Judge Accuses Justice Department Of Committing Fraud In Whistle Blower Case


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 photo JudgeFrancisAllegra_zpsb6118f1a.jpg
Judge Francis Allegra Accuses Obama’s Justice Department of Fraud.


Hat/Tip to Cardigan at IOTWReport.com.

 Judge Francis Allegra is accusing seven government lawyers of obstructing justice after an official intimidated a witness in the trial. He has actually banned the accused lawyers from his courtroom, in this case.

Watch the video:


From any neutral viewpoint, it’s a big and serious story when a federal judge (appointed by Clinton) accuses seven Justice Department attorneys of fraud in a whistleblower case. In essence, the judge is alleging the worst sorts of ethical violations–possibly criminal–against the very government attorneys who are supposed to protect the public’s interest.

In a newly unsealed, Dec. 1, 2014, court ruling that legal experts said was highly unusual, Allegra accused seven Justice Department lawyers of “fraud upon the court,” banned them from making any further filings in the case and took the unusual step of directly notifying Attorney General Eric Holder.  – Sharyl Attkisson

Read the full story here.
H/T to Breaking News for the video.



Climate Science Info War Expanding Into Fraud?


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 photo globalclimatewarmingchange_zps427ad218.jpg

In the last two weeks, two US Government agencies have potentially expanded the climate change war of information into the territory of publishing fraudulent information to the public and media.

For our first contestant, let’s have a look at a publication on September 15, 2014, from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA.  NASA released new data, stating that August 2014 was the hottest August since records began in 1880.  One of the many news outlets which carried the story can be found here.

Lets do the job of a news editor for just a moment, and fact-check this story.  Below are two images produced from NASA satellite derived temperature data.  The first being August 2014, the second being August 1998.  Clearly, August 1998 is not only hotter, but much hotter than 2014.

August 2014

August 1998

This seems like a clear attempt to further the Global Warming agenda.  It sure looks like nothing more than an effort to present the illusion that our climate has continued to warm, despite the fact that there has been no measurable warming trend for between 17 and 26 years, depending upon which data set you look at.  For the record, 1998 isn’t the only August that was hotter than 2014…. there have been several.

For our next contestant, we have a tweet from the National Climatic Data Center, which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA.  The tweet can be found here.   In their tweet they state that the area burned by wildfires in the United States has doubled since the year 2000.  Obviously, they are making the implication that Global Warming is to blame for this increase, as well.  Let’s fact-check this tweet, shall we?

A look at the stats from the National Interagency Fire Center reveals that the actual area burned by wildfires in 2014, is among the lowest in the last decade.  Wildfires happen every year.  There is no clear trend to indicate that the number of wildfires, or area burned by them, is on the increase.

Obviously, as stated in my previous article, the climate change war of information continues unabated…. and information from once reputable sources, can seemingly no longer be trusted.  Whether it is incompetence or intentional, I shall leave for you to decide…. though the choice would seem to be quite clear.

UPDATE October 1, 2014….
Now the European Space Agency has gotten into the disinformation business, as well.  An October 1, 2014 news article here details how they are now stating that melting Antarctic ice is causing a slight shift in gravity.

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Again, as I have stated in my previous article, the area where they are saying a warming climate is melting ice, has air temperatures in the -35°C to -45°C range, and ice does not melt in these temperatures!  Any melting in that area is due to volcanoes, melting it from below!

Total Antarctic sea ice is currently at an all time record extent since satellite monitoring began.  The photos below show Antarctic sea ice, and the location of Antarctic volcanoes.

Antarctica Ice
Antarctic Sea Ice
Antarctica Volcanoes
Antarctic Volcano Locations









© Copyright 2014, James Covington – American Movement to Restore Common Sense


$1.2 Billion Obamacare Contract Pays Workers to Do Nothing


“I am not a Democrat who believes that we can or should defend every government program just because it’s there… We will fire government managers who aren’t getting results, we will cut funding for programs that are wasting your money and we will use technology and lessons from the private sector to improve efficiency across every level of government… The only way we can do all this without leaving our children with an even larger debt is if Washington starts taking responsibility for every dime that it spends.” – September 2008, Barack Obama

Yeaaahhh, right. That’s what Obama said in 2008, but now that his signature agenda item is chugging along, where is his outcry on this “waste, fraud and abuse?”

