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Michelle Obama Lowers Use of School Lunch Program, Students Refuse to Embrace the Suckage

In a shocking turn, Michelle Obama, as democratic FLOTUS, has actually caused a decrease in participation in school lunch program!  While decreasing participation in an entitlement is completely antithetical to a democrat, this is really a case of the “law of unintended consequences.”  But wait, there’s more! The Government Accountability Office (GAO) audited the program and found that more than 1 million children abandoned school lunches entirely. Nationwide, student participation in the National School Lunch Program declined by 1.2 million students (or 3.7 percent) from school year 2010-2011 through school year 2012-2013, after having increased steadily for many years… State […]

A Rant On Our American Diet

For the past month I have been knee-deep in books about Italy and, more importantly, Italian food…and by extension, European food in general…and I am reminded of our trip to France and Italy last February. Never before had we eaten such incredible cuisine and I’ve been to some of the finest restaurants in San Francisco, New York, Miami, and the Caribbean. Every single meal, right down to the pizza we grabbed outside the Colosseum in Rome from a “roach coach”, was sublime, the flavors married to perfection. Not one spice was out of place. Dining in Italy is an especially […]

SEIU Protester Suggests That McDonalds Workers “Might do Something to the Food”

I’ve covered the SEIU many times.  Beside having a big affinity for communism, the SEIU has an alleged history of sabotaging workplaces to get what they want.  Allegedly, even nursing home care… Well, another union, the SEIU, has been accused of sabotaging patient care at nursing homes.  Big Government has more… Union workers at Connecticut nursing homes represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are alleged to have vandalized and sabotaged assisted living facilities in Connecticut — including those that care for Alzheimer’s patients — during a mass walkout earlier this month. HealthBridge, which owns the nursing homes, is […]

Frankenstorm Update: Hurricane Sandy is Strengthening, Last Minute Preparations Needed

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, there is word that she is strengthening.  Here is more from the NY Times… Forecasters cautioned that the course of the storm could change, but officials from the National Hurricane Center said that it was no longer a question of if the storms would converge — but where and with how much force. Dr. Knabb of the National Hurricane Center said the storm’s intensity was unlikely to change. “The center of circulation is only going to be a very small part of the story,” he said. “This is not just going to be […]

Food Prices Rise Under Obama

Hope and Change apparently means higher food prices.  Big Government has the evidence… So you think you’ve been paying more for groceries because your food bill is too high? You’re right. Barack Obama is consuming fine dining while you’re putting another helping of macaroni on your plate. In 2011, with Obama’s inflation beginning to hit, prices skyrocketed for staples that you consume, according to the government: Beef: +10.2% Pork: +8.5% Fish: +7.1% Eggs: +9.2% Dairy: +6.8% Oils and Fats: +9.3% Thanks to those kinds of prices, more and more people are opting to stay home for dinner – restaurants are simply […]

#Occupy Uses Feces and Urine as Protest Tools?

Apparently, the answer to that question is yes.  No matter what one thinks or feels about the big banks, one thing is clear-that since the occupods don’t like them, no one can use them.  So what do they do?  They dump human waste into banks!   However, they forgot that banks have cameras.  Here is the footage, via The Blaze… The Blaze also has some coverage… Security cameras and witnesses were vital in helping police identify and arrest a suspect. NBC-NY reports: Police said Occupy Wall Street protesters were captured on surveillance video dragging a large receptacle of human urine […]

Constitution “Too Old, Embraces Few Rights”- Dismissing the Document so Individual Freedom can be Ignored


Our Constitution is an incredible document.  Unique in it’s design and application, it puts the rights of the individual over the power of the state.  It hearkens to the notion of  natural rights-that our rights are granted by our creator, and that government cannot take them away, or otherwise abridge them.  That people have a right to speak freely, worship as they please (or not at all), and bear arms in their own defense, can be secure in their papers and possessions, and many others.  But, it’s greatest strength, in my opinion, is that it limits the powers of the government.  As President Obama lamented, the Constitutions is a collection […]

Fascist Friday: The Government intends on telling us what we can eat

fascist friday

Conservatives and Libertarians always warn of the the ever-expanding powers of the state.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter who is in charge, the state takes on a power all of it’s own.  We covered many examples of government intrusions into our lives; how much water our toilets can use, TSA gropings and porno-scanners, mandates to force us into buying insurance, and the like.   While that is just the tip of the iceberg, it does give one the impression that government power has been growing to levels that would make the founders wretch. Some of you might not see it.  Some […]