Must See Video: American Police Chief Refuses To Pledge Allegiance To The Flag, Claims Her Muslim Religion Won’t Let Her


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Anita Najiy refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag
Muslim Police Chief in Florida Refuses to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, Claims Religion Won’t Let Her

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius’ Forum.

Maybe she’s a fan of President Obama’s. If you’ll remember he won’t put his heart over his hand to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance or when the National Anthem is playing.

An Assistant Police Chief in Miami, Florida has decided that she cannot put her hand over her heart and pledge allegiance to the flag during official government events because she is a practicing Muslim and her religion prohibits her from doing it.

In a video Asst. Chief Anita Najiy is seen refusing to place her hand over her heart during the pledge…


Now some are calling for her to be fired for refusing to observe her respect for Old Glory.

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“Since she clearly has no respect for the flag or the United States, on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, I am requesting that Assistant Chief Najiy is removed as the commander of the MPD Honor Guard Detail,” Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz said in a letter Monday to Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes.

That’s not likely to happen. Though the police department’s code of conduct allows for a reprimand if an officer doesn’t salute the flag, it makes no mention of covering your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. And not a single member of the command staff standing next to Najiy last week saluted the flag during the ceremony.

What do you think? Should this woman be fired?





Run Rubio, Run!: The Florida Senator Bets It All On Becoming POTUS


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marco rubio 001
Florida Senator Marco Rubio Is Not Running For Reelection To The United States Senate, Instead Betting All On Becoming The Next POTUS

Hat/Tip to Ken McIntyre at The Daily Signal.

Marco Rubio said that if he ran for President, that he wouldn’t seek reelection to the United States Senate. You have to admire that type of integrity.

There’s a great piece at The Daily Signal, by Ken McIntyre. It’s a very thorough article, covering everything from Rubio’s family to his stance on foreign policy.

Here it is, in its entirety:


Marco Rubio, little more than four years into his first term in the Senate, is back home in Miami today. The Republican is scheduled to announce for higher office again, this time the presidency of the United States, with the city’s storied Freedom Tower as the backdrop.

It is a place that became synonymous with Cuban refugees—much like the family of Rubio—who sought freedom and a new life in America. Rubio sounds related themes in a video released Friday:

Turning His Focus to U.S. Interests

To the extent primary voters question the wisdom of putting forward another first-term U.S. senator for president, Rubio fans counter not only with his rise to the speakership of the Florida legislature but his engagement with key foreign policy questions in the Senate.

Last May, delivering the Republican address that counters President Obama’s weekly message on radio and online, Rubio boiled down his post-9/11 thinking on the subject:

Today, foreign policy is an important part of our domestic policy. And our economic well-being is deeply dependent on our national security. The problem is that President Obama doesn’t seem to understand this. Instead of shaping world events, he has often simply reacted to them. And instead of a foreign policy based on strategy, his foreign policy is based on politics.

Rubio routinely evaluates Obama’s defense and foreign policy decisions in commentaries for digital outlets such as Fox News and CNN.

In an April 9 piece for National Review Online, he castigates the president for weakness and neglect, paving the way for Cuban dictator Raúl Castro to participate for the first time in the Summit of the Americas—what used to be a gathering of the leaders of the Western Hemisphere’s democratic nations:

So far, the Castro regime has made a mockery of the president’s overtures to normalize relations. At this week’s gathering in Panama, President Obama should be forceful about demanding full respect for the Cuban people’s human rights; otherwise, he risks emboldening the dictator to escalate his repression because he believes the normalization will happen regardless. He should also meet with the Cuban dissidents who will be in Panama.

While decrying political repression in Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere, Rubio identifies brutal Islamist terrorists such as ISIS as posing the biggest danger to America and the rest of the free world. He has supported Obama’s measures to meet the threat while also criticizing him as indecisive and slow to act.

The Tea Party and Rubio’s Hawkishness

Rubio’s personal story—his father and mother fled pre-revolution Cuba in 1956, taking jobs as bartender and maid to get a foothold in the United States—is a triumphant American one of hard work and pluck. The couple settled for good in Miami after paying their dues in Las Vegas hotels when Rubio was an adolescent.

Russia’s recent re-insertion of its power into this hemisphere, reigniting a relationship with Cuba, provides an opportunity for Rubio to show his stuff, notes Mark Meckler, a pioneer in the Tea Party movement and now head of Citizens for Self-Governance. “That has got to be dead in his sweet spot.”

It’s an open question to what extent some tea party conservatives are willing to forgive Rubio for his lead role in Senate passage in 2013 of legislation they saw as granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The senator later called the bill a mistake as the House refused to take it up, however, and many openly admire his other domestic policy positions and his dependably hawkish stands on national security.

Mention the words foreign policy, Meckler says in an interview with The Daily Signal, and Rubio is far and away the presidential hopeful seen by tea party conservatives as having invested the time and energy.

“If that becomes the driving primary issue, then it’s a big advantage for Marco Rubio,” Meckler says, adding:

The base is like the rest of the country. We’re all war-weary also. … Tea partiers don’t want to be engaged in interventions all over the world, but we don’t want to let the world go to heck in a handbasket either.

Tea party activists in Florida and elsewhere, however, came to see Rubio as unengaged with them on border security and other issues after his election, Meckler says. The disconnect is contrary to media depictions, he notes, and how Rubio treats the grassroots as a presidential candidate could be “his win-or-lose move” with them.


“It’s going to be fundamentally about character,” @JJCarafano says of voters’ choice for president on national security issues.

