Obama Sold Americans Lemons. Thirteen Americans Died In Those Lemons


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After finally solving problems with computer viruses this past weekend, there was an e-mail waiting from a good friend. He was wondering about General Motors’ recall of 2.6 million cars for faulty ignition switches, which have caused at least thirteen deaths, and what the Obama administration knew at the time it was illegally bailing out GM  with $49 billion of your money. Well, one thing we can say with  certainty is that President Obama was totally unaware of this problem at that time, because he never knows anything until or unless he hears it on MSNBC.

The truth is that I hadn’t been following this story and didn’t realize that the ignition switch problem with GM’s Colbalt and other models dated back before the formation of Government Motors. But, my friend’s e-mail sparked my interest and I began searching the web for information. What I learned was that something is rotten inside General Motors and something is rotten inside of the Obama administration.


Something Is Rotten In GM

According to this New York Time’s article, GM engineers were aware of the ignition switch prob as early as 2001.

The company apparently knew about the defect as far back as 2001, when it discovered the problem during testing of the Saturn Ion. It saw the problem again in 2004, as the Cobalt was about to be rolled out with the same ignition system. According to documents obtained in congressional investigations, engineers came up with a proposed fix, but it was nixed on the grounds that it was too expensive and would take too much time.

Too expensive? The Detroit News reports that the following haunting words were included in an internal memorandum by a still anonymous engineer:

“None of the solutions represents an acceptable business case.”

When the engineers finally did find a fix for the ignition switches in 2006, they did it in way to try to cover up the fact that there had ever been a problem. From the NYT article linked above, we learn:

Finally, in 2006, engineers at General Motors appeared to have fixed the problem, but they did so without changing the part number, which is a shocking violation of engineering protocol, wrote Micheline Maynard at Forbes.com. It makes G.M. appear to have been engaged in subterfuge, hiding the fact that its ignition had been defective all those years.

Meanwhile, at least 13 people died in accidents that were clearly the result of the faulty ignition design. There are also another 140 people who died in accidents involving the Cobalt in which the cause is unknown. Yet for more than a decade, General Motors did nothing.

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Something is definitely rotten inside General Motors.

Something Is Rotten Inside Of The Obama Administration

The National Review has an excellent two page article titled: Duped or Complicit. The article raises some very disturbing questions. Before bailing out GM, did Obama’s task force do their due diligence to get a clear picture of GM’s assets, liabilities, and problems? Did GM’s management hide the ignition switch problem from the task force? Did the Obama administration give GM’s new management protection from liabilities caused by the old management? I must admit I find it a little suspicions that our government sold its last shares of GM in December 2013 and the recalls started in February 2014.

The author of the National Review article tells us a good reason why the government should own a car company:

Finally, the American government should not own a car company because it inevitably turns the leader of the free world into a car salesman. President Obama would occasionally joke about his role, declaring at the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, “GM will rise or fall on the quality of its products — like the taut, athletic design of the new Buick Enclave. Its French-seamed leather and warm wood tones make the Enclave more than transportation. It’s a modern driver’s retreat. Come on, work with me here. I’ve got cars to move, people!”

And the there is this from our Car Salesman-in-Chief:

Obama held a rally at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant in Warren, Ohio, on September 15, 2009, touting the popularity of the Cobalt as he praised the Cash for Clunkers program: “The Chevy Cobalt that you build here was one of GM’s most sought-after cars under that program. Dealers across the country started running out. You need to build more.” He told the workers building the Cobalt, “You’re doing your part to move us forward and make sure that the high-quality, well-engineered, safe, and fuel-efficient cars of the future will be built where they always have been built — right here in Ohio, right across the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.”

David Harsanyi writing at The Federalist tells us The GM Scandal Is Worse Than You Think. While GM was Government Motors. a competitor, Toyota, was having to recall some of their cars. President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, was making public statements like “My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it”, which caused Toyota’s stock price to nosedive. And, even though  LaHood’s agency later put out a report saying there was no evidence equipment failure in the Toyota case, good soldier, Eric Holder, kept up his law suit against Toyota going until they caved-in and paid a $1.2 billion settlement. Now, maybe Toyota deserved what they got. I don’t know. But, as Harsanyi points out, it is troubling that LaHood did not go after GM even though his staff twice suggested there were serious problems there.

President Obama sold Americans lemons and 13 Americans died in those lemons and many more were injured. Not only has his administration made a practice dealing with crony capitalist, with his bailout of General Motors he made our government a crony capitalist.

It’s hard to be a proud American these days.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch


Conservative Guide for Automobiles


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In the aftermath of the 2012 election, many conservatives are questioning and re-evaluating their spending habits and choices.  And out of all things that can be purchased, few are considered carefully as buying a car.   Many are asking themselves, “do I want to support companies that conspire with the forces that want to enslave me?”  Well, to make a car purchase easier, The Morlock Revolt has created  a convenient info-graphic to help you.  

Here is some more from The Morlock revolt…

-BMW is manufactured in the US in South Carolina.  These plants produce the X3, X5, and X6 models

-The Honda Accord, the Accura RDX and CL, and the CRV assembled in Ohio.  This may affect your decision because they are made in a Blue state.  The Honda Civic is made in Indiana.  The Honda Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline are assembled in Alabama

-The Hyundai Elantra and Sonata are assembled in Alabama.  The Hyundai Santa Fe is made in Georgia

-The Kia Sorento is manufactured in Georgia

-The Mercedes GL Class, M Class, and R Class are all assembled in Alabama

-Nissan plants are in Tennessee

-Subaru autos are made in Indiana

-The Suzuki Equator is assembled in Tennessee

-The Toyota Avalon, Camry Hybrid, and Venza are made in Kentucky.  The Highlander, Sequoia, and Sienna are assembled in Indiana.  The Tundra and Tacoma are made in Texas.  The Toyota Camry has plants in Indiana and Kentucky. 

