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Must See Video: Mustang Speed Dating Prank

Hat/Tip to BFH of One Date’s Famous Last Words: “Let Me Drive It, I’ll Show You What This Thing Can Do.” . . .

The auto plant Ford wants to put in Detroit, but the UAW won’t let them.

  Ford has a plant in Brazil that ought to be the model for a resurgence in Detroit. Too bad the UAW and Democrat politicians refuse to let this happen. At Ford Motor Co.’s factory here, a group of Visteon Corp. workers connect the wiring in a dashboard module for a Ford EcoSport. Next to them, Lear Corp. employees are building seats for the same vehicle. A few feet away, Ford’s Diede Silva dos Santos applies trim to a Fiesta subcompact. She’s mastered seven jobs at the plant and is working on an eighth. “If you do different jobs, it’s […]

You Want a Deuce Coupe? You Can Buy it!

For you car nuts out there, and more specifically, the rat rod type, few bodies are as sought after as the “Deuce Coupe.”  That is the five window, 1932 Ford two door Model B.  They were the most preferred body style for rat rod conversion.    With originals dwindling fast, and the market making them ever more costly, Ford is stepping in with a solution.  FOX has more… According to Ford, these ’32 Coupe reproductions are exclusively licensed to United Pacific Industries, which rolled out a flawless 5-Window replica at SEMA 2013. Each shell is stamped from virgin metal, then […]

Conservative Guide for Automobiles

In the aftermath of the 2012 election, many conservatives are questioning and re-evaluating their spending habits and choices.  And out of all things that can be purchased, few are considered carefully as buying a car.   Many are asking themselves, “do I want to support companies that conspire with the forces that want to enslave me?”  Well, to make a car purchase easier, The Morlock Revolt has created  a convenient info-graphic to help you.   Here is some more from The Morlock revolt… -BMW is manufactured in the US in South Carolina.  These plants produce the X3, X5, and X6 models -The Honda Accord, the Accura […]

This Ford Commercial Kicks! "Owner" States that he Bought a Ford Because They Didn't Take Government Bailout Money


I’ve had guessed that Ford’s increased sales after the auto-bailouts were due to people rebelling against government motors.  Might this commercial be a confirmation? I remember visiting a Ford dealership not too long after Ford sales increased.  When I asked, a salesman smiled and said that a lot of buyers were saying that the bailouts were why they chose Ford.  In a sense, all the steps that Ford took to get new products out, and improve existing ones coincided with this potential rebellions against the bailouts.  From their perspective, if it had to happen, the timing was perfect.  Ironically, it was Ford […]

Sunday Links: Ford Edition

Well, it’s Sunday again, and here we have the link post.  One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I don’t always do the linked posts “justice” with my descriptions.  So this time, I’m going to use the actual titles of the posts for the link.  Feedback, as always, is welcome. As for the theme, I haven’t done a car post for a while, and Ford seems to be a make that I haven’t covered as of yet.  So, enjoy the cars, and visit the links. Sexist Santorum and Clueless Cupp Texans Deserve to Know the True Cost of […]

The Summer of Unrecovery: Car Sales to Reach 28 Year low

As the Summer of Recovery© continues, evidence reveals the overall fail of the Obama economic policies.  Recently, housing sales tanked.  All this year, the government and their media apologists have been forced to discuss, “unexpected” and “unanticipated” statistics, like increases in unemployment and decreases in economic indicators.  For the latest, Hot Air provides us with a link to see how “Government Motors” are doing. U.S. auto sales in August probably were the slowest for the month in 28 years as model-year closeout deals failed to entice consumers concerned the economy is worsening and they may lose their jobs. Industrywide deliveries, to be released […]

RIP: Mercury 1938-2010

Well, another car brand died today.  Ford announced that the Mercury brand will go to that show room in the sky in the fourth quarter of this year.   Here’s some coverage from Automobile Magazine. According to Fields, the decision to cut Mercury was difficult considering the brand’s heritage, but an annual vehicle study put the final nail in the coffin. Mercury’s total market share was shown to be 0.8 percent and most Mercury buyers were cross-shopping – and transitioning to – Ford vehicles. So, it was poor demand that did it.  That’s really no surprise to me.  Mercury hadn’t been […]

Ford's Most Advanced Assembly Plant

This short video reveals so much about how the UAW has hurt the viability of American auto companies. I for one, would be thrilled to see American companies be free to opt for this type of innovation and high quality production. If you think of how many more Americans could be working if this type of plant could be built in America, it is easy to see why we are in the economic free fall we are. Make sure you pay attention to the last couple of sentences in this video. Hat tip to Pesky Emotional Republican – a fantastic […]