2016 and Foreign Policy

Even if 2016 looks to be a national security and foreign policy election, others say, domestic concerns such as the economy tend to be uppermost on voters’ minds and a favored candidate rarely prompts second thoughts on foreign policy grounds.

In any case, age and length of time in Congress or a governorship aren’t the decisive factors, argues James Carafano, Heritage’s vice president for foreign and defense policy studies.

“Leadership on a strategic level is not about resumes,” Carafano says in an interview with The Daily Signal, citing President Lincoln during the Civil War as one dramatic example:

Abraham Lincoln was the greatest war president we ever had [but] other than throwing a tomahawk in the Black Hawk War, Lincoln didn’t have a smidgen of the political and military experience of his generals and Cabinet. And yet he was an extraordinary war leader. … It’s not so much about age, it’s not about resumes, it really is about the core and the quality of that strategic leader and the team they surround themselves with.   

Carafano says Rubio clearly communicates how a strong national defense prepares America to lead in the world and look after our interests, acting as neither aggressor nor isolationist. His rivals will say much the same, he adds.

“It’s going to be fundamentally about character,” Carafano says. “Is this the kind of commander in chief I’m going to trust my sons and daughters under  … who allows me to go to sleep at night and not worry about being murdered in my own bed? That’s what people are going to vote on.”

Carafano argues that Obama’s tenure proves that assembling some good hands can’t compensate for a president’s failures of leadership.

At home, Rubio has championed tax reform, a federal “wage enhancement” for the working poor, downsizing the federal workforce, defending religious freedom and exempting defense spending from mandatory budget cuts.

‘Living Proof of What America Stands For’

From his seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Rubio has pushed for ways to stem the spread of ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups, the denial of human rights and the evil of human trafficking around the world. He has advocated greater controls to ensure that foreign aid is used in ways that reflect American “values and interests.”

In late January, as the Republicans regained control of the Senate, Rubio took a more direct hand in such issues as he assumed the chairmanship of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights and Global Women’s Issues.

The first hearing he called was on Obama’s move toward normalizing relations with communist Cuba and what it would mean for the human rights movement there. He invited the testimony of dissidents, including a young woman whose father was killed by the Castro regime.

Rubio vowed that the subcommittee would apply “light and solutions” to problems such as “growing inhospitality for individual freedoms, deteriorating security environments, lagging competitiveness … and the promotion and support of democracy in places where individual freedoms are all but a dream, such as Cuba and Venezuela.”

Meckler says:

Rubio is an extraordinary spokesperson for the idea that America has to stand for something, and that America is unique, that America is exceptional. And his family—and obviously very recently—is living proof of what America stands for in the world, the shining light of liberty. He tells the story incredibly well. He is the best, most inspiring public speaker of the bunch.

In recent weeks Rubio has pointed to Cuba’s role in repression in Venezuela, the Obama administration’s lack of transparency on Cuba policy and the threat Russian President Vladimir Putin poses to his neighbors and the NATO alliance.

He clashed with Secretary of State John Kerry on whether the administration’s effort to secure a nuclear deal with Iran had undercut the strategy against ISIS.

“It’s very much a traditional conservative perspective on defense, which is the idea of peace through strength,” Quintana says. “The only way you are going to have global peace, or even come close to having a semblance of global peace, is by having a strong United States and a strong U.S. defense posture.”

‘Who Would We Stand With?’

Two years after joining the Senate, Rubio upped his game by hiring Jamie Fly, who was on the National Security Council and Pentagon teams under President George W. Bush, as counselor for foreign and national security affairs. At the time, Fly was executive director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, a nonprofit founded in 2009 to support U.S. engagement around the world.

In the past year and a half, Rubio spoke three times on the Senate floor on the crisis in Venezuela, where drug kingpins control the government and foment trouble with neighbors. He spoke twice on what he considers the administration’s inadequate strategy to defeat ISIS. And he spoke three times on the need to support Israel amid the conflict in Gaza or nuclear talks with Iran.


“Israel represents everything we want that region of the world to be,” Rubio said in March 20 remarkslamenting the Obama administration’s “historic and tragic mistake” in its brusque treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He concluded:

If America doesn’t stand with Israel, who would we stand with? … What ally around the world can feel safe in their alliance with us?

According to his staff, official travel has taken Rubio to 16 nations, among them Afghanistan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Haiti, Japan and Colombia.

The regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua reacted to Rubio’s criticisms of their abuses of their own citizens by barring him from traveling to those nations.

Rubio’s major addresses on foreign policy since late 2013 include two at other Washington venues plus one in Seoul, South Korea, and one in London.


This article has been substantially modified (by the author).





Jeb Bush: Common Core Transcript – CPAC 2015




Jeb Bush provided talking points on Common Core today at CPAC 2015, and only talking points. His point? Common Core is not a “federal take-over, and it should not be a federal take-over.” Easy to say. Impossible to demonstrate.

The federal government has no role in the creation of curriculum and content. The federal government should have no access to student I.D. or student information. ~ Jeb Bush

Partial CPAC 2015 transcript follows some commentary directly below.

The question for Jeb is, who is behind writing the standards? He wasn’t asked, but here is an answer:

2007, David Coleman and Jason Zimba found Student Achievement Partners. They received $6.5 million from the Gates Foundation (yes, Bill Gates) to write Common Core Standards. Coleman’s focus is on literacy, Zimba’s on math. Coleman is also the head of the College Board.

Retired Stanford Professor James Milgram served as the only content expert on the math validation committee:

For example, by the end of fifth grade the material being covered in arithmetic and algebra in Core Standards is more than a year behind the early grade expectations in most high achieving countries. By the end of seventh grade Core Standards are roughly two years behind. Read more.

If you follow the link above you will see Milgram describes the Common Core math as a “political document” of “low expectations.”

Here’s a math quote from Jason Zimba that should raise the hair on your arms:

A key Common Core creator, Jason Zimbasaid that the Common Core can prepare students for non-selective colleges but that it does not prepare students for STEM careers.  He said:  “I think it’s a fair critique that it’s a minimal definition of college readiness…  but not for the colleges most parents aspire to… Not only not for STEM, it’s also not for selective colleges. For example, for U.C. Berkeley,  whether you are going to be an engineer or not, you’d better have precalculus to get into U.C. Berkeley.” Source: What Is Common Core

Do you want Bill Gates’ man to write the history lessons for your child? David Coleman is not a teacher. In addition, Microsoft benefits financially from every aspect of Common Core. More here.

As to the human data-sets (your child’s personal information) that Jeb is against the government getting into, they are into it, and include such things as hair color, eye color, gestational age at birth, blood type, blood test results, birth marks, and even bus stop arrival time. Read it at PJ Media.

If your state has opted out of Common Core, as mine has, where are the text books coming from?

Begin partial transcript, CPAC 2015, Jeb Bush interview with Sean Hannity: 

HANNITY: The second big issue that always comes up when you read about Governor Jeb Bush is the issue of Common Core. It was interesting. I didn’t know until I was researching you that you were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country, was eventually overruled by the Supreme Court of Florida. Address the Common Core Issue.

BUSH: I’ll do it in the context of comprehensive reform because high standards, by themselves, are meaningful, they’re helpful, they’re better than lower standards, but by themselves, there is no accountability around this, if there is no accountability around this, if there is no consequence for mediocrity and failure or excellence, then the system won’t move forward. In Florida we took a comprehensive approach.

Yes, we did have the first state-wide voucher program, and we have more school choice in Florida, both public and private than in any state in the country, and we have the largest virtual school. We have the largest corporate tax scholarship program. We have 30,000 students, that if their parents–if their child has a learning disability, they can take the dollars–the state and local dollars, and send them to any private school of their choice. We have all of that, and public schools. We eliminated social promotion in third grade, which was a pretty difficult thing to do. We did all this, and we raised standards.

My belief is that our standards have to be high enough, that a student going through our system is college or career ready, and that’s not what’s happening right now.

HANNITY: Is Common Core a federal take-over?

BUSH: No, and it shouldn’t be. Here’s where I think conservatives, and I think myself, all of us are deeply concerned with this president and this Department of Education, there’s a risk that they will intrude and they have, as it relates to Race to the Top. What we should say quite clearly and the authorization of the K-12 law–I think it might actually have been on the floor in the House of Representatives today, is to say, the federal government has no role in the creation of standards, directly or indirectly. The federal government has no role in the creation of curriculum and content. The federal government should have no access to student I.D. or student information. The role of the federal government, if any, is for more school choice.

Take the Title 1 money, and the IDEA money. The state’s want to innovate with their own programs–give them the money to let them create their own programs. That is a better approach. End partial transcript.

Are you aware that the foundation of Common Core rests on “education debt,” “education equity,” and “social justice?” 




Enough With the Depressing News: Feel Good Story Of The Day!


Autistic boy Glenn Buratti enjoyed the cops and firefighters that spontaneously showed up to his birthday party


Hat/Tip to BFH at

Great story amid all the ugly stuff going on in this world right now.

Heartwarming moment dozens of cops and firefighters flocked to autistic boy’s birthday party after his heartbroken mom revealed none of his classmates turned up

  • Ashlee Buratti invited her son’s 16 classmates to celebrate his sixth birthday
  • Glenn was devastated when he found out his classmates weren’t coming
  • Mom posted her frustration on Facebook and received messages of support
  • Strangers asked if they could bring their kids to the party to celebrate
  • Osceola County Sheriff’s Office heard about party and contacted the family
  • Police and firemen stopped by with gifts and gave Glenn tours of vehicles
  • Glenn, who has epilepsy and mild autism, was overjoyed with celebrations 

autistic boy Glenn Buratti in a real live firetruck



autistic boy Glenn Buratti with great impromptu birthday


Read the full story here.





Did Your State Raise Its Minimum Wage Today?



Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Well, way to go lefties! Now the price of eggs and milk and, well just about EVERY FREAKIN’ THING at the grocery store is going to go up in price! Not to mention the cost of a Big Mac, or Whopper or etc…

At the stroke of midnight today, 19 states increased their minimum wage. Residents of three more and the nation’s capital can expect hikes later on this year.

A year ago, the White House and Democratic lawmakers embarked on a campaign to make the minimum wage a defining issue in the 2014 elections. And although that didn’t pan out exactly as planned at the federal level, nearly half the states took action on the issue.

In his State of the Union address last January, President Obama urged members of Congress to pass bills from Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10.

“Say yes,” Obama said. “Give America a raise.”

Federal legislation was met with resistance. though. Republicans argued raising the minimum wage would cause an increase in prices for consumers and low-wage workers likely would face layoffs as companies grappled with the higher costs associated with hiked wages.

Some of those concerns were validated last month by a University of California, San Diego, study. For three years, researchers followed low-income workers residing in states that saw wage hikes and those that did not. The study found that minimum wage hikes had negative impacts on employment, income and income growth.[…]

“Minimum wage supporters have good intentions, but those good intentions cannot repeal the law of unintended consequences,” James Sherk, an expert in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal. He added:

Minimum-wage increases reduce the total earnings of low-wage workers — the higher pay for some workers gets completely offset by the nonexistent pay of those no longer employed.

In its study, UCSD researchers found that after minimum-wage increases, the national employment-to-population ratio decreased by 0.7 percent points between December 2006 and December 2012.

In addition, the study found that minimum-wage increases hindered low-skilled workers’ ability to rise to lower-middle -lass earnings.

Read the full story here.





Report: Illegal Voting by Illegal Aliens/Non-Citizens Giving Democrats Wins in Close Races


 photo Illegal-immigrants-voting_zpsccad1841.jpg

Hat/Tip to Kellan Howell at The Washington Times.

Voter Fraud!

Voter Suppression!

Which is it?

For this author, it’s pretty cut and dried. You need a state-issued ID to vote.

But of course the Dems will yell that we’re being mean to minorities, trying to suppress their participation in our free elections, via Jim Crowe and the ever-dreaded, oft threatened (by Liberals, that is) “Poll Tax”!!

Okay, fine. So where are the loud Liberal voices when those very same minorities are LEGALLY forced to show a STATE-ISSUED ID to purchase Sudafed?

…or beer, wine and liquor?

…or cigarettes?

…or to rent a car?

…or to stay in a hotel?

Aren’t those very same minorities’ participation in cold medicine, alcohol and cigarettes being suppressed?

A recent study is only confirming what many Americans already knew – voter fraud exists and in a large enough scale so as to change the outcome of elections.

A new study shows that percentage of non-American citizens who illegally voted in close races in recent years may have garnered the Democratic Party victories.

Using data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, The Washington Post reported Friday that the number of non-citizens voting for Democrats in past elections was “large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.”

The paper estimates that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent voted in 2010. In each case those voters overwhelmingly favored President Obama.

The paper also cited Sen. Al Franken’s 2008 victory in Minnesota as a prominent example where illegal voting may have swayed an election. Mr. Franken won his race by 312 votes.

Yeah, but since we know this now, we’re doing SOMETHING about it, right?

Right? Something effective?

Nope, sorry. Nothing.

The study also found that measures put in place to prevent voter fraud have been largely ineffective.

“Nearly three quarters of the non-citizens who indicated they were asked to provide photo identification at the polls claimed to have subsequently voted,” the paper reported.

Okay, that’s the latest study, but voter fraud is nothing new. Although you’ll never hear about it on the network news.

Here are just a few stories going back to 2012.

Too bad no one listened.










The standard Liberal reply, that is if you can find a Lib that WILL reply once presented with the facts that voter fraud does, in deed exist, is that it’s only a few people, it’s not enough to change election outcomes.

To which the best Conservative reply is, “Why are you okay with voter fraud if it’s only a few people? Isn’t ONE person voting who doesn’t have that right, one person too many?”



Rick Scott, Solid Pro-Gun Governor Signs Pro-Gun Legislation



Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Florida Governor Signs Five Pro-Gun Measures Into Law, Including ‘Pop Tart’ And ‘Warning Shot’ bills


Via Guns

Gov. Rick Scott approved several pro-gun bills Friday that covered everything from clarifying use of force to ending insurance discrimination against gun owners.

“We have a solid, pro-gun governor who strongly supports the Second Amendment and these are all common sense pieces of legislation with a demonstrated need,” Marion Hammer, president of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and past president of the National Rifle Association, explained to in April.

One of the most controversial of the pack was HB89, which changes the interpretation of the threatened use of force. It will make it legal in the state for one to effectively display a weapon in a self-defense situation if proper justifications are met.

The bill was originally crafted after Marissa Alexander, a South Florida mother, was sentenced to a 20-year mandatory sentence in 2012 for firing a handgun during a domestic dispute as a consequence of the state’s “10-20-life” laws.

Commonly called the “Warning Shot” bill in the media, gun-rights advocates in Florida take exception to that classification.

“HB89 is not about warning shots,” said Hammer to Friday. “HB89 is about stopping abusive prosecutors from charging people with aggravated assault for defending themselves against an attacker.”

“Self-defense is not a crime,” the NRA icon continued. “Self-defense is a constitutional right and some Florida prosecutors have been violating those rights. Whether you display a firearm or discharge a firearm to stop an attacker, it is still self-defense. You shouldn’t be forced to shoot an attacker to have the protection of the law. This bill tells prosecutors to stop treating victims like criminals and stop treating criminals like victims.”

Read the full story here.



Dem Congressman: ‘We’ve Proved That Communism Works’

joe garcia
Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia

Hat/Tip to the DailyCaller.

Yeah, you read that right. An American ELECTED official is touting Communism. My only answer to that is to quote Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t It Ironic?”

Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia — fresh off being caught eating his own earwax on camera — was caught red-handed (or is it yellow-fingered?) in another gaffe this week, claiming that low crime rates in border cities with lots of federal immigration workers is proof that “Communism works.”

Garcia made the comment during a Google hangout he convened last week to talk about comprehensive immigration reform with supporters. The Democrat attempted to point out how, for all their talk about limited government, many Republicans are fine spending loads of government money on border security.

“Let me give you an example, the kind of money we’ve poured in,” he said. “So the most dangerous — sorry, the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez. Right?”

“And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico,” Garcia continued. “And of course, the reason is we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

“But that isn’t what we should be doing on the border,” he continued. “The kind of money we’ve poured into it, and we’re having diminishing returns.”

And of course, he is outraged that we took him out of context.

Out of context, hmmm. Out of context when he said, “And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico,” Garcia continued. “And of course, the reason is we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

Wow, how in the blue hell do you take that statement out of context?

In the interest of fairness, here is the youtube video with his comments.




