Hamas Regarding Jews and the Holocaust: “They Had it Coming”


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It’s a paraphrase, but once you see the actual comments, you’ll see what I mean.  A Hamas official was quoted as follows, via Weasel Zippers…

How is it our fault? What did we have to do with your burning of the Jews? Were the Jews burned for no fault of their own? Their conspiracies and treachery are what led to their being burned. They conspired against all people – even against those who were benevolent toward them. They stabbed in the back even those who were good to them. They command no good and forbid no evil. Germany knows this full well. It is, therefore, the West that supplies this illegitimate, foundling, so-called “state” with weapons of destruction.

Sadly, I think there are anti-semites all over Europe, as well as on college students here in the US, that are nodding in agreement.

Sadly, history repeats itself, and history shows what happens to those that persecutes Israel.


The Reality of European Antisemitism


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RealityThe truth is that anti-Semitism in Europe never went away, just went underground.  It has surfaced with vengeance.  Europe is not safe for any Jew to live in or visit.

The NYTimes reported that Jews in Europe are reporting an increase in antisemitism.

BRUSSELS — Fear of rising anti-Semitism in Europe has prompted nearly a third of European Jews to consider emigration because they do not feel safe in their home country, according to a detailed survey of Jewish perceptions released Friday by a European Union agency that monitors discrimination and other violations of basic rights.

The survey, by the bloc’s Fundamental Rights Agency, focused on eight countries that account for more than 90 percent of Europe’s Jewish population and found that “while member states have made sustained efforts to combat anti-Semitism, the problem is still widespread.”

The Vienna-based agency, in a lengthy report on its findings, did not reach any conclusions about the cause of a perception among European Jews of rising bias. But the results of its survey suggest that prejudices traditionally associated with far-right nationalist political groups like those that collaborated with the Nazis during World War II have now spread to other segments of society and are increasingly driven by conflict in the Middle East rather than homegrown bigotry.

One-third of respondents said they considered statements critical of Israel as anti-Semitic.

“It paints a clear picture of an issue in Europe today that we need to address more firmly and take seriously,” said Morten Kjaerum, the Danish director of the Fundamental Rights Agency, an independent organization funded by the European Union. He said he was particularly struck that 29 percent of those surveyed said they had considered emigrating because of security considerations. “That is a clear indication of an issue we need to address,” he said in a telephone interview.

Read the full story here.

Editor’s Note: Maggie and Don both contributed to this article.


Socialism And Communism Are Contrary To Christianity


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Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is a friend of Ed Morrissey who gives a response refuting the popular myth that the Church’s “social justice” mission is compatible with Socialism and Communism. Rev. Marcel Guarnizo counters the belief that the ideas of socialist revolution and Communism have a place at the table with Christianity.  Many, even in the Catholic Church, believe that Christianity shares some ideals with the socialist revolution.  It seems to them that Socialism, Communism, and Christianity all help the poor. Father Guarnizo outlines and exposes the errors of Communism. 

Father Marcel Guarnizo writes: “The difference between the two was captured well by a joke I once read.  Communists will simply shoot you in the head, but the socialists will make you suffer for a lifetime.”

Drawing from sound Christian teachings on economics and liberty Father Marcel Guarnizo explains his position in great detail and length. 

There has been much discussion in recent weeks over the debt of Christianity to—and its compatibility with —the ideas and praxis of the socialist revolution, and even of communism. Many, even in the Catholic Church, believe that we share some of the ideals of the socialist revolution because it seems to them that communism, socialism and Christianity are for the poor. In addition to this most unfortunate error, the opposite fallacy has also been made popular in the minds of many, namely that capitalists and advocates of a free market economy, hate the poor. 

But the historical record of communism tells an entirely different story.  I have worked with the countries of the former Soviet Union for over 20 years, and I have seen what communism does to populations and nations. The scourge of the socialist revolution around the world gave us 6 million people killed by artificial famines in Ukraine and, as documented by The Black Book of Communism, 20 million victims in the U.S.S.R., 65 million in China, a million in Vietnam, 2 million in North Korea, another 2 million in Cambodia, a million more in the rest of Eastern Europe, 150,000 in Latin America, 1.7 million in Africa, 1.5 million in Afghanistan and through the international Communist movement and related parties about 100,000 more victims in various nations.  This is a body count that reaches to 100 million victims worldwide. Communism completely destroyed the economy, social fabric, and political culture of dozens of nations. It hollowed out the intelligentsia, ruined every economy where the seed of socialism fully “bloomed,” and abrogated fundamental rights and individual freedoms of the nations it subjugated.  Clearly the Judeo-Christian commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” is not among the doctrinal teachings of communism and the socialist revolution. It is hard to believe that the socialist revolution—unlike Nazism—still finds promoters and defenders in the West. 

The compatibility of Christianity and its legitimate concern for the poor owes nothing to the violent and inhuman regimes created by the socialist revolution. No system in human history has produced more poverty and misery than communism.
No greater foe has the Church ever encountered, than the communist revolution. During the 20th century, hundreds of thousands of religious and priests were sent to forced labor camps or simply executed. Five year plans to abolish religion were implemented and no true believer was ever safe in such nations. What social doctrine of the Church was ever derived from such madness? Communism and the socialist revolution are not only the antithesis of Christianity. They are also incompatible with free, just, and democratic societies.

