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Grand Old Cavemen

  “I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just went all Ned Beatty in Deliverance the moment Barack Obama looked at him funny.” –Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig “This is a total victory for the Obama position,” said a GOP senator unhappy with McConnell’s plan “Counterfeiters use the reputation of a trademark, which brand manufacturers have built up on the basis of the quality of their […]

CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush

  Hat/Tip to Cardigan at It seems that the Conservatives, which form the base of the GOP, have a message planned for not only Gov. Jeb Bush, but the Republican leadership. And that message is a resounding, “WE DON’T WANT TO JEB BUSH AS OUR NOMINEE!” A movement is underway to stage an informal protest when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hits the CPAC stage Friday. William Temple, a member of the Golden Isle Tea Party, told The Washington Times that the party doesn’t need another Bush in office, and said that the party should listen to the grass-roots activists that helped […]

Scott Walker Crushing Other GOP Contenders In DRUDGE Primary Poll…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. He’s got a whopping 46% of the vote! It’s not even close. You can check real time results (and vote) here. Via Breitbart: With all the caveats about this being a non-scientific online poll, it has to mean something that Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is murdering every other GOP contender by massive margins among those Drudge readers motivated enough to vote. Although voting continues, as of this writing nearly 70,000 total votes have been cast. Walker captured a whopping 45% of them, 31,211 votes. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in second place with 15%, 10,054 votes. […]

Ben Carson: Obama Letting Islamists ‘Destroy Us’

Hat/Tip to Greg Richter at Newsmax. Up and coming political hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson said, while appearing on a Talk Radio show in New York that he thought Obama was allowing Islamists to destroy us. And he gave a peek at what a Carson administration would be like. Dr. Ben Carson, an expected GOP presidential contender, said he wants to see the size of government reduced if he one day sits in the Oval Office. Appearing on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York on Sunday, Carson told host John Catsimatidis his top priority would be to get […]

Breaking News: Romney Makes Decision On 2016 Run For POTUS

Hat/Tip to Foxnews. He’ finally made the announcement! Mitt Romney announced Friday he will not run for president in 2016, after briefly flirting with a third White House run — a decision that only slightly narrows the crowded field of potential Republican candidates.  “After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it’s best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” Romney told donors on a conference call Friday morning.  The announcement comes after the 2012 GOP nominee, who repeatedly denied interest in another campaign, surprised donors earlier this month […]

GOP In Full Retreat? Boehner And McConnell Raise The White Flag On Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Hat/Tip to S.A. Miller at The Washington Times. What was it Speaker Boehner said about Obama’s Illegal Actions on Executive Amnesty, again? Oh, yeah: “The House will soon take action aimed at stopping the president’s unilateral action when it comes to immigration,” Boehner said at his press briefing today. “Republicans are in agreement that this is a gravely serious matter.” “The president’s unilateral actions were an affront to the rule of law and our system of government,” Boehner said. “The American people don’t support it and as their representatives we cannot let it stand.” “I said we’d fight it tooth […]

GOP Runs Scared, Pulls Bill Banning 20 Week Abortion

If there is one thing I have run out of, it is patience with the GOP. This started after the abysmal showing in the Presidential election of 2012. Since that time, we have seen a continual slide towards the acceptance of amnesty for illegal immigrants. That, along with other pandering, was aimed at Hispanic voters. The GOP seemed set on the idea that 2012 was lost because of alienation of Hispanics. Never mind that so many conservatives stayed home because they didn’t want to vote for Mitt Romney. This shows a complete lack of conviction on the part of the […]

Trump On The Attack: Romney ‘Choked Like a Dog’ in 2012 Campaign

  Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Never one to back away from controversy or let the media set the tone in whatever endeavors he participates in, Donald Trump is at it again. This time it’s about the next Presidential election and he minces no words. Mitt Romney “choked like a dog” in the 2012 election, Donald Trump said Monday, adding that neither Romney nor most of the slate of potential GOP nominees will be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I supported Mitt Romney and he didn’t bring out the people,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. […]

Rising GOP Star, Joni Ernst To Deliver GOP’s SOTU Response

    Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. She’s the polar opposite of Mitch McConnell, she has a spine, and as WeaselZippers so eloquently put it, she has ‘cajones.’ McConnell picked someone with a pair of cojones. Ernst is a rising star in the GOP and a solid Conservative, to boot. As reported here at CH2.0, she rose to national attention during the 2014 mid-terms. Joni Ernst was elected as Iowa’s first female US Senator last Tuesday as part of the massive GOP landslide which saw the Party retake the majority in the the Upper House of Congress. She is an Iowan, born […]

Oh Geez! It’s Started Already: 1st GOP Primary Presidential Debate Is In August – 2015