That is some solid information.  I would remind everyone that if you buy a new car or truck, you are going to pay a lot of taxes, that will be used against you.  However, if you must buy new, buy from a company that isn’t trying to help fedzilla.

BTW, I’ve added the Morlock Revolt to the blogroll.  It is a great site.


Obama the Out-sourcer in Chief? GM Claims that it’s Future in in China


During this campaign, much has been made of Bain Capital outsourcing jobs to other countries.  But, what of President Obama, especially his takeover of “government motors?”  This video says much…

Sadly, the management at GM is taking advantage of an expanding Chinese market, and, they are probably trying to escape union goons.  But, Obama set all of this up.  A usual, someone else will be blamed, and if anything is proposed, it will be a punishment against those that try to stay in business.  Perhaps they’ll build a wall, to keep anyone from escaping?

H/T:  HillBuzz



Obama Crafts “For All” Meme, With Some Notable Exceptions


In an apparent response to Romney’s 47% speech, team Obama has created a rather creepy meme-“For All.”  He seems to be suggesting that his campaign is “for all” Americans.  The Hill has more…

In contrast, the Obama campaign said Obama is “for all” Americans.
“’For All’ illustrates the shared values of the president and young Americans across the country: that if we work together, we can continue to move this country forward,” reads a release from the Obama campaign. “Working together, we can continue to restore the strongest middle class the world has ever known — the promise that hard work will pay off, responsibility will be rewarded, and that everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”
The campaign is asking supporters to snap a picture of their pose on Instagram and tweet to submit using one of the suggested hashtags: #forall, #obama2012, #campaigntrail, #opendoors2012, #dnc2012, or just tweet the president’s account @BarackObama.

Um, this seems for one, slightly creepy, and for two, completely creepy.  But, I must point out that “for all” is not without exclusions. You are not included in the “all” if you are…

1.  A “bitter clinger.”

2.  You have a job.

3.  You own a business (because you didn’t build that!).

4.  You create wealth.

5.  You believe in freedom, personal responsibility, liberty, and the Constitution (DHS has already labeled you a terrorist).

6.  You are a Jew.

7.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler Dealer.

8.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler stockholder.

9.  Your Chevy Volt burst into flames.

10.  You worked for Solyndra, or any other “green energy” company that had an Obama donor or bundler as an investor.

11.  You lost your job.

12.  You lost your job so long ago that you gave up trying to find another.

13.  You lost your job because of ObamaCare.

14.  You lost your plan because of ObamaCare.

15.  You lost your Doctor because of ObamaCare.

16.  You thought you were going to get a stimulus job, but the money got sent to China, or another country.

17.  You thought you were going to get a job with Boeing in South Carolina.

18.  You were a non union Delphi worker, and the administration killed your pension plan.  

19.  You are Benjamin Netanyahu (see #6).  OK, he’s not American, but he is a Jew, so he get’s on the list.

20.  You do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

21.  You are not a Black Panther that wields clubs at polling places.  

22.  You are not an illegal alien.

23.  You are a Christian that believes in the Bible.

24.  You are a college student, and your insurance rates just skyrocketed because of ObamaCare.

Feel free to suggest more exclusions in the comment section.  And remember, you are ONLY part of the “all” if you agree with them.  Otherwise, you are a hateful terrorist that should be locked away.

 H/T:  Michelle Malkin


The First Liar Does’t Have A Chance


Assuming that there were some distortions of the truth that emanated from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte has taken advantage of the truism that “the first liar doesn’t have a chance”. Not surprising, of course, because the Democrats have always been superior liars and probably would have out done the Republicans even if their convention had gone first.

I forced myself to watch a good bit of the DNC last night. Thanks to the Fox News live streaming of the conventions, I was able to watch and  listen without having to put up with any talking heads. I missed some of the earlier speeches. I missed, for example, Whatshername-Schultz and I was glad. Thankfully, I also missed Sandra “Pay For My Contraceptives” Fluke. Unfortunately, I did not miss the taped presentation of the second worst president in American history, Jimmy Carter. That was awful! One loser supporting another loser.

I didn’t try to keep track of the number of lies told last night. That would have been an awesome task. But, I was impressed with the sheer number of speakers who focused on three principle lies. Unlike the RNC, there were no musical entertainment breaks. There was just a steady stream of speaker after speaker. So, let me share what I saw as the three big lies that were repeated ad nauseam last night.

Republicans Hate Women

The Democrats had their femmenazis out in force last night. There was a steady stream of women claiming  that Romney and Ryan and the Republicans want to take away a women’s right over her health and deny them access to contraception and take away their right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. These women were very Pro Choice.  Well, I am pro choice too. I believe that women have the right to choose to have unprotected sex or not. And, if they choose not and they get pregnant, they should DAMN WELL CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT LIFE GROWING INSIDE THEM! But, Democrats are not big on responsibility, are they?

Obama Saved The Auto Industry

How many times did we hear that last night? And, of course, the lie continues that Romney said “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Well, of course, Detroit is bankrupt. And, in spite of Obama’s bailout of General Motors, they did in fact go bankrupt. However,  our Law Breaker-In-Chief, intervened the long standing bankruptcy laws in this country and purposely shafted the GM bondholders  and anybody who was not a union member so that he could reward his big union campaign contributors. All those speakers claimed that Obama saved a million jobs. He didn’t save squat! Companies, even big companies, do go bankrupt in this country but that   does not mean they disappear or go out of business. From this American Thinker article we learn:

The U.S. auto industry was not “saved.”  Going bankrupt does not have to mean going out of business.  See, for example, Delta Airlines.  It went bankrupt in the usual, lawful way and is operating today.  On the other hand, GM could be heading into bankruptcyagain, post-bailout.  Oh, and since the bailout, “GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by 55 percent.”

