watches in Horror as Stupid Americans Reject Opportunity to be Just Like Them

As the U.S. election returns came in and the size of the Republican victory became apparent, Europe sat transfixed, consumed by the knowledge that once again, stupid Americans were rejecting the opportunity to be more European. Sitting in a cafe on the left bank in Paris and enjoying his five hour lunch, Pierre Le Surrender spoke to this reporter. Ze Americans are stupid.  They reject Obama.  Obama is one of us!  He understands Europe and hopefully will turn your cowboy redneck country into a place Jerry Lewis could be proud of. I asked Mr. Le Surrender what he plans to […]

Europe Suffers Due to Record Cold and Snow

We’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to the fact that the weather in the US has been colder, and stormier than usual this December.  There has been record cold, record early cold, record snows, and record early snows.  Now, some people would say that this is just an aberration, and there are always times when the weather does something out of the norm for a certain area.  However, the record cold and snow is not restricted to the US, as the BBC reports. More than 80 people have died across Europe as days of snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures […]