Happy Year 2013! We’re in Trouble!


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I’d like to take the moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  However, I might want to add that my wish is by no means a guarantee.  I fear that 2013 is going to be a terrible year, and it will result in hardships of all sorts.  Here are some of my reasons…

1.  Fiscal Cliff jumping:  It appears that we are going to go off  the “fiscal cliff.”  What does that mean?  It means that Obama’s negotiating position was “give me exactly what I want, and nothing less.”  The members of the stupid party, however, made many concessions, and proved themselves to be RINO’s.  They even went as far to offer one of Nancy Pelosi’s former proposals.  But Obama would have none of it.  However, the MSM will not report it this way.  They will portray “dear leader” as the great statesman, willing to debate and deal, but it was the Evil Republicans that caused all the problems.  This is what will happen…

  • You’re taxes, everyone’s taxes, will go back to Clinton era levels.  The MSM will blame the GOP.
  • Medicare and Social Security will be cut.  The MSM will blame the GOP.
  • Military cuts will be made.  The MSM will blame the GOP.
  • The payroll tax cut (which takes money from Social Security) will be revoked.  The MSM will blame the GOP.

Get the idea?  The GOP will be blamed for the whole thing.  The MSM will bleat the narrative like sheep, and there will be enough people stupid enough to believe it.  Then, the cowards in the GOP Stupid Party establishment will, feel the imaginary pressure, and  fold like a bad poker hand.  After that, Obama declares victory, and the MSM hails him as the man that lowered taxes for the middle class!

2.  Financial Collapse?  It’s possible.  I will not consider myself a economist by any stretch of the imagination. I do know that if there is a ton of something, that it becomes less valuable. And, given that our money is funny in the first place, it is becoming more funny all the time.  And, the US dollar is the kind of funny that most people would not find at all amusing.  In other words, it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, and it’s only a matter of time before reality catches up with the ability of the Federal Reserve’s ability to hide that uncomfortable fact.  So, am I saying the hyperinflation, mega unemployment, and economic activity creeping to a halt is a possibility this year?  Yes, I think it is.  I don’t know enough to say more, but it strikes me as being a possibility.

3.  Religious persecution accelerates.  I can see it becoming more and more like open season on Jesus.  Oh, the Muslims will be given preferential treatment, but Christians and Jews are going to have a tougher  time of it in 2013. ObamaCare is going to force Christians to fund abortion and birth control, and companies and organizations will be targeted for refusing to comply.  Now, this can easily be seen as intentional.  If Christian business people close or sell their businesses to avoid violating the conscience, the Christian influence is weakened in society.  Also, it marginalizes Christians in the business world, meaning that less will go into business in the first place.

The second area to look at are Catholic Hospitals.  They too, are going to asked to violate their conscience to provide for murder.  However, if Obama can get them to go along with the murder plan, the Catholics are hypocrites, and their standing takes a shot.  In other words, they lose influence due to not following their own beliefs.  Better yet for liberals, if the Catholics close their hospitals. or are  shut down by the government, a crisis will be created.  That crisis will give the government greater justification to take even more control of the medical system.  Since single payer is the long term goal, shutting down religious run hospitals is a logical course.

Evil people have always hated Jews.  There are more evil people, therefore more anti-Semitism.  It really is that simple.  With the growth and influence of islam here in the US and abroad, it will become increasingly unsafe for Jews.

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Emboldened by Obama’s victory, potential  victories via ObamaCare, and protected by a compliant DOJ, persecution of all kinds might accelerate.  After all, the dad of that Jesus guy doesn’t like  what a lot the liberals do, so even though they claim not to believe in him, they sure do try to silence his followers, don’t they?

4.  Hey, I voted for Obama, and ObamaCare took my job!  Yes it did, and it’ll take a ton more before it’s done.  Of the many problems facing businesses, besides tax increases, is the fact that Obama increases their expenses so much that a ton of people are going to lose their jobs.  The estimates run from the hundreds of thousands, to over 1,000,000.  But, if yours is one of those jobs, you’re going to feel the pain.  Millions more may have their hours cut, lose their own benefits, or be forced to accept decreased  benefits.  Oh, and those premiums? Costs have already gone up around 50%.  they are likely to rise even more.

Elections have consequences.

 5.  Gun Control:  For years, the Democrats hid the fact that they were gun grabbers-at least from the under-informed.  The rest of us have always known that the Democrats wanted the guns, but needed a justification.  So, when the opportunity to use dead children to make a political point came, the masks came off , and the reaching has begun.  Having no shame, only lust for power, our leftist friends will keep on trying until either they are defeated by reality, or they do manage to pass something that make no one safer, but interfere with the ability of the average American to protect themselves.  The problem is this; if the gun grabbers go too far, they might find themselves subject to real armed resistance. While this site does not recommend violence, there are many that will no allow themselves to be disarmed.  The question will then be  how many people are the Democrats willing to kill to enforce their law? Hopefully, they will not resort to such a totalitarian plan, but you never know.

6.  Control of information:  If 2012 taught us anything, it taught that the MSM, though weakened, is still the primary means of news for millions of Americans.  Sadly, even though the alphabet networks are essentially propaganda arms of the regressives, they still have enough of an audience to swing the national conversation, and obviously cover for a failed POTUS.  There will be more and more lies, and as long as the uninformed remain blissfully ignorant of what really is happening.  Look for this to expand, as there is going to be a lot of blame to place on others, stories to omit, and facts to ignore if the MSM is to cover for Obama.

I’m sure that there is more, but I think that anyone with a brain will recognize that 2013 is not going to be a good year.  The economy is going to falter, and there is nothing we can do to change it.  People are going to suffer, and the media will either ignore it, or blame it on the usual suspects-namely us.  It’s going to be an interesting year, and not in many good ways.  The “fundamental transformation of the United States will reach a point at which it will be increasingly difficult to hide.  But, that wont stop people from trying.

Note:  I have tried to delay posting this until more was available on the fiscal cliff. However, the Senate did pass a bill, and is gone to the House at the time of this writing. I will cover that more in another post.

Happy New Year, but I doubt that will hold for long.


The Self Fullfilling Prophesy of Zero Leadership


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Does hysteria breed hysteria? I think that is the message of Professor Larry Kotlikoff;s article at VOX.

Imagine that you are an employer. Every day you hear, “the economy’s going over a fiscal cliff. Tax hikes and spending cuts totalling $600 billion will kill the economy”. Everyone is saying it – the politicians, the media, the economists, the Fed, the CBO, the IMF. So it must be true. Sure, the Republicans and Democrats may make a deal and save the day. But these guys never agree and, meanwhile, economic doomsday – January 1st – is just weeks away.

What do you do? Do you wait for your customers to disappear, as they surely will, or do get a head start and start firing now – or at least stop hiring? You get a head start And in so doing, you make the prophecy come true. Other firms see less demand from your erstwhile and prospective workers. But the other firms – there are 30 million of them – all do the same thing. So, voilà, you see fewer customers and weren’t all the pundits right. And weren’t you smart to get a leg up?

The professor then makes a case that the crisis of 2008 was more the result of panic than anything else. Hmmm. I don’t know Professor. There was a little thing of losing 40 to 50% of the value of one’s home that is something worth panicking about, I think.

Then he moves on to talk about what is occupying the President and Congress today; the Fiscal Cliff. He says that all the scare talk is causing businesses to take measure that will ensure that we have a recession. But, it seems to this humble observer that Kotlikoff contradicts himself with these two statements.

Let us be clear; absent collective panic, our economy will not implode if we move from running a 7% of GDP deficit to a 3% of GDP deficit. The Federal Government ran deficits of 3% or less during most of the post-war era and the economic sky did not fall in.


Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring each day. Within two decades all 78 million will be retired and collecting $40,000 per person (in today’s dollars), on average, from these three programs. These and other projected expenditures combined with our low average tax rates – historically speaking – have produced not a fiscal cliff but a fiscal abyss. The fiscal gap separating the present values of all future expenditures and all future revenues is now $222 trillion.

It seems to me that a $16 trillion debt, the insolvency of Social Security and Medicare, and the devastating burden of ObamaCare along with a deluge of new regulations to cripple businesses are more than enough reason to panic.

But, maybe the professor agrees with me after all:

As we justify doing far too little far too late, the fiscal gap, the only economically appropriate measure of our government’s true indebtedness, is growing at a colossal pace – by $11 trillion over the past year alone. To put $11 trillion in perspective, it’s as large as the entire stock of official debt in the hands of the public. So if we want to panic, there is something real to panic about. It’s the fiscal abyss, not the fiscal cliff.