Sen. Marco Rubio: White House or Bust


marco rubio 001That’s the sentiment coming from Florida Senator Marco this week as he makes the rounds in New Hampshire and across the country. In an interview with Jonathan Karl for ABC, Rubio states definitively that if he does decide to run for President, then he won’t be seeking another Senate run.

Rubio – who spoke to Karl on Friday in New Hampshire — said that if he decides to seek the presidency, he would not simultaneously seek re-election as a senator for the Sunshine State.

“I believe that if you want to be president of the United States, you run for president,” he said. “You don’t run for president with some eject button in the cockpit that allows you to go on an exit ramp if it doesn’t work out.”

And on the question of his being qualified to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Rubio answers directly.

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration Reform[W]hen asked by Jonathan Karl on “This Week” if he’s ready to be president, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida answered without hesitation.

“I do … but I think that’s true for multiple other people that would want to run … I mean, I’ll be 43 this month, but the other thing that perhaps people don’t realize, I’ve served now in public office for the better part of 14 years,” said Rubio. “Most importantly, I think a president has to have a clear vision of where the country needs to go and clear ideas about how to get it there and I think we’re very blessed in our party to have a number of people that fit that criteria.”

When asked if he was qualified to run, Rubio reiterated that the Republican Party has several qualified candidates.

“The question is what — who’s vision is the one that our party wants to follow?” he said.

But Rubio offered direct answers and blunt responses on other topics as well.

During the interview with Karl, Rubio took aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is seen by many as the strongest Democratic candidate for president in 2016. Rubio said he was sure Clinton would highlight her time at the State Department as a positive should she seek the White House, but he offered a much more negative view of her tenure at Foggy Bottom.

“I’m sure she’s going to go out bragging about her time in the State Department. She’s also going to have to be held accountable for its failures, whether it’s the failed reset with Russia or the failure in Benghazi that actually cost lives,” he said.

Rubio said he didn’t think Clinton deserved a passing grade for her time at the State Department, saying he thought she earned an “F.”

“If you look at the diplomacy that was pursued in her time in the State Department, it has failed everywhere in the world,” Rubio said. “If she is going to run on her record as secretary of state, she’s also going to have to answer for its massive failures,”

And on Global Climate Warming Change, Rubio again had direct, definitive responses. In a nutshell, Sen. Rubio doesn’t believe that the science is settled on this, here is a part of the transcript on this between Karl of ABC and Rubio.

KARL:  The White House came out with a big new report on climate change and listed Florida as being right, you know, saying that — that Florida is right at the center of this, that, in fact, Miami, Tampa are two of the cities that are most threatened by climate change. So putting aside your disagreement with what to do about it, do you agree with the science on this? I mean how big…


RUBIO:  Well…


KARL:  — a threat is climate change?


RUBIO:  Yeah, I — I don’t agree with the notion that some are putting out there, including scientists, that somehow, there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what’s happening in our climate.  Our climate is always changing.  And what they have chosen to do is take a handful of decades of research and — and say that this is now evidence of a longer-term trend that’s directly and almost solely attributable to manmade activity…


KARL:  You don’t buy…


RUBIO:  I do not agree with that.


KARL:  — you don’t buy the science on this? You don’t think that human activity has caused the climate changes to somehow…


RUBIO:  I think climate is always…


KARL:  — or is the primary…


RUBIO:  Well, I don’t know of any era in world history where the climate has been stable.  Climate is always evolving and natural disaster have always existed.


But I do believe that the fact is, that these events that we’re talking about are impacting us, because we’ve built very expensive structures in Florida and other parts of the country near areas that are prone to hurricanes.  We’ve had hurricanes in Florida forever.


And the — the question is, what do we do about the fact that we have built expensive structures, real estate and population centers, near those vulnerable areas?


I have no problem with taking mitigation activity. What I have a problem with is these changes to our law that somehow politicians say are going to change our weather.  That’s absurd.


RUBIO:  — to say you are going to pass a bill that’s going to change the weather is a lie and you’re going to devastate our economy.


KARL:  But — but let me get this straight.  You do not think that human activity, the production of CO2, has caused warming to our planet?


RUBIO:  I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it.  That’s what I do not.  And I do not believe that the laws that they propose we pass will do anything about it, except it will destroy our economy.


You Picked the Wrong House: Squatters take Veteran’s home & make it their own – almost


You don’t tug on superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce

Yet, that’s exactly what Julio Ortiz and Fatima Cardosa did. They decided to “occupy” Army Spc. Michael Sharkey’s house in New Port Richey Florida and moved into his house while he was serving his country, deployed in Afghanistan, and stationed in Hawaii.

Julio Ortiz & Fatima Cardosa
Julio Ortiz & Fatima Cardosa

Two squatters who took over a house in [New] Port Richey in Florida got slightly more than they bargained for when the owner returned from serving overseas.

Army Spc. Michael Sharkey was stationed in Hawaii, which meant leaving his home for two years. Julio Ortiz and Fatima Cardosa took this as a perfect opportunity to break into the building, move themselves and their two dogs into Sharkey’s home, change the locks and refuse to leave.

Sharkey was told that because Ortiz and Cardosa had “taken up residency,” the only way to get the pair to leave and get his home back was to take the matter to civil court.

The military community being what it is, you can imagine how this didn’t sit well with them – or with anyone else for that matter, it seems.

This story very quickly made its way through the social media grapevine and on to the Facebook page of WFLA who first reported the story. Residents were horrified and the general consensus was that something should be done about it.

The outrage culminated in a planned motorcycle ride organized by supporters to convince the squatters to leave. According to latest reports, the public pressure has worked, as Cardosa and Ortiz — who has spent 12 years in jail for robbery, carjacking and drugs offenses — have made a hasty retreat.


Two motorcycle clubs comprised of military veterans organized a very public ride to peacefully put pressure on the squatters.

bikers chase off squattersThen WFLA reported that two Tampa motorcycle clubs filled with veterans were planning to ride over to the Sharkey residence on Sunday “and peacefully make the squatters uncomfortable.”

With that, Ortiz started packing up, noting the planned biker visit was one of the reasons he and Cardoso were leaving, WFLA said.

Early Thursday morning the house seemed unoccupied. A few belongings were scattered on the front yard and two dogs were barking in the house. One of the animals jumped out of a broken window and ran around the yard. A Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene waiting for animal control to get to the house.

When Animal Control trappers arrived they eventually captured both dogs. Ortiz’s friends came over and took the animals. Duke Energy crews came to the house to investigate how the squatters got electricity at the house.

WFLA News Channel 8


NBC affiliate, News Channel 8, WFLA in Tampa, FL has been covering this story from the beginning. Their investigations led to some not so surprising facts.

News Channel 8 uncovered the criminal background of Ortiz; learning he spent a combined 12 years in prison in New Jersey for robbery, car jacking, and selling drugs on school property.

Veteran’s groups, neighbors, Facebook followers and businesses have banded together to help Army Spc. Sharkey repair the damage done to his home.

Army Spc. Michael Sharkey
Army Spc. Michael Sharkey

Lauren Price of Veterans Warriors, who helped bring attention to the situation, says that Lowe’s has donated supplies to repair Sharkey’s home and local construction firms have donated their time to clean up the mess left behind.

Speaking to Channel 8 News, an overwhelmed Sharkey expressed his gratitude saying “I’m used to doing things for everyone else; this is the first time someone has done something for me, It’s pretty much like my extended family, wearing the same uniform as me.”

It’s always nice when the good guys win one, once in a while.


Allen West Comes Forward With Evidence of Voter Fraud


vote twice

What voter fraud?

For another, in what looks to become a series of stories here at CH 2.0, we turn to former Representative from Florida, Colonel Allen West. The Conservative Tribune reports that voter fraud is more widespread than the left or the MSM would want us to believe.

 allen west guardian of the republicNo matter how hard you try to convince them, liberals are convinced that voter fraud is just some bogey man created in the minds of racist conservatives to justify implementing voter ID laws that disenfranchise black people.

Of course, these people are out of touch with reality, as voter fraud is very real and it happens in every election. A recent study found that voter fraud could impact over 1,000,000 votes, which is more than enough to affect the outcome of a presidential election. We’ve also documented cases of illegal aliens voting in Ohio and Florida, which are both key swing states.

One only has to wonder how different the outcome of the 2012 election might have been but for the rampant voter fraud.

Colonel West has gone public with evidence of voter fraud in Florida.

He shared a story from Gregg Prentice on how 3,000 voters were caught illegally using the address of a UPS store as their legal residence, and elections supervisors did nothing about it, even though they are legally mandated to do so.

From Colonel West’s website:

If there is one thing I learned in the 2012 election cycle, it was about voter fraud. My conservative warrior associate, Katherine Engelbrecht, and her organization, True the Vote, took up the mantle against the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, who admitted to sending “questionable” results to the Florida Secretary of State. It was somewhat disheartening that the Florida Secretary of State and Attorney General sat back, watched the news reports, and did nothing.

With that background, I’d like to share a story written by Gregg Prentice: “Voter Fraud? If they’re not catching the easy stuff, what else are they missing?”

Prentice asks, are some of Florida’s Supervisors of Elections skirting the law? Supervisors are tasked with maintaining an accurate voter roll. One of the requirements of the Supervisors is to ensure voters provide a legal residence address. Yet a December 2013 analysis shows more than 3,000 voter registrations statewide listing their residence address at a UPS store, potentially illegally.

[Quote from the Prentice story]: “Florida Law is clear and, with minor exception, requires that voter registrations listing other than an address of legal residence should not be accepted, because they are “ineligible” (F.S. 98.045 (1)(h)). In fact, it’s actually a felony to willfully submit any false voter registration information (F.S.104.011(2)). Accordingly, if these “ineligible” registrations are found to exist, Florida statutes also provide for their prompt correction or removal (F.S. 98.075(6) & (7)).”

florida voter registration

So there you go. It’s a felony for this to have happened, but how can it be that a citizen watchdog had to uncover this Florida voter fraud while the people paid with our taxpayer dollars have not a clue? Is it not a mandated responsibility of the Florida State Supervisors of Elections to maintain these voter address rolls? I’d say so.

A review of the state-mandated voter registration list reveals that of the 3,000 UPS store registrations:

– 1,200 match addresses already known as commercial that were ignored
– 500 match addresses erroneously marked as residential
– 1,100 have no match at all.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so it looks like voter fraud IS occurring, and in numbers big enough to make a difference.

Conservative Tribune story.

Colonel Allen West’s story on his website.

Gregg Prentice story on Dr. Rich Swier’s website.


War on Christmas: Athiests Want Nativity Scene in Chiply, Florida, Taken Down


If you bother to listen, any liberal tell you that there is no “War on Christmas.”  They deny that there is any effort to ban, hinder, or otherwise thwart, the acknowledgment or celebration of Christmas. However, while they are denying the “War on Christmas,” they are quite busy waging the “War on Christmas.”  Forthe latest example of the completely nonexistent “War on Christmas,” we have to go to Chipley, Florida, were atheists are absolutely not trying to get the Nativity scene removed.

As you can see, this is yet another example of how Christians are completely fabricating the totally nonexistent” War on Christmas.”

