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Gun Confiscation

Gun Registration Leads to Gun Confiscation

A warning from Canada, where gun registration led to gun confiscation.  But that won’t happen here, right? H/T: Moonbattery

Missouri Gives Their Concealed Carry Permit List to the Feds

I’ve said before that if the Democrats can’t directly ban guns, that they’ll take any and every path to  confiscate as many as possible.  At some point, you’re going to want to know who has guns in order to confiscate them.  Which is why Democrats wants national databases of gun owners, and Conservatives resist such measures.  But, if Democrats cannot make their own, they will get them from the states.  That is what allegedly happened in Missouri.  Apparently, they shared their Concealed Carry Permit database with the Feds.  Liberty News has more…   This is from yesterday: The Missouri State […]

Gun Registration Leads to Consfiscation: Just Ask Canada

When gun registration is mandated, it’s only a matter of time before confiscation starts.  The Right Scoop has the video… Lessons from history.  Will we learn them, or will a lot of people die once their gun are taken? Oh, and I was  just wondering why them man featured in the beginning of the video thought he had a right to live?  Didn’t he know that he was supposed to die in the name or progressive policies?  Well, since he lived, he’ll have to be punished.

According to Justice Department, Gun Registration and Consfiscation Needed to Make Assault Weapons Ban Work

You know, I almost want to gloat, if it were not so tragic.  For years, bloggers such as myself have been warning that the Democrats would go for a gun grab at the first opportune moment.  Of course, a ton of people made light of that, but they aren’t laughing now.  And for the latest evidence, a leaked DOJ email sh0ws what the government really thinks of the Second Amendment.  Apparently the government thinks that gun registration and confiscation will be needed.  the NRA has more… I love the part where they admit that an assault weapon ban wouldn’t impact […]

NY Assemblyman Reveals Democrats Plans for Gun Confiscation

Once again, we have stated that the liberal/democrat goal is for gun confiscation.  It has always been the goal.  And while they may hide that intent with “reasonable” sounding rhetoric, confiscation is the goal.  It is always the end game.  For the latest example, let’s see what NY Assmeblyman, Steve McLaughlin has to say on the matter… Here it is. This is the video where I was asked to keep the Democrat proposals for the NY SAFE Act away from the public. This list was given to me by a colleague and it is not confidential. This bill was an […]

Illinois Gun Bill to Ban Assault Weapons Bans About Every Modern Firearm

On New Years Eve, I made the point that liberals are gun grabbers that needed a justification to take all the guns.  A great example of this is an Illinois Gun bill that might be proposed in the lame duck session of the their State Legislature… Press release: “The ISRA has learned from a credible source that Illinois Senate President John Cullerton [above] will introduce a so called ‘assault weapons’ ban on Wednesday when the legislature returns for its ‘lame duck’ session. Cullerton hopes to ramrod the bill through and get it to Governor Quinn for signature by Friday. If he is […]

Oath Keepers Pledge to Uphold Constitution

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed, and they consigned to a State of Wretchedness from which no human efforts will probably deliver them. The fate of unborn Millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this army” — Gen. George Washington, to his troops before the battle of Long Island This quote is taken from the Oathkeepers website.  I’ve been […]