The government auto takeovers did not prevent bankruptcies.  What they prevented was the usual rule of bankruptcy law.  Instead of paying back creditors in a predictable and lawful way, the federal government simply robbed bondholders and non-UAW workers and retirees (especially at Delphi) and delivered sweet, sweet payback to the union bosses of the UAW.

The other big lie that was repeated and repeated last night was:

We can’t go back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

In what universe do these people live? We are smack dab in the middle of the policies that got us into this mess. Well, they know better,of course. But, it is their job to repeat and repeat this big lie in the hope that the ignorant American voter will eventually fall for it. This is the biggest and most important lie that the Democrats must try to propagate. I asked the question yesterday here: When will Romney and Ryan and the Republicans start telling the true story of the role of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton , Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters and the role of Fanny and Freddy? This is the lie the Republicans absolutely must put to rest.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


Volt Production Shut Down Again


It seems that it’s hard to keep the Chevy Volt factory open when no one is buying the fire prone, overpriced hybrid.  Hot Air has more…

As for now, though, even with the increase lately, the company still can’t sell enough cars to justify running the plant all year round:

GM will close its Detroit-Hamtramck plant from Sept. 17 until Oct. 15, one of the sources said. Union representatives last week told the plant’s roughly 1,500 workers about the scheduled downtime, the source said…

Volt demand has picked up this year, after sales last year fell short of GM’s goals. GM sold 10,666 Volts through July, more than triple the 2,870 sold during the same period a year earlier.

GM executives have attributed the sales increase to strong demand for a low-emissions version of the Volt that qualifies for California’s coveted carpool lanes, which GM launched in March. Previous versions of the Volt didn’t qualify.

Volt inventories have been whittled down, too, to 6,500 units, or 84 days’ worth, as of Aug. 1. On March 1, just before the last production shutdown, GM had 154 days’ worth.

They shut the plant down from late March to late April too. Believe it or not, at one point earlier this year, they were hoping to sell 45,000 Volts in the U.S. alone. Yeah.

Again, this is an example of what happens when someone makes a product that people do not want.  Under the old GM, the Volt was promised as a evolutionary car, that was electric, with a gas engine that would only recharge the batteries. Then, under government motors, the car devolved into a very overpriced Prius alternative.  Go figure.


Obama’s Attack Jackasses


Mitt Romney could have named Bugs Bunny as his running mate and the puerile and increasingly hysterical Left would have labeled the rabbit as an extreme right-wing ideologue whose idea of governance is to murder the elderly, bitch-slap the poor, defenestrate the infirm, and happily castrate  a few stray squirrels as he hops his way to a coney Klan meeting.  But to a deranged pack of ‘progressives’  that critiques a Marxist like Barack Obama as “deeply conservative”, the choice of Paul Ryan, a man who believes that government should live within its means, is akin to the dawning of the Apocalypse.  Romney with Ryan has suddenly become a formidable opponent, and you can hear the Lefties shrieking from coast to coast:

The liberal assault on Paul Ryan has commenced. But the first round of attacks can’t provide much solace to Democrats, who assume they will be able to demonize the Republican vice presidential candidate with ease. The first 48 hours of Ryan’s candidacy has already seen a deluge of abuse from the mainstream media editorial pages and columnists … Liberals like Robert Reich, who took to the Huffington Post to howl that Ryan’s ideas are “social Darwinism” or formerTimes editor Bill Keller who damned the prospective next GOP administration as a compendium of every wicked conservative idea ever conceived, clearly believe all they need to do is to just call Ryan and to a lesser extent Romney, every name they can think of.

Barry himself, now publicly displaying more scarlet than a sun-baked Swede, leaves most of the mud-slinging to his seizured minions, touting instead his ” … new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared”, and even promoting the nationalization of American industry:

“I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back. Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.”

Something is roaring all right, but it’s the almost 13 million citizens out of work because of the Obamaconomy, not Barry’s beleaguered Government Motors.  That so-called ‘bail-out’ stiffed taxpayers for more than $25 billion, much of which disappeared into the long coat pockets of his UAW union comrades, while the value of the freshly nationalized GM stock receded faster than Joe Biden’s hairline. And this is what the Big Red One hopes to do to the rest of America’s industry?

The Obama Administration redistributed $26.5 more to the union than UAW would have received legally in the bankruptcy proceedings had the rule of law and contract been followed.

Obama’s nightmarish “vision” has been around since 1848, when Marx and Engels published The Communist Manifesto, and wherever the Reds have ruled, it’s never prosperity that’s shared, only poverty and pain, distributed at the point of a gun.  After 3 1/2 years, Obama’s own team of Reds and Pinks is finding its thinly veiled socialism an increasingly hard sell.  Half-filled venues and lines of supporters shorter than those at Chick-Fil-A on Appreciation Day tell the sorry tale. Worries over empty seats during Barry’s re-coronation gala plague apprehensive Democrats who know that perception usually trumps reality — unless the perception is the reality. Barry’s coattails are now so frayed that even the incorrigible harridan San Fran Nan is urging her fellow Jackasses to stay at home and watch re-runs of The West Wing:

” … I’m not encouraging members to go to the convention no matter what the situation was, because they can be home.”

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Jackasses are desperate, opines Greg Lewis:

Democrats’ scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners campaign is not a sign they’re desperate; it’s who they are. They’re the most subversive, dirtiest enemy America has, and they must be stopped.

But it’s not who they are that counts — it’s who we are.  Do Americans really want to allow a cabal of dishonorable left-wing radicals another four years in which to dismantle the U.S. Constitution and transform the country into something unrecognizable except to octogenarian former members of the Comintern? Do we even know the difference anymore between our enemies and our friends?  We’ll soon see.

