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Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 77

Welcome to the weekend, dear readers!  I don’t know about you, but I had a rather hellish week.  So, it’s great to have the week end to relax and get some things done around the CH 2.0 bunker.  The big news this week was in the George Zimmerman trial.  It seems that the prosecution did such a horrendous job trying to prove their case, that Zimmerman appears to be in the clear.  However, the race baiters are out in full force, and are being assisted by the Obama administration.  With the MSM helping since the case was first reported, it […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 73

It’s Saturday, and the CH 2.0 Bunker is getting a makeover.  Call it a belated Spring cleaning, or me just being a masochist, but the place is getting a good cleaning and re-organization.  So, the blogging has been a bit slower.  However, I was not going to let the Facebook Friends Link post go by the wayside. So, without further ado, here are your weekly links, and some pics thoughtfully appropriated from my Facebook Friends… 90 Miles for Tyranny War Ration Book #3 A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER OBAMA’S CLOWARD & PIVEN UTOPIA Ace of Spades HQ Iran Elects A Moderate President […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 71

It’s Saturday again, and it’s time to celebrate a nice fat blogroll as well as some really great Facebook pics.  It’s been another week of scandals, lies, and assorted nonsense. It seems that much of Obama’s second term is going to consist of being on the defensive.  I like that! 90 Miles for Tyranny I Care…. A Lot.   A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER AMERICA’S FINAL BEGINNING Ace of Spades HQ Evening Open Thread   Adrienne’s Corner What’s being hidden from us… All American Blogger Sen. Ted Cruz Statement on NSA Surveillance   Always on Watch Remembering Dean Martin America Victorious Ready […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 70

This is the 70th time that I’ve done a Facebook Friends linky post?  Wow, time does fly.  So, for well over a year, the Conservative Hideout has taken a moment to reflect on all those that link this fine establishment, and sprinkle in some funny, thought provoking, or even infuriating pictures in for good measure. As for the past week, the big story here has been Kaitlyn Hunt, the 18 year old from Florida that had sexual contact with a 14 year old.  This would be a complete non-story if were not for the fact that Hunt family has claimed […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Picture Edition Volume 69

Well, well. It appears that some Obama minions just might have perjured themselves in Congressional hearings.  That, and it seems that almost any organization to the right of Joseph Stalin was harassed by the IRS.  Then, we got new revelations about Benghazi, and it’s said that Hillary Clinton gave Stingers to Al Qaeda.  Then again, that would really make an impact, but for the fact that the liberals want to make it legal to have sex with children.  It seems to never end. We’ll continue to cover all that we can here at the CH 2.0, but at the moment, […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Picture Edition, Volume 68

Well, hasn’t this been a scandal filled week?  It seems that every day we were exposed to yet another example of bureaucratic over-reach.  Tea Party groups, pro-life groups, and Christian groups were all targeted by the IRS.  Then, a Christian Home-schooled family lost a court appeal, as the government wants to send them back to Germany so their kids can be taken away and they can be thrown in jail.  Of course, another federal judge ruled that a bunch of Christians apparently ‘had it coming” when a Muslim mob attempted to stone them, and the police did nothing.  Kermit Gosnell […]

Satruday Conservative Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 66

It was a sad week in the Conservative Blogosphere, as the Amusing Bunni passed away, I did provide links to others that knew her better than myself.  So, go check them out and see the story of a woman who touched the lives of quite a few people. As for the news, Benghazi information continues to leak out.  it would appear that the Obama administration is losing control of the information.  however, he can still count on the MSM to ignore it for him. As usual, Marxists around the world celebrated May Day-with violence and looting.  Then again, they are […]

Satuday Links: Facebook Friend Pictures Edition, Volume 65

I think the theme in the news this week are described best by the word, “incompetence.”  As more information comes out about the Boston Marathon Bombing, the more we see of the typical pattern of big government ineptitude.  Then there are several examples of the culture war heating up, particularly in the public schools and the military.  On a positive note, Twinkies are coming back, and the ironic part is that the unions that helped kill the last incarnation of Hostess are on the outside looking it.  I’ll keep covering it all, good and bad, so keep on checking back […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Edition Volume 64