And then again, maybe he doesn’t agree with me

But, of course, what is needed is not panic, but leadership. The President and other politicians need to stop scaring the nation. In so doing they are coordinating everyone’s expectations on recession and, thereby, assuring it will come. Two thirds of the public are now convinced the economy will face major problems come January 1st (Cowan 2012), whilst corporate America is already cutting back on investing and hiring (Son 2012).

If Congress remains deadlocked – which seems likely – and recession ensues, both parties will say “I told you so”. What they will miss is that their telling us so, not making minor fiscal adjustments relative to what’s needed, will likely be the true source of the recession. Our economy is crazy enough. We don’t need hysterical leaders to make it more so.

Leadership??? When is the last time anyone has seen any signs of leadership in Washington? No, Professor, I think Americans have every reason in the world to panic These clowns are going to take us down while playing their blame game. We are not going to find any leadership, Professor.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


Let it Burn: Should the GOP Allow Obama to Raise Taxes?


An idea has been mentioned that perhaps the GOP should simply vote “present” for any “fiscal cliff” vote, and allow Obama to raise all the taxes they want.  Then, as the thinking goes, Obama and the Democrats will take the blame for the job losses and such that result.  The Trifecta panel, via PJ Media, discusses this…

While the panel only lightly discussed the media’s role in any scenario  I think it’s important.  Because, even if the GOP gives Obama exactly what he wants, it will never be Obama’s fault.  Even if the exact tax increases that Obama requests are found to be directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs going away, it will never be reported.

You see, we don’t live in a post modern world-we live in a post reality world.  It doesn’t matter what really happens.  It doesn’t matter what the facts are.  It doesn’t matter if math, video, documents, or pictures proves your point.  We now live in a world where perception, and those that craft it, holds all the cards.   So, no matter how many businesses close, and no matter how many people lose their jobs-it will always be the fault of the GOP or greedy businessmen. The media will report it a gospel, and, as the last election taught us, there is now a critical mass of Americans  that are dumb enough to believe it.

Sorry to be so negative, but reality really doesn’t matter.


The Fiscal Cliff, and Why We’ve Already Lost, and will Continue to Lose


OK, we’re facing the infamous “fiscal cliff.”  What doe that mean?  It means that a crisis has been manufactured in order for Obama to triumph, and the Republicans to be scapegoated.  Here’s how it will happen.

1.  If both Houses and the POTUS fail to reach an agreement (read, if he Republicans fail to capitulate) there will be a rather unpleasant set of tax increases and budget cuts.

2.It doesn’t matter how many proposals the Republicans make.  It won’t matter how many times the Democrats change the rules or break their word-it will ALWAYS be the Republican’s fault.

3.  Reality doesn’t matter, and the MSM will spin all developments in favor of the POTUS.

4.  Tax increases will be demanded in exchange for future spending decreases.

5.  The tax increases will be immediate, if not retroactive.

6.  The spending cuts will never happen.

7.  Did I mention that it’s all the Republican’s fault?

Oh, and by the way, when the revenues fail to come in, or they even lose money on it, don’t expect to hear it from the MSM.  Unless, that is, the MSM spins it to be someone else’s fault.

And there you have it.

Elections have consequences, my friends.


It’s time to do the right thing…Fire John Boehner?


For the last couple of days I’ve been observing the Benghazi hearings and the negotiations going on with John Boehner and Democratic leaders to prevent us from going off a fiscal cliff.  It appears the left cares more about politicizing events to advance the agenda of their political party than doing what’s right and good for America and I’m personally tired of it.  Benghazi is a no-brainer.

After seven hours of fighting and numerous requests for help, we failed to answer the call and left our citizens to die in the streets of Benghazi.  This alone is absolutely unacceptable, but what made it worse was the President misleading the American people by telling us it was a spontaneous event caused by some obscure video.  We now have learned that top White House officials knew this was a terrorist attack within 24 hours and yet the President along with Susan Rice consciously mislead the American people about the attack.  How does this not break through partisan walls?  How does this not resonate with any American regardless of party affiliation?   Four Americans died and a sitting President tried to cover it up and it’s being politicized by the left.  There’s right and wrong and the senseless death of four Americans is wrong no matter how you try to spin it.  Where’s the courage to do the right thing and fire everyone who not only failed to act and save these four brave souls, but those who chose to mislead the American people?  What we have are Democrats putting party and President ahead of country and it makes me sick.  John Boehner is just as bad in regards to negotiating with Democratic leaders over extending the Bush tax rates.

