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Home Invader

Home invader attacks elderly couple, Smith & Wesson levels the playing field

Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. Otherwise this story would have turned out much, MUCH differently.   Officials in Harrison County are looking for a man who they say tricked an elderly couple into opening their door for him, only to attack the woman inside. Officials say the man knocked on the couple’s back door around 1:30 a.m. Thursday screaming “My wife is hurt, my wife is hurt. Please help!” When 70-year-old Sarah Hudgins opened the door, the man, wearing a ski mask and all black, attacked her grabbing her throat and pushing her inside. The husband, who officials say […]

Georgia Woman Uses Handgun to Defend Self, Children From Home Invader: Media Absent

It seems that people refusing to die is not newsworthy.  A Loganville GA woman shot an home invader, protecting herself and her children, but the national media seems to be completely disinterested.  First, here is the video about the shooting… Note that I had to get this video from the Daily Mail. While there were some local outlets that covered it, but it’s a shame when some many Americans have to rely on a Brit Newspaper for news that out own media should be covering. Legal Insurrection has more on the blackout. The story has been completed ignored by national […]