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Glenn Beck

Is Glenn Beck Dropping His Support For Ted Cruz?

  Hat/Tip to The Blaze. Some folks are worried that Glenn Beck has soured on Ted Cruz. Well, according to The Blaze, that just isn’t so. Glenn Beck on Tuesday said he is still a “full-fledged” supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, despite recent reports to the contrary. The confusion stems from a comment Beck made on his radio program Monday, where he said he wasn’t sure Cruz could govern if elected in 2016. “So does that mean that Glenn Beck is a psycho, schizophrenic, has changed his mind? Or am I missing a piece of information?” Beck asked […]

Law Professor Says “It’s Just Not True” To Ted Cruz Birthers

Hat/Tip to The Blaze. Okay, so the “Ted Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen” crowd are a persistent lot. But here is more proof that they are wrong. It’s hard to believe but the birthers are back. This time they’re going after Senator Ted Cruz, who announced his candidacy for President of the United States Monday morning. Robbie George, a law professor at Princeton University, joined Glenn to dispel the theories before they could spread during an interview on TheBlaze TV. Glenn: Professor Robbie George is a law professor at Princeton University, knew Senator Cruz from his time as a […]

Obama Says “Islam Woven Into Fabric Of Our Nation”: Yes, They Gave Us The Marines And Our First Wars

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Keith Farrel at the Federalist Papers Project. “Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” Barack Obama, 2015 Really, Mr. President? How so? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama Claims Islam Part Of Founding; Here’s The Truth In The Founders Own Words President Obama has continually asserted that Islam was “woven into the fabric” of the United States since its founding. Obama claims that Muslims have made significant contributions to building of this nation. The claim is laughable to anyone who has studied US history. Historian David Barton spoke […]

Real history of the Washington Redskins

Hat/Tip to The Blaze. “Ninety percent of Native Americans feel that the name isn’t offensive and shouldn’t be changed,” Beck remarked, echoing a letter written by the Redskins owner Dan Snyder to fans. “Students at primarily Native American schools all across America wear the name with pride, and say now they’re afraid they might lose the name. At Kingston Oklahoma high school, which is 58 percent Native American, the name ‘Redskins’ has been worn by its students for 104 years.  In fact, ‘Redskins’ was a name first used by Native Americans.” “In 1932, the NFL team moved to the historic […]

Liberal Talk Failing and Self Destructing in Major Liberal Markets

What does it say when liberal talk stations in major liberal markets are converting to other formats?  Besides the obvious schadenfreude, it means that liberal ideas are perhaps not as popular as advertised?  Truth Revolt has the details… 2014 will mark the beginning of a massive change for liberal talk radio across the country. In New York, WWRL 1600 AM will flip to Spanish-language music and talk, throwing Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and Alan Colmes off the air. In Los Angeles, KTLK 1150 will be dumping Stephanie Miller, Rhodes, Bill Press and David Cruz off the air in […]

Al Jazeera Ratings Makes MSNBC Look Like a Juggernaut: Yes, it’s THAT Bad

If you recall, Glenn Beck wanted to buy Current TV, Al Gore’s failed TV Network, but was told that it didn’t match their values.  However, selling it to a Muslim network, Al Jazeera, was just fine.  And, what has Al Jazeera done?  Almost worse than nothing, if ratings are going to be your judge… Al Jazeera America, which had hoped to challenge the major cable news networks, is falling on its face, based on last week’s ratings, in which some shows didn’t record a single viewer in the key 25-54 demographic. The network, which was purchased from Al Gore in […]

Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck Discuss the Indoctrination of our Children and “Common Core”

Glenn Beck sat down with Bill O’Reilly the other night and discussed the indoctrination of our children this is taking place in our public schools.  Glenn Beck touched on a standard called “Common Core” and how it’s designed to dumb down our children.  Listen to the below exchange between Mr. Beck and Mr. O’Reilly. Mr. Beck discusses “Common Core” in more detail in the below clip.  It’s 28 minutes long but definitely worth the watch. Folks this is a very serious issue.  We cannot allow our children to be indoctrinated by the left or right and we cannot allow our […]

Glenn Beck on Agenda 21

Glenn Beck has some rather well made, and very creepy, commercials on Agenda 21.  Take a look for your self… There are a number of links on the site regarding Agenda 21, I’ll be posting a compilation later.  Let’s just say that you ought to know what Agenda 21 is, and how it will one day affect you.