Hat/Tip Bad Blue.

serco wentzville, mo
Serco, INC. Wentzville, Missouri

An employee of Serco, a company with a $1.2 billion government contract to handle paper healthcare applications has some rather interesting, and believable claims.

“There are some weeks that a data entry person would not process an application. The main thing is the data entry side does not have hardly any work to do. They’re told to sit at their computers and hit the refresh button no more than every 10 minutes. They’re monitored, to hopefully look for an application. Their goals are to process 2 applications a month, and some people are not even able to do that. There are centers in Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. 1,800 people trying to get 1 of 30 application that pop up. Serco, gets paid for the number of people they employ. So they want us there even if we are not doing anything.”

Others complain as well. The video shows online comments from an alleged former employee “This place is a JOKE! There is nothing to do – NO WORK.”

Here is the full story from KMOV.com News 4, St.Louis, MO.



Pat Quinn: Latest in a long line of crooked Illinois Governors

otto kerner
Otto Kerner, Jr

In 1968, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner, Jr (D) was caught accepting bribes from a race track owner and subsequently spent three years in prison, being released because of terminal cancer. Fearing impeachment, he resigned before he went to prison.


dan walker 002

If you were in Illinois in the ’70s, then chances are you saw commercials for Dan Walker (D) in his bid for governor. He was walking across Illinois, talking with folks and generally bad mouthing the Daley political machine which had endorsed Lt. Gov. Paul Simon. He defeated Simon in the primary and went on to win the general election. He was out of office by ’76. In the late ’80s, he served time in prison for Savings and Loan malpractice. He broke no actual laws, but violated regulations by “borrowing from a borrower.” His prison time had nothing to do with his tenure as Illinois governor.



george ryanIn 2002, George Ryan (R) was indicted on racketeering and fraud charges amid a illegal drivers license scandal in which unqualified, and sometimes persons also here in the US illegally obtained truck drivers licenses. He was sentenced to six and a half years in prison in 2006 and served all but one day of that term. His scandal stemmed not from his tenure as governor, but a decade earlier as Secretary of State of the State of Illinois.

rod blagojevich



Recently, in 2008 Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) was arrested on federal charges of fraud and corruption. He conspired to not only extort campaign contributions for political favors, but was on record trying to “sell” Barack Obama’s US Senate seat that was vacated when became President-Elect. Blago was sentenced to 14 years in prison and is presently serving time in the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood in Littleton, Colorado.



pat quinnNow,  we have Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn (D). In the early part of his career Quinn, a product of the Chicago political machine fancied himself a kind of “Ralph Nader” type reformer and cAntoin "Tony" Rezkoonsumer advocate. Quinn is steeped in the cesspool that is Illinois politics. He was patronage chief for the above mentioned Illinois Governor Dan Walker. US Senator Dick Durbin (D) accused Quinn of being a “ghost-payroller” during his association with Walker.

Quinn’s former chief-of-staff, Jack Lavin has close ties to Tony Rezko, who is in prison due to his dealings with Rod Blagojevich, and of course we all know how Rezko and President Obama are entwined.

Governor Pat Quinn, a Chicago Democrat, has been mostly on the fringes of Illinois politics since the early 1970s. For most of that time he was a minor-league version of Ralph Nader, part consumer advocate, part self-appointed government reformer. Although Nader never held public office, Quinn was state treasurer for a term in the 1990s, and of course twice he was Rod Blagojevich’s running mate. Quinn succeeded Blago after the hair-brained pol was removed from office five years ago by the state Senate.

Last week was arguably Quinn’s worst as governor. An autumn 2010 anti-violence program, the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, was unveiled by Quinn as he faced a tough battle to win a full term as governor, is now being investigated by federal authorities and the Cook County State’s Attorney Office. The $54.5 million program has been exposed by the local media as a massive political slush fund to drive up the African American vote in Chicago and its inner suburbs so Quinn could win his election, which he did, barely. The Chicago Sun-Times revealed that the felon husband of Dorothy Brown, another Chicago Democrat, was paid nearly $150,000 in salary and benefits to oversee $2.1 million in NRI grants.

