Greatest Hits: Fat Shaming Video Warns of “Mythical” Problems, Like Heart Attack, Hypertension, and Diabetes


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Fat Shaming Video Warns of “Mythical” Problems, Like Heart Attack, Hypertension, and DiabetesWould you believe that there are people out there that think that health is a social construct?  You’d better believe it!

Clearly, he’s a victim of a social construct!

If you’ve been following some of the nonsense going out out there, you know that there is now a movement to de-legitimize healthy living.  Some call it “fat justice.”  Of course, it’s component “oppressor” is called “thin privilege.”I covered this for a while prior to my “semi-retirement.”

Is “Fat Justice” to blame for increases in Diabetes?

Fat Liberation vs. Rape Culture: Opposite Sides of the Same Jelly Donut

Since we Covered ‘Thin Privilege,’ We’ll Add ‘Fat Justice’ to the Plate

Are You Aware of Your ‘Thin Privilege?’

The basic premise of the entire “Fat Justice/Thin Privilege” delusion appears to be that health is a social construct designed solely to take careers, sexual attraction, and prosperity from fat people, and give it to thin ones.   And, all of those health problems that are scientifically proven to come with being overweight, like heart attack, hypertension, and diabetes?  It’s all made up to make shame the fat, and reward the thin!

Here is a video that will surely be labeled as “fat shaming” propaganda!

My portrayal of the “Fat Justice/Thin Privilege” folks, of course, is largely parody.  After all, how can one discuss something so ridiculous, and not laugh.  However, for the “Fat Justice/Thin Privilege” crowd, it’s very serious.

As serious as a heart attack, you might say.


The REAL War On Women: 92% Of Females Forced To Undergo Genital Mutilation In Egypt


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Islamic art depicting the stoning of a woman

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius’ Forum.

But no, Mitt Romney is the REAL bad guy ‘coz he said he had binders full of women applicants…

Modern Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Islam Is The REAL War on Women: 92% of Women in Egypt Forced to Undergo Genital Mutilation

As putrid Democrats continue to promulgate their lie-filled “Republican war on women” campaign theme, they sit by ignoring that the real war on women is perpetrated by Islam. Another reminder of where the real hate for women emanates is in a survey showing that fully 92 percent of married women in Egypt are forced to undergo genital mutilation.

If you are unaware of what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, be prepared to be horrified. Euphemistically called “female circumcision” by liberals who want to obviate what it really is, it is in fact the utter destruction of the female pleasure centers in the vagina so that a woman can never gain pleasure or have an orgasm from sexual intercourse.

Many Muslims from Africa to the Middle East think that women are disgusting beasts who should not be allowed to enjoy sex. So, to keep girls pure in the eyes of The “Prophet” Muhammad, in their pre-teen stage, these inhuman Muslims rip out a girls’ clitoris and sew her vagina shut leaving but a small hole for urination.

Then, when the girl is married off, often times at the age of nine or ten, their “husband” gets the joy of jamming a knife into her vagina and slicing open the sewn shut vagina so that he can consummate the “marriage” with sex.

These scumbag Muslims excuse all this as a “cultural” necessity and a paean to Islam.

This is what the Muslim ISIS terror forces in Iraq have ruled must be done to all women last year.

Now we find that the backwards, savage country of Egypt forces most of its women to undergo this barbaric attack on their most private parts.

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A new survey finds that a shocking 92 percent of married womenin Egypt has been forced to withstand this horrible, anti-woman procedure.

Where is Hillary Clinton to decry this true war on women? Where is Sandra Fluke to raise the alarm? Where is MSNBC’s manly Rachel Maddow to scream about this outrage?

Well, they are all worried about “Hobby Lobby” and telling their fans lies abut how company owners who don’t want to pay for abortion-inducing drugs are being “just like” Islamic terrorists.

The fact that so-called “feminists” are utterly silent on this issue is proof that they don’t care about “women,” they care only abut liberal politics.

If you are a liberal and prattle on about the “Republican war on women,” you are promulgating a lie. You can be excused for this if yo were misled, but only if you learn the truth and accept it. Otherwise, like every other extreme leftist, you are a dangerous, anti-American liar. There really is just no other way to say it.

Regardless, FGM is how Islam views women. They are dirty, disgusting, unclean, cattle that have no humanity and don’t even deserve to enjoy sexual intercourse. If this isn’t a real war on woman, what is?





This just in: The chemical in farts is good for you!



The science is settled. You don’t want to argue with science, do you?

fart alertTo put it one way, small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer.

To put it another way, “smelling farts could be the best thing you do today,” as per CNET. As the Independent explains, researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that while hydrogen sulfide — the stuff produced in the gut that causes gas — is toxic in large doses, it’s actually quite beneficial in smaller ones.