The case against the “wonders” of the socialist revolution can be put to rest by simply reminding people that brick and mortar walls, guarded by armed soldiers, were necessary to keep people from fleeing the manmade paradise of “social equality” created by communists. As Milton Friedman pointed out, the “…strongest proof of the failure of socialism is the fall of the Berlin Wall.” 

Neither is a complex apologia required to explain why there is no substantial difference between socialism and communism. Communism, as American writer Whittaker Chambers documented, is nothing more than socialism with claws. Theoretically the two systems share the same ideals and philosophical framework. Communism simply takes socialism to its logical, final consequences.
The difference between the two was captured well by a joke I once read.  Communists will simply shoot you in the head, but the socialists will make you suffer for a lifetime.

To mount a case against the socialist and the communist would seem completely unnecessary given the historical record. But it is necessary, because, as we see, communism’s ideology continues to ensnare the minds of the West and many of its leaders. Perhaps the statement of Whittaker Chambers, when he decided to defect from his service to the Soviet Union, that he had chosen to join, “… the losing side” is not altogether settled. Many think the fall of the Soviet Union proved Chambers wrong, but I submit that Chambers understood, perhaps more clearly than most, the lasting and insidious nature of the socialist revolution in the West. It seems to me, that the West’s great partial victory against the Soviet Union is far from being final. Though the Soviet Empire has fallen, the West remains in an equally powerful cultural battle, which the architects of the socialist revolution themselves anticipated.


Gramsci’s Tactic: Cultural Hegemony

The socialist revolution in the West has been greatly influenced by the tactics of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Writing in the 1930s, Gramsci recognized that the culture of the West, and in particular, the Catholic Church, stood as robust obstacles to a communist economic and political takeover in Europe. Gramsci proposed that a takeover of the cultural institutions—the achievement of cultural hegemony—was the necessary first step to the eventual takeover of the political and economic structures of a free society. 

This strategy meant that socialists should tirelessly work on the takeover over of universities and education, media, churches, and other cultural intermediary structures of the free world. He thought that the eroding of the cultural foundations would weaken a free society’s natural defenses and this would open the path for the economic and political aims of the socialist revolution. 

I would submit that the “cultural hegemony” of the socialist revolution is increasing in the West and at an alarming pace. The increasing loss of ground in our culture to socialism and its allies is creating a growing threat to the political and economic freedoms of America and Western democracies. 

Therefore, it seems to me, the battle between the free world and the socialist revolution is far from settled.  The errors of communism are legion, and the West should not slumber, as the battle is far from over.


The Errors of Communism 

  1. 1.   The Error Concerning the Nature of Man

Communism starts not with an economic error but an anthropological one. The economic and political effects of the communist system are but a symptom of a previous error, an error about the nature of man. 

The French 19th century political economist and writer Frédéric Bastiat clearly makes the point. Socialism, Bastiat argued, sees man as mere raw material, to be disposed of, to be molded by the “all knowing,” state. In his book, The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism, economist Friedrich von Hayek launches a similar attack on the socialists and their “omniscient state.”  Hayek demonstrated the impotence of the socialist to run an economy 

Man is just matter: This materialist vision of man is the first and most profound error of the socialist revolution. The materialist vision of man is what justifies the communists’ insistence that they may legitimately do whatever it takes to achieve their utopia. We must be transformed by the state, into its image and likeness. 

This materialist view disregards therefore the true dignity of man and the true nature of the human person—his rationality and free will. The artificial social orders engineered by socialists are completely devoid of a proper understanding of man and the kind of being that he is. CONTINUED

Original Post: TeresAmerica


Election 2012: America Votes for Free Stuff


Give me Free stuff!

President Obama has been reelected.

Yes.  You heard correctly.  President Obama has been reelected.

Four years of recession.

Four years of scandal.

Allies insulted.

Enemies bowed to.

Ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets.

Debt increased by five billion.

Obamacare set to take effect.

All this.

And America still reelected a small, petty, vicious man who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the mainstream media.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the Death Panels.

I for one welcome my new overlords in the Muslim world.  First amendment?  It insults Allah!

I look forward to the rioting when the United States defaults on its debt.

If this election has taught us anything it is that we must destroy the Republican party.

We must never vote Republican again.

It’s time to “Whig” them.  Let the party disappear.  A new party is necessary.

Once there was a country dedicated to individual liberty and limited government.

Once there was a country that had a constitution, a thing of beauty.

But America has chosen free stuff.

That is the secret of Barack Obama’s victory.

Too many people now suck off the Federal Teat.

Socialism is an evil system.  It doesn’t make the poor richer.  It makes the rich, and the middle class poorer.

Our government will grow larger.

Individual freedom will disappear.

The all powerful state will tell us how to think.

The all powerful state will dictate our conscience to us.

Religious liberty is dead.

Catholics voted for Obama.

Women voted with their lady parts.

Our new religion is the state.

Our new religion is the Democratic party.

Its sacraments are taught in our schools.

Its priests are worshiped as holy men.

The media are its propaganda wing.

Once there was a great country called America.

But we settled for having Europe like us.

We settled for being Europe.

In the next four years as our debt piles up, as unemployment increases,  as the middle east kills more ambassadors  I don’t want to hear anyone complain.

We asked for this America.

We deserve it.

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel


2012 Turning Into Battle Between Successful American and Bankrupt European models?


Some of you probably don’t enjoy the ‘Obama everyday’ approach that some blogs have adopted, and I have also struggled with this, but the truth of the matter is that this Presidential campaign is increasingly becoming a story between two opposing forces and a good storyteller (me) should always focus on the main characters in that battle.

The battle lines have been drawn up.

On one side is President Barack Obama, who has taken the lead in the new-look Democratic Party and is being followed by assorted people like Senator Stabenow and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi. He has declared war on ‘the rich’- those who are successful and make money or those who own small businesses or those who own family farms- and has stated that the purpose of the state is to redistribute wealth to those who he favors, whether they be union bosses or green investors or Hollywood elite. Democrats reluctantly follow him, wary of his radical nature and tired of his continual divisive campaigning, but he does control the political power right now in our nation- as he tweeted recently, he currently fills the chair in the White House and is going to do everything in his power to keep filling it. This new-version Democratic Party looks to Europe for inspiration on a range of policy issues, from welfare to healthcare, and believes that the entitlement/welfare state needs to be increased in these difficult times even if there is no money to pay for this sort of reckless expansion.

I focus mainly on President Obama because he is the main character, but in reality he represents a bigger group of people and a timeless desire- he is the face of those who wish to empower political elites to control others, control their wealth and prosperity, and direct their lives. His sort has been around forever, and for most of human history his sort has been in political control, and around most of the globe his sort is in control today. Even if President Obama is defeated in 2012, the struggle will continue, although the face of it will surely change as Obama rides off into the sunset of taxpayer-paid retirement, golf, and expensive speeches of a bitter and resentful sort.

On the other side apparently is the GOP nominee for President Mitt Romney, who has emerged from a spirited round of debates about the future of our nation to win the nomination for his party and be its standard bearer in 2012. Romney picked Paul Ryan as his VP and surrounded himself with convention speakers like Congressman Marco Rubio and Governor Susana Martinez. At the convention we heard him double-down on important themes like ‘we did build that’ and ‘we can do better’ and ‘we believe in America’, promising to support small businesses, the middle class, manufacturing, and energy producers with less regulations and lower taxes. He believes that the purpose of the state is to protect peoples’ lives through a strong military and a secure social safety net- one that is not going bankrupt and in danger of collapse-, that the state should protect private property, and that people should be more free to make choices on issues such as healthcare. Republicans follow him, but are cautious in doing so, because they’ve been promised these sorts of things before and then were led astray by moderates and RINO’s, and the GOP today is a large and diverse political party filled with sometimes passionate oppositions. This Republican Party looks very much like the party did in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and one imagines that if Romney and the Republicans were to win power in 2012 that they would go about attempting to implement many of the important reforms that are needed to secure a better future for our nation.

I’m not the only one to pick up the emerging broader themes in this campaign- across the pond they’ve noticed it too. In the Telegraph on Sunday, British reporter Janet Daley wrote in We should tune in to the Romney and Ryan show: The myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished:

…Whatever the outcome of the American presidential election, one thing is certain: the fighting of it will be the most significant political event of the decade. Last week’s Republican national convention sharpened what had been until then only a vague, inchoate theme: this campaign is going to consist of the debate that all Western democratic countries should be engaging in, but which only the United States has the nerve to undertake. The question that will demand an answer lies at the heart of the economic crisis from which the West seems unable to recover. It is so profoundly threatening to the governing consensus of Britain and Europe as to be virtually unutterable here, so we shall have to rely on the robustness of the US political class to make the running.

What is being challenged is nothing less than the most basic premise of the politics of the centre ground: that you can have free market economics and a democratic socialist welfare system at the same time. The magic formula in which the wealth produced by the market economy is redistributed by the state – from those who produce it to those whom the government believes deserve it – has gone bust. The crash of 2008 exposed a devastating truth that went much deeper than the discovery of a generation of delinquent bankers, or a transitory property bubble. It has become apparent to anyone with a grip on economic reality that free markets simply cannot produce enough wealth to support the sort of universal entitlement programmes which the populations of democratic countries have been led to expect. The fantasy may be sustained for a while by the relentless production of phony money to fund benefits and job-creation projects, until the economy is turned into a meaningless internal recycling mechanism in the style of the old Soviet Union.

Or else democratically elected governments can be replaced by puppet austerity regimes which are free to ignore the protests of the populace when they are deprived of their promised entitlements. You can, in other words, decide to debauch the currency which underwrites the market economy, or you can dispense with democracy. Both of these possible solutions are currently being tried in the European Union, whose leaders are reduced to talking sinister gibberish in order to evade the obvious conclusion: the myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished. This is the defining political problem of the early 21st century.