It’s been a tough week.  Between the Boston Marathon Bombing and the resulting investigation.  Then, there was the massive explosion that levels much of West, Texas.  In between, we saw the typical liberal rant, “gee, I hope white folks planted to bombs so we can advance our agenda.”  And, even when it was found that the perps were Muslims, the media still tried to blame the NRA.  Frankly, I’m still waiting for Sarah Palin to be tagged as the real cause. Then, we had the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is facing charges for killing seven abortion survivors.  In […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 63

Welcome to the weekend!  It’s been a stressful week at the bunker, but the work must go on. It was a sad week, as Margaret Thatcher has passed away.  Even more sadly, people took the opportunity to celebrate it.  Why?  Because regressives are tolerant! The march towards gun confiscation goes on, with some betrayal, and more lies.  We’ve also seen the lengths to which regressives will go to confiscate guns, including their children’s discussion of squirt guns, or even what’s in their medical records.   By my estimation, this is only the beginning, and it will continue. Also, the war on […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Edition, Volume 61

It’s been another strange week.  Work at the day job was tough.  Gun control advocates continue to lie and spin.  The Gay Marriage case seems to be a focal point for what will happen in the future.  I will get into that at some point down the road.  It seems that Global Warming the big lie, actually stopped 20 years ago.  And, many parts of the US, as well as the UK, have suffered unseasonable cold.  I guess global warming the big lie causes it to be cold.  After all, the science is settled.  ObamaCare damage continues to pile up.  […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Edition Volume 60

My calendar tells me that it’s spring, but it’s awful cold.  It must be global warming. The MSM hates the new Pope.  It’s apparently because he’s actually Catholic. The “ugly gun ban” failed in the Senate.  Know that it will come back as soon as it can be manipulated. RINO’s are still in power, and they are oddly colored, like John Boehner. It’s been another week in the post-reality world.  The administration continues to lie, and media continues to cover for them,  The low information voters bleat like compliant sheep.  Yes, it isn’t a pretty picture, but its the one […]

Saturday Links: Special Four Year Anniversary Edition

It may come as a shock, and I know it did to me, but I recently passed the four year anniversary (blogivresary if you will) of the Conservative Hideout.  On February 11, 2009, I published The Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and the Conservative Hideout was born.  The site has evolved quite a bit since it’s inception, and I’d have to thank all of the contributors, commenters, readers, those on the blogroll, and those that have just dropped me a email to encourage me.  It has meant a great deal to me, it will hopefully continue for the next four […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 55

Wow folks, last week was filled with Valentine’s Day, SOTU failure, and more liberal lies.  An Meteor exploded over Russia, injuring over 1000 people.  A near Earth Asteroid passed by, leading a CNN talking head to suggest that it was due to Global Warming the big lie.  Gun Grabbesr have grown more bold, suggesting confiscation-just as we predicted.  Liberals celebrated a liberal mass murderer, while ridiculing a retiring Pope.  If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the left, I can’t say much more. So, since the CH 2.0 bunker was unaffected by recent meteor activity, we […]

Sunday Links: Mother of all Facebook Friends Pictures Edition, Volume 54

I’ve been doing these Facebook friends pictures posts for over a year now, and they just continue to grow.  Not do I not only have more links in the blog roll, but I also have more friends on Facebook.  So, I have more of both resources.  However, this week is different.  I not only have more links, but I also have one picture for every link. Also, the site seems fixed.  The Hosting company had a power surge that knocked this site, and several other Conservative blogs, off for a while.  When they were restored, viola!  Everything worked!  I’m not […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Edition Volume 51

It’s Sunday again, and while some problems with the CH 2.0 have been solved, others remain, so the site still isn’t at 100%.  I’m still working on it, so please be patient. I have done what I have always said I would never-I’ve added captcha to the commenting system.  I have always despised it, but it was the only solution to certain problems that the site has been experiencing. So, I do apologize, but it was necessary to block all spam to prevent database errors.  As time wears on, I will hopefully get everything under control. At any rate, here […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Edition Volume 46

Well, folks, it’s just a few short days before Christmas, and the politics keep spewing forth like raw sewage.  Frankly, it’s a terrible thing to reference both Christmas and raw sewage in the same sentence, but that is the nature of our world today.  The propaganda drive against the Second Amendment continues unabated-facts be damned.  Also, RINO’s continue their assault on their constituents, via tax increases, and playing into Obama’s hands.  The fiscal cliff is nothing more than a way for Obama to look good, and trash Republicans at the same time.  Sadly, he will succeed, as the MSM will […]