Habitat For Humanity Builds Luxury Beach House For NJ Politician


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Habitat for NJ Assemblywoman Linda Stender’s Husband, charity tapped for luxury beach house

When you donate to Habitat for Humanity, you expect your money will go toward helping needy people put a roof over their heads.

And it’s kinda hard to believe an NJ Assemblywoman and her husband qualify as “needy,” especially since she’s a well-connected Democrat who was just appointed to a $90,000 per year job at the Union County Improvement Authority, on top of her $49,000 legislative salary.

But Monmouth County’s Coastal Habitat for Humanity thought differently. They approved the Stenders’ application for Hurricane Sandy relief with plans that call for an impressive 2000 square foot, two story, 4 bedroom, 3 and ½ bath home to be built at the Jersey shore.

When state Assemblywoman Linda Stender’s husband asked a Habitat for Humanity group for help after his nearly half million dollar Manasquan bungalow was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, he wanted to replace it with a two-story house that would be nearly three times larger, documents show.

Zoning plans filed with Manasquan’s construction office show that Richard Stender, who owns a printing company and is married to the longtime Union County Democratic assemblywoman, sought to replace the 700-square foot, single story bungalow that the Monmouth County-based Coastal Habitat for Humanity demolished for him with a 2,000-square foot house.

The “Stender residence” plans, filed in August 2014, show a proposed home far from the more modest ones Habitat for Humanity groups typically build for lower-income families.

The plans call for four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, a dining room, a two-car garage, a wood-burning fireplace, a screened porch on each floor, and an outdoor shower with a “louvered ceiling,” privacy screen and a changing area.

And gold-plated fixtures too?


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nj assemblywomans house plans for habitat for humanity


Habitat typically builds modest “starter homes” with 3 bedrooms and 1 and ½ baths. And the Stenders earn far more than the maximum income that ought to qualify for Habitat’s help.

[Habitat] helps homeowners who make up to 80 percent of Monmouth County’s median household income, which is $84,526. However, Linda Stender’s legislative financial disclosure records shows her combined income with her husband was at least $99,000 a year in 2012 and 2013.

Now for the best part. Manasquan in Monmouth County is far outside of Linda Stender’s Union County district. But it’s OK! She “lives with her mom.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The financial disclosures also list the Manasquan property as the only one owned by either Stender or her husband. Stender registered to run for reelection in 2013 from a Scotch Plains address, and told her district-mate, Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-Union), that she lives with her mother and that her husband lives in Manasquan.

So, it appears that Assemblywoman Stender is either scamming the voters, scamming Habitat, or more likely, doing both. In other words, she’s a typical Democrat!

The good news is, Habitat is “re-evaluating” the Stenders’ application.

And in November, the voters will get a chance to “re-evaluate” Linda Stender’s employment. I hope they make the right choice.




Were Electrical Workers Sent Away Because They Weren’t Union Thugs?


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Well, I guess it’s OK to help out in a FREAKING DISASTER, as long, that is, as you’re a union thug.  At least that is the accusation.  The Blaze has video, and commentary…

In the meantime, the Newark Star Ledger is reporting that NJ unions are not blocking the workers:

“We take crews as they become available,” said Ron Morano, a spokesman for Jersey Central Power & Light. “Everyone understands this is an all-hands-on-deck event.” He(Morano) said crews from throughout the nation were now working in JCP&L’s service area, including from California, Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina.

The Alabama utility company seems to contradict that statement. From the Decatur Utilities press release on the issue:

Decatur Utilities sent  a 6-man crew to the Northeast Wednesday, October 31st, bound for Seaside Heights, NJ, to assist with power restoration. Communications with Seaside Heights was poor due to lack of cell phone service in the area. Upon arriving at a staging area in Virginia, crews were held in place pending clarification of documents received from IBEW that implied a requirement of our employees to agree to union affiliation while working in the New York and New Jersey areas. It was and remains our understanding that agreeing to those requirements was a condition of being allowed to work in those areas.

Further investigation into the story first carried by WAFF TV in Alabama has confirmed what the press release states.

Isn’t this consistent with the past actions of union thugs? Exclude anyone who isn’t a slave to the union boss. Frankly, these guys are lucky that they weren’t attacked by the union thugs. In the end, the unions expose themselves again.


Finally, Someone Links Frankenstorm to “Climate Change”


As if on cue, folks have come forward to claim that Hurricane Sandy, and the resulting Frankenstorm, are the result of “Climate Change.”  This completely  factual fictitious phenomena, of course, is the fault of humans, and, in particular, ones that live in western countries that have a capitalistic system.  So, it should not be a surprise when the story came from the completely unbiased NPR (National Progressive Radio).  So, let’s take a look at at least one comment from from midst of the blah-blah…

This is not to say progress isn’t being made. One thing that does seem clear is that warmer oceans (a la global warming) mean more evaporation, and that likely leads to storms with more and more dangerous rainfall of the kind we saw with Hurricane Irene last year. In addition, a paper published just last month, used records of storm surges going back to 1923 as a measure of hurricane activity. A strong correlation between warm years and strong hurricanes was seen. Thus if you warm the planet, you can expect more dangerous storms.

Shall we shred this?