Obama Visits Ohio Bar, Suggests They Turn off FOX News

 Apparently,  President Obama has the same reaction to FOX News as a vampire to Holy Water… Buzzfeed reported: At an unscheduled stop at Ziggy’s Pub and Restaurant, an Amherst, Ohio bar, President Barack Obama suggested that the channel be changed when he was made aware that televisions were showing Fox News. Obama and Fox News have gone to war frequently during his three and a half years in office — most recently over a sharply negative teaser shown on Fox and Friends that the White House took as a Fox News-sponsored attack ad on the president. The Obama Administration frequently used the network as […]

Glenn Beck Interviews Bloggers Dealing with #Brett Kimberlin

On Friday, Glenn Beck interviewed two of the bloggers that have had “run ins” with Brett Kimberlin.  The bloggers involved are Aaron Walker, and John Patrick Frey. There you have it, right from the victims themselves. H/T:  The Daley Gator, via Donald Douglas

Warnings About Communism From People That Lived Under it

Perhaps I should say, “emphasis on the ‘under it.”  As we all know, Communism in actual application is perhaps the most tyrannical killing machine ever devised by man.  Unfortunately, as we saw with OWS, many of those would-be Marxists deny that the deaths, starvation, or shortages occurred at all.  Fortunately for us, there are millions of people that lived under communism that can speak out on what really happened.  Glenn Beck interviewed several recently… Your browser does not support iframes. I wish there was a bit more, but I think the point is conveyed. But, as our friend Bezmmenov has told us, the truth means nothing to […]

A Tale of Two Stories: Lowes not Advertising on “All-American Muslim,” is bad, but Boycotting Glenn Beck was Perfectly OK

In another not-at-all shocking example of a double standard, Lowes is taking some heat for choosing not to advertise on the TLC show, “All-American Muslim.”  The Blaze has some coverage here… Hardware retail giant Lowe’s has pulled its commercials from all future episodes of TLC’s reality TV show “All-American Muslim,” the chain said this week. The conservative Florida Family Association has been leading a campaign to get retailers to pull their advertisements from the show. On Tuesday, it posted an email from a Lowe‘s representative who said Lowe’s will no longer be advertising during “All-American Muslim,” which chronicles the lives of several Muslim-American families living […]

Glenn Beck vs. MSM: Beck Victorious yet Again

If you watch Glenn Beck, you already know that he’s been showing people the connections between leftists and terror groups.  He has used public statements, screencaps from left leaning websites to show these connections.  Of course, he has been ridiculed for this.   The left has been united in condemning him for airing this information.  However, it appears that the FBI agrees with Beck.  Take a look at this… While I do think it’s odd that since this administration does nothing that isn’t political, that these warrants were even sought.  Time will tell.  I would predict that if this story gets any […]

Glenn Beck vs. Useful Idiots: Beck wins Again

These idiots are not that useful at all… These idiots are having a fine time poking fun at Beck’s assertion that socialists are involved in the current protests.  While they are doing that, the socialists are all around them. We’ve said that the left is “reality impaired.”  If this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will.   H/T: The Blaze

Pundits vs. Beck: Winner, Beck

The MSM tends, in their elitism, to look down upon “the rest of us.”  You know, we Philistines out here in “flyover country.”  And, among the big headed elites, Glenn Beck is considered the pied piper of we Philistines.  However, RS McCain points out who exactly is correct on the Egyptian crisis… According to every Serious Foreign Policy Pundit, it’s absolutely insane for Beck to assert that the Left and the Islamists are in alliance to bring revolution to the Middle East. However, as Donald Douglas points out, that’s what the Left is telling us: The neo-Stalinist ANSWER homepage has […]

Resource Links: Tucson Shooting Propaganda vs. the Truth

Earlier this week, I suggested that the MSM had jumped the shark. They have been pushing the narrative that Conservatives, particularly the “Axis of Right,” consisting of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, had caused the shooting in Arizona. We know they are lying, and that they have not convinced anyone, other than the “progressive” base, that their claims are even remotely true. Through all of this, I have been convinced that the propaganda at work here would eventually backfire on the left. To that end, I proposed that we help that process along by creating a massive set […]

A Giffords Update: When Lies Become the Narrative

Apparently, the left can let nothing go unpoliticized.  Even though there is massive evidence that the perpetrator of this crime, Jared Loughner, we mentally disturbed, our “progressives” insist that the blame falls at the feet of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Now, for the serious side of this story, from Michelle Malkin. R.I.P. and continued prayers for all the victims and families of the crazed nut who wrought havoc on America today: The Pima County Sheriff has confirmed that five people were pronounced dead at the scene, and a 9-year-old later died at a local hospital. The deceased have been […]

A Tale of Three Stories: Target, Beck, and Disclosure

As many of you are already aware, Move On is using some of Soros’s money to attack Target for making a contribution to a group that is supporting a Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate.  That candidate is opposed to gay marriage, but is pro-business.  In the proud tradition of the left, they are seeking to punish Target for this contribution, even though Target did not specify which candidates the money would support.  The biggest irony here is that Target is one of the more “gay friendly” retailers out there, and released the following statement… Target, which is based in Minnesota, has defended […]