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Europeans Outraged That Nobel Peace Prize Winner Spies on Them

I’ll be watching. Always watching. Damage from the NSA spying scandal continues to plague the Obama administration, threatening free trade negotiations with the European Union.  Said President Francoise Hollande of France (pictured here), I am shocked that spying is going on in this establishment! “We cannot accept this kind of behavior between partners and allies.” I  expect this type of behavior from a cowboy like Bush but not from an enlightened man like Obama.  When he won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Vietnam war I thought that a new age had dawned.  I never expected this.  Spying on […]

France’s Wealthiest Man Leaves Due to High Taxes: French Liberals Outraged

Categorize this under:  There was a reason that the East Germans built a wall… It’s been said again and again-high taxes cause people to leave.  And, no matter how many times it happens, liberals engage in the requisite outrage and condemnation for the problems that their own policies cause.  For the latest example, we have to pay a visit to The Lid. Back in September when Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault the richest man in France applied for Belgian citizenship. Left-wing French newspaper Libération ran a picture of the head of LVMH with the headline, Casse-toi riche con!  which (according to […]

Another French Revolution? Gerard Depardieu Goes Galt

What if there were another French Revolution.  And this time, it was led by creators refusing to be robbed by the nanny state?  Well, one is beginning.  Earlier this year, the French foolishly elected socialists, and their PM decided that a really great way to raise revenue for do-goodery was to tax the evil rich at very high levels.  And, creators, like famous actor Gerard Depardieu have decided to vote with their feet, and leave France.  The Socialist PM fired off that the refusal to be robbed was “pathetic.”  Depardieu shot back and, in an open letter to Monsieur Ayrault, wrote, […]

Only the Obama Administration Could get Americans to like Gadaffi

Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi is a bad guy-and probably insane as well.  He’s butchered his own people.  His regime was implicated in the Lockerbie bombing (for which he eventually accepted responsibility).  He makes rambling and  incoherent speeches.  He is  accompanied by a bevy of hot Ukrainian nurses.   In terms of playing the role of “insane dictator,” Gaddafi has done it all, and probably deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award for being a deranged leader. Then, enter the Obama administration.  With socialists and radical Islamists engaging in the Tyrant Exchange Program, the “Arab Spring” soon found Gaddafi.  True to form, he began brutally oppressing […]


On this date in 1944, Allied forced mad their landings in Normandy.  It is still, and probably always will be, the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted.  While the Third Reich had less than a year left, there was much bloody and brutal fighting left to go.  To properly commemorate the sacrifice and efforts of the rapidly departing, “greatest generation,” here is some comments from Ronald Reagan. If any veterans are reading this, thank you for your service.