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Global Warming

White House Memo: Don’t Mention Temperature When Discussing Global Warming

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. The temperatures aren’t rising? Then we’ll switch to calling it “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming.” The temperatures STILL aren’t rising? Er, um, don’t mention temperature when talking about Global Warming. Yes, the Gore-distas really are that pathetic… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First rule about global warming: don’t talk global warming. The White House quietly released a draft guidance telling federal agencies to consider the impact more carbon dioxide emissions will have on the environment, but only in terms of how much more carbon dioxide will be emitted. When conducting environmental impact analyses on rules and projects, […]

Freighter On Lake Erie Overcome With Global Warming: The Photos Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To See

  Hat/Tip to BFH at That dastardly Global Climate Warming Change is at it again. This time Global Warming is trapping ships in the Great Lakes. Cleveland –The U.S. Coast Guard and its Canadian counterpart are working to free a 647-foot freighter that got stuck in the almost completely frozen Lake Erie Wednesday near Conneaut Harbor.   The Bristol Bay, a 140-foot American ice breaker based in Detroit, headed back to Cleveland early Saturday after days of trying to free the freighter from 8 to 10 feet of ice. A larger Canadian ice cutter named The Griffon was about seven miles […]

How Do You Fix A Solar Energy Fiasco $88 Million In The Hole? Throw More Money At It!

Why waste a mere $88 million, when you can waste millions more? Yup. That tri-county solar energy debacle I wrote about last week is getting a taxpayer bailout. Three counties have a solution to salvage an $88-million-dollar solar project that went bust: borrow more millions to pump into the project and hope it will eventually turn a profit and ease the pain to taxpayers, officials said. Some officials view the solution as damage control. Others are calling it a repeat of a mistake, one they will fight to avoid. Freeholders in Sussex, Morris and Somerset counties will vote on settlement […]

United States In The Iron Grip Of Global Climate Warming Change!!!

Hat/Tip to Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That? In some places the global warming is so deep that they’re piling it up and making snow forts!!! From NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: NASA snaps picture of Eastern US in a record-breaking ‘freezer’ NASA’s Terra satellite captured an image of the snow-covered eastern U.S. that looks like the states have been sitting in a freezer. In addition to the snow cover, Arctic and Siberian air masses have settled in over the Eastern U.S. triggering many record low temperatures in many states. On Feb. 19 at 16:40 UTC (11:40 a.m. EST), the […]

Global Warming Update: It’s Now Confirmed that Data was Altered to Suit Political Agenda

We see that the “settled science” only got settled after the numbers were significantly fudged.  Via Weasel Zippers… Via Telegraph: When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified. Two weeks ago, under the headline “How we are being tricked by flawed data on global warming”, I wrote about Paul Homewood, who, on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat […]

Obama Administration Approached Disney To Use Frozen Characters In Global Warming Propaganda

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Editor’s Note: I’m to the point with the Obama Administration that virtually NOTHING they do surprises me anymore. Admiral Robert Papp, the U.S. special envoy to the Arctic, revealed at a conference in Norway this week he talked to Disney about using the characters from Frozen to teach kids about the Arctic climate and issues related to climate change. Papp recalled seeing hundreds of children watching Frozen and how he was given the suggestion of how the government “might employ Disney to come up with some public service announcements… to tell the story of the Arctic” to […]

Sen. Jim Inhofe Outfoxes Dems on Climate Change in Keystone Vote

Hat/Tip to Melissa Clyne at Newsmax. For those of us who are political junkies, or even those of us who are simply trying to keep the newly minted Republican-controlled Congress’ feet to the fire, we’ve all noticed the posts making the rounds on Facebook, and the other social media sites stating that we’ve been sold out. Headlines like, “GOP Senate votes in favor of man-made Global Warming!” have been getting lots of “likes” and “shares” along with comments that really can’t be reprinted here. But wait, oh faithful minions of the Tea Party movement, not so fast there! In what The […]

Out Of Top 23 Items Americans Want DC To Focus On, Global Warming Barely Makes The List

Hat/Tip to soopermexican at The Right Scoop. Al Gore and all his “Goredistas” continually sound the alarm that humans are killing the planet! The only problem with that, is that hardly anyone believes them. One of the funnier things to see is Obama and Democrats in the liberal media sound the alarm on Global Warming, when most Americans really could care less. A recent Pew poll report shows just how little they care about the issue: The center asked a nationally representative pool of Americans which policy issues they believe should be a top priority for the Obama administration and newly […]

New Obama Administration Nutrition Guidelines: “Become A Vegan For Gaia”

  In 2015, Every time you eat a hamburger, a climate scientist cries. Why? Because, according to the Obama Administration, you need to go vegan, or the planet will die. A panel that advises the Agriculture Department appears set to recommend that you be told not only what foods are better for your own health, but also for the environment. That means that when the latest version of the government’s dietary guidelines comes out, it may push even harder than it has in recent years for people to choose more fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and other plant-based foods — […]

Bad News For Al Gore: 28 In Arizona, Temps In The ’30s In Florida…Record Cold Spell All Across The U.S.