In my opinion this is how it’s going to play out.  John Boehner is going to put on a show for us all.  He’s going to take it to the zero hour and then tell us he got the best deal he could. He fought long and hard and got the Democrats to agree on future spending cuts (which will never happen) and then he’s going to agree to an increase of tax rates on those who create jobs.  These are the same people the left calls rich.  I call them job creators because a large number of them are small business owners.  Here’s a tip Speaker Boehner, we don’t have a revenue problem.  We have a spending problem.  Raising the tax rate on the upper three percent will not solve our fiscal problems.  It will make them worse.  But because the Democrats were so successful in their class warfare rhetoric and because Boehner is such a weak ineffective Speaker of the House he will cave in and destroy what’s left of the Republican Party.  And the sad truth is with a $16 trillion national debt and no budget on the horizon we’ve already gone off the fiscal cliff and all we’re doing now is watching Boehner’s political theater play out as Rome burns.  If Boehner caves in on this issue, he must go as Speaker of the House because if he doesn’t come 2014 Republicans will lose the House in a big way.  They will also lose my support forever and I will look to third party candidates who stand for limited government and the restoration of individual liberties.  And I won’t care one bit if my choice hurts the Republican Party.  I encourage all of you to contact your elected representative with this same promise.

It’s time to hold these phony conservatives accountable for their actions.  And it’s also time to stop politicizing the Benghazi event, because these four brave Americans that died deserve better from their nation.  It’s time to do the right thing on both fronts.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal


This Regulation Nation Will Explode Under An Obama Second Term


Americans are learning more about the “fiscal cliff” approaching at the beginning of next year, when tax rates for families and small businesses are set to spike and new taxes in President Obama’s health-care spending law take effect. But unless there’s real change in Washington, we’re also headed for a steep “regulatory cliff” that could compound the damage.

The above quote is a warning from Ron Portman in an opinion piece he wrote for the Wall Street Journal this past Thursday. This article is worth a read because he talks about a number of stifiling regulations that the Obama administration has put on the back burner until after the elections. You know _ when Obama will have more flexibility.

After three years of bureaucratic excess, the Obama administration has been quietly postponing several multibillion-dollar regulations until after the November election. Those delayed rules, together with more than 130 unfinished mandates under the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial law, could significantly increase the regulatory drag on our economy in 2013.

According to Senator Portman, the Labor Department has put off until after the elections plans for something called the Fiduciary Rule. A study by the Oliver Wyman Group found that this rule would seriously hurt middle-class people with  IRA accounts.

A study last year by the Oliver Wyman Group found that the Fiduciary Rule could result in higher retirement account minimums and cause 7.2 million individual retirement account (IRA) holders to lose access to investment advice. Even the Labor Department was unable to show that the rule’s illusory benefits outweigh its substantial costs.

The Senator goes on to tell us about the EPA and its planned Ozone Rule. He says it is “so strict that up to 85% of U.S. counties monitored by the EPA would be in violation.” The EPA itself estimates this rule will cost industry 90 billion dollars.  The EPA Portman tells us is also planning more controls on power plants that they estimate will cost one dollar every three cents in benefits. How insane is that?

And, not to be out done, the Transportation Department has plans to make cars more expensive.

Consumers can also look forward to a new Department of Transportation rule that will increase the costs of new cars and trucks by mandating expensive new technology. First proposed in 2010, the Rear-View Camera Rule would require that all cars and trucks be equipped with a rear-view camera and video display on the dashboard, at a cost of some $2.7 billion to auto makers and car buyers.

On top of all of this, we know that a tonne of new regulations yet to come from Obama’s Affordable Care Act and also from the results of the Dodd-Frank legislation. The insanity of the Obama administration can not be underestimated. Our economic growth, for the last two quarters has been barely positive. It won’t take much to send America back into recession just like the Euro Zone is today. The Obama administration seems hell-bent on putting the final nail in our economic coffin.

I share this information with you, dear readers,not because I think you need any more reason to want Obama out of office. I share this information on thee off chance that some may need more reason to set aside what ever occupies your time on the days leading up to the elections and I ask that you volunteer your time to your local Republican Party and/or your local Tea Party to help turn out the vote on election day.

I read an article other day that I unfortunately did not bookmark. But, the author made a compelling case that this election, contrary to the expert¡s opinions, will be decided more by the base of the parties than it will by the so-called independent voters. The point made by the author was that the party that can energize its base in the toss-up states to turn out the vote, will win.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire