Liberty Needs More Doers and Fewer Watchers


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My father always told me there are two types of people in this world; doers and watchers.  Even the revolutionary war had its share of doers and watchers.  The doers were the Patriots and Tories.  These people encompassed colonists who kicked in by fighting either for independence or for the King.  Some of the most brutal and bloodiest battles of the war were fought between Patriots and Tories.  They made up roughly 2/3 of the colonial population.  The final 1/3 was made up people who either didn’t care which side won or who desired independence but really didn’t want to invest in the overall effort to achieve it.  They offered up plenty of verbal noise but beyond that they were looking for the doers on the Patriot side to get the job done.  Lately I have been seeing this same watcher attitude in regards to local politics when it comes to getting involved and investing in the time it takes to make a difference.

These last few weeks I’ve been light in my posting because I’ve been investing a considerable amount of time towards local politics and the gun rights issue.  I’ve been talking to people about the issue.  I’ve been contacting my local representatives and expressing my concerns about federal regulations in regards to gun rights.  And I’ve been trying to prompt my fellow neighbors to do the same.  The problem is even though a large number of them are for gun rights and staunchly support the 2nd amendment they just don’t want to invest the time and energy it takes to shake the pillars of the republic.  They want me to do it and then keep them informed.  And this is a problem.

I don’t believe this is an apathy problem.  I believe that some people are just more comfortable watching the game then actually suiting up and getting into the game, even if the outcome of the game has dire consequences.  Even when their liberties are on the line, they choose to let the doers pick up the cause and run with it for them.  It’s irresponsible as a citizen and further erodes a system that relies on the consent of the people to work.  When people say or do nothing when the government wrongs them or takes away their liberties then the people are giving their consent to allow it to happen.  Bill O’Reilly touches on this watcher mindset in America in our featured video of the week.  Please take a few moments to check it out.

I don’t normally say this but Mr. O’Reilly hit it out of the park in his talking points.  We get the government we deserve and right now America deserves Barack Obama and his radical left agenda.  Jim over at Asylum Watch states the following in his article Conservatives on Fire has Evolved; “After the devastating results of the 2012 elections, many conservative bloggers went silent and others began posting less frequently.”  That is absolutely a true statement.  I know that after we lost the election I myself was not only stunned by the results, but I was forced to reevaluate my own purpose and strategy.  But a shift in purpose and strategy doesn’t mean we give up the fight for the cause of liberty and freedom.  It only means we rethink how we do it.  My path led me to getting more involved at the local level and that’s what I’ve done.  But it will all be for not if we can’t transform more watchers into doers.  Because a few is simply not enough to have a major impact.  As misguided as their policies are, the left has been so successful these last few years because they have a large number of doers getting it done for them.

When I look back on the 2012 election in North Dakota, I now see how Republican Rick Berg lost in a very red state to Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.  My door was knocked on twice asking me if I would support Heidi Heitkamp.  Not once did I see anyone pounding the ground for Rick Berg.  Heidi Heitkamp had no business winning the state.  She openly supported Obamacare in a state that overwhelmingly rejected it.  She was a second rate candidate who hid her liberal beliefs by running as a moderate.  Additionally she was one of those candidates who always seemed like she was running for something but could never win.  When I heard she was running for the open seat being vacated by Kent Conrad, I joked here comes Heidi again.  The difference maker this time around was she had more doers pushing for a win than Rick Berg and that’s why this is an important issue.

The left has figured out the formula to win elections.  It’s not complex.  Get the doers to carry the load and the candidates across the finish line.  And this is exactly what they did in 2012 and it worked.  This is what the Tea Party movement did in 2010 and it worked.  If we hope to advance the cause of liberty we need more doers and fewer watchers.  If this means we need to shame the watchers into action then so be it.  If a liberal like Heidi Heitkamp can win in a deeply red state like North Dakota, then surely we can find a way to advance the conservative agenda in Red/Purple states.  It just takes more doers and fewer watchers.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal