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One Boston Marathon Bomber Dead, Other on The Run, Pair are Brothers From Chechnya

A MIT Police officer was gunned down on that campus by someone who authorities say are one of the Boston Marathon Bombers.  The pair identified in photos released by 4chand and Reddit, and followed by the FBI, are said to be brothers.  One is confirmed dead.  His  brother remains on the loose, and his name is believed to be Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, aged 19.  FOX News has more… One of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead, the other on the loose and large parts of the city are on virtual lockdown after a chaotic night of mayhem […]

Alleged OWS Activitst, Aaron Greene, Caught With Bomb Making Materials: Media Bias and Denials Ensue

One thing that can be counted upon is that OWS participants will be caught in bomb plots.  Then, the second thing that can be guaranteed is that OWS will deny it, and the MSM will help cover it up.  Also, you can guarantee that the MSM will blame Conservatives for any adverse event that occurs, even in the absence of all evidence.  The Blaze has information on the arrest… Aaron Greene, 31, and his nine-months pregnant girlfriend, Morgan Gliedman, 27, were apparently found to have these elements in addition to bomb-making instructions, a stack of papers with a cover sheet entitled, “The […]