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Home Invasion

Couple Defends Selves, Home, From Home Invader With an AR-15, National Media Silent

The much maligned AR-15 was used to defend a couple from a home invader.  The media silence is deafening.  Mr Conservative has the details… A couple whose names are being withheld by police were outside of their apartment on Friday, when Jasper Brisbon, who they said appeared to be on drugs, walked up and began staring at them. He did this for several minutes as the couple grew increasingly uncomfortable. Eventually, they decided to go inside of their apartment to get away from Brisbon, but he followed them. … t that point, the man grabbed his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and […]

Woman Defends Herself with Firearm: National Media Silent

Here is another story that the media will completely ignore.  It seem that two would be home invaders found themselves confronted by a Elm City, North Carolina, woman who was more than willing to defend herself with a firearm.  Girls Just Wanna Have Guns has the story… The homeowner, a female of an unknown age, was hiding in the closet when 18-year-old Christopher Devonte Joseph approached her.  The local ABC news report stated that’s when the owner fired her gun and shot the 18-year-old.  Both suspects fled the scene, but Christopher was found 300 feet from the home and I […]

College Students Use AR 15 to Scare off Home Invaders: National Media Silent

What happens when college students use an AR 15 to defend themselves?  A deafening silence from the national media, that’s what.  Fiscal Conservatives has the video posted… Typically, when something like this is posted to Facebook, I will usually drop the comment. Liberals would prefer that these people be dead.  It isn’t good to the narrative.  I suppose that that sounds a tad bit callous, but let me explain… 1.  If Feinstein had her way, those kids would have had nothing with which to defend themselves…GAME OVER. 2.  Or, they would be going to jail for having an illegal gun.  […]

AR15 Stops Home Invasion: Media Silent

The AR15 is a much maligned firearm.  It’s the civilian version of the M16, and can only fire as a semi-automatic, making it a glorified 22 long rifle.  However, because it looks mean, it’s a favorite target of the gun grabbers.   Since it is target of future “ugly gun laws,” it can do no good-even if it stops a home invasion.  Texas Fish and Game has more… If the gun grabbers, and their allies in the MSM had their way, these children might be dead.  But, that would be a small sacrifice in order to get the guns, and the […]