Mitt Romney had been hinting, in an oblique, undeveloped way, at this line of argument as he moved tentatively toward finding a real message. Then he took the startling step of appointing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, and the earth moved. If Romney was the embodiment of the spirit of a free market, Ryan was its prophet. His speech at the convention was so dangerous to the Obama Democrats, with their aspirations toward European-style democratic socialism, that they unleashed their “fact checkers” to find mistakes (“lies”) in it. (Remember the old Yes Minister joke: “You can always accuse them of errors of detail, sir. There are always some errors of detail”.) When Romney and Ryan offer their arguments to the American people, they are, of course, at an advantage over almost any British or European politician. Contrary to what many know-nothing British observers seem to think, the message coming out of Tampa was not Tea Party extremism. It was just a reassertion of the basic values of American political culture: self-determination, individual aspiration and genuine community, as opposed to belief in the state as the fount of all social virtue. Romney caught this rather nicely in his acceptance speech, with the comment that the US was built on the idea of “a system that is dedicated to creating tomorrow’s prosperity rather than trying to redistribute today’s.” Or as Marco Rubio put it in his speech, Obama is “trying ideas that people came to America to get away from”.

So it would be deeply misleading to imply that this campaign will be a contest between what Britain likes to call “progressive” politics and some atavistic longing for a return to frontier America where everybody made a success of his own life with no help from anybody but his kith and kin…

…But in the course of this campaign, however it concludes, we are all going to get an education in what it might be possible to say if economic reality was actually confronted. Mr Ryan wound up his acceptance speech for the vice-presidential nomination with the chorus, “Our nation needs this debate. We want this debate. We will win this debate.” Some of us would like to have that debate here. We even think we might have a chance of winning it.

As a teacher, it is my job to help inspire critical thinking and debate so that we may all learn the truths and facts of this world- and I am glad that 2012 has become less of a fight for political power and more of an election about principles and a discussion of what truly makes America great.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher


Is It Too Late? Is It EnevitableThat The Debt Will Crush The World Economy?


It has been a while since I have done a post on the economy and the debt bubble that has engulfed the United States and Europe and most of the world. In part this because the subject is so depressing. It is difficult for me, as I read more and more about the debt crisis, to see any way that the US or the world, for that matter, can work its way out from under the crushing weight of the debt they have incurred.

In the United States, we tend to focus on our $16 trillion national debt, which is horrendous and growing at over a trillion dollars per year. Some argue that we need only concern ourselves with the debt that is owed to the public or $11 trillion because the rest is inner-government debt and there is no legal obligation to pay it off. But, these same people never talk about the political price of not paying them off.  Other pundits would say these two numbers are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Let’s take a look at where the US is today.

Scott Powell, writing for the  Orange County Register, reminds us that it was just a year ago that America lost its AAA rating. He also reminds us that since that time our national debt has increased from $10 trillion to $16 trillion.  Here are a couple of excerpts from his article:

In fact, a debt-driven collapse of the U.S is closer than most Americans realize. Consider what has happened in Spain and Italy, respectively, the world’s 12th- and eighth-largest economies. Just ten months ago Spain and Italy carried AA ratings, but today their debt ratings have plummeted to near-junk levels, at Baa3 and Baa2, respectively, driving their 10-year bond yields above 6 percent.

Since the deficit-to-GDP ratio of the United States is worse than that of Spain and Italy, higher funding costs for U.S. debt may come sooner than Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke forecasts. Recession or war would further blow out the deficit and accelerate debt rating downgrades. Either crisis could cause U.S. debt service costs to sharply rise and potentially trigger a downward spiral ending in a failed U.S. Treasury auction and a subsequent liquidity crisis. As happened in Greece and more recently in Spain, the U.S. could face funding shortfalls only solved by money printing, which would likely trigger unacceptable inflation.

Not very encouraging, is it? If our bond interest rate was pushed to 6%, we would be done for. Our debt service cost would climb to nearly a trillion dollars annually. There are two reasons the US isn’t  in the same shape as Spain today: the dollar is the world’s reserve currency and Europe is in worse shape overall making US Bonds still the only safe heaven for investors to park their money. How long will that protect us? I can’t help but agree with Mr. Powell’s sentiment:

Sadly, things are worse today than they were a year ago when the U.S. lost its AAA rating from S&P. The national debt has grown by nearly 11 percent while the economy has grown by only 2 percent. And over the past four years of various government spending programs, debt has grown by 60 percent while GDP has grown 7.7 percent. So much for the benefits of Keynesian stimulus. Washington’s policies have left the country without shock absorbers or an effective insurance policy to counter another crisis.

Monty Pelerin, one of my favorites, writes that The Government Is Bankrupt and Will Destroy the Economy.

Most people don’t understand the unsolvable problem the U.S. government has created for itself and its citizens.  Sovereign default is beyond a likelihood; it is inevitable.

When and which (possibly all) obligations are defaulted on will be determined by panicked politicians under duress.  A complete financial and economic collapse appears unavoidable.  I hope that is the worst that will occur.

I urge you read Pelerin’s article; especially the part that talks about  The Glide Path, Treasury Obligations, and Unfunded Liabilities. He describes very well the iceberg mentioned earlier.

