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Catholic Bishop David Ricken Warns Faithful Against Voting Democrat

Christians have been making a hard stand against attacks on their faith for some time now.  Bishop David Ricken, the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, has formalized this stand in a letter to his parishioners   Big Government has the details… In a courageous and remarkable letter to his parishioners, Bishop David Ricken, the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, has called for the rejection of political parties who violate the tenets of the Catholic Church. The implicit rejection of the Democratic Party, which champions abortion on demand and same-sex marriage, along with the HHS mandate requiring institutions to provide early-abortion pills, contraceptives, sterilizations among […]

ObamaCare Damage, a Glimpse of out Future: NHS Commits De facto Euthanasia with 130,000 a Year

Now that ObamaCare has been deemed “constitutional” by the SCOTUS, we have some more glimpses into out future.  There are many aspects to this future that are rather chilling.  The latest is the revelation that the British NHS commits an informal form of euthanasia to deal with the overcrowding and lack of resources in their single payer system.  Life News has the details… Shocking news from England today has top NHS officials indicating doctors acting in the UK government-run health program annually kill as many as 130,000 patients prematurely because of overcrowding at hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes. Professor […]

Culture of Death: Is History Repeating Itself?

We’ve been increasingly cognizant of a movement in society towards euthanizing persons that are inconvenient, or are otherwise disabled.  We saw this in a recent posts regarding bioethicicists that suggested that infanticide is an appropriate way to deal with the unwanted or inconvenient.  While these ideas have been floated over the years, they have made a strong comeback, as have been expressed openly as never before.  For a recent example, kindly look at this, from The Blaze… (Video will not embed, kindly go to the linked page) But, where have we seen this before? …shows that the total cost of caring for 880,000 people […]