Hat/Tip to Jon Erdman at The only thing that is more mortally wounded than that bird on your Thanksgiving table is Al Gore’s Global Climate Warming Change fear factory. Record cold temperatures are being recorded all across the country. Waves of cold Arctic air are finding their way down into the “lower 48″ and wreaking havoc along the way. Record-Breaking November Arctic Cold   Long Lasting Cold Above is a European computer model of the Arctic blasts that are reaching their way deep into the Continental United States. With blocking high pressure aloft over eastern Alaska and northwest Canada, […]

Manhattan Infidel Investigates Joe Biden’s Expanding Forehead: Is Global Warming, I Mean Climate Change, Responsible? Also, Where Are My Pants?

Recently the political blogging community, of which I am a respected tolerated get the f*ck out of my bathroom  member has been talking about Vice President Joe Biden. Specifically his expanding forehead. It appears that Biden’s forehead has increased in size as seen from this recent picture. But why?  What could cause the Vice President’s forehead to expand so dramatically? Using available technology I have narrowed down the cause to three possibilities: Global warming, er, I mean climate change Brain steroids An unknown alien technology and/or Biden is a Decepticon. Let’s examine the first and most likely reason: Global Warming, […]

Evidence: Get Used to Colder Weather – Sorry, Al!!

  It is becoming increasingly likely that we can expect at least the next few decades to be considerably colder than the last few decades have been. With the recent cold snaps striking the central and eastern US, following the extreme winter we had a year ago, many find themselves asking “what happened to ‘global warming’?”.  Others are asking if this cold weather is here to stay, or just temporary.  This is the place to find answers, and the UN-IPCC certainly is not.  Why? Because as I spell out in this article, the UN-IPCC in its charter, defines climate change […]

Obama Flushes $3 billion of Taxpayer Dollars Into A Third World Climate Change Slush Fund

  Climate change, it’s not about saving the planet. It’s about wealth transfer. Barack Obama will announce a three billion dollar taxpayer funded US contribution to the world climate change fund. The pledge is directed to the Green Climate Fund, a financial institution created last year by the United Nations with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. It comes ahead of a Nov. 20 climate meeting in Berlin, at which countries have been asked to make formal commitments to the fund. In particular, the world’s least developed economies insist that the world’s richest economies — which are also the largest greenhouse […]

Half Dozen Climate Facts That Make Global Warming Alarmists Squirm

As I’m giving Don the weekend off, so to speak, I’d like to address perhaps the single most covered topic in the history of the CH 2.0-the global warming hoax.   We’ve had so much fun with it, as the alarmists make startling OMG DOOM AND GLOOM predictions, and they all fall flat.  Then, the explanations as to why their predictions didn’t come true are even more far fetched than their originals.   It”s nearly endless blog fodder. Earlier this week, The Lid published A Dozen Facts Debunking Global Warming Obama Can’t Answer (Despite The Phony China Deal).  Our of courtesy, I […]

Natural Climate Cycles – Part 1: Short Term Oscillations

  This shall be part one of a four part series, detailing natural climate cycles and how these cycles combine and/or relate, to create the overall climate, and daily weather that we observe.  Once the entire series has been completed, it will be combined into a book with some additional details and graphics added. Before I begin, please understand the difference between weather and climate.  To get one single climate data point, requires the averaging together of 30 years of weather.  Therefor a century of weather, would contain only three climate data points and some change.  Keep this in mind […]

There Are So Many Great Takeaways From Tuesday’s GOP Landslide

  For 8 years Harry Reid was the ultimate obstructionist, blocking every Republican amendment, refusing to hold votes on legislation passed by the House, and nuking the filibuster to get Obama’s radical judicial nominees confirmed to the DC Court of Appeals. So naturally, after he got his ass kicked Tuesday, he wants to “work together” with Republicans. Hey Harry, in the immortal words of Dick Cheney, “Go fuck yourself.” I hope Mitch McConnell assigns Reid an office in the basement, next to the trash compactor. And then promptly forgets that Dingy Harry even exists. The American people didn’t give the […]

Americans Should Prepare for Winter Blackouts

Americans generally take our power grid for granted.  For most areas of the country, it has been pretty reliable over the past few decades, despite growing demands placed upon it.  However, our power grid faces many threats which could cause wide-scale blackouts…. such as EMP attack, solar storms, and aging infrastructure.  The biggest threat to our power grid, is less known to most Americans, and that threat is our very own Environmental Protection Agency. In January 2014, Americans suffered some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the heartland of the United States and throughout the northeast as well, due […]

Coming Soon…. Natural Climate Cycles: A Multipart Series

Since the UN – IPCC and other governmental agencies have basically refused to fund or publish studies about natural climate drivers, and/or natural climate cycles, here at American Movement to Restore Common Sense, we are now working on a multipart series of articles which will detail exactly this topic. Part 1 will detail decadal climate cycles, which take place over a 10 to 100 year time scale.  Included in this section will be oceanic and upper air oscillations such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation or AMO, short term solar cycles of length and strength, […]