1.  “a la Global Warming?”  You mean the “Global Warming” that stopped in 1998?  For those of you that hadn’t read about it; the British (very quietly) released a report based on thousands of information sources.  That report showed that global temperatures had not risen since 1998!

2.  If you also recall, right after Katrina, we we told by the best scientists political hacks available, we were going to get slammed with many more STRONGER hurricanes that were going to hit the continental US.  But, all out intrepid author has to cite were two CATEGORY ONE storms?  I mean, if warm water powers hurricanes, why weren’t Irene and Sandy category five MONSTERS?

Well, you get the idea.  But, no matter what the facts are, the claims of AGW, and now “Climate Change” will go on and on.



Frankenstorm Update: Hurricane Sandy is Strengthening, Last Minute Preparations Needed


As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, there is word that she is strengthening.  Here is more from the NY Times…

Forecasters cautioned that the course of the storm could change, but officials from the National Hurricane Center said that it was no longer a question of if the storms would converge — but where and with how much force.

Dr. Knabb of the National Hurricane Center said the storm’s intensity was unlikely to change. “The center of circulation is only going to be a very small part of the story,” he said. “This is not just going to be a coastal event.” People from Virginia northward should be prepared for a “long-duration event,” he said.

Utility companies were rushing to put crews in place to deal with power failures, which state officials warned could be extensive and long lasting. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey told residents that they should be prepared to go 7 to 10 days without electricity. On Saturday evening, Amtrak began to cancel train service to parts of the East Coast, including between Washington, D.C., and New York.

Also, Accuweather has some advise for preparations…

-Get prescriptions refilled now, especially if you doctor must approve the refill.

-Vote. If the stronger models are correct, power could still be out in some paces on election day. Regardless, that is one less thing you will need to do. The election will not (and shouldn’t be) postponed.

-If you can get an electrician to install a generator, get it done. Do not try to install a generator yourself. If you don’t have a generator, get a power inverter or two. Radio Shack and similar stores sell them. They are a “poor man’s generator” and will keep your cell phone, laptop, and similar charged.

-Keep your car’s gas tank full. If you have a wood-burning fireplace and you know your chimney is clear, get wood. Keep some indoors to keep it dry during the storm. You may need it to heat your home.

-If you live in a 100-year flood plain (you can check at city hall or your library) or on the coast figure out your evacuation strategy now. Make your list of things you will take with you. Fill a few gas cans (the type you would use for your mower) to have extra in the event of power failures. Purchase extra staples. Without power, stores will be closed.

-Purchase booster batteries for your cell phone and other essential equipment.

-If you need insulin or other medicine that must be kept chilled make plans now. Consider what you would do if you were without electricity for a month. If you have an invalid living with you that requires electricity, there will be areas that will be without power for weeks.

-Be proactive. If you live in a heavily wooded area, does someone in your vicinity have a gasoline-powered chain saw? Does it have fuel and a reasonably good chain/blade? Test it, now.

-Get to an ATM. Without power, credit card readers and ATMs will not be working. In a disaster, cash is king. 

OK then, it appears that things are going to get pretty bad, so it’s best that if you haven’t done any preparations that you do so now.  Your humble admins lives by one simple rule-never live in a flood plain.  However, while the CH 2.0 Bunker is high and dry, a power outage has been planned for.

As for blogging, I may have to try the smart phone.  It won’t be able to do much, but updates will be possible.


Frankenstorm: Northeast Braces for Monster Storm


At the time of this writing, tens of millions of Americans are bracing for an potentially powerful combination of a winter storm with hurricane Sandy, labeled “Frankenstorm.”

Here are some excerpts and video…

From Jesse Ferrell of Accuweather…

I said on my WeatherMatrix Facebook Page last night:

“The weather hasn’t ‘scared’ me for a long time, but what I’m seeing tonight on the forecast models, and the seriousness with which I’m seeing famous meteorologists discuss next week’s historic storm, has gotten me a little worried. If you live in any STATE on the East Coast, it’s time to think about preparing for next week’s storm because the track is not certain but the potential devastation seems to be. Tomorrow in my blog I’ll be talking about worst-case scenarios and what you need to be prepared for. Some simple steps can keep next week from being a nightmare for you and your family.”

There were a lot of other “quotables” said in that meeting which will give you some insight into what our meteorologists are thinking. A couple that stood out to me:

– “This will be a catastrophic storm over a large area.”

– “I’m scared about storm surge in NYC, and it will come sooner than people think.”

– “There could be power outages for weeks, and it could affect the election.”

– “The 00Z GFS 900 mb winds essentially show power being knocked out from D.C. to Maine.”

– “This type of storm has never been seen before by meteorologists.”

From Mashable…

From the WaPo…

With computer models locked in on the eventuality of a punishing blow for East Coast from Hurricane Sandy (with the latest model runs favoring the northern mid-Atlantic), analyses suggest this storm may be unlike anything the region has ever experienced.

Model simulations have consistently simulated minimum pressures below 950 mb, which would be the lowest on record in many areas.


From the Weather Channel..

I’ll be keeping up with this story with more posts. I obviously have a personal interest, as the CH 2.0 bunker is in the target area.