Specifically, it preserves mitochondria, which are vital to cell life. “Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a health care hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,” say the Exeter scientists.

Hang out with me, you’ll live forever!

fart smeller


Are You Aware of Your ‘Thin Privilege?’


I would say that it’s a  probability that if you have to advertise online that you are “fit and trim,” you probably aren’t.  However, if you actually are, do you know that you’re getting hidden and unwarranted advantages due to “thin privilege?”   The latest enemy, according to a new application of social justice, are people that are in shape.  Those evil people; that watch what they eat, and probably even exercise, are achieving an unfair advantage over those that don’t.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at the “Thin Privilege” Tumblr page that has been put up to explain how the healthy are evil…

Thin privilege systematically reduces each of us to our dress size, hip measurement, and waist size, then grants favors, opportunities, or simple lack of punishment when the numbers are low enough. 

When you have thin privilege it doesn’t mean that your individual experience of being thin is necessarily positive, or that you haven’t been called names or discriminated against. It also doesn’t mean that every single fat person feels stigma as keenly as another. Some fat people might have grown up with supportive families in supportive environments and never encountered the kinds of fat stigma other people encounter.

Thin privilege is a social phenomenon that exists as a function of fat stigma, and it exists regardless of someone’s personal experience being thin or fat. Fat stigma is real, pervasive, and forceful. It invades entertainment, science, news reporting, advertising, sports, business, family planning (like adoption and fertility treatments and being called an abusive parent by virtue of you or your child being fat), education, dating/love/sex/marriage, fiction, travel, academia…. and on and on and on.

Stigma and privilege exist regardless of whether we, personally, experience them. And though I’m sorry thin people get shit for their weight — that’s wrong, and contemptible — it doesn’t obviate thin privilege or fat stigma.

Further, thin privilege is not about eating disorders. ‘Thin’ is the social state of thinness, the state of being seen and/or physically accepted as not fat. There is no consideration here why someone is fat or not fat.

If you are thin, you are the problem, and you are receiving unfair treatment!  You #$@& jerks, you!

And, if people have a tendency to prefer healthy people in friendship/courtship. or the like, then everyone else has the problem, apparently.

Statistically, being overweight, or simply being unhealthy is incontrovertibly linked to higher rates of many nasty diseases, and shortened life due to those nasty diseases.  Unlike the “settled science” of global cooling global warming climate change the Big Lie, the actual science of health regarding obesity really is settled.  However, that seems to be of no concern for the author…

Let me make it completely clear from the outset that I do not believe ‘health,’ however defined, is a reasonable measure to determine whether or not someone deserves respect, civil rights, and fair treatment. If you have a problem with how health markets apportion your premiums or where your taxes go, then by all means, rage against the system. But do not think for a minute your assholish behavior towards people you imagine use more than their ‘fair share’ is justified.

In fact, I’ll go further and state that in my opinion the modern conception of ‘health’ is bullshit. It’s an ever-changing, largely arbitrary definition that seems to serve a single purpose: to blame modern ills on so-called ‘unhealthy’ people then define so-called ‘unhealthy’ people as unpopular social ‘deviants’ like fat people, poor people, and the disabled. The philosophy of vaunting the modern notion of ‘health’ to some kind of societal/moral imperative is called healthism.

Perhaps there are those of you who ask: What about when someone’s so fat it’s medically unhealthy, shouldn’t you tell them to lose weight, out of friendly/familial concern? – Hell no.

You know, I really don’t go into appearance all that much.  Most of the people I communicate on line, I’ve never met or seen.  Out of all the contributors here at the CH 2.0 over the years, the only two I’ve ever met are Dr. Dave/Snarky Basterd, and John Carey.  So, needless to say, I don’t judge by appearance, or waist size, in whose work goes on these pages.  But, when I read what this person is saying, I think see her saying…

Don’t bother putting the donut box down, so what if you croak?

Also, if you are sniffing that the writer is an overweight person that is blaming all of her woes on others, you have that right.

When I was a child in primary school, I was very short and very chubby. By the time my classmates and I turned nine or ten years old, my physique suddenly became the topic of really nasty jokes and bullying. Apparently this was just ‘fun’ and ‘having a laugh’, even though some of the things I was told cut me up so badly that I still struggle with them nearly twenty years later.

One of the worst incidents, which I happened to remember today (seemingly for no reason) was in a special advanced reading group that I was placed in. Because we were trusted, myself and the other students were allowed to sit unsupervised in the library and read our assigned books plus anything we might like from the shelves. Instead, we used to sit in a circle and talk. I thought everyone there was my friend until this boy called Brendan started making jokes about how fat I was. He told me that no one could sit on my lap without being sucked in, and joked that I would die soon from a heart attack. What made it worse is that he kept finishing his attack by saying ‘I’m just joking, that’s cool, right?’ and then carrying on without waiting for an answer. My close female friends were there too and they just laughed along because somehow Brendan saying he was just kidding make it all totally above board.