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Original Post:  Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then go Ahead


The Constitution: It’s Around Here Somewhere


“Barack Obama, a man long intent on breaking free from the Constitution’s essential constraints, has succeeded in doing so.” — Phil Kerpen

Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama and the Federal Government, our Constitution is not dead yet, but it soon will be unless we can force the bushwhackers in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches to cease using it for target practice.

Our friend Curtice Mang, a contributor at What Would The Founders Think, has ruminated upon the assault on our founding document by the socialistic control freaks presenting themselves as ‘progressives’ and ‘Democrats’, and he offers his conclusions in a tome titled The Constitution: I’m Not Kidding! And Other Tales of Liberal Folly.  A sampling:

  • To suggest, for example, that Article 1 of the Constitution (which created the legislative branches and specifies their powers and duties) is not relevant because James Madison didn’t have an iPod is akin to belittling Mozart’s music for its lack of electric guitars.
  • The political left has a fundamental belief that all money is theirs to spend. There are, however, two exceptions: they won’t spend it on defense and they won’t spend their own.
  • For a brief look at the effect of higher taxes we must turn our attention to that esteemed economist, businessman and preeminent rock guitarist, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. In his autobiography, Richards wrote that in the early 1970s the tax rate in Britain for high-income earners was 83 percent and it went up to 98 percent for investments and “unearned” income. The Stones then made a rational business decision: they moved to France.
  • The role of government is to protect all its citizens from everything—except government.
  • During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama said, “We are the people we have been waiting for.” Although I’m sure it was unintended, it sounds quite similar to Jimmy Buffett’s “We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About.” Keep that in mind the next time a liberal politician says that the government needs to increase your taxes or you drive past the Robert C. Byrd Memorial Lint Factory.
  • Over the past couple of decades, the government—from George H. W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to both parties in Congress—encouraged home ownership. But, really, they did much more than encourage. They made laws and regulations, like the Community Reinvestment Act (1977), that made it easier than ever to own a home. The CRA was used to help fuel the housing bubble in the first decade of the new century by providing justification for lowing lending standards. No credit, no problem. No job, no problem. No income, no problem. Any convenience store clerk with an associate degree in women’s studies could qualify for a half-million–dollar mortgage. If the two-year degree was in minority studies and you worked part-time in fast food, you could get a $700,000 loan. And, if you never went to college, lived in your parents’ basement, and spoke highly of the 1960s, that got you a million-dollar house, plus your loan officer would meet you for drinks—and he paid the tab!
  • If one were to listen to the political left (not a practice I would recommend on an empty stomach—or even a full stomach, for that matter) the mortgage meltdown was the result of: a) Wall Street greed or b) Greedy Wall Street. That the government encouraged, cajoled, coerced, or even demanded that lenders make bad loans played no role. And Fannie Mae got a free pass. Not to worry, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (D–Clueless) came to the rescue with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2009). (Ugh! I just swallowed a Life Saver.) Only in Congress could an individual who had a large role in creating the housing crisis get to “reform” the financial sector. When eight members of the Chicago White Sox took bribes from gamblers to throw the 1919 World Series (and became known as the Black Sox), even the baseball owners (not the brightest lot) had the good sense not to put them in charge of “reforming” the integrity of the game.
  • Judging by their performance, the likes of Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, and Obama, et al., have much to be modest about. Yet modesty and humility are not in their DNA. If they had any modesty or humility, they would not tell the banks who to lend to, what interest rates to charge, what socks to wear, where to eat, what to eat, and where to be merry. They have all the answers—just ask them. The problem is they don’t have the correct answers.
  • The environmental left would have preferred that the internal combustion engine never have been invented. They look back fondly on the horse and buggy days when horse dung was piled neck deep along the side of the road and flies were so plentiful they had their own union. Ah, yes, those were the days.
  • Given what the American taxpayer has doled out to GM, I think each American of legal driving age ought to get a free car. Really, we’ve already paid for it.

The Constitution: I’m Not Kidding! And Other Tales of Liberal Folly by Curtice Mang is available through Amazon or Bob Mack’s humble Book Emporium.

Original Post: Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments (1-10)… are mostly Unconstitutional and in retrospect Bad


On the eve of Obamacare being struck down as unconstitutional (in other words, a piece of legislation that was passed in violation with the basic laws of our nation) and the Attorney General being held in contempt (President Obama’s pick to be the main guy on law enforcement has been caught lying under oath, withholding documents, and failing to comply with investigations), I thought it might be fun to take a look at what some believe are President Obama’s greatest accomplishments.

