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homosexual “marriage”

Same-Sex Marriage Approved By The Courts: What’s Next?

  By now, most of us know the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of states like Oklahoma, who have legally banned same-sex marriage by a vote of the people. It seems to matter little what the people of our individual states want, the courts seem to determined to push this perversion upon us all. The agenda of the militant homosexuals is marching ahead nicely, at least for them. The rest of us may be destined to stare their perverted choice of sexual lifestyle in the face for the rest of our days. Looking back in […]

Catholic Bishop David Ricken Warns Faithful Against Voting Democrat

Christians have been making a hard stand against attacks on their faith for some time now.  Bishop David Ricken, the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, has formalized this stand in a letter to his parishioners   Big Government has the details… In a courageous and remarkable letter to his parishioners, Bishop David Ricken, the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, has called for the rejection of political parties who violate the tenets of the Catholic Church. The implicit rejection of the Democratic Party, which champions abortion on demand and same-sex marriage, along with the HHS mandate requiring institutions to provide early-abortion pills, contraceptives, sterilizations among […]