Quinn faces another scandal. A long time patronage-hiring foe, Michael Shakman, asked the federal government in a court motion to investigate hiring decisions at the Illinois Department of Transportation. He claims that Quinn is loading up IDOT with political hires.

Really the only difference between Governor Pat Quinn and the four Illinois governors listed above?

The law just hasn’t caught up to him, yet.

Read the full story here.


Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points


Since October 18, 2012 Judicial Watch has been trying to obtain Benghazi State Department related documents. The lame Congressional hearings of which team Obama has been stonewalling and delaying are in the minds of simple liberals, “evidence” of nothing happened that Obama and company have been covering up. To a liberal, Obama and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice can outright lie and blame a Youtube video one day and then the next fess-up, admitting the attack at Benghazi was a planned terror attack and it’s no problem. It’s no problem to a liberal that Obama and company lie to them and use them as little “meat puppets.” Anyway, moving along here, Judicial Watch finally obtained some documents and voila, team Obama is exposed as orchestrating a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

Via: Judicial Watch

Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-related State Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

The documents were released Friday as result of a June 21, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)) to gain access to documents about the controversial talking points used by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for a series of appearances on television Sunday news programs on September 16, 2012. Judicial Watch had been seeking these documents since October 18, 2012.

The Rhodes email was sent on sent on Friday, September 14, 2012, at 8:09 p.m. with the subject line: “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET.” The documents show that the “prep” was for Amb. Rice’s Sunday news show appearances to discuss the Benghazi attack.

The document lists as a “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in and Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”


Folks, I look forward to the day Obama and his band of corrupt perverts are carted off to jail where they belong. I look forward to the day that Mr. and Mr. … er … Mrs. Obama’s vacationing days on the backs of the American taxpayers is over. That will be a day of rejoicing. Amen!

obama cuffs


Of Barack, Putin, Michelle and the Wheel of Fortune


Okay, I’m busy here at work this morning, well … sort of.  And there’s a lot of stuff going on … everything from the missing jet-liner, to the missing first lady and family. So, I think I’ll just highlight a few random topics and offer sage advice or just reveal my thoughts on each.

Here we go …

Ukrainian Troops To Leave Crimea: Official

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces seized military installations across the disputed Crimean Peninsula on Wednesday, prompting Ukraine’s security chief to announce that his country will hold joint military exercises with the United States and Britain.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was in Lithuania, trying to reassure nations along Russia’s borders who were terrified by the sight of an expansion-minded Moscow.

“We’re in this with you, together,” Biden said.

Let’s see … Vladimir Putin seized control of Crimea and the international community is outraged. But alas! Be not discouraged because all is not lost. Barack Obama has been working tirelessly making his bracket selections for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And the result of Obama’s hard work points to Michigan State winning the championship!

Cartoon by: Nate Beeler

nate beeler


Okay, Michelle Obama took her kids and her mother to China. I don’t know how many other “senior staffers” are among the group, but I’m sure she didn’t want to be short-handed. Naturally, liberals justify the ridiculous burning of tax-payers money by the Obamas with comments such as this … I do not believe The Obamas are unique in their pursuit of global diplomacy. Now, I can appreciate that. The Obamas are unique in the way they think and act like they are royalty at the expense of the tax-payers. They are unique in the way they demand everyone “suck it up”, while they “suck up” the taxpayers money. Okay, that’s harsh.  January, Michelle’s extended birthday celebration in Hawaii. February, Michelle and daughters little jaunt to Aspen. March, Michelle, daughters and granny off to China. Nothing unique there. But we really won’t find out much about this trip in the “unique” category … the press is not allowed to go with them.  I have a problem with Michelle and company using American tax-payer’s money to trek across the globe … er … pursue “global diplomacy” and not disclose the what they’re blowing the money … er … spending the money on.


Yesterday I noticed that Democrats in Pennsylvania were caught on tape accepting cash bribes to oppose voter ID laws … but some of  them were black Democrats, so they can’t be prosecuted because of … oh yeah … racism.

Next up is a victory for integrity and a set back for liberals who can’t win an election without voter fraud …

Via: The Washington Times

A U.S. District Court judge ruled  Wednesday that Arizona and Kansas can require anyone registering to vote to  prove their citizenship and the federal Election  Assistance Commission cannot block them.

The ruling is a boost for states’ rights and marks a setback for President  Obama and other liberals who fought stiffer voter ID checks with an argument  that they reduce voter turnout.

Liberals always drivel that poor folks and people of the black community are not smart enough to get a photo ID. In the mind of a liberal a photo ID is a drivers license … period. Now, ignorance is the criteria that has to be met if one is a true liberal. Without it, one cannot be or even aspire to be a liberal.

I read once where a liberal said if people are poor or old, they can’t get a drivers license, so they are barred from voting. Whew! That’s close! I tend to think that poor folks apply and receive food stamps, medicaid, welfare and social security. Poor and old folks also pick up prescriptions and buy cough medicine. All of which a photo ID is required. Hmmmmm … so, if they need to do all those things and do not have a drivers license …

… state issued photo ID cards are issued free of charge when obtaining one for voting in most states. Also HERE is a list of forms of identification of which most people will have at least one of.

Oh, one side note for the liberal. If you want to attend a Democrat Convention be sure to have your photo ID handy.


Oh, and while I’m on the subject of liberals caring so much for old people … a majority of seniors are fearful their health care plans will be cancelled because of the requirements of Obamacare. But strangely I haven’t heard or read one word about it from a liberal source. I have a feeling they aren’t as genuine in their claim of caring about old folks as they say.


On the lighter side, a conservative won $45,000 on the Wheel of Fortune game show. His correct guess of “New Baby Buggy” was made with only the “N” and “E” being displayed on Vanna’s board.

Okay, I don’t know for sure if the guy is a conservative … but for sure he’s brighter than Barack Obama who can’t spell r-s-p-e-c-t and thinks that “Made in the U.S.A” are three words.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Democrat lesson in voter turn out and climate change


North Korean President Kim Jong Un was “re-elected” with 100% of the vote. Now this was done as no other name was on the ballot so it was pretty much a slam-dung … er … dunk for the guy. They could take a few lessons from the Democrats. In 2012 Obama and Romney were on the ballot and  in Cleveland’s Fifth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney’s… 0. 100% went to Obama and he was actually running against a nationally known name. It gets better; Obama won St. Lucie County, Florida with 99% of 141% voter turn out! I know that’s old news. I’m just making the point that even the North Koreans could learn a thing or two about securing votes not even there from the Democrats!


You gotta hand it to Democrats. They can waste more time and effort doing the will of government rather than the will of their constituents and get re-elected time after time. A group of about 30 Senate Democrats stayed up all night talking about ”climate change” (ie. “global warming”).  It’s easy to see just how “in touch” they are with what your average American voter has for priorities … According to a recent Rasmussen Poll

National Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters January 23-24, 27-28 and 29-30, 2014

Issue Very Important
Economy 76%
Job creation 68%
Health care 66%
Gov. spending 63%
Education 63%
Social Security 60%
Gov. ethics and corruption 59%
Taxes 54%
Small business 54%
Gun control 53%
Energy 49%
National Security 45%
Immigration 42%
Environment 40%
War in Afghanistan 28%

Now, I don’t see “climate change” even on the list, but it’s important enough for Democrat politicians to stay up all night talking about. According to this piece,   Climate caucus members say their objective is to raise the urgency of global warming and build toward a time when the political landscape may have shifted enough that a bill could pass.

TRANSLATION:  Politicians know climate change (global warming) is a hoax. They must figure out ways to blame every natural occurrence in changing weather patterns to appear to be caused by humans, especially disasters such as hurricanes and tornados.

Democrats will push to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and close down Americas coal mining industry. I find it hypocritical of liberals who continually spout of the mindless drivel that conservatives care only for the “rich” and are out to destroy the regular working middle-class family. California billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged to spend up to $100 million in this year’s midterm elections to help elect candidates who support climate change policy. Let’s see, Democrats stay up all night talking about shutting down coal mining plants, putting thousands of middle-class workers out of a job and a billionaire is set to drop $100 million to help bury those working families.

Doing the bidding of billionaires and having their own agenda isn’t exclusively a Democrat thing though. The great majority of Republicans have a priority to push amnesty for illegals ahead of any issue important to the American people.

Thanks to   for the picture!


 Original Post:  Cry and Howl


America: A Nation Governed By Traitors


I don’t want to sound too corny, but the United States is a wonderful nation. A nation 230+ years since gaining independence grew into a powerful and compassionate nation never seen before in world history. People come to America from poverty-stricken nations, from oppressive nations for the opportunity of a life they could never realize before coming here. America has a marvelous history and a wonderful heritage because since her independence was fought for and won, she has been a nation governed by laws.

Liberals and ‘progressives’ want so desperately to change America into the kinds of nations others flee from by the millions. Yet, they’re constantly proclaiming America as great and wonderful … but truthfully, they don’t believe it. If they did then why the desire to change her? I’ve read where liberals embrace socialism and other “progressive” ideals in the quest for “equality” and “acceptance” for all, even those who would do harm to America. Eric Holder proclaims that America is a nation of “cowards”. Barack Obama believes that the U.S. Constitution is a “deeply flawed document”, and that the Constitution reflects a fundamental flaw of this country at the same time he takes a sworn oath to defend it and enforce it’s laws. Unscrupulous politicians in the United States, have for the past several decades been nothing but self-serving insidious traitors. They have been incrementally chipping away at the liberties of the American people until the very liberties of what made America great will be all gone.

Politicians are busy creating a world for the citizens of America to live in … but are themselves above it and even worse, control said world.

America is in rapid decline, and that decline rests squarely on the shoulders of our elected presidents and the Congress. I say (write) “presidents” because the decline didn’t happen just under Obama’s “reign”.  G.H.W Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and now Barack Obama are all players in the demise of the United States. All are globalists and all desire to have America’s sovereignty handed over to the United Nations. They all talk a good talk but their actions betray their intentions. The amount of corruption in all those administrations, especially since G.W. Bush is staggering.

G.H.W. Bush said on Sept. 11, 1990, “[The war in Iraq is] a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times…a New World Order can emerge.” (notice the date)  Flash forward to Sept. 11, 2001.  Flash forward to Sept. 11, 2012.  Weird? Coincidence? Who knows?

Folks, don’t think for a second that totalitarianism exists in other nations only. When those in power force their will on the people, that  is exactly what you have. As citizens our every move is monitored. We are subject to IRS audits at the whim of whoever is in the Executive office of the United States. Make no mistake, folks like Barack Obama deny knowing anything about any unsavory, scandalous acts of those around him. It’s precisely why he surrounds himself with the likes of Eric Holder … he does Obama’s bidding without having to be instructed just like all the other weasels in his phony “administration”. Barack Obama meets with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary Clinton closet aid is directly involved with the “brotherhood” as well.  Obama is arming our enemy and the enemy of Israel.

And more on the domestic front …

We can take an example of the acts of Mr. Obama and how nothing that’s important to the vast majority of the American people has been accomplished.  The vast majority wanted the economy worked on, jobs, and for the weasel to keep his empty promises. Instead we got Obamacare shoved up our posterior. 70+% of the American people did not want the government involved in our private health care … but … well we all know how to continue that point.

Right now “immigration reform” (amnesty for millions of illegals) is being touted as a priority for those elected ones. Only 3% of the American people think it’s a priority. The economy and jobs again is what your average American wants by an overwhelming majority … but … we’re getting that shoved up our posterior right next to Obamacare.

Obama has turned our military into a gay rights organization while the entire world is laughing.  He’s forcing the military commanders into retirement or relieving them of duty if they do go along with his destructive policies. And then team Obama will be putting women to fight in the front lines of combat. It will be interesting to see what becomes of our women once they’re captured on the battle field. A nation that doesn’t protect it’s women is a nation in decline and is loathsome to all others.

Anyway, I’m done ranting for the day. One last thing … liberals, progressives are too stupid to realize that when America goes down they’re going down right with her.

Original Post: Cry and Howl


More ObamaCare Fraud: More Navigators Caught Advising Fraud!


ObamaCare has “navigators,” that are supposed to guide people through the process of signing up for benefits.  Predictably, these navigators seem to be steering people in the direction of fraud.  Two days ago, we covered that Project Veritas showed a video that exposed ObamaCare navigators discussing hiding income form taxes to obtain more government benefits.  This is what I suggested at that time…

Of course, the Urban League is stating that the entire situation was exposed under, “false pretenses.”  If you recall, this is a familiar refrain.  When ACORN was busted, and Planned Parenthood were exposed, there were similar denials and efforts to explain away the damning footage.  Then, subsequent videos are released, and when the calls of “selective editing” are made, full and unedited footage will be released.  By launching into denials, the Urban League is playing into O’Keefe’s hands, provided that he follows his normal strategy.

Time will tell. I hope O’Keefe has enough videos to insure that the entire system is thoroughly exposed.

And, true to form, Jame’s O’Keefe and the gang at Project Veritas has more…

Now, what will be the defense of round two?  I’m willing to bet that O’Keefe has at least a third video out there.

The facts are simple, it appears from these videos, that there is massive fraud already built into the ObamaCare system.  That is not going to change.  You see, the ObamaCare navigators are guiding people into committing fraud and causing people to get subsidies that they would not realistically qualify for.  In the meantime, people that actually pay their own way are losing their plans, and are being offered plans with higher out of pocket expenses, at far higher premiums.  In other words, others are paying a ton more to cover the fraud being encouraged by the ObamaCare navigators.  It literally provides significant incentives to lie on taxes, or otherwise not reporting income.  It punishes people that are honest on their taxes, by forcing them to subsidize people that hide their income, at the advise of people working for the government.

And that, my friends, is at least a million flavors of messed up.


ObamaCare Navigators Exposed by James OKeefe’s Project Veritas Reluctantly Disciplined


Yesterday, we reported that Project Veritas, Jame’s O’Keefe’s outfit, has released a video showing that ObamaCare “navigators” steered people towards fraud.  Jammie Wearing Fool has more…

The ObamaCare rats are scurrying for cover tonight after being exposed by James O’Keefe’s video. We can’t wait for the rest of the videos.

The Urban League of Greater Dallas fired one person and suspended three others after a video from a conservative activist reportedly showed the workers encouraging health care applicants to lie.

An edited video was released Monday that seemingly shows so-called health care Navigators encouraging people to lie on forms signing up for health care to get better rates.

The video was released by Project Veritas, which was started by conservative activist James O’Keefe. O’Keefe gained notoriety for videos in 2009 that eventually brought down ACORN and was also arrested in 2010 for attempting to bug the phones in the office of Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu for a different project.

The Urban League said in a statement on Tuesday it “does not condone, nor would we ever sanction, misleading the public or any individual who seeks our assistance about any issue, and particularly in this case, an issue as critical as health care.”

The Urban League said the person fired was a “part-time receptionist trainee” who was not authorized to speak on behalf of The Urban League or act as a Navigator and said it supports decertifying three “Navigators-in-training” in the video.

Of course, the Urban League is stating that the entire situation was exposed under, “false pretenses.”  If you recall, this is a familiar refrain.  When ACORN was busted, and Planned Parenthood were exposed, there were similar denials and efforts to explain away the damning footage.  Then, subsequent videos are released, and when the calls of “selective editing” are made, full and unedited footage will be released.  By launching into denials, the Urban League is playing into O’Keefe’s hands, provided that he follows his normal strategy.

Time will tell. I hope O’Keefe has enough videos to insure that the entire system is thoroughly exposed.


Project Veritas Hidden Cam Video Catches #ObamaCare Navigators


James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has reportedly caught #ObamaCare “Navigators” instructing would-be insure customers  to lie about their income, and other activities, when enrolling in #ObamaCare.  Here is the video…

Gateway Pundit, who still has not linked here, has a video from Bill O’Reilly discussing the situation as well. 

Project Veritas claims to have unprecedented resources (people) on this fraud. The suggestion is that it is widespread. If more is released, I will cover it.

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Fraud Alert: Half of People Enrolled Medicaid Program are Ineligible


When the government wants to make as many people dependent as possible on government programs, you might go as far to look the other way when there is massive fraud in the program.  Well, that appears to be what happened in Illinois, where a recent investigation showed that nearly half of the recipients are actually ineligible.

Fraud in social programs are nothing new, but 50 percent? That’s simply insane!


Was Obama Fraudulently Put on the Ballot in 2008?


If the court decision holds, it appears that Barak Obama was placed on the Indiana ballot fraudulently. Right Wing news has the details…

Courtesy of Fox News.

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

You may be wondering how they pulled this off.