Here in Michigan, it appears that he is now tied with Romney according to a bunch of polls- but I still don’t understand how this is possible. It could be because there are now more people looting others than creating wealth or living off the government than providing resources to it, but it could also be because many people still believe faithfully that President Obama has done a lot of good things in his administration. So let’s break them down, inspired by a list I found on the Washington Monthly:
  1. Passed an act reforming healthcare by nationalizing considerable aspects of the healthcare industry, injecting further inefficiencies in the system, making it less customer responsive, and driving many doctors to retire early or begin to deny seeing patients on government backed policies. Those who argue it is a positive point to the fact that it adds more people to the dole and makes healthy young people shoulder more of the cost of insuring older people, but I don’t even think these really are positives.
  2. Passed the stimulus, an $800 billion giveaway to public sector unions for non-shovel ready projects that scared businesses and drove the unemployment rate up higher (the unemployment rate with the passage of the stimulus ended up being higher than what Obama projected without the stimulus bill, which leads to only two conclusions- that the stimulus bill worsened the situation or that Obama’s people were incompetent by a considerable margin in predicting anything at all). This act was not paid for- or in other words, it will be paid for by future generations after paying billions of interest on it and having a lower standard of living.
  3. Passed the Dodd-Frank banking reform act, which is soon to be ruled unconstitutional as well (it breaks separation of powers by empowering executive officials to make laws and rules and enforce them as well). This bill doubles-down on ‘too big to fail’ and has resulted in the bigger banks getting even bigger and more powerful, thereby centralizing more power farther from the people. Massive chaos resulted over foreclosures and banking fees and soon after the passage of this bill banking systems around the world began to collapse.
  4. Ending the war on Iraq according to George Bush’s timetables (which Obama opposed) after implementing a surge of troops (which Obama opposed). I’m not quite sure how this ends but being in Obama’s ‘accomplishment’ column- if he would have supported these policies or been a part of their creation, then sure, but I think this ‘accomplishment’ happened in spite of President Obama’s actions, not because of them.
  5. Beginning the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan. When Obama took office, Afghanistan was viewed as a tough but winnable war (especially in light of our recent successes in Iraq), and unlike Iraq, this was the war that Obama had the most to say on. And it’s been lost. It’s nice to call our pullout of troops a ‘drawdown’, but President Obama’s policies and pronouncements and political corrupting of the situation has not led to a win in this war. He fired generals because Rolling Stones misquoted them and it made him look bad- I mean come on!
  6. Killed bin Laden. This is an accomplishment, although again I think it’s more a matter of him not getting in the way and messing it up more so than him doing anything to help the situation. The interrogation techniques that eventually led to the killing of OSB were opposed by Obama. But at least he didn’t mess it up, although the afterwards stuff he kind of did, by going on national TV and crowing about it and revealing too many details which led to a remarkable negating of possible intelligence captured in the raid. He also sold out any Pakistanis who helped us, and one of them is now in prison for helping us out.
  7. Bailed out the auto industry. At the cost of billions in losses, taxpayer took one auto company and gave it to the government and the unions and took another one and gave it to the Italians. The one company that didn’t take Obama’s deal- Ford- is the one that is doing the best, and the company that Obama touched the most-GM- is now doing the worst. Old GM went under and took down with it millions of properties and destroyed the tax bases of hundreds of communities, bond holders and preferred stock owners were illegally screwed over in favor of union buddies, and dealerships were closed based on how much money they gave to Obama or his allies. It would be interesting to see what would have happened if a legal, free-market approach would have been done here- alas, that’s all theoretical, and instead Obama can crow that he personally saved the auto industry and people swallow it.
  8. Recapitalized banks. I don’t know enough about this, but I suspect that using a rapidly devalued US dollar backed up by trillions in new debt borrowed from China to ‘recapitalize’ banks is probably just a big house of cards that will collapse at some point. You can’t make domestic banks stronger by borrowing money from another nation and printing money, and if you can, I’m sure Greece, Portugal, and Italy all tried it.
  9. Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which is an accomplishment for those people who support more gays in the military, but if you don’t, I don’t really think it is an ‘accomplishment’ but more so of a ‘our side won and your side lost’ kind of thing. Myself, this is a nice symbol and I am sure is a burden off of many gays who serve in our armed services, and I really hope that it doesn’t lead to a reduced combat effectiveness and the deaths of our troops, but in the grand scheme of things, it is amazing that this is ranked as Obama’s 9th greatest achievement.
  10. Toppled Gaddafi, joining a coalition of powers to kill this aging dictator. This was a positive- low cost to the US, possible improvement in Libya- and I’m going to count this as a solid accomplishment. Way to go Obarfo, you got one out of ten!
The rest of the rest is great- I’m going to pick up this post and run with more of these later- this is like shooting fish in a barrel since most of Obama’s accomplishments are either illegal actions, epic backfires, poor policy, unconstitutional, or downright hum-dum.
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Stupid is as Stupid Does:Three Stories


With all that is going on in America and in the world that has impact our lives and the futures of our children, it is not surprising that a lot of news passes under the radar, sort of speak. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is a conspiracy within the MSM to keep some news under the radar because they don’t want the world to know just how outrageously stupid Americans can be at times.

We have come to expect people in government to do stupid things. In fact that is the norm and it is not just an American phenomena. Two of today’s stories have to do with government. But, we generally tend to think that the people in charge of major corporations would likely be very smart people. The first story today will prove that this theory doesn’t always hold up.

China Dupes General Motors Again

From a recent American Thinker article we learn

It’s  déjà vu all over again!  GM again caves to Chinese pressure.  In  September it was the electric car.  In April it was the  Cadillac.

Allow me to explain what is going on. To do business in China, like many socialist countries, a foreign company like General Motors must have a cinese partner. In this case, the Chinese partner is a company that goes by the accrmym of SAIC. But, not only does GM have to take on a Chinese partner, they are required by the Chinese government to share all of their technology with the partner. And, what does SAIC do with that shared technology? Well, they go off and build a wholly owned factory of their own and produce a clone to compete directly with General Motors.

Can somebody explain to me how this is good business for General Motors? I ask that question because here is what is going to happen. In exchange for some short-term profits (maybe), GM is going to give up its technology and eventually they are going to lose their market share to SAIC’s other company and SAIC will probably end up the proud 100% owner of the factory that GM built with its capital. I have to wonder if GM’s US partner, the US Government, has had a hand in these decisions. Whatever, it looks pretty stupid to me.