Estimates of the present value of these obligations range from $50 trillion to over $200 trillion, depending upon the actuarial assumptions made.  Gary North uses Laurence Kotlifkoff’s figures and explains the calculation (my italics):

The total obligation of the federal government to voters that is not funded at the present time is now $222 trillion. This does not mean that, over the entire life of the program, the government will be short $220 trillion. It means that the present value of the unfunded liability is $220 trillion. This means that the government would have to set aside $220 trillion immediately, invest this money in non-government projects that will pay a positive rate of return, and will therefore fund the amortization of this debt. I have written about the estimate here.

And, Pelerin concludes

The claimed debt of the federal government ($16 trillion) is enough to threaten its viability and that of the U.S. economy.  The current glide path of spending and revenues ensures that debt will increase.  Explicit and implicit Treasury guarantees will require additional debt to bail out failing public and private agencies.  The situation becomes hopeless when the unfunded liabilities are taken into account.

Buckle up for a very scary ride.

As I said at the beginning, trying to understand the debt crisis waiting for us and the world is very depressing. It is highly unlikely that even a Romney-Ryan administration would do enough, fast enough, to prevent the collapse of our economy. Please come back tomorrow. I will be dusting off my tin-foil-hat and will tell you what the banksters have in mind for us.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


Um, Help me With the Math: How Can Sandra Fluke Afford to Travel About Europe, but Can’t Manage $9 Birth Control?


I must humbly ask my readers for help, as I am in quandary of sorts.  If you recall, concerned 23 year-old Law Student 30 year-old feminazi activist Sandra Fluke was struggling, along with her fellow students, to pay for $9 a month birth control pills.  It was a terrible thing, you know,  having to pay for one’s own birth control pills.  It was in that great moment that we learned Catholic institutions had to pay for her sex life.

But, here’s my confusion; while I know that $9 a month might be really hard for a struggling feminazi to manage, is traveling Europe cheaper?  

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.
Poor Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old far left activist who wants you to pay for her $9 a month birth control, is dating a rich socialist.

They recently traveled to Spain and Italy together.
It was a lovely getaway for the women’s rights activist and her rich socialist boyfriend.

Here the two lovebirds are roughing it late at night in Barcelona – drunk.

And, here the poor little darling tries to make ends meet in Pompeii.

I just solved the puzzle! She was traveling Europe to find birth control that costs LESS than $9 dollars a month!  That has to be it, right?

Oh, and by the way, Georgetown’s policy covers birth control prescribed f0r a medical condition.  So, in other words, it’s all about sex, and being paid to have it.

H/T:  Lonely Conservative


Gridlock: It's not a Flaw, It's a Feature


The pundits often complain of gridlock, and how government cannot get anything “done” for the people.  While we would certainly argue that what is often done does little more than make matters worse, but that isn’t exactly today’s topic matter.  What we are really talking about is the fact that our Founders planned for, and sought to prevent rapid, sweeping changes to government and society.  The American Prospect, a regressive publication, t has a rather interesting article on the subject, and unintentionally makes many points for us…

Washington has ground to a halt, paralyzed by a political division deeper than any we have seen since the days when Abraham Lincoln warned that a house divided against itself cannot stand. “Nothing” also isn’t doing much to commend the American way to other countries. Much of the developing world now sees China and its model of capitalist authoritarianism as more efficient than the creaky workings of democracy. Nations still marvel at the United States, but today, it’s our gridlock that draws the world’s wonder.

It shouldn’t. The current impasse between the Republican House and the Democratic president and Senate has only highlighted what is a chronic—indeed, constitutional—condition: Just as the American people have a bias for action, the American government has a bias for stasis. Governmental gridlock is as American as apple pie.

The root cause of all this inactivity is our peculiar form of democracy. While most democracies are governed by parliamentary systems, our Founders opted for a presidential system, which they consciously booby-trapped with multiple veto points to impede decisive legislative action and sweeping social change.

In America, for instance, presidents take office, but they don’t form a government, as prime ministers do in virtually every other democracy. Presidents can form no more than an executive branch. They appoint cabinet members, sub-cabinet officials, military commanders, ambassadors, and the heads of regulatory agencies. They don’t appoint congressional leaders; often as not, their party may not control either or both houses of Congress. Indeed, the White House, the Senate, and the House have been controlled by the same party during just 8 of the past 30 years. Even when the same party holds Congress and the presidency, the system still fragments power.

That’s the point, dear reader.  Our Founders may have predated Cloward-Piven by almost 200 years by creating a system that is resistant to tyranny.  It has strained attempts to destroy it until the attackers have been broken.  Multiple checks on power prevent rapid or radical changes, in spite of the regressive’s efforts to undo them.  The results, even though we have been badly weakened, are clear.  We have remained strong and prosperous while Europe spent decades burying themselves in socialism, and the Russian, Chinese, and others spent decades slaughtering their own people by the tens of millions.  Those systems allowed for quick and more radical changes, and their populations have suffered accordingly.   It is through the wisdom of the Founders that we have survives as long as we have, especially considering that freedom have been under regressive onslaught for a century or more.   Sadly, the Founders were not able to create a system that is completely immune to tyranny-that’s where we come in.  It is up to us to elect the people needed to restore the Republic.  While the task seems insurmountable, we still must try.  The fate of human freedom, just not in the US, but planet wide, is at state.

