It’s time to do the right thing…Fire John Boehner?


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For the last couple of days I’ve been observing the Benghazi hearings and the negotiations going on with John Boehner and Democratic leaders to prevent us from going off a fiscal cliff.  It appears the left cares more about politicizing events to advance the agenda of their political party than doing what’s right and good for America and I’m personally tired of it.  Benghazi is a no-brainer.

After seven hours of fighting and numerous requests for help, we failed to answer the call and left our citizens to die in the streets of Benghazi.  This alone is absolutely unacceptable, but what made it worse was the President misleading the American people by telling us it was a spontaneous event caused by some obscure video.  We now have learned that top White House officials knew this was a terrorist attack within 24 hours and yet the President along with Susan Rice consciously mislead the American people about the attack.  How does this not break through partisan walls?  How does this not resonate with any American regardless of party affiliation?   Four Americans died and a sitting President tried to cover it up and it’s being politicized by the left.  There’s right and wrong and the senseless death of four Americans is wrong no matter how you try to spin it.  Where’s the courage to do the right thing and fire everyone who not only failed to act and save these four brave souls, but those who chose to mislead the American people?  What we have are Democrats putting party and President ahead of country and it makes me sick.  John Boehner is just as bad in regards to negotiating with Democratic leaders over extending the Bush tax rates.

In my opinion this is how it’s going to play out.  John Boehner is going to put on a show for us all.  He’s going to take it to the zero hour and then tell us he got the best deal he could. He fought long and hard and got the Democrats to agree on future spending cuts (which will never happen) and then he’s going to agree to an increase of tax rates on those who create jobs.  These are the same people the left calls rich.  I call them job creators because a large number of them are small business owners.  Here’s a tip Speaker Boehner, we don’t have a revenue problem.  We have a spending problem.  Raising the tax rate on the upper three percent will not solve our fiscal problems.  It will make them worse.  But because the Democrats were so successful in their class warfare rhetoric and because Boehner is such a weak ineffective Speaker of the House he will cave in and destroy what’s left of the Republican Party.  And the sad truth is with a $16 trillion national debt and no budget on the horizon we’ve already gone off the fiscal cliff and all we’re doing now is watching Boehner’s political theater play out as Rome burns.  If Boehner caves in on this issue, he must go as Speaker of the House because if he doesn’t come 2014 Republicans will lose the House in a big way.  They will also lose my support forever and I will look to third party candidates who stand for limited government and the restoration of individual liberties.  And I won’t care one bit if my choice hurts the Republican Party.  I encourage all of you to contact your elected representative with this same promise.

It’s time to hold these phony conservatives accountable for their actions.  And it’s also time to stop politicizing the Benghazi event, because these four brave Americans that died deserve better from their nation.  It’s time to do the right thing on both fronts.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal