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Sunday Links, Facebook Friends Picture Edition, Volume 90

Hey all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving,  I visited with family for a few days.  So, I’m rejuvenated.  Well, I’m back, and it’s time for the links and pics. 90 Miles for Tyranny Why It’s Going To Be A Whole Lot Worse Than In The 1930s   Adrienne’s Corner Keith Ellison (D/Muslim MN) does his best shuck and jive routine to cover this administrations talking points on why we were too stupid to understand what Obama was saying about Obamacare… All American Blogger Happy Thanksgiving from All American Blogger   Always on Watch Musical Interlude America Victorious “Welcome […]

Sunday Links, Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 89

Another week has gone by?  Yes, yes it has.  This week was still filled to the gills with ObamaCare damage posts, and it’s the curse that keeps on cursing.  We also saw that Obama was willing to be conned by the Iranians, but at least he got to throw the Israelis under the bus.  We saw more examples of the normalization of pedophilia, and we got a treasure trove of information regarding the #FreeKate movement.  However, that will be coming out over the next few days. As for the week’s links, the collection is extensive.  The Facebook friends pics are […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friend Pic Edition, Volume 88

Sorry for the late start on this week’s post, but it’s been a busy time here at the bunker.  Lots of church related things going on, which is always good, plus the holidays are coming. ObamaCare continues to train-wreck in slow motion.  I find it ironic that many democrats are now advocating for the exact course of action that they vilified Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for just a month ago.  Remember that government shu8t down the democrats planned…over ObamaCare?  Yeah, just about that. We’ve seen an escalation of stalking behavior from a handful of  #FreeKate supporters.  Apparently, when they […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 87

How much can the Obama administration lie?  They lied, for years, about ObamaCare; knowing that millions people were going to lose their plans.  Then, when they were caught, they changed the lie, and and are doing it some more.  It shows the pathology that exists in our political system, and it is the rule, not the exception. Speaking of pathology, the #FreeKate supporters are at it again, falsely reporting truth tellers to Twitter for spam, and openly discussing it.  Then again, honesty has never been embraced by #FreeKate, and considering they want to make it legal for adults to have […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 86

Hello all, it’s Sunday again, and we need to say thanks to all who link the CH 2.0 by giving them some links, and throwing in some pics posted by my Facebook friends. But before we get started, let’s go over some recent changes here at the CH 2.0. 1.  The Disqus Commenting system seems to have been well received, and the page is loading far more quickly. 2.  I haven’t received any feedback as of yet, but I have added some plugins to correct the pinging and trackback problems.  Please let me know in the comments if  you got […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 83

Well, it’s been a pretty interesting couple weeks.  For the first time in a very long time, there was no link post this week.  I was busy with other things, including the #FreeKate investigation, so I wasn’t available to get the post up and out.  Also, the democrat shutdown and the related drama, including the many epic failures of ObamaCare kept me from the racial violence posts.  So, I will be trying to  get back on track this week, provided that the Hunt family and their supporters stop threatening people. So, getting back to the traditional format, here are your […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 81

Hey folks, it’s the weekend, so rejoice and be glad! There are a ton of links this week, and a ton of Facebook Friend pics.  So let’s get to it! 90 Miles for Tyranny Girls With Guns Ace of Spades HQ Overnight Open Thread (23 Aug 2013) Adrienne’s Corner Second suspect identified in beating death of WWII vet Delbert Belton… All American Blogger Racist Rodeo Clown Hijacks Town Hall, Mocks POTUS With Repeated Gaffes (Video) – UPDATED Always on Watch An Immoral Monopoly, Part I America Victorious Much better choice   America’s Watchtower Pentagon guide labels the Founding Fathers as […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Edition Volume 77

Well, this week was a bundle of awesome, wasn’t it?  George Zimmerman was found not guilty.  No one really thinks it was about race, other than the low information crowd, at least several of whom have decided to riot, assault grannies, burn businesses, and generally throw a liberal temper tantrum.   Then, several decades of liberal policies finally bankrupted Detroit.  Being one of America’s greatest cities in the 1950’s, Democrats have run it since the early 60’s.  Now, it is a rotting corpse of it’s former self.   And, if we let the Democrats run the United States, the rest of the […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 77

Welcome to the weekend, dear readers!  I don’t know about you, but I had a rather hellish week.  So, it’s great to have the week end to relax and get some things done around the CH 2.0 bunker.  The big news this week was in the George Zimmerman trial.  It seems that the prosecution did such a horrendous job trying to prove their case, that Zimmerman appears to be in the clear.  However, the race baiters are out in full force, and are being assisted by the Obama administration.  With the MSM helping since the case was first reported, it […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Picture Edition, Volume 76