Well, as Rick Nees explained “page after page of signatures (were) all in the same handwriting.” However, nobody picked up on it, “because election workers in charge of verifying their validity were the same people faking the signatures.”

But, as we all know, voter fraud, or related crimes, never happen, just ask any democrat!


Two Dozen IRS Employees Caught Claiming to be Unemployed to Collect Benefits!


So, the people in charge of the money are being arrested for defrauding the taxpayers?  Well, it appears that two dozen IRS employees have claimed to be unemployed in order to collect benefits.  Doug Ross(no relation) has more…

But — but — but — I thought all who work in government are benevolent public servants? That they’re better than the rest of us? That they’re angels, working for the public good?

Twenty-four current and former Internal Revenue Service employees have been charged with stealing government benefits, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

The IRS employees were indicted on charges that they illegally received more than $250,000 in benefits including unemployment insurance payments, food stamps, welfare, and housing vouchers, the U.S. attorney’s office in Memphis said in a news release.

Prosecutors say 13 of the IRS employees face federal charges of lying about being unemployed while applying for or recertifying their government benefits…

Doug has some more, so go check it out.

This, of course, begs the question-who watches the watchers?

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Democrats Want EBT Cards Used at Casinos, Strip Clubs, and Bars


If the Democrats aren’t trying to encourage welfare fraud, why are they trying to stop taxpayers, from using government EBT cards at Casinos, liquor stores, and so forth?  Moonbattery has more…

That’s why they are making sure that EBT cards continue to be used to make cash withdrawals of other people’s money at casinos, bars, porn shops, and strip clubs, even as the nation staggers toward bankruptcy.

Democratic [New York] state lawmakers, led by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, have blocked welfare-reform legislation that would end “sinful spending” by preventing people receiving government benefits from withdrawing taxpayer-funded cash at jiggle and gin joints, The Post has learned.

To justify the unjustifiable, Dems fall back on their old friend moral equivalence. We are told there is no difference between drawing a paycheck from Big Government, and feeding off it as a parasite.

One reform opponent, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D- Manhattan), compared welfare recipients to municipal employees and said the government shouldn’t dictate how the taxpayer-funded checks are spent.

“Last I checked, this is America, and if somebody wants to propose that policemen, firefighters, sanitation workers, state legislators and other people paid with government funds be restricted as to what they use their money for, let them propose it,” Gottfried said.

This is yet another example of the pretzel logic of the left.  And, they certainly have no problems mandating things when government money in concerned.  But, these recipients are dependent democratic voters, so they cannot be ticked off.  And, since they are dependent democratic voters, their taxes didn’t go up.  They’ve gotta keep their dependent classes on the reservation, so letting them use government EBT cards at casinos or strip joints is A-OK.


Voting Machines in Kansas and Ohio Change Romney Votes to Obama Votes


Early voting seems to have a purpose after all-to discover that voting machines are changing Romney votes into Obama votes.  As if by magic, of course.  the Lonely Conservative has more…

Has anyone heard of any instances of voting machines erring on the side of Mitt Romney? I haven’t. Everything I’ve heard is about voting machines changing votes for Romney into votes for Obama. It’s still going on.

According to the Marion Star, early voter Joan Stevens tried to cast her ballot for Mitt Romney, but the machine kept defaulting to Barack Obama.

“Upon selecting ‘Mitt Romney’ on the electronic touch screen, Barack Obama’s name lit up,” the Star reported, adding that it took Stevens three attempts before the correct vote would register.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s irritating,” she said.

The Blaze reported Wednesday that a voter in Topeka, Kansas, also had problems casting her ballot for Mitt Romney.

A woman identified only as Nancy reportedly told The Blaze that “while her husband was casting a vote for Romney, the touchscreen highlighted Obama.”

“He played around with the field a little and realized that in order to vote for Romney, his finger had to be exactly on the mark,” she said in an email.

“She said ‘the invisible Obama field came down about 1/4 [of an inch]‘ into what should technically have been the Romney area. In a phone interview with TheBlaze, she explained further that her husband said he felt the area on the touchscreen that could be pushed to vote for Obama was larger than that for Romney,” Liz Klimas wrote. (Read More)

Here’s one hint for election day.  Make sure that before you confirm your choices, make sure that you are voting for the actual candidate of your choice. And, I think it bears repeating that no machine has been said to have turned Obama Votes into Romney votes.

