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Video: The State is my Shepherd

Take a look at the following video, The State is my Shepherd… The hippie was almost convincing, however, for full authenticity, she would have had to gone a week without bathing.  I’m sure most good Conservative or Libertarian girls would prefer to bathe during that time frame

Hippie Rambles About the “System” we will Need “After the Revolution”

OWS Exposed has the following video.  Kindly give it a couple minutes of your time… I didn’t know whether to laugh when I watched it, or buy more ammo.  Yes, the guy seems high, brain dead, or both, but anyway you slice it, these folks want a revolution, and that is not going to be  a peaceful proposition.  Yes, the brain dead and naive ones think that we’re going to hold hands, sing Kum ba yah,  unicorns will fart rainbows, and we’ll have peace.  The truth is another matter entirely.