Abuse of Government Freebies

Here is a government freeby program that I had no idea it existed. Bid you know that the FCC  (I tried without success to find out when this program started) has a program called Lifeline for low-income folks to have phone service? Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observation has this story. The FCC Lifeline program was originally to provide low-income people with landline phone service in case there were emergencies that needed to be reported. Later on the program was extended to provide free cell phones and even free smart phones. Here is a quote from Arkansas’ Republican Congressman Tim Griffin

“People are not only getting [one free cell phone], they’re getting multiples. There are reports of people getting 10, 20, 30 — just routinely getting more than one, selling them, storing them up, whatever,” Griffin said

This freeby program is costing taxpayer about $1 billion per year.  You see, although government people are stupid , poor people are not so stupid. These phones come with 100 minutes or more of free use. So, what happens? A poor person goes to a participating store and they get their free smart phone. Then they go to another and another participating store and get more phones. They use up their free minutes and sell the phones and start the process al over again. So, Mr. McQuain has a question for you

…Ever wonder what that line on your bill that says “universal service fund” was all about?  Well, this is what it’s about.  Your government giving away cell phones with no apparent accountability and you paying for them.

Yup! We always pay for government stupidity, don’t we?

A Nanny Never Sleeps

I swear these people stay up nights divining problems that government must solve by creating another law. This low flying news also comes to us thanks to Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observations.  The Nanny in question is a  Kathy Webb, a state Representative from Arkansas. She thinks frying hamburgers is dangerous to the environment.

Webb has submitted Interim Study Proposal 2011-201, an act “to declare an emergency” over the alleged crisis. Frying hamburgers is now The People’s Business of the Highest Order.

Webb’s bill claims food grease presents an emergency risk of sewer overflows that threatens the environment. “It is in the public interest to establish a Fat, Oil, and Grease Advisory Committee to study the recommended measures to better ensure that the collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of fat, oil, and grease are done in a manner that is protective of the environment,” reads the bill.

And, there is more

According to the bill, the state will appoint a 14 (!) member committee “with adequate staff and facilities” to study the frying-pan-grease emergency and recommend legislation, enforcement, and other emergency government action to fight food grease. Even after such action, the committee and its “adequate staff and facilities” will perpetually exist, convene, and soak up taxpayer resources.

Bruce has a response that is much better than anything I could come up with

Because that’s what government does.  It appoints “Grease Czars”, enthrones them in perpetuity “with adequate staff and facilities” and then wastes taxpayer money trying to enforce unenforceable laws passed by morons.

Yeah, stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is a commodity that we never seem to run short of.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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Chevy Volt Production Suspended: And how Much did that Cost us?


The Chevy Volt went from a very promising concept, to a very real failure.  If you recall, the Volt was initially a show car, and being planned for production prior to the governments takeover of GM.  The original idea was evolutionary; the car would be electric, with a small gas engine on board to charge the batteries.  It actually generated some excitement.  But, just before they were supposed to start rolling off the assembly line, we were told that the production Volt was nothing more than a hybrid car-and a rather expensive hybrid car at that.  Competing in a market against the much cheaper Toyota Prius, the Volt has not sold well.  That, and their tendency to catch on fire probably chilled sales as well.

Whether it’s the exorbitant cost, or the bursting into flames, Volt Production is being suspended for 5 weeks.  Gateway Pundit has more…

General Motors announced today that the company was suspending production of the Chevy Volt and 1,300 workers would be laid off.
Freep.com reported, via FOX Nation:

General Motors has told 1,300 employees at its Detroit Hamtramck that they will be temporarily laid off for five weeks as the company halts production of the Chevrolet Volt and its European counterpart, the Opel Ampera.

“Even with sales up in February over January, we are still seeking to align our production with demand,” said GM spokesman Chris Lee.

Lee said employees were told Thursday that production would put on hold from March 19 to April 23.

The Chevrolet Volt, an extended-range electric car, is both a political lightning rod and a symbol of the company’s technological capability.

Chevrolet sold 1,023 Volts in the U.S. in February and has sold 1,626 so far this year.

In 2011, Chevrolet sold 7,671 Volts, but fell short of its initial goal of 10,000.

GM had planned to expand production of its Volt plug-in hybrid to 60,000 this year, with 45,000 earmarked for the U.S.

Let’s translate.  “…we are still seeking to align our production with demand.” This means that people aren’t buying enough of the cars.

I wonder if they’re still going to roll out the Cadillac version?



Chevy Volts are Recalled (Kind of): All of Them


When GM was still GM, and NOT Gubmint Motors, the Volt was the next big thing.  If you recall, the original vision for the Volt was for it to be an electric car, with a small gas motor to recharge the batteries.  It actually generated some excitement, and it promised massive mileage.  That, of course, turned out to be a gigantic lie-one that was not disclosed until the car was just about to go into production.  By then, of course, GM had been turned into a government operation.  And, like any other government operation, GM, and the Volt in particular, have turned into steaming pile of failure.  Michele Malkin has the rather fiery details…

Maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. Technically a “call back” is a notch below a recall, and it only affects 8,000 vehicles — which is a mere, um, 100% of all Volts sold in 2011. Lucky sales didn’t catch fire or the fixes would have been a more massive undertaking:

General Motors plans to ask Volt owners to bring their electric cars into dealers to strengthen the structure around the batteries.

The automaker said Thursday it plans enhancements to the vehicle’s structure and battery coolant system to further protect the battery from the possibility of an electrical fire occurring days or weeks after a severe crash.

The enhancements come in response to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Preliminary Evaluation to examine post-severe crash battery performance.

So, the Volt costs over forty grand, the similar Toyota Prius costs far less.  And, with government subsidies for the Volt amounting to $250,000 a car, this amounts to an object lesson in crony capitalism.  When you look at the merger of capitalism and state, you see that capitalism is infected with the government’s endless capacity for failure.   Kinda like the sub-prime mortgage crisis-government mandated the failure!  Just imagine how great it will be when government controls everything?