Just sayin…


Another Hate Crime Hoax? Is Sharmeka Moffitt the Latest to Fake a Hate Crime?


If you recall my commentary on the Occupy Movement, I made the point that leftists love to set up “atrocities” so they can claim to be victims.  For example, they will antagonize and provoke others into either attacking, or defending themselves.  Then, they try and tell the world that they are the victims.  However, when they cannot set one up, they aren’t above faking one completely.  In that vein, enter one Sharmeka Moffitt, who claimed she was attacked, and set on fire.  Then, “KKK” was carved into her car.  However, after garnering a great deal of sympathy from the left, she was exposed as a fraud.  Michelle Malkin has more...

Via The Franklin Sun:

Two days after multiple law enforcement agencies began an investigation into the attack and burning of a Winnsboro woman at Civitan Park, authorities now believe the wounds were self-inflicted.

According to Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas, evidenced gathered at the scene of the incident shows 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt’s initial claims that she was attacked and set on fire turned out to be false claims made up by Moffitt. “This is a case in which the investigators had to pursue the facts that were presented,” Thomas said. “It’s been a very disturbing case for everyone involved.”

On Sunday, officers responded to a 911 call around 8 p.m. near the walking trail at Civitan Park to find Moffitt with burns covering her body. It was less than a minute from the time the call from Moffitt came into the 911 center that officers from the Winnsboro Police Department and the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office were on the scene at the park located on Hwy. 15.

Moffitt could not identify the race of her attackers, but said three men wearing “T-shirt hoodies” doused her in a flammable liquid and set her on fire at the park. The responding officers found no suspects or vehicles at the park where the attack allegedly occurred….State Police arrived by helicopter with its crime lab team to gather evidence shortly after Moffitt was taken for medical assistance. Law enforcement officials gathered evidence from the scene all night, finishing its scaling of the crime scene by Monday morning.

After analyzing the evidence at the State Police Crime Lab, it was discovered Moffitt’s fingerprints were on the cigarette lighter and the lighter fluid recovered near the wooded area around the crime scene.

“There is more physical evidence along those lines that back this up,” Thomas said.

Um, once again, another hate crime hoax.  I had seen this story a few days ago, and put it on the back burner, as time was needed to see if the actual facts jived with the story.  However, the Huffington Post had no problem running the story, without any actual evidence at all…

A Louisiana woman was the victim of a horrific attack during which she was reportedly set on fire and had her car defiled with the letters “KKK,” police reported Monday.

Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20-year-old African-American woman, made an emergency call to police on Sunday night claiming three men wearing white hoods or hats attacked her, doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire at a park in Winnsboro, La., CBS News reports. Moffitt, who said she was unable to identify the race of her attackers, was able to extinguish the fire with a water spigot before police arrived.

Officers found the letters “KKK,” an apparent reference to the Ku Klux Klan, written on the hood of her car, according to CBS News. “KKK” was smeared on her hood in a paste-like substance.

Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb confirmed that “KKK” was written on the hood of Moffitt’s car with a racial slur underneath, WMBF News reports.

To their credit, the Huffpo did update the story to reflect that it was a hoax.  However, they ran with it as if it were true, only to be exposed as a hoax.  And this little blogger is responsible enough to wait to see where the actual facts led?

As for our hoax artist, considering the fact that she set herself on fire, it might be safe to guess that she is suffering from some sort of mental illness.  But the comparison to the left is still valid.  When attention needs to be drawn to their causes, nothing is off the table, including faking a hate crime.


ObamaPhone Hilarity: Over 250,000 Have More Than One


When you give away free stuff things that other people are paying for, you have to expect some fraud and abuse along the way.  For a great example, we need to look no further than the infamous ObamaPhone.  But, it seems that people are loving their free paid for by us phones so much, they can’t stop at just one.  Liberty News has the story…

Note that Obama’s own minions found that more than 250,000 people have more than one ObamaPhone.   I guess it’s probably racist to point that out, right?

To lighten the mood a bit, All American Blogger has the top five viral videos regarding the ObamaPhone…

He has a few more, get over there and check them out.

And remember, don’t you dare call it dependency!