I would encourage you to read the entire linked article.  It is long, but you will come away knowing another viewpoint.  It’s not something I would agree with, but a look at the Constitution from another perspective makes one think, and thinking is no vice.


Double Dumb Is Leading To Double Dip


The markets, although a tad late in my opinion, are signaling that they have no faith that Europe or the United States are going to be able to get their economies growing again  any time soon. The bad news doesn’t let up. Here are just a couple of headlines to demonstrate my point:

Stock futures signal another day of losses.

Report: Bank of America cutting at least 3,500 jobs

Does anyone doubt that the markets are right not to have any faith in our leaders to get the economy going again? Have you seen any evidence coming from either the White House or Congress that these people have any clue as to how to get the economy growing and produceJOBS?  I haven’t! All I see is a serious case of Dumb and Dumber with Dumb being the Congress  Dumber being the man who occupies the White House. Let’s take a look at each starting with Dumber.


Referring to Mr. President as Dumber is being kind. The man is a liar. The man is deceitful. Some might even say the man is treasonous. President Obama consistently says one thing while he is, at the same time, doing the opposite.

Heres another example of making my case for referring to our President as Dumber. Just a few weeks ago our President submitted a budget to Congress that was a joke. He knew it was a joke. Not even one Democrat voted for his proposal. Now why would the leader of the nation with a very serious economic crisis hanging over its head submit a budget that was a joke. Nobody was laughing.

And here is another example of Dumber’s administration in action. You know what the broken glass theory of economics is, don’t you? Well checkout this story: Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Create Jobs . How much dumber can it get?

Obama talks a lot about the need for jobs. Well, he’s right. If you want to get this economy going and reduce unemployment, jobs is the place to start. Remember all those shovel ready jobs that Obama spent billions os stimulus dollars to create? Right! And then he had the gall to laugh it off. And, while his spending was doing nothing to create jobs, his regulatory agencies were busy doing what? They were busy killing  jobs: oil and gas drilling jobs, fossil fuel fired power plant jobs, coal mining jobs and even incandescent light bulb manufacturing jobs.

Now, Dumber, just wrapped-up a bus tour through some of the mid-West states. He announced that he is planning to announce a “jobs plan” in September. I can’t wait to see this plan. But, once more our President is demonstrating that he is in favor of jobs, right? Wrong! While he says one thing, he is busy doing the opposite. Checkout these two stories from a couple of days ago: first, New Flower Species Protections Pit Energy Industry Against Conservationist in Colorado and then read  Energy in America: Keystone XL’s  Oil Sands Pipeline Up in the Air. While reading these two articles, keep in mind the most truly shovel ready jobs in America are in the oil and gas industry.

Okay, let’s move on to Dumb, the Congress, and see what they have been up to.


In the last couple of months, while our nation continued to suffer what could be arguably described as the worst recession in its history, our Congress put on what I can only describe as a circus and a not so funny circus at that. Faced with raising the debt ceiling once again and the crushing effects of our enormous deficits and debt, the Democrats could not even produce a single plan worth  mentioning. Now that is Dumb!  The Republicans, at least, did produce a couple of plans but neither the President of the Democrat controlled Senate would give them the time of day. That was Dumb! But let’s not give the Republicans too much credit.

The Republicans produced and the House passed a bill called Cut, Cap and Balance, which Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow to come to the floor for debate. But just for kicks and giggles, let’s assume the Cut, Cap and Balance bill had been passed by Congress and signed by the President. Would it have been the panacea that we conservative and especially the Tea Party conservatives were projecting it to be?  Sure, it would have been a step in the right direction. It might even have satisfied Wall Street for a while longer. However,  I’m not sure it would have done much to get the economy growing and producing jobs again. Austerity measures are an absolute must when looking at our debt and our continuing deficit spending.  But, one only has to observe what has happened in Europe to know that when austerity programs are not coupled with plans that allow for job growth and investment, there will be serious problems of civil unrest.

My point here is that because of partisan politics, our Congress could not put the nation first and produce a plan that both cut spending and allowed for job growth and investment and force the President to go along. What could a non-partisan Congress have done, you ask? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THE NOT SO “FREE” FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM DO WHAT ONLY IT CAN DO!

So, I think I have made my case for referring to the President as Dumber and the Congress as Dumb. And, as the title of this post saya, Double Dumb will lead us to a double dip recession or something much worse. Atlas is saying enough is enough!

Before I sign off, just a little aside if I may. I read an article the other day, I sorry  can’t recall where, that postulated why the Democrats are in the mess that they ( and the country) are in. I think the author made it an astute observation. Paraphrasing, the author said the Democrats, after the 2008 elections, looked at their landslide victory on Obama’s coat tails and they looked at the economy in the toilette and made an assumption. The economy will recover on its own. historically the economy always had recovered. So they tought we can go ahead with all of our costly plans and no one will blame  us be cause the economy will recover anyway and Obama will get the credit. I think that makes a lot of sense. If I had been Democrat in Congress at that time, I might have made the same assumption. Just goes to show that one should be careful about assuming too much.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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Has The Time To Pay The Piper Arrived?