Well, hasn’t this been an eventful week?  The Egyptian people figured out what I had been saying all along-that the Arab Spring was really the Tyrant Exchange Program.  And, the revolution 2.0 was received rather differently over here.  For one, the Egyptians seemed righteously ticked off at Obama, so that wasn’t covered.  Then, the media coverage was not as glowing.  And, Obama didn’t want the Muslim Brotherhood President to be ousted.  Let’s consider some facts… 1.  During the original uprisings, we were all told that the Muslim Brotherhood was  like a harmless social club.  Think Shriners…with machine guns. 2.  And, […]

Satuday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 75

Well, it’s Saturday again, and the CH 2.0 Bunker is full of activity.  Lots of planing is occurring, and some new stuff is coming in.  The meaning of all of that will revealed in the coming weeks/months.  Just lets say that my life is going to be taking some exciting new turns.  At ant rate, it was yet another eventful week.  The Immigration Bill Mother of all Democrat Voter Drives, sponsored by the Gang of Eight Useful Idiots, passed the Senate.  The bill will full of poison pills, lies, antics, and failure.  President Obama wowed the greenies and other morons […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 74

It’s been another long week.  The #FreeKate crowd is getting kookier and kookier, with the latest discovery, @QueerSpring2013, advocating a “final solution” to their apparent problem with Christians.   The NSA scandal continues to grow.  I have avoided it, actually, as I don’t have a great feel for the motivations of the leaker, and the fact that he is in the lap of the ChiComs.  However, no matter his motivations, he did us a solid by exposing the expansive nature of the spying.   The longer the IRS story goes, the more the victims pile up.  It is shameful, yet entirely predicable […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 73

It’s Saturday, and the CH 2.0 Bunker is getting a makeover.  Call it a belated Spring cleaning, or me just being a masochist, but the place is getting a good cleaning and re-organization.  So, the blogging has been a bit slower.  However, I was not going to let the Facebook Friends Link post go by the wayside. So, without further ado, here are your weekly links, and some pics thoughtfully appropriated from my Facebook Friends… 90 Miles for Tyranny War Ration Book #3 A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER OBAMA’S CLOWARD & PIVEN UTOPIA Ace of Spades HQ Iran Elects A Moderate President […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 71

It’s Saturday again, and it’s time to celebrate a nice fat blogroll as well as some really great Facebook pics.  It’s been another week of scandals, lies, and assorted nonsense. It seems that much of Obama’s second term is going to consist of being on the defensive.  I like that! 90 Miles for Tyranny I Care…. A Lot.   A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER AMERICA’S FINAL BEGINNING Ace of Spades HQ Evening Open Thread   Adrienne’s Corner What’s being hidden from us… All American Blogger Sen. Ted Cruz Statement on NSA Surveillance   Always on Watch Remembering Dean Martin America Victorious Ready […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 70

This is the 70th time that I’ve done a Facebook Friends linky post?  Wow, time does fly.  So, for well over a year, the Conservative Hideout has taken a moment to reflect on all those that link this fine establishment, and sprinkle in some funny, thought provoking, or even infuriating pictures in for good measure. As for the past week, the big story here has been Kaitlyn Hunt, the 18 year old from Florida that had sexual contact with a 14 year old.  This would be a complete non-story if were not for the fact that Hunt family has claimed […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Picture Edition Volume 69

Well, well. It appears that some Obama minions just might have perjured themselves in Congressional hearings.  That, and it seems that almost any organization to the right of Joseph Stalin was harassed by the IRS.  Then, we got new revelations about Benghazi, and it’s said that Hillary Clinton gave Stingers to Al Qaeda.  Then again, that would really make an impact, but for the fact that the liberals want to make it legal to have sex with children.  It seems to never end. We’ll continue to cover all that we can here at the CH 2.0, but at the moment, […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Picture Edition, Volume 68

Well, hasn’t this been a scandal filled week?  It seems that every day we were exposed to yet another example of bureaucratic over-reach.  Tea Party groups, pro-life groups, and Christian groups were all targeted by the IRS.  Then, a Christian Home-schooled family lost a court appeal, as the government wants to send them back to Germany so their kids can be taken away and they can be thrown in jail.  Of course, another federal judge ruled that a bunch of Christians apparently ‘had it coming” when a Muslim mob attempted to stone them, and the police did nothing.  Kermit Gosnell […]

Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 67

OK, this has been a crazy week.  The day job has expanded into being the day-evening, and even night job, so posting had to be delayed, or even stopped.  It will continue, but I will be trying to adjust my schedule in order to keep posting. The story of the week has to be Benghazi, and it remains to be seen how the administration will try to shove this back under the rug.  It’s the biggest challenge that the administration has faced, and even the MSM is having problems covering for him.  So, it remains to be seen if this […]