Is Government Motors in Trouble? Dealer Inventory at Record Levels


It would appear that government motors is making itself look good by making  a lot of vehicles.  That, in and of itself isn’t so bad. What is bad is that once government motors sends these vehicles to the dealers, they tend to sit, sit, and sit.  For more on this, here is some coverage from NewsBusters…

Not that it took keen insight to catch it, but yours truly was one of a very few people who pointed out that General/Government Motors unduly dressed up its financial statements in advance of its late-2010 initial public offering by foisting an unreasonable level of vehicle inventory on dealers. The effect of this was to enable the company, which in accordance with general industry practice recognizes sales when it ships vehicles to dealers, to book an estimated $900 million in sent-ahead pre-tax profit largely not supported by dealer sales.

The danger in all of this is that if there is an economy- or gas price-driven sales slump, dealers will start resisting company pressure to keep ordering, and if successful, slow down GM’s shipments and ultimately its production lines. That’s a danger, thanks to establishment press non-coverage, about which the public is being kept almost completely in the dark.

The practice of pressuring dealers to order cars, or to just ship cars to them, is not new.  Automotive historians will recognize this practice from the mid 1950’s, when Chevy and Ford were engaged in a sales war  (which helped put several nails in the coffins of Hudson, Nash, and Studebaker).  The difference now, of course, is back then, people bought those cars.  Now?  Not so much.  But, as the article points out, this has all been kept from the public.  It’s hasn’t been because GM necessarily hid the information, but that the MSM declined to cover it.  After all, we wouldn’t want the taxpayers to know that not only did they get soaked by the POTUS and his union friends, but the project is showing signs of massive potential failure.

We can’t have that, can we?


This Ford Commercial Kicks! "Owner" States that he Bought a Ford Because They Didn't Take Government Bailout Money


I’ve had guessed that Ford’s increased sales after the auto-bailouts were due to people rebelling against government motors.  Might this commercial be a confirmation?

I remember visiting a Ford dealership not too long after Ford sales increased.  When I asked, a salesman smiled and said that a lot of buyers were saying that the bailouts were why they chose Ford.  In a sense, all the steps that Ford took to get new products out, and improve existing ones coincided with this potential rebellions against the bailouts.  From their perspective, if it had to happen, the timing was perfect.  Ironically, it was Ford that everyone thought would go up in smoke, in the end, it was GM and Chrysler that got hit the hardest.

I haven’t seen this one on TV in my area, but love it all the same.  I think it’s great that Ford is playing on this, and I would imagine that they have some consumer data that would suggest that this would be an effective advertisement.  It certainly is resonating here at the CH 2.0 Bunker, and Smitty is also considering a Ford in his future.  


Barry Lies Again: Government Motors Does not Have to Honor General Motors Warranties


Remember this?

Well, it appears that this statement does NOT cover cars built before Barry became a car maker…

Well, the president better get on the bus and head from Martha’s Vineyard to Blakely, Pennsylvania, with some tools and a set of new tires to fix Donna Trusky’s Impala.

GM will not honor her warranty.

From Reuters:

NEW YORK, Aug 19 (Reuters) – General Motors Co. is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit over a suspension problem on more than 400,000 Chevrolet Impalas from the 2007 and 2008 model years, saying it should not be responsible for repairs because the flaw predated its bankruptcy.

The lawsuit, filed on June 29 by Donna Trusky of Blakely, Pennsylvania, contended that her Impala suffered from faulty rear spindle rods, causing her rear tires to wear out after just 6,000 miles.

But in a recent filing with the U.S. District Court in Detroit, GM noted that the cars were made by its predecessor General Motors Corp, now called Motors Liquidation Co or “Old GM,” before its 2009 bankruptcy and federal bailout.

The current company, called “New GM,” said it did not assume responsibility under the reorganization to fix the Impala problem, but only to make repairs “subject to conditions and limitations” in express written warranties. In essence, the automaker said, Trusky sued the wrong entity.

“New GM’s warranty obligations for vehicles sold by Old GM are limited to the express terms and conditions in the Old GM written warranties on a going-forward basis,” wrote Benjamin Jeffers, a lawyer for GM. “New GM did not assume responsibility for Old GM’s design choices, conduct, or alleged breaches of liability under the warranty.”

David Fink, Trusky’s lawyer, declined to comment.

When are people going to realize that big government, or it’s corporate cronies, simply cannot be trusted?

H/T: Memeorandum


Federal Judge Rules Health Care Law “Unconstitutional”; Democrats Vow to Continue Ignoring Will of the People


Silly kids, the constitution is a living breathing document!U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson has ruled that Congress violated the Constitution by requiring Americans to buy health insurance and that the entire law “must be declared void.”

The Obama Administration said that is has no plans to halt implementation of the law.  “We will continue to give the American people what they don’t want” declared a defiant President Obama to the cheers of adoring press voters.

As your community organizer-in-chief, it is my responsibility to rule Americans and do what’s in their best interest, even if they don’t recognize my policies as being what’s good for them. As for this judge, a Republican I remind you, let’s see him try and stop us.  We are not bound by a dusty old document written by slave-holders.  My administration is filled with experts who know better. After all, who are you going to trust?  The founding fathers or me?

The Obama administration had argued that requiring Americans to carry insurance was within the powers vested to it by the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.  Judge Vinson rejected that argument, saying under the Administration’s logic, all  Americans could be forced to by GM cars because if they don’t they are “adversely impacting commerce.”

The Administration countered that the Judge’s argument is ridiculous and it has no plans to force Americans to buy GM cars.  “Except for the people who don’t buy health insurance that is.”

The judge’s ruling will no doubt embolden the law’s critics who have pointed out that the Obama Administration has already weakened the bill by granting wavers to many businesses so they do not have to comply with the law.  Said an Administration official:

Of course we gave them waivers.  They voted for us. Look this bill would kill their profits and we only want to put those who voted against Obama out of business.  This is off the record right? That camera isn’t on is it?  What?  It is?  Mommy!  Mommy!