It is sure beginning to look that way, isn’t it? that seems to be the message the markets are sending.

This is not the article I intended to post today. In fact, I had already written one that was related to this article in The Telegraph. It is an excellent article of insight into the European mess relative to the US mess. The author points out that there is a fundamental difference between Europe and the US that has its roots in our unique history and which is exemplified by the Tea Parties and our Tea Party representatives in the Congress and the Senate. The author shows no mercy for the leaders of Europe and she pulls no punches when it comes to Obama and the Democrats. Do find time to read this article. I think you will find it thought provoking. For now I’ll share with you this quote:

Also collapsing before our eyes is the lodestone of the Christian Socialist   doctrine that has underpinned the EU’s political philosophy: the idea that a   capitalist economy can support an ever-expanding socialist welfare state. (emphasis added)

As the EU leadership is (almost) admitting now, the next step to ensure the   survival of the world as we know it will involve moving toward a command   economy, in which individual countries and their electorates will lose   significant degrees of freedom and self-determination. (emphasis added)

Read again what i put in bold type in the first part of the quote above  “ the idea that a   capitalist economy can support an ever-expanding socialist welfare state”. This is what no one ever talks about when they promote the virtues of socialism or redistributing the wealth. Every socialist economy, be it the old Soviet style or the new and improved European/US style depends on capitalism to create the wealth that will be redistributed. It doesn’t matter is private capitalist that are generating the wealth or state capitalist that are generating the wealth. The difference between the two is that private capitalism is an order of magnitude more efficient than state capitalism. In the end, they both fail, as we are seeing so clearly today, because the capitalist wealth generation can not keep up with the ever expanding socialist welfare state.

If you want someone to blame for today’s world-wide financial crisis, blame the banksters (think Rothschild, Lazard-Ferris, Goldman Sachs, etc.). The banksters have been behind the move toward ever bigger socialist states since before the start of twentieth century. Looking only at the US for a moment, it took the banksters years to control enough US politicians to bring about the Federal Reserve in 1913. It took until 1971 to get the US, and thereby the world, to go off the gold standard and to accept fiat currencies world-wide that were pegged to the US dollar. Debt may be a curse to you and I but to the  banksters, it is their life blood.

If there is anything that the US and Europe should learn from the crisis we face today, it is that they must finally put an end  fiat currencies once and for all. It is time to listen to the Austrian Economist and bury the failed Keynesians deep in the earth. It is time that all currencies be backed by gold or some combination of commodities. that would put an end to the manipulations of the banksters and their puppet governments. a return to the gold standard or something akin to it is the only answer if we are to remain a free people. Adjusting to a gold standard will be very painful. It will require tearing down the Leviathan state and starting over again. Many of us have been warning for a long time that we either make the necessary corrections in an orderly fashion or events would force us to it in a much more brutal fashion. I fear we lost our chance to do it in an orderly fashion. I beg of you, dear readers, accept that we must pay the piper now or the banksters and their power broker allies will have their way us.

Make no mistake, my friends. The banksters and the powerful statist of the world will not go away quietly. They still have an ace up their sleeve. go back now to the second part of the above quote and read again the part in bold: “moving toward a command   economy, in which individual countries and their electorates will lose   significant degrees of freedom and self-determination.” What does she mean by this? I can only speculate; but I think I know what the banksters might be planning as a last ditch effort to maintain their power. In my opinion, the new world order vision they would like to move us toward is not classic Marxists states but something you might call “benevolent totalitarianism”.  The states would, of course, be all-powerful but instead of the states being the direct owners of all means of production they would make use of mega-corporations which would own all means of production. People would  live and work where the state decides they can live and work and their freedom of movement will severely limited. The bankster will want to replace the US  dollar with a new world reserve currency based on a basket of currencies and grudgingly a little bit of gold. You can be sure that his new reserve currency will be designed so that they can control and manipulate ii as in the past.

That , I think,  has been their vision. However, the banksters have a serious problem. They have lost control. They have in a sense out smarted themselves. This is dangerous. Very dangerous! I fear they see their only remaining chance to survive is war. And, I believe they have been planning for such an event. Do you really believe the recent events in the Middle East have come about spontaneously?

The question we must ask ourselves is : can the banksters and the power brokers be stopped? I must say the odds are not favorable. It would seem tha America and only America has any kind of chance to stop the  banksters.  If you read The Telegraph article linked above, the author points out that in Europe there are very few people who could be considered great defenders of freedom. The people of Europe have had a very different history from the very unique history that Americans have had. Only in america does there exist a culture of believing that liberty and freedom are sacred.

The choice is here and the choice is now. Through the deafening voice of public opinion, we can force our leaders to do what must be done. Only America can lead the way to freedom. We must choose now to live free or we will gradually become wards of the new “benevolent totalitarian state”.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts? Don’t be shy. You will not hurt my feelings if you call me a conspiracy nut, I promise.

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On this date in 1944, Allied forced mad their landings in Normandy.  It is still, and probably always will be, the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted.  While the Third Reich had less than a year left, there was much bloody and brutal fighting left to go.  To properly commemorate the sacrifice and efforts of the rapidly departing, “greatest generation,” here is some comments from Ronald Reagan.