I got my first gray hair at age 16.  I consequently look a tad bit older than my actual age.  I don’t bother to hide it, nor do I blame people that don’t have gray hair for it.  Because that is how I am. I could dye it.   Is that a poor comparison?  Perhaps.  My hair color doesn’t increase my risk of diabetes, or heart attack and stroke.  Then again, the author over at “Thin Privilege” would likely accuse me of being a “healthist.”

When I first saw the “Thin Privilege” page, I thought it was a well-crafted hoax.  After looking at the large amount of content over there, I’m thinking that the author of “Thin Privilege” is a sad person that has faced adversity.  And, rather than taking a good hard look within, and making thoughtful social commentary, they blame and project their sense of loathing onto others.  Sometimes, we have to look at ourselves, and the world, and make an accurate assessment as to what needs to change.  Sometimes, the answer is “me.”  The Thin Privilege author seems to want only the world to change.

Oh, and the author discusses going for birth control in an unquoted post, hence my assumption that she is a she.


Tongue in cheek or something else? UPDATED!


While sitting here at work I often search the tawdry parts of the blogosphere to see what the lewd fellows of the baser sort are up to. I’m rarely disappointed when searching for cheesy examples of the liberal mind-set.  Liberals do make some extraordinary attempts at witty, clever, yet completely un-related to topic commentary. For example, yesterday I posted The left’s war on women. In that post there are numerous statistics pointing out the dangers to women’s health that accompany abortion. One was this:

Women have a 65% higher risk of clinical depression following abortion vs. childbirth.

I stumbled across some pro-abortion, far-left extremist’s attempt at humor, referring to the above sentence. The attempt at humor in re-writing the above went something like this:

“Women who find themselves married to radical right wing extremist men probably can be shown to suffer some form of clinical depression as a result of their life mate choices.”

The guy/gal (not sure which) referred to the re-write as “tongue in cheek”. I think it’s more like ”head in ass” … but I don’t want to be rude … well, maybe I do.

These are the same people who are chomping at the bit, crying and howling (hey!) to murder an unborn child who is being protected by Texas law. The mother of said unborn child is brain-dead and on life support until the child is born. Now it’s being said by liberal news sites (referring only to the ones the criers and howlers linked to) that the child has some possible deformities. So these folks, placing themselves in the position of god, have determined this child must be killed, because the child doesn’t meet the requirement for a chance at life in the minds of these “gods”. The child is not good enough for your typical liberal. The child doesn’t deserve the same opportunity at life as everyone else according to the liberal.

Here is a piece that explains the above situation in Texas.  The Liberal justification for murdering unborn / new-born children … Better to kill them than take a chance they’ll be poor.

I have to add something here. I was just in my truck listening to the radio. It seems the decision to keep this child alive or kill it will be made in a matter of minutes. The reports of the child being “deformed” are false. There have been no … none … nada … tests done on the child beyond the one that determined there is a heart-beat. The father of the child, who is fighting to kill his own child is desperate to get it done before the first week of February which is when further tests will be done to test the viability of the child. I’ll let you know of the decision by the judge. Oh, by the way, this is taking place in Tarrant County, Texas which is where I work.

UPDATE: Okay, typical of liberals who proclaim America is a “nation of laws” the judge in the above case has ordered JPS (John-Peter Smith Hospital) to pull the plug on the woman, naturally resulting in the death of the child. The Tarrant County district attorney has until Monday to appeal. The law in Texas protects an unborn child until it’s viable outside the womb from being killed in situations like the above. The judge overruled the law. I don’t know, the murder of an innocent child is horrific yet cause for celebration for most liberals. The claim that it’s better to kill children rather than take a chance of them being born poor is a sick justification. I was listening to the radio and there were many folks calling in more than willing to adopt the child … but that’s not good enough … gotta kill it.  It’s disgusting, but at least the child won’t grow up with the knowledge that his father was relentless in trying to kill him just before he was born.

I guess that’s enough of picking on liberals for now. But know of a certainty I’m not through comforting the feeble-minded.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


A Rant On Our American Diet


For the past month I have been knee-deep in books about Italy and, more importantly, Italian food…and by extension, European food in general…and I am reminded of our trip to France and Italy last February. Never before had we eaten such incredible cuisine and I’ve been to some of the finest restaurants in San Francisco, New York, Miami, and the Caribbean. Every single meal, right down to the pizza we grabbed outside the Colosseum in Rome from a “roach coach”, was sublime, the flavors married to perfection. Not one spice was out of place.