Anticipating opposition to implementing the signature health care reform law, the Obama Administration, in a pre-emptive move, will run a series of commercial starring popular cereal spokesman the Trix Rabbit (pictured here).  Silly rabbit!  The Constitution is for kids! The rabbit will allay fears and inform people that the Constitution does not have to be followed in this case.  In the first commercial released Trix tries to read the Constitution only to have President Obama take it out of his hands, saying, “Silly rabbit.  The Constitution is for kids.”

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UAW Members Vote Themselves Out of Jobs


I always had the idea that many Democrats/socialists/”progressives” would see reason once they were personally hurt by the policies that they support. It’s a simple idea, someone can advocate something, but once it cost them a job, or a home, or the future for their own kids, that they’d wake up. Sounds reasonable, right?

I was wrong. Perhaps I was engaging in projection myself, as reason would kick in the second that something I supported backfired on me. If I supported a position that caused my employer to go out of business, I might re-evaluate why I helped kill the goose that laid my golden egg.

Apparently, that logic does not apply to the UAW membership at the GM Stamping Plant in Indianapolis.

Talk about chutzpah. In what only can be described as pure stubborn selfishness, a United Auto Workers (UAW) local in Indiana voted this week to close a General Motors (GM) parts supplier employing 650 workers. The closure is a harsh blow for a state with 10.2-percent unemployment and a unionized auto industry that has been in free fall for decades—UAW membership has fallen from 1.5 million in 1979 to only 300,000 in 2009.

The reason for the refusal?

The future of the 80-year-old facility is up in the air. Once home to 6,000 employees, the stamping plant now has one-tenth of that workforce. By this time next year, the entire facility will likely be shuttered.

“This was not a good day for that plant,” said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, adding that the city will also feel the impact. “Absolutely, because there are a lot of workers there that could contribute to the city of Indianapolis that do good work throughout the city, provide a good, solid tax base for the city.”

Those workers overwhelmingly rejected a bid by JD Norman Industries to purchase the plant. The buyout would have kept the plant open, but cut $29/hour union minimum wages in half.

“I just feel half wages is not for me. Everybody I know is not willing to work for half wages and I’m not willing, either,” said GM worker April Vaughn.

Look, it would be hard, VERY hard, to have wages cut in half. However, half wages vs NO wages is a no-brainer for me. Now, under their contract with GM, they are eligible to move to other GM facilities. However, in this economy, can they count on another GM job? And in the coming year, with the tax increases, and other Democratic skullduggery going on, will GM be hiring, or laying off? After all, if they just tax the “evil rich,” who will be buying the Corvettes, Cadillac, and the other, more pricy, GM products?

In a very real sense, the chickens are coming home to roost for organized labor.  For decades, they have advocated for unsustainable wages and benefits.  These benefits also helped bankrupt both GM and Chrysler, and nearly took out Ford.  In fact, without the government bailout of GM and Chrysler, the unions would have killed off those companies.  Now, when faced with the hard choices of saving their jobs, or facing unemployment, they continue behaving in the same pattern, sacrificing themselves for a union leadership that could care less about what happens to them, so long as their overall strategy is protected.

I grew up in the rust belt. When I was a child, the nightly news was often filled with stories of steel mills and mines closing. The stories often lead like this…”union refuses concessions.” Then, a few months later, the story would be, “Mill/mine closes, thousands of jobs lost.” It really sticks out in my head as it was a topic of conversation in my home. Then,as decades went by, the people that lost their jobs eventually lost hope when the jobs did not return, and the mills were demolished. We’re talking about tens of thousands of jobs. Towns were devastated, and still haven’t come close to recovering.  Ironically, we still make as much steel, if not more, than we did then, it’s just made in other parts of the country-away from the unions.

The unions weren’t solely to blame; clean air regulations also played a large role,but the union rank and file, either out of ignorance, or at the advice of their leadership, screwed themselves.

And it’s still happening today.


The Summer of Unrecovery: Car Sales to Reach 28 Year low


As the Summer of Recovery© continues, evidence reveals the overall fail of the Obama economic policies.  Recently, housing sales tanked.  All this year, the government and their media apologists have been forced to discuss, “unexpected” and “unanticipated” statistics, like increases in unemployment and decreases in economic indicators.  For the latest, Hot Air provides us with a link to see how “Government Motors” are doing.

U.S. auto sales in August probably were the slowest for the month in 28 years as model-year closeout deals failed to entice consumers concerned the economy is worsening and they may lose their jobs.

Industrywide deliveries, to be released tomorrow, may have reached an annualized rate of 11.6 million vehicles this month, the average of eight analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the slowest August since 1982, according to researcher Ward’s AutoInfoBank. The rate would be 18 percent below last year’s 14.2 million pace, when the U.S. government’s “cash for clunkers” incentive program boosted sales.

“Home sales are way down, the stock market is way down, the unemployment report is very disappointing and consumer confidence is sputtering,” Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry trends at TrueCar.com, said in an interview. “People just don’t want to make big-ticket purchases because they’re uncertain about their jobs and the value of their homes.”

Source: Bloomberg

I wonder if this will be another “unexpected” event?  The sad thing is this; anyone with half a brain could have predicted this.  There is government inflicted economic uncertainty on a massive scale.  People don’t know if they’re going to get taxed to death next year.  They don’t know if either the taxes, ObamaCare, or environmental regulations will cause them to lose their jobs.

In the end, the government is treating the economy as if it’s some sort of social engineering laboratory, and we rats aren’t playing ball.  Their ideas are based on the faulty premise that the government can manage or create demand.  It hasn’t worked before, and it isn’t working now.

So dear readers, the question is this; is it stupidity, or Cloward-Piven?  Discussion is welcome.