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George Soros

George Soros: An Uber Liberal Warmonger?

  George Soros, the multimillionaire who likes to pretend he is the ultimate “liberal”, is in reality a crony corporatist of the first order. There is only one thing you need to understand about George Soros. If he is agitating for some cause or donating money to some cause, it is because he sees ways to make tonnes of money from the causes. There is not a noble corpuscle in his body. So, I am wondering how the “Koch brothers are bad, Soros is good” hypocrites, otherwise known as America’s liberals, are going to spin the news that their darling […]

Liberals Focus On Conservative Money, Ignore George Soros

This is not something new. Liberals are fond of pointing out everything they perceive conservatives are doing wrong, but conveniently ignore the “sins” that are glaringly apparent in their own backyard. This is especially true since the Citizens United decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. It chaps liberal skins all the way from Washington, down to the state and local level. They can’t stand it because they don’t have access to the information that would tell them who is spending how much in each election cycle. Now, these liberals would have us believe that allowing outside groups to […]

Dems Push for a National Popular Vote – Reader Post

TCL over at The Conservative Lady (which is an awesome site), has news that George Soros and the Democrats are once again pushing for a change in our national elections.   Graphic via:  Evil Klown – Exposing Idiocy This is an old cartoon. I guess it should now say “…the most Facebook friends”.   I’ve posted on this subject in 2011, and now it’s coming back into the forefront.  The New American and Dick Morris are reporting that the Democrats have a plan to “transform” our county’s voting system, and not in a good way.  The plan is for the […]

Taking America Back One Bit At A Time – Part 4: The Taking of America Continued

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series Taking America Back One Bit  At A Time can be found here, here, andhere. The Taking of America continued In Part 3, The Taking of America, we talked about how from day one there were those who wanted to manipulate our new government in wats that would benefit them financially; the practice of  cronyism began in earnest and powerful bankers also took advantage of the potential of America through their investments and very importantly they applied their influence to get our government to establish a national bank that they could control. We talked about how it took the […]

Alinsky to G. Romney to M. Romney to Soros?

alinsky romney soros

All our regulars here know that I am supporting Newt Gingrich in his run for the GOP nomination for President. After the Florida votes came in, as I was channel surfing I heard some faceless pundit say something about Romney being the only candidate who can beat Obama. Well, considering that even after 11 – 14 million dollars spent by Romney in Florida, he still only got a plurality, not a majority. This got me to thinking about his viability and the myriad different stances he has taken on issues. I also remember hearing on the Mark Levin radio show […]

And the Hypocrisy Just Keeps Coming: Lefty Media Downplayed Jeremiah Wright, but Michele Bachmann's Former Pastor is News


The left has turned into an endless wellspring of posting material this week.  For the latest in they left’s endless supply of hypocrisy, here is a story from the Atlantic, that was picked up by a variety of sources, including Think Regress… Bachmann was a longtime member of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minn., which belongs to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), a council of churches founded in 1850 that today comprises about 400,000 people. WELS is the most conservative of the major Lutheran church organizations, known for its strict adherence to the writings of Martin Luther, […]

Think Regress Just Keeps on Lying: Misrepresents Pro-family Pledge Signed by GOP Candidates: UPDATED

liberal lies

Recently, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum signed a family oriented pledge created Family Leader, a social Conservative group in Iowa.  The reaction from the far left, Soros funded website, Think Regress, has been typical…. Lie, lie, lie, and did I mention lie? First off, here is the pledge.  I have emphasized the item in question… The Candidate Vow: Therefore, in any elected or appointed capacity by which I may have the honor of serving our fellow citizens in these United States, I the undersigned do hereby solemnly vow* to honor and to cherish, to defend and to uphold, the Institution of […]

Irony Overload: DSCC asks Koch Industries for Cash!

Democrat Moonbat Seal

For months now, the left has been trying to take the attention off of Spooky Dude by attacking the Koch brothers.  The massive heap of lies told has been well documented, so I wont’ be repeating all of them here.  Let’s just say that they are the most hated libertarian, gay marriage, and drug legalization supporting, people in the history of American politics. Considering all of the manufactured hate against the Koch’s, it is hilarious that he DSCC would ask them for money!  The Lonely Conservative has the Koch reply… For many months now, your colleagues in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee leadership […]

Quick Hits: Fake Excuse Writers Under Investigation, School Employee Disciplined, Think Progress Caught Lying (Yet Again)

It’s time for a quick look at some recent stories.  We have the Docs behaving badly from Madison, a school district employee disciplined, and the propagandists at Think Regress being caught lying. Eight Doctors Under Investigation for Writing Fake Excuses at Union Protests: Remember the doctors that were caught writing excuses for union workers that were too sick to work, but not bad enough to be thugs?  Well, they are now under investigation… Madison – The state Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board said Wednesday that they had opened investigations into eight individuals who allegedly wrote […]

HuffPo Writer Wonders Why Tea Party is Winning: Spews Leftist Narrative to Explain it

I’m often amused when a leftist attempts to “analyze” the Tea Party.  It’s so much fun because the “progressives” look at the Tea Party through the prism of their own beliefs.  In other words, they assume that Conservatives operate in the same ways that they do.   Consequently, they engage in projection on a massive scale.  For the latest example, take a look at this, from RJ Eskow of the Huffington Post. Once again the unpopular views of a minority have been imposed on the majority. Others will rant and rave about the Democratic leadership, and in fact that process has […]

Pundits vs. Beck: Winner, Beck

The MSM tends, in their elitism, to look down upon “the rest of us.”  You know, we Philistines out here in “flyover country.”  And, among the big headed elites, Glenn Beck is considered the pied piper of we Philistines.  However, RS McCain points out who exactly is correct on the Egyptian crisis… According to every Serious Foreign Policy Pundit, it’s absolutely insane for Beck to assert that the Left and the Islamists are in alliance to bring revolution to the Middle East. However, as Donald Douglas points out, that’s what the Left is telling us: The neo-Stalinist ANSWER homepage has […]

Racism, Calls for Lynching a Supreme Court Justice, Murder at Koch Protest

I had thought that the Koch protests would have gone away by now-consigned to the database of moonbattery and hypocrisy that is the left.  I’d probably bring it up again as an example in future posts, as I tend to do, but otherwise, it initially looked like a typical rent-a-mob gathering. But then again, more  video footage emerged. This is really some reprehensible stuff.  They openly warrant “stringing up” people.  They want to send a black Supreme Court Justice, “back to the fields.”  They talked openly about killing people.  Normally, I would have some snarky response to a liberal protest, […]

Rent-A-Mob Protests Koch Brothers: Hypocrisy and Irony on Display UPDATED

I know, some of you are asking, “Who are the Koch Brothers?”  Well, let’s just say that they are our equivalent of George Soros, minus collaboration with the Nazis and overall evil.  As we will see, they support a wide variety of Conservative/Libertarian causes.   The brothers, Charles and David, own the controlling interest in Koch Industries.  Here are some Koch brands that you should know well… Among Koch Industries’ better known subsidiaries across various industries[15] are: Georgia Pacific paper and pulp company, maker of Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper, Mardi Gras napkins and towels and Quilted Northern […]

George Soros: A Friend to American Liberals or does he just use them?

On the surface it would seem that the Liberals and George Soros make for strange bedfellows. Soros is super rich and is known to be ruthless in his business dealings. One would think that he represents everything the liberals hate. But the Liberals have sold their souls to Soros because he supports financially so many of their causes. Do they really think he gives one damn for their causes? George Soros cares only about one thing and that is George Soros. Some say that Soros is in bed with the worlds biggest investment bankers and their plans for a one […]

And We Have Winner!

My friends, democracy took it’s course, and we have a winner for the Useful Idiot of the Month! October’s winner is, of course NPR, or as it should now be called, National “Progressive” Radio, especially since it seems so willing to take money from the evil billionaire, George Soro. The act that prompted their nomination and win, of course, was the firing of Juan Williams.  We’ll not rehash that, as it’s been covered to death, and FOX has taken very good care of Mr. Williams. So, let’s have some last minute fun before the election, and have an open thread. Topic: What should the […]

Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: October 2010

Well, democracy has spoken, and here is your Useful Idiot of the Month Poll for October 2010! [poll id=”21″] Many of the candidates were suggested by our readers, for which I am thankful. Details can be found in the nomination thread.  I have taken the liberty of adding a few more… Barak Obama: Because I am apparently too afraid and irrational NOT to. Sheila Jackson-Lee: For being caught electioneering while trying to stop “intimidation.” Raul Grijalva: For boycotting Arizona, which happens to be HIS OWN STATE! Harry Reid: Because he apparently OMG SAVED TEH WERLD!!! Voting will go until midnight on November 1, […]

Voter Fraud: Unraveling the Progressive Puzzle

As time wears on, we are seeing more and more of the Democrat/”progressive” voter fraud machine exposed.  We’re seeing hypocrisy, electioneering, the “Secretary of State Project,” fake registrations, and now, claims of intimidation.  So let’s take a look at all the factors, in context, and see where it all leads us. For starters, the Other McCain has an excellent analysis. It is one of pet conceits of liberal Democrats that the long-established practice of having poll-watchers — party volunteers who are assigned to polling places to ensure that no vote fraud occurs — amounts to “voter intimidation” intended to “suppress” […]

Think Progress Makes it up as they go Along: Uses Old Footage and False Flag to Assert that Tea Parties are Racist

To make it short and sweet, Think Progress screwed up, and screwed up big.  They released a video that they claimed was “evidence” of the racism in the Tea Parties.  However, like any “progressive” group, where there was no evidence, they made some up! Several Bloggers have done the legwork on this, so all the credit goes to them. Here is a screen cap of the Think Progress site, Courtesy of Left Coast Rebel, with the video to follow. There are several problems with this video. Problem #1: The guy who made the “wetback” statement wasn’t at a Tea Party […]