Hat/Tip to Daniel Doherty at It looks like we’re going to have 57 states GOP debates leading up to the 2016 general election. *sigh* We’ve got NINE of these stupid debates lined up where we get to watch liberal “moderators” try and tear apart our candidates while they paint them with their liberal broad brushes of hypocrisy and disdain in an effort to discredit the ones who have the real answers our country needs. Mark your calendars: The Republican National Committee has just blasted out the 2016 presidential primary debate schedule. The first debate will be hosted by Fox News […]

Boehner: House Will Fund Homeland Security, Block Obama On Executive Amnesty

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. While this is early and nothing more than a public statement (words, not actions), embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner is starting to sound like he may have taken the challenge from the right to his Speakership a bit more serious than previously thought. The U.S. House of Representatives will vote to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security this week while blocking President Barack Obama’s actions on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday. The $39.7 billion spending bill was expected to pass by Wednesday, when House Republicans leave Washington for a two-day policy […]

For Jeb Bush And Mitt Romney, A History Of Ambition Fuels A Possible 2016 Collision

Hat/Tip to Philip Rucker and Robert Costa at The Washington Post. It looks like the Leftist Media – and you can’t get too much more left than The Washington (Com)Post – are going to be pushing this huge rivalry. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have much in common. Both were pragmatic as governors, mild-mannered as candidates and more comfortable balancing budgets at their desks than clinking glasses at a political dinner. The two Republican leaders’ personal rapport is cordial. But they are hardly chummy — and at moments their relationship has been strained, with each man’s intertwined political network carrying […]

My Exclusive Interview With 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Jeb Bush

  With the 2016 election only a year away many contenders are crowding the field.  Today it is my honor to have the Republican Party’s presidential nominee for 2016, Jeb Bush sit down with me to answer my questions. MI: Good afternoon Mr, Bush. JB: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel.  It is a pleasure to be here to answer your questions. MI: Let’s start out with the obvious:  Why are you running for President? JB: Because America deserves a man of my social station to lead them. MI: Um, what? JB: Precisely.  Far too often America chooses leaders of a low social station.  This is wrong.  This […]

Gohmert Says He’s Rounding Up The 29 Votes To Defeat Boehner

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Boehner’s days as Speaker could be numbered… Cross your fingers… Via Washington Examiner: One of the two Republicans pledging to challenge the re-election of House Speaker John Boehner said conservatives are rounding up the 29 votes needed to defeat him. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told Laura Ingraham on her radio show that the effort to overthrow Boehner stands a better chance than a failed coup in 2012 because this time, disgruntled GOP lawmakers have another choice. “I was persuaded by some of my newer colleagues in the Congress that people have to have a name,” Gohmert said. […]

Huckabee Ends Fox News Show, Preps for 2016 Bid

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Guess who is throwing his hat into the ring? TV host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he is leaving his Fox News talk show as he considers whether to seek the Republican nomination for president, a decision he expects to reach in the spring.  Huckabee said Saturday night’s edition of “Huckabee” would be his last as he ponders his political future. The weekly show, which is taped with a live audience and features political commentary as well as interviews with guests and musical entertainment, has been on the air for more than six years. The […]

Rubio Moving Close To Decision On Presidential Run

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Things could get interesting between Rubio and Jeb Bush in the coming months. Rubio is going to run. Update to a previous story. Via Miami Herald Sen. Marco Rubio says he’s moving closer to a decision on whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination, but he’s not there yet. Rubio tells National Public Radio “this is not a gut decision.” He also says in an interview broadcast Thursday that he doesn’t have a “date in mind or a time frame in mind” for making his decision, “but certainly soon.” Rubio, a Florida conservative, says he has “tremendous […]

Conservative Lawmakers Plan To Vote Against Boehner For Speaker

  Hat/Tip to Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller. File this one under, “Maybe there is STILL hope for the GOP.” Some disaffected conservative House Republicans are planning to rebel and vote against John Boehner for speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes next week. The official speaker’s election is set for Jan. 6., when the House will convene for a public floor vote to open the new Congress.  While the vote is usually just a formality, these conservative lawmakers are planning to vote for someone other than the Ohio Republican who has been speaker since 2011. There […]

Imperial President: “I Am Going To Pull That Veto Pen Out” To Stop GOP…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. No talk of how he looks forward to working with the GOP, only how he looks forward to more gridlock. The GOP ought to say, “Bring it on, Mr. President.” Via The Hill: While he expressed hope of working with the new Republican majority in Congress in some areas, Obama granted that it was likely to produce more legislation he would reject. “I haven’t used the veto pen very often since I’ve been in office. Now I suspect there are going to be some times where I’ve got to pull that pen out,” he said. “And I’m […]