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Some Def Leppard

I’ve been revisiting some of my old favorite bands lately. Here is some Def Def Leppard…

The Self Fullfilling Prophesy of Zero Leadership

Does hysteria breed hysteria? I think that is the message of Professor Larry Kotlikoff;s article at VOX. Imagine that you are an employer. Every day you hear, “the economy’s going over a fiscal cliff. Tax hikes and spending cuts totalling $600 billion will kill the economy”. Everyone is saying it – the politicians, the media, the economists, the Fed, the CBO, the IMF. So it must be true. Sure, the Republicans and Democrats may make a deal and save the day. But these guys never agree and, meanwhile, economic doomsday – January 1st – is just weeks away. What do […]

Losing Control Over Gun Control

[…] Hysteria and frenzy are clearly the way the politicians and media elites think we should deal with tragedy. These media worthies might better spend their tears and lamentations over the reckless coverage of the tragedy, when speculation, supposition and make-believe were presented as fact. Errors included the wrong number of the dead, the false identification of the shooter, the wrong guns identified, and the way the shooter was dressed. Tragedy was compounded by media ghouls who descended on surviving children and parents, stuffing microphones the size of beer cans in their faces to ask, “how did it feel?” (When […]

Apocalypse Now!

“Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest” – Napoleon Bonaparte In 1970 a movement gained traction where it had been building up power for some time.  It was then that the environmental movement became more than a fringe segment of the social populous.  Their pushes in the 60’s finally brought fruit, and that fruit would be handed out generously in campuses, legislatures, and businesses across the country (all without pesticides). There were some rightful motions set in place during this time such as pollution fines for corporations, but not all were so legitimate.  Climate change, for […]