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Fast and Furious

Sharyl Attkisson Testifies: DOJ ‘Bullied And Threatened’ Her For Telling Truth

Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Sharyl Attkisson rose to fame, in the journalist’s world, anyway, as a tough-as-nails, call it down the middle, let the story lead her to the truth, Investigative Journalist. She’s done stories on government and its various administrations – both Democrat AND Republican throughout her entire 30+ year career. And the left was fine with that, when it was the GOP she was digging dirt up on, but since 2008, the push back by the thin-skinned Obama administration and their sycophants in the Main Stream Media shows they’ve no tolerance for any such reporting. Attkisson […]

Adviser Tells Attorney General Holder How to Manipulate Press on Fast & Furious

Hat/Tip to Hard hitting investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson isn’t letting up on the Obama Administration. She is continuing to overturn every stone in her quest for the truth behind the Obama Scandals.   The particular scandal in question this time? Fast & Furious Lesson in how the administration attempts to manipulate the press and news coverage: Fast and Furious email to Attorney General Eric Holder from a communications adviser, Oct. 5, 2011 [emphasis added below]. (President Obama withheld this email under executive privilege but it was recently released as a result of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against […]

Holder Dumps 64,000 Fast & Furious Documents Night Before Election

Hat/Tip to Cathy Burke at Newsmax. Absolutely everything this administration does is with great political calculation. Rather than turn over the documents that a federal judge ordered them to do back on August 20th of this year, Holder’s Justice Department took advantage of everyone looking the other way and focusing on the Midterm GOP tidal wave to dump 64,000 plus documents related to Fast & Furious. Document dumps notoriously have two main elements: 1. When forced to do so, dump an avalanche of documents so that the really nasty, incriminating ones stand a good chance of never being found. 2. […]

20 Examples of the Violent Legacy of Fast and Furious

Hat/Tip to Sharyl Attkisson. Well she’s at it again, and in the process she’s pissing off not only just her former bosses at CBS, but also pretty much everyone in the Obama White House. That’s GOTTA be a good thing. From her own site: Investigative Journalist who tries to give you information others don’t want you to have. What you do with it is your own business. Do your own research. Seek advice from those you trust. Make up your own mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20 Examples of the Violent Legacy of Fast and Furious By Sharyl Attkisson (Image above: 42 weapons […]

Four Examples of How Morally Corrupt the Obama Administration Is: Shut Down Antics & ObamaCare

Only four? Well, I could probably come up with 400 reasons but who read such a tome? No administration in my life time has been less transparent or more disdainful of the constitution and the American people than the Obama administration. First, I wish to offer my apologies to the families of those who died in Benghazi for not including Benghazi in my list today. But, if I get started on Benghazi, I won’t be able to stop. So, today I will focus on domestic issues starting with the partial government shutdown and work back in time. How long has […]

Massive Projection on Display: Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Limit Free Speech

We like to say that you always know what the Democrats are up to based on what they accuse everyone else of doing.  Here’s Hank Johnson, a Democratic Congress critter, on why he thinks free speech is a terrible thing… OK, let’s look at some points here… “They control the patterns of thinking,” said Johnson. “They control the media. They control the messages that you get. So, you are being taught to hate your government – don’t want government, but keep your hands off of my Medicare by the way. I mean, we are all confused people and we’re poking fingers at […]

MSM, Leftists Predicting Doom for Romney: Don’t Fall for it

The MSM, and the left (or do I repeat myself?) are using the super secret campaign event video to tar Romney-for telling the truth, mind you-and are predicting doom and gloom for the campaign.  To summarize, I have the following statement… DON’T FALL FOR IT! To see through the nonsense, you have to consider a few facts… 1.  The MSM has been cooking the poll numbers for…well…forever.  If you need confirmation of that, consult Da Tech Guy, who has been on top of it.  In fact, if you want to know one poll more than any other, read this one.  […]

In 1995, Eric Holder Wanted to “Brainwash” People Into Being Anti-Gun

We know the history if some of Obama’s appointees when it comes to firearms.  Chief among these is Eric Holder, the gun running Attorney General of the United States.  Apparently, when Mr. Holder isn’t sending guns to Mexico in order to make sure that they were used in crimes, he is an outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment. Additionally, it seems that he has held those views for some time.  Here is a video, from 1995, featuring Mr. Holder discussing his intention to “brainwash” the populace into thinking that guns are “bad.” As you can see, they were going to […]

Documents Show that Government used Fast and Furious to Justify More Gun Control

If you think back to 2009, you’d recall that we were being told that the violence in Mexico was being fueled by american guns.  Of course, as we later found, that this was at least partially true-because our own DOJ sent them there.  Yesterday, CBS stated that they had documents that showed that the ATF was acting on this “crisis” in order to increase regulations… ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun […]

Summer Is Over But It’s Getting Hot In The Oval Office

obama grade banner

It’s not nice for someone to feel good because someone else is suffering, is it? But that is exactly how I am feeling about our smug, arrogant, narcissistic president. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. This miscreant who goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama won the Presidency of the United States of America in a landslide victory in 2008. This was no surprise. Candidate Obama was offering people hope and change and the American people were desperate for change. Unfortunately, what the people had in mind and what Obama had in mind were light years […]

ATF Official did Inform White House of Fast and Furious


Yet another hole was blown in the government’s stance on Gun Runner and the Fast and the Furious.  Yesterday, Rep. Issa’s committee questioned a ATF  official  regarding emails sent to a White House National Security Staffer… The ATF manager of the Phoenix office notified a White House official of Operation Fast and Furious as an update on the overall Project Gunrunner effort, connecting the controversial operation directly to the White House for the first time: At a lengthy hearing on ATF’s controversial gunwalking operation today, a key ATF manager told Congress he discussed the case with a White House National Security staffer as early as September 2010. […]

Was Fast and Furious Meant to be Cloward-Piven for the Second Amendment?


If you recall, the lefty meme from a while back was that Mexican gun violence was caused by guns imported from the US.  While that came into debate, the governments of both the US and Mexico made the claim, and the lapdogs in the MSM followed suit.  Of course, the porous border and the fact that these guns are being used by CRIMINALS never entered into the discussion. As the details of Operation Fast and Furious have come to light, we see that that narrative is at the very least partially true.  The US government was sending the guns to Mexico in the […]