Dining in Italy is an especially lengthy experience and one that shouldn’t be missed. 2 – 3 hour dinners are the norm and anything less is uncivilized. Eating is a time of enjoyment and conversation, a coming together over plates of antipasti, insalate (salad) with in-season greens and vegetables , pastas with delicate sauces, local lamb, and freshly-grated parmigiano, entrees of braised beef or grilled swordfish, and dolci (desserts) wrapped in the famous Italian mascarpone cheese. Most importantly, every chef goes to the local market to buy only the freshest ingredients for the day’s menu.

And then we have American “cuisine” (and I use the term loosely), where we want it fast and cheap and preferably able to be eaten in our cars while we rush to a meeting or dance lesson or soccer match. We deep-fry, salt, and smother whatever we’re eating, usually out of season, and call it “food”. We expect strawberries in January, lamb in the spring, and asparagus in November without giving any thought about from where it came, how far it traveled, and if we really need it. Oh, sure, the recipe calls for that ingredient, but have we thought about why we’re cooking that particular dish at that time of year?

Isn’t there a delicious sweetness to the anticipation of the first strawberries of the season when the fruit is picked at its peak of ripeness and the juices run down our chin, or to the fall pork from the pig that’s been raised in the woods with autumn acorns falling in its path?

Instead we have settled for dietary substitutes: “spread” instead of butter, Cool-Whip instead of real whipped cream, and artificially flavored everything. When did “imitation” anything find its way into our gastronomic lexicon? More importantly, why?

I, too, have been guilty of cooking out of season and have used imitation, pre-packaged food to feed my children, but not anymore. There’s no reason for it! And I’ll certainly walk out of the next restaurant that serves me butter and sour cream substitutes like the one I was in today.

I will only serve vegetables that are in season or that I have canned or frozen while they are fresh. I am in control of my food and I know where it’s grown; if it’s not grown on our own land, I know the local farmer who did raise it. It’s so easy, and yet we’ve succumbed to the siren song of cheaper, faster, bigger; succumbed to the box meals off the shelf and the easy pickings of supermarket heaven. The picture accompanying this rant is from the Rialto Mercato (Rialto Market) in Venice where fishmongers set up their freshly-caught fish, spiny crabs, and black squids and the farmers showcase their heirloom cauliflowers, hot peppers, and extraordinary lettuces. Nothing less will do for either the vendor or the shopper.

Why shouldn’t it be so for we Americans?

Original Post:  Dazi Acres

Note:  Dazi Acres is the home, online and off, for our former contributor, Snarky Basterd. 


Americans Applaud End of Freedom!


We the people choose not to be free!By an overwhelming vote that crossed partisan lines, congress today voted to end all freedom of choice for all Americans for everything.

“It is time we realize that freedom is not absolute” declared Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  “People are using their freedoms to make wrong choices.  The wrong foods to eat.  The wrong recreational drugs to use.  The wrong sexual positions to enjoy.  These decisions are too important to be left to the people.  This is where the government steps in.”

“There is an epidemic in America today” declared Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  “It is an epidemic of unhealthy wellness choices.”

“We have to force people to do what’s best for them.  The constitution gives us this right.” declared John Boehner (R-OH).

The “Health and Wellness” bill passed both houses of congress with only one dissenting vote belonging to the possibly senile Ron Paul who pathetically challenged the government’s right to regulate personal choices.

“Who is this Ron Paul character to go against the wisdom of the ages” said a disgusted Reid. “I can’t even think of Paul without vomiting.”

Under the provisions of the bill a 3000 percent tax will be placed on the following items:

  • Soda
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Alcohol
  • Cigars and cigarettes

“We could have just banned the items but what’s the profit in that.  So we decided a tax would be better.  A tax would only be fair and it’ll help fund our government” said Reid.

In addition to its negative aspects (taxes to thwart consumption) the bill has many positive aspects as well.

“We intend to transform the habits of all Americans” said President Obama.

Some of the positive provisions?

  • Those who live within five miles of where they work will have to walk to their office.
  • Those who live five to 15  miles from their office will have to jog.
  • Those who live 15 to 25 miles from their office will have to take public transportation (including high-speed rail.)
  • Those who live over 25 miles from their office will have to move or get another job closer to their home.
  • Instead of lunch all workers will be given an hour to jog or do calisthenics.  Those who prefer not to can tithe a part of their salary to a wellness center.

Despite, or perhaps because of the extreme provisions of the document it has the support of the majority of Americans.

“It is true” was a typical response from an American when asked about the bill.  “I make unhealthy choices every day.  I’m glad the government is stepping in to tell us what to do.  Isn’t that their job?”

The bill will take effect in September.

Original Post:  Manhattan Infidel