If any veterans are reading this, thank you for your service.



Europe Watches in Horror as Stupid Americans Reject Opportunity to be Just Like Them


As the U.S. election returns came in and the size of the Republican victory became apparent, Europe sat transfixed, consumed by the knowledge that once again, stupid Americans were rejecting the opportunity to be more European.

Sitting in a cafe on the left bank in Paris and enjoying his five hour lunch, Pierre Le Surrender spoke to this reporter.

Ze Americans are stupid.  They reject Obama.  Obama is one of us!  He understands Europe and hopefully will turn your cowboy redneck country into a place Jerry Lewis could be proud of.

I asked Mr. Le Surrender what he plans to do after he finishes his lunch.

Riot of course.  Ze government wants to increase our retirement age from 60 to 62.  This is a travesty.  I haven’t spent my entire adult life doing nothing only to have to retire at 62.  This is why we riot.

I followed up by asking him a pointed question:  So France fights because the government wants to raise the retirement age but didn’t fight the Nazis?

We had to surrender!  Ze Germans were being very very mean to us!  You stupid Americans would not understand.  Besides we liked Hitler.  He had the same values we do:  He was a socialist who favored universal health care and the mass extermination of Jews.

I thanked him for his time and watched as the waiter brought him his bill and insisted that he pay in cash only.  I asked him why?

We don’t want anything on the books.  Taxes you know.

The story was much the same throughout the rest of Europe.  In Ireland, Spain, Greece and other debt-ridden countries, Europeans took time out from their rioting to gather round TVs and watch as election returns rolled in.

In Spain where he was rioting to protest austerity measures, a local man scratched his head.

It’s almost like you Americans don’t want to be Europe!  It’s almost like your ancestors left Europe willingly!  This can’t be true.  Europe is a socialist workers paradise.  We have everything!  The money will never run out.  Our government lies to us when they say they are broke.  Why do you Americans resist?  You are stupid.  What has America ever given the world except rock and roll, sneakers, jeans, Hollywood movies and saving our butt twice last century.  I could go on but the list is irrelevant.  A pox on America and its bourgeois notions of self-reliance.  Oh oh….rubber bullets.  Duck!

***Breaking News***

This just in.  President Obama has declared that henceforth March 20th will be a national holiday known as “Riot Day.”  “We can learn from the Europeans” said the President.

***Breaking News***

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Europe Suffers Due to Record Cold and Snow


We’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to the fact that the weather in the US has been colder, and stormier than usual this December.  There has been record cold, record early cold, record snows, and record early snows.  Now, some people would say that this is just an aberration, and there are always times when the weather does something out of the norm for a certain area.  However, the record cold and snow is not restricted to the US, as the BBC reports.

More than 80 people have died across Europe as days of snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures swept the continent, causing traffic chaos for millions.

At least 42 people have frozen to death in Poland over the last three days and another 27 in Ukraine.

Another 13 people died in car accidents in Austria, Finland and Germany, where temperatures fell to -33C (-27F).

Air, rail and road transport links were disrupted across northern Europe where more snow was expected in coming days.

80 dead is no joke.  This is obviously some severe weather.

Eurostar said it would run a “restricted” service on Tuesday after a three-day shutdown stranded some 75,000 people.

Only passengers originally due to travel Saturday or Sunday would be eligible, and the remaining backlog would be cleared over the next few days.

The crisis prompted French President Nicolas Sarkozy to call the head of national rail carrier SNCF, the majority stakeholder in Eurostar.

Meanwhile Eurotunnel – which carries vehicles under the Channel between England and France said its terminal at Folkestone was at “saturation point” and closed its shuttle car service to new arrivals.

The “Chunnel” has been around for a while now (1994), raising the suggestion that there is something unusual about this new weather pattern, as this has never happened before.

Treacherous travel conditions also caused havoc for rail services.

Fifty people were injured when a train hit a buffer in the Croatian city of Zagreb, while 36 were injured when a passenger train derailed in Paris.

Parts of the continent saw 20in (50cm) of snow over the weekend.

In France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, airport operators struggled to clear runways amid thick snowfall, with major disruption to flight patterns.

In France, a second wave of snowstorms hit the country’s north on Sunday with Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport warning as many as one in five flights was likely to be cancelled on Monday.

Germany’s third largest airport – in Dusseldorf – was also closed because of Sunday’s heavy snow.

In Belgium, the three biggest airports – Brussels, Charleroi and Liege – were completely shut. Severe delays and cancellations were reported at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

Moscow said it was deploying 9,000 snow ploughs to clear the city’s streets.

So, there are now two continents that are suffering with the early onset of severe winters.  The long-term forecasts for the US, at least, call for a cold winter with many storms.  Are people going to make the connection and finally figure out that AHW is a fiction designed to cripple capitalism and realize that the Earth is going into a cooling spell?  Will they realize that the scientists really were trying to, “hide the decline?” Will the scientists, media, and governments be able to hide that decline when people can open their windows to see and feel it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no scientist.  But there are 31,000 (including 9000 PhD’s) scientists that do say that AGW is a hoax.  I know many you probably haven’t, as the MSM and government only talk about 2300 scientists that support AGW.