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Hate Crime

Fake Hate Crime: Tennesse Anti-gay “Hate Crime” Faked?

It seems that when reality doesn’t fit the narrative, reality will be invented. At least that’s what folks in the feminazi crowd, like Meg Lanker Simons, and in the Gay community, like Joseph Baken, like to do.  When they can’t claim real hate, they create some. Consider it, “do it yourself social engineering.”  There is another case in the works, and The Other McCain has more from Tennessee, where Joe Williams had an attack that might just have been self inflicted… Whether or not Paris, Tennessee, is such a hotbed of homophobic hatred as to cause Williams to fear for […]

Muslim Man Attacks Sister for Coming Out Lesbian: Gay Rights Groups Silent

No one is doubting that this is a “hate crime,” but Gay rights groups have been silent on this attack by a Muslim man, on his own sister. Apparently, she informed her family she was a lesbian. Of course, in Islam, the penalty for homosexuality is death. But, the gay rights crowd seems to only target Christians for believing in God.  As usual, there will be no protest at a mosque, or efforts to silence Muslims.  I wonder why? Linked by Regular Right Guy, and Iowa Dawg.  Thanks gentlemen!

Fake an Atrocity Alert: Black Pastor Set Fires, Painted Racial Graffitti to Fake a Hate Crime

Once again, someone follows the great liberal tradition of “faking an atrocity.”  Consider it playing the (insert aggrieved group of your choice here) card, but with creative license.   Sometimes, when one is claiming to be a victim, they have a hard time convincing others, especially if their narrative is completely divorced from reality.  So, in that event, if they cannot point to real victimization, they will invent some themselves.  That is what a pastor did, and it didn’t end well for him… Olander D. Cuthrell, 41, a minister of music at Good Shepherd Baptist Church, admitted to torching his own […]

Another Hate Crime Hoax? Is Sharmeka Moffitt the Latest to Fake a Hate Crime?

If you recall my commentary on the Occupy Movement, I made the point that leftists love to set up “atrocities” so they can claim to be victims.  For example, they will antagonize and provoke others into either attacking, or defending themselves.  Then, they try and tell the world that they are the victims.  However, when they cannot set one up, they aren’t above faking one completely.  In that vein, enter one Sharmeka Moffitt, who claimed she was attacked, and set on fire.  Then, “KKK” was carved into her car.  However, after garnering a great deal of sympathy from the left, she was exposed […]

Lesbian Allegedly Stages own Hate Crime

In the great leftist tradition of staging an atrocity to gain public support, Charlie Rogers, a former women’s basketball standout at the University of Nebraska, allegedly staged a hate crime to gain support for gays.  KMOX has more… Four days before Charlie Rogers crawled naked and bleeding from her Lincoln home, screaming for help, she outlined in a Facebook posting what investigators believe was her motive for faking the July 22 attack, Police Chief Jim Peschong said at a news conference. “So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. […]

Occupod Update: More Vandalism, and even a “Hate Crime”

  I seems that we can’t get through a week without more occupod violence.  There are two recent stories, and both strike  me as showing an ongoing escalation in their actions.  I’ll let you take a look, and decide for yourselves. Occupy Portland Vandalizes Businesses It seems that if #occupy doesn’t want something to exist, it has to go.  There isn’t a right to dissent, or even “agree to disagree.”  For yet another example of this, occupods in Portland took part in a larger action to close corporations, and while we can spend time theorizing the rationale for these actions, […]