In a related controversy, a reporter from the local Washington County News, Randal Seyler, had notified the Freedom From Religion Foundation of the existence of the Nativity display.

WMBB News 13 – The Panhandle’s News Leader

Seyler published an apology on Dec. 9, explaining that he had contacted the organization, among others, out of curiosity and did not intend to spark controversy over the nativity.

“It was not my plan to take down the city’s nativity scene nor cause anyone else to do so,” he wrote, noting that the controversy has taken on a “life of its own.”

The city added a decorated Christmas tree on Monday to try and balance the nativity with a secular symbol, though it’s not likely to satisfy atheist activists.

Council members have so far pledged to keep the nativity in place, so it looks like they could be in for a legal battle with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

As you can see, the Freedom From Religion Foundation believes that denying the religious freedom of everyone is far better than acknowledging the existence of God.  They stress the imaginary and nonexistent “separation of church and state,” rather than what the First Amendment actually states in”…  nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.”  That’s the part that they leave out. That’s the part that they don’t think applies to anyone. They have absolutely no problem with reading into the Establishment Clause something that essentially bans what comes immediately after the Establishment Clause.  But, those Christians have to be silenced somehow, right?

Oh, and there’s no War on Christmas. This isn’t happening, and you’re a racist!


ObamaCare Damage: 300,000 Floridians Losing Their Plans


ben stein obamacare

Once again, I feel obligated to mention that the President told us that if we liked our plans, we could keep them.  However, once again, reality proves Obama to be a poor liar…

It’s happening to millions of people all over the United States.  Health insurance companies, no longer allowed to offer certain kinds of plans due to new regulations in Obamacare, are sending out cancelation notices.

from NBC:

But the cancellation notices, which began arriving in August, have shocked many consumers in light of President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their plans if they liked them.

“I don’t feel like I need to change, but I have to,” said Jeff Learned, a television editor in Los Angeles, who must find a new plan for his teenage daughter, who has a health condition that has required multiple surgeries.

An estimated 14 million people purchase their own coverage because they don’t get it through their jobs. Calls to insurers in several states showed that many have sent notices.

Florida Blue, for example, is terminating about 300,000 policies, about 80 percent of its individual policies in the state. Kaiser Permanente in California has sent notices to 160,000 people – about half of its individual business in the state. Insurer Highmark in Pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent of its individual market customers, while Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, is dropping about 45 percent.

read the rest

Obama lied, and the insurance plans died.  Of course, the individuals that lost their plans can purchase another, but most of the time, that new plan will offer less, with a higher deductible, for a substantially higher price.

Sorry about the suffering this is causing, but in terms of the government gaining control over the healthcare system, it was a small price to pay.


Florida Terrorized by Herpes Infected Monkeys!


I don’t know if this counts as a sign of the Apocalypse, but if it is, it only shows that the Supreme Being has quite the sense of humor.  It appears there there are thousands of monkey’s in Florida, and many of them do indeed have herpes!

Wildlife officials said that three pairs of Rhesus monkeys were transported to a park near Ocala in the 1930s by tour operator Colonel Tooey after a “Tarzan” flick sparked a fascination with the creature.

But the breed has since boomed and more than 1,000 of the monkeys now live in the state, wildlife officials say.

State officials have caught more than 700 of the monkeys in the past decade — most of which tested positive for the herpes-B virus.

Wildlife officials now consider the monkeys a public health hazard.

She may look clean but…

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve tackled a story about woodland creatures with raging STD’s…

Chlamydia Clobbering Cute Koalas?

Oh, and bonus points for the reader that get’s the reference in the pic caption!


Racial Violence: White Teen Beaten By Blacks on School Bus-National Media Silent


I guess only “White Hispanics” that defend themselves when being beaten down get national coverage.  Otherwise, the racial violence in American continues.  This occurred in Florida…

I this kid was guilty of being “White on a school bus.”

Remember, had this child attempted to defend himself, he would have been instantly transformed into a racist predator that was targeting those poor black kids, who may or may not have had skittles on their person.

Or does that only apply to “White Hispanics?”  It’s so hard to tell since they had to create a the entire “White Hispanic” race.  Makes it kinda hard to know all the rules anymore.



Florida Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Encourages Citizens to “Inform” on Neighbors


Ric Bradshaw, Sheriff of Palm Beach Country, Florida, has decided to channel the Soviet Union and have citizens “inform” on their neighbours who are critical of the government.  The Clash Daily has more…

A new $1 million dollar program led by Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw aimed at “violence prevention” is encouraging Floridians to report their neighbors for making hateful comments about the government, a chilling reminder of how dissent is being characterized as an extremist threat.

“Bradshaw plans to use the extra $1 million to launch “prevention intervention” units featuring specially trained deputies, mental health professionals and caseworkers. The teams will respond to citizen phone calls to a 24-hour hotline with a knock on the door and a referral to services, if needed,” reports the Palm Beach Post.

Bradshaw makes it clear that the kind of behavior which could prompt a visit from the authorities includes anti-government political statements that may be deemed a prelude to violent action.

this plays into so many liberal memes.  It hits the “anyone who dares opposes the nanny state is crazy.”  That opposition to the government is somehow a “prelude to violence,” is another.  And, informing on neighbors is a fine Soviet tradition.  Anyone who said anything outside of the party line was to be severely punished.  And while the current regime isn’t “disappearing” people, the involvement of mental health professionals may imply that patriots may be diagnosed with some made-up, non-existent diagnosis like “sluggishly progressing schizophrenia.”

Election 2012 Wrap up: Voter Fraud Rampant in Spigot Cities


If you look at the map above, you will see that the most of the country was a sea of red.  The Blue areas are mostly centered on urban areas, which are predominantly controlled by Democrats.   Many of these Democratic bastions have been termed “spigot cities, ” designed to commit massive fraud to turn red states blue.  Before the election, The Blaze covered this…

J. Christian Adams, an author and former attorney for the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, spoke about the spigot cities on the BlazeTV documentary — “The Machine” — which delves into various forms of voter fraud and how it’s being perpetuated. Many believe it is ultimately resulting in a loss of freedom through a corrupt voting system.

Adams believes spigot cities are managed by the Obama campaigned with some involvement by the Voting Section of the Justice Department.

“Without the spigot being opened in Philly, without the spigot being opened in Saint Louis, without the spigot being opened in Detroit and Fort Lauderdale and– and– and places around the country like that, Milwaukee– Cleveland, Cincinnati, those states would not go blue,” Adams said on “The Machine.” “It requires massive turnout– in large unopposed numbers in those urban centers for those states to remain in– in the blue column. What you have, unfortunately, is pervasive systemic voter fraud in many of those places. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

So, did this materialize on election day?  Let’s take a look.  Here are some stories from the days following the election…

Voter Fraud in Boston

In Boston alone, in almost every single ward, there was a substantially higher number of votes than people actually registered to vote. See the following link for actual #’s:

Note that the link is to an official website from the City of Boston.  No conspiracy, no made up evidience.  It’s all public information, from the original source…

In other words, 129% of the registered voters on Boston cast a ballot.  But that isn’t fraud, right?

In Philadelphia, Democratic officials illegally removed Republican poll observers, and those same precincts has abnormally high turnout.  Imagine that!

Here is audio of the Republican officials being refused admittance…

Then, here are the results…

Across Philadelphia, GOP poll inspectors were forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations. Coincidentally (or not), Mr. Obama received “astronomical” numbers in those very same regions, including locations where he received “over 99%” of the vote.

Ward 4, which also had a poll watcher dressed in Obama attire, went massively for Obama. Mr. Obama received 99.5% of the vote, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55.

Is it odd that a county that expelled GOP inspectors and had people openly campaigning for Obama ended with 99.5% for Obama and 9955 votes for him? It’s up to you to decide.

The article mentions that voter turn out city wide was 60%, but in the precincts where the Republicans were removed, the turnout was abnormally high.  I wonder why?

Obama wins 108% of vote in an Ohio Country

It seems that more people showed up to vote in certain Ohio counties  than were registered.  

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.

In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

Secretary of College Democrats Morgan Holliger chimed in, “We won Wood County, we won Ohio.”

Mr. Obama did indeed win Wood County, along with its 108% of voters.

Half the Democratic ground game is voter turnout. The other half is voter fraud. Voter ID would make an impact on this game, but that would be just like the return of Segregation or something.

141% of registered voters cast ballots in St. Lucie County, Florida

Because it isn’t voter fraud…right?

On Tuesday only one precinct had less than 113% turnout. “The Unofficial vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10% ). The National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county.”

The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, had this to say concerning the 141% voter turnout: “They may have had something like that in Palm Beach County, but we’ve never seen that here.”

Then again, in the early voting, it was discovered that the fountain of youth existed in North Carolina…

In 2010 those problems surfaced meaningfully as indicated in the below voter fraud post from an earlier Charlotte Conservative Examiner article:

Perhaps in an effort to promote North Carolina as one of the healthiest States in the Nation, this latest voter twist comes to us from Susan Myrick of the Civitas Institute in North Carolina–not to be confused with Rep. Sue Myrick of NC who is unrelated. In a radio interview with local WBT Anchor Tara Servatious, Susan reports that she has been keeping track of the number of votes in North Carolina of individuals over the age of 110 years and apparently we have quite a few, over 410 of the 110 year olds–to be exact– actually voted via absentee ballot on October the 28th. Yes indeed, now it would appear that good ole NC has the market cornered on the Centenarian vote.

At latest count, Susan has garnered a total Absentee Ballot vote of over 2,660 people over the age of 110. Someone contact the Guiness Book and warm up the Ford, the Fountain of Youth exists and its right here in lovely NC. It’s no wonder people are moving here in droves–maybe the use of tobacco isn’t such a bad thing after all? But, on a more serious note, with all of the irregularities going on all over the place, we can now begin to wonder about a few things.

Apparently those ultra-healthy seniors over 110 have aged and are now astoundingly over 112 years old, and are still able to make it to the polls ahead of time.

So, as you can see, this is a factor in elections.  Also, this isn’t the complete number of stories on fraud, just some of the more egregious.  And not matter how much evidence is uncovered, the media will not cover it, and the Democrats vilify anyone who points it out.

NOTE:  I know the post image is photoshopped.  I think it’s funny, so I use it.


Feds to Investigate Alleged Voter Fraud in Florida


Voter Fraud Update: It appears that letters are being sent to voters, informing them that they are not registered to vote, and they should stay home.  Click Orlando has more…

Voters are getting letters that look like they are from local elections offices, questioning their citizenship. But Local 6 has learned the letters are fake, and they are going out across Central Florida and many other parts of the state.

Officials on Monday said voters who had received the letters thus far are white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections.

“This is a major concern,” said Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel, who received a letter from a voter mailed from Seattle with no return address. “You should not expect a letter from your elections office saying, ‘You’re not registered to vote, please don’t go to the polls.’ That’s ridiculous.”

On Tuesday, the state of Florida said there have been reports from more than 20 counties where voters have received fraudulent letters impersonating supervisors of elections.

The article does add that both state authorities, as well as